Ste Ange Is A Flop....(-5.49%, 12,642 less Visitors Compared to 2013)

More than 31,450 French travellers visited the Seychelles since the beginning of the year.
Thus, from 1 January to the end of the third week of December 2014, on the 217,630 tourists which visited the Seychelles, travellers from France were left behind only by German visitors who were on their side over 35,020 tourists who visited the archipelago.
As a reminder, 230,272 tourists visited the Seychelles in 2013.

Countries origin                 Number of visitors
Germany                             35027
France                                  31452
Italy                                       18983
Russian                                 13522
United Arab Emirates         13.440       
China                                      13,224


  1. U know what,he has concted himself a forest of self~praises on SBC ,with a whole album of photos in Nation ,tell us that he is our man of the year.

    As those figures you given show,French and europe in general is still the main market ,far above China,thought pl tries to make us believe the contary is true.
    St Ange,stressed that Diect flights is an important link in the chain of the tourism industry,and tells that“With inmediate effect,Air Seychelles will start direct flight operation from and to SEY/FRANCE.but,as always,st ange tells us this twice weekly flights will make TEHNICAL STOP IN DUBAI
    St ange,still trying to make us believe,when you make a stop because it is short,it is not a stop,but a direct flight.
    Now,what does a technical stop means in the Aviation industry?usually,the shortest technical stop possible is 30 minutes, usually refuel.Then it can goes beyond 1hour,and often passagers are asked to leave the plan,for zheir own convenience,and they often go to DUTY FREE.Hence,a technical stop is not to load or unload passagers,therefore,at passengers disadvantages.
    The question,is it necessary to make zhis technical for 30 minutes in DUBAI which has to do more with forcing passengers,in to duty free than a necessary technical stop ?

    Other CONS...
    A direct flght from Paris to Dubai has a flight duration of 7,05 mins.And a direct from Dubai to Seychelles 4,36 mins.That means the fake direct flight from Paris to Seychelles via Dubai duty from,let say,a short 30 munites stop will last for 11,41 munites,that is more or less 3,30munites than would be a real direct flight Paris/seychelles.
    Pl might tells us,“but when we make this short stop in Dubai,we benefit on cheaper fuel cost?well maybe! But does it still come cheaper than to flight three longer to the same end destination?NB..We have + 4 hour in time different between Dubai and Seychelles,which causes other inconveniance.

    Look,st Ange could have prossed,instead of Two Weekly flghts PARIS/SEYCHELLES VIA DUBAI....could had propose. ONE FLIGHT~~~~~PARIS VIA DUBAI TO SEYCHELLES.........And ONE FLIGHT PARIS/SEY without would have made it more intersting for travels.They would has a chose.

    St Ange,allows rells us,as pl too,Recession has caused WUROPEANS,esprcially,FRENCH to travel less.CONTARY TO BALI, where statistics show that Europeans are still traveling im mass,and where the continent which provides Bali with 85 plus arrivals in 2014.And the main reason,given by BALI tourism industry for the success,is CONNECTIVITY.BALI,always the operation of many charter airlines without constraint which have been the main boosters of bali_s arrival success.


  2. St Ange has lost his bearing and all common sense.He wants us to believethat when he replaced Etihad!s flight from PARIS TO SEYCHELLES VIA DUBAI by AIR SEYCHELLES on the same route,with the same itinary,because itinary,the flight by magic become a direct flight .
    Replacing ETIHAD byAirseychellws,does not make it cheaper.....a direct og 9 hrs on CONDOR fron Frankfurt to SEY cost845 dollars,and literally the same price with Etihad frkm paris ,dubai to seychelles,with a dis asvantage with later,of literally 4 hours lost,of time,comfort,rapidity,good service,etc..
    No one would agree that a passenger who can pay the same price to the same destination in a shorter tine frame would mostly be attracted by the airline take longer to get them to their destination.,
    Let mr agig operate airline pl.
    Allow more charter airline access,with fair competition,as,bali has done.
    Reduce taxe on tourism industry ,to make their prices,services cheaper,so that tourists spend more,.

  3. St Ange gave us a mixed salad of fabricated figures and ccollectioon ooflies.he fforiinstancetells,arrivals during the last two months(NOV/DEC)arrival increases.But is it not normal for any tourism destination,to see it arrival qouta increases during their high season.?Not for st ange,wants us to believe that all happens because og his grand(gryenn),strategy.

    BUT it is not only st Ange,selling a box of shit mixed with illusionary figures,pl too.
    Eg. PL TEKL US REAL GROWTH IS AT53 plus a.d it is an economic success.Check this out!We know inflation is at,53 plus percentage and GDP at a little 2,5 percentage.To get Real growth minus inflation rate from the GDP,then you get REAL GROWTH.That is,in the case os seychelles....2,5 %of GDP minus 53 % inflation,equals REAL GROWTH.And according to.laporte,when you substracted GDP from Inflation,he get A REAL GROWTH of 53 %,as inflation,or deflation.

  4. What does those above figures in the article ttellsus oorshow show us tthatEEuropeansmade almost 90% on arrivals in seychelles and that without the need to add Russia though also a European nation.even when add arabs,indians and chinese together the total does not ecen asd up to half of European arrival.
    Yes asia is a potential market,good for diversifying the tourism industry ,thus new market.but any expert will tell you,one never abandone its main market because he think that new emerging market would replace its main market by the strikes of magic would takes years beofre asian countries excel european when it comes to providing tourists though its bigger populations.the fact is ...they have bigger poorer populations,while european nations have a high standard of kiving and can finabcially able to travel.China is becoming surrely N economic power house,,,but due to the billions of heads Chines government have to feed,and better their standard of living before the can reallx spend as much as europeans,it will take year.

  5. At the beginning Michel allowed St. Ange free leverage to revive the Seychelles tourism and at the same time for him to dump SNP. Life and success were so good that he did not realize that Khalifa has the final say that all flights must stop at Dubai not Michel. Now he is a flop because he promised too much and cannot deliver. He started well but now he is stalling and it seems that everything starts to come apart at the seams. We hear no more about Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors, one of his pet program at the start. The year 2015 will bring out more issues affecting tourists in Seychelles; and comments from tourists themselves like "a noisy little island" "expensive thieves paradise" "a beautiful island but ugly government". The focus should also be on what Seychelles has to offer to tourists to make their stay worthwhile.

  6. Been doing a research on minister of tourism around the world and he is the only one that fat. Now I'm not saying he's fat I'm just saying if I was to pick up the 5 fattest people I know he'd be 3 of them. Every time he order a happy meal he ate the toy too.

  7. Everyone in Seychelles eat a lot because they are hungry and when it is free why not? This is why political rallies attract large crowd. Likewise, the tourists go to Bazar La-brine because they are hungry and trying to avoid the high costs at the hotels, most of the time they eat their food while standing up and holding everything in their hands - the environmental condition is unhygienic and unaccommodating having no washrooms nor picnic tables. Those unhealthy eating habits are popular in Seychelles and they are accommodating to disease including fat. Just look at the women in the rallies wriggling their fat arses and you will have an idea.

  8. Mon fake tande Ki e le fair coup detat.

  9. He eazs only gourmet food,lthat makes take weight.

  10. This year st agne flew roughly 10 times to French to meeting French tour operators,.As in his first meeting with frech tour operators,he was asked to ensure direct flight operation between Paris and victoria.Each visit st ange made,he failed to bring solutions,and he and pl is still insisting that all fights must transit dubai duty free,which anger tour operators ,for as serious and proffessional in their industry,zhe put they ckmfort of the clients before selces,while st agne is putting etihad dictation,before country interst.
    We need direct flight from paris without stop anywhere zhan the finallyy destnation that is is not part of seychelles and any stragety should put the interest of seychelles before zhat of foreigners.
    Dubai should not be Llowed to influence how seychellois wants to organised its tourism industry,and air sey holds 69& share,and as tax payxers we need to have a say in how our bational unilateral,crooked deal wizh etihad does not represent seychellois wish and interest,it must be changed.
    We refused as seychrllois that as 60 % shareholder in the deal,the minority shareholder dictates on us how our airline shouls operate.
    Today etihad and morgen dictates the strategy of airsey,we refuse this criminal acz by pl.
    Whatever pl thinks as servants of zhe people,we donot care,what we care about is that zhe ,the master of pl,decide what good for them and if pl deagree with peoole its servants to,them leave power and go dig holes in the cemetry.

  11. Pl fakeconomic figures ckme from voodooism,totally different fron figures given by Imf.GDP is lower than inflation,which means real GDP is in.minus,but pl tells u it sky rocket.
    It seems dr laporte cannot solve zhis simple substraction problem,thought to get Real GDP, GDP with,inflation.laporte figure of Real GDp is whaz IMF gave us as onflation replace zhe world inflation by Real GDP rate,in an attenpt to fool seychellois.probably pl thnks,seychrllois are festive ambiant ,they would not realize zhe cooked figures we throw to zhem.

    Zhe economy in 2015,will be in zhe same mess as privioud years and zhat because pl has no economic solution ,and more disturbing is that pl consider failures as success.when one believe failur is success,he will continue will the same failues he calls has convincey themselves the failures will bring progress,failues pl bring poverty,economic failures,and mNy societal problems which are often results and related to the country socio_ economic mess pl creazes.if inflation increase,crimes increase,poverty increase,debt increase,national currency devsluated at free falls,domestic voilence increase etcc..these are dign of aniill society,not health pl maron.

    Xmas2015 mighz well br your last xmas,change rapidl
    Y or you will be changed pl,by force.And yout xmas present will no longrt be cigar fromccuba,caviar but a bullet right between your criminal can change by yourself,or be changed by execution.

  12. I would advise Dr St Ange to visit the Balian tourism minister,and he would find out how Bali successful keep its tourism industry advantage,st ange ,,bali success is due to two zhings namelygood connectivity which ,2)have kept europeans going to was not chinese,indians,arabs who made zhe success of bali,but europeans,though asian marketcis also.important for the future .
    And when you relaxibg with glass of rhun,check the definition of Direct flight,or non stop flight,then st ange w you will stop mKing seychelles a laughkbgstock in Paris.

  13. Tax payrrs money wasted just on st ange unfruitful multiples trips to europe,and advertisemrnt could have been used to make it possible for airsey to operate at least o.e direct flight from paris to seychelles...i.mean non stop flight ,st ange.Not to mention the 65 millions dollar shortage in government coffer as Mr Benstrong report shows,and pl ministers abuse of government money for personal private trips disguise as official know why most pl trips have nothing to do with real official working trips?wgen pl travelers come back on zhe officiL supposed visits ,zhey never come to answer questions from the free press,in press conferences,as should be a normal praxzice for any ministers etc.. in a free state.


  15. 11,14
    LIKE an unexperienced marathon runner starting his first ever and wantd to prove himself.He started all with full stamina,,rapid,and all the way wanted to be in front .... half way before the finishi.g line,he realized he was about his physical capacity and started to lose steam At this poi.t in time he realized that he wants make it,and might well abandone the competition in a stretcher.

  16. Mon tande Ki e le prend pei pad force.

  17. Stop arguing about direct flights and stop-overs, Sea-shells has no say in all matters concerning aviation. We Arabs have bought your Country, your Government, and your politicians including the oppositions and this is why you do not have any real opposition in the country. Whatever you see happening is stage-managed from us Arabs. Believe me when I tell you we do not care about your tourism and blue economy, those are things allowed for Michel and St. Ange to yak about, only our dollar keeps Sea-shells economy going. If you want to attract tourists why not advertise sex, there are plenty available like in Bali. Have a Happy New Year. Suleiman.

  18. Stupid fools cannot see far, they are busy stuffing themselves and getting fat in body and bank accounts! Just look at the head of departments and companies, most of them are complete foreigners that never had any connection with Seychelles or Seychellois. The heads at Air-Tel, Cable & Wireless, Seybrew and Barclays Bank just to name a few, project an image that is not at all local and traditional. Soon a South African Hunter will be the Commissioner of Police. Seychellois are no longer capable to represent or stand up for their country?
    After they fish-out the sea, copulate and mess-up the country, Seychellois will have no more dignity, only shame and poverty like the sister creole island of Haiti is now. Wake up Seychellois, enough is enough, what you saw on the SPUP flag was not a rising sun, but a setting sun. You have been fooled, brutalized by tyranny, ruled by dictators and now sold out land, stock and barrel!

  19. St Ange wants as to swallow the myth that replacing the Etihad,s Paris,dibai,Seychelles by AirSeychelles,he would boost arrivals in 2015,and that sinply because AirSey is providing the same intinary,route as Etihad.
    As a matter of fact,it is difficult to belive St ange and equally it is difficult to think of a vibrant tourism industry without good effective transportation.
    Air transportation is ,especially for developi.g island state countries .acces has a significant impact on visitation ,a.d not only important for International visitation,but also aviation is increasingly a key driver of tourism growth.
    Connectivity,with main market to any country!s tourism strategy.Not for St Ange,though things seem to be tacit toall proffessional both localy,abd internationallyThe truth that St Ange and pl ignores,is that 99.9 % of international visitors arrive by AIR.

    Moreover,usually,the growth of air connectivity sustainbly must first grow demand.I. Seychelles case,there is demands(as the figures in the above article shows),but flat connectivity.
    The immediate opportunities from Seychelles tourism,is the existing,traditional market(EU),.Again,as the arrival figures show,literLly 85 % of international arrivals are Europeans,thus St Ange should concentrate first in riving this market by simply operating non stop flight to Europe.To get those French from going elsewhere and not Seychelles as they use to,we need to faciliate visitors access to our shores,and since they all travel by Air,air connectivity is fundamental to regaining their cknfidence.

  20. DICTATORS AROUND THE WORLD EVERY TIME THEIR PEOPLES WANT TO GET RID OF THEM FROM POWER AND HAVE BETTER LIFE!! TERORISTS!!exampel Gambia lately African diserve better and Seselwa also sad to see every day 1000 African,Asian lost their life to make it to EU escaping killing or torture by those who call them self man in Power.

    Suckers!! God have power and rule.

  21. One million rupee question, why is saint Ange pense e gross all of a r Annan Dan son vent? Delo, gass, lair,kaka qua? Can someone enlighten please?

  22. St Ange must understand that our island is in the middle of the ocean,and the main means of transportation for visitors to get to us is Air transportation.Improving connectivity will give Seychelles access to foreign markets,encouraging exports,and at the same time increase competition and choices.
    )).9 percent of all visiotrs arrive to Seychelles by Air StAnge,not be train,ships,or by swimming,it is fundamental to operate direct flights from and to our main market and at the same time allow easier access to foreign charter flights.

    There is no explanation for Air Seychelles to make a stop in Dubai,ithe only reason is to abide by Khalfia dictations for his own benefit.
    One can alos ask,why PL when A Chinese charter airline says it would operate direct from China to Seychelles ,Pl welcome that ,and not when for instance,Mr Afif when to operate his private airline to help boost tourism arrival.which normally should be taken as positive thing by Pl,for it would be a local owned Airline thus create jobs etc... pl refuse to support it?Well,Becuase Mr Aiff Airline unlike Chinese foreign charter Airline would be a direct competitor on the same route as Etihad/Air Seychelles something Pl/Etihad want to avoid in order that they can monopolize the route thereby make us slave of Khalifa while our tourism industry collapse because of lack of connectivity.

    St Ange realize his 2015 arrival growth ,if he wants without investing one single cent more of tax payers money in advertisements,etc.. simply by getting Direct flight operation from our main market.

    Connectivtiy equals growth in arrival St Ange.that there is a deamnds and in order to benefit from this demands,air connectitivtiy is the answer.

    Each connection to tourism purposes also build social and economic opportunities for locals and traders,investeors.etc..
    In other words,good connectivity links Seychelles to the global markets,St Ange,by you irresponsible actions ,you put not only the tourism industry under house arrest but affect import,export,and other economic activities needed to boost economy in a general way forward.

    Foregin charters airlines,today cannot operate in Seychelles because all have been done to discourage them by long bureaucratic restrictive regulatory environment.(thi was done by Pl conscuisly to discourage foreign ailnes in favor of Etihad).These limitations damge prospect for growth and development for tourism in Seychelles.Fewers carriers or flights options means fewer tourists whose expenditure that would otherwise greatly stimulate the economy.

    Our National development requires promoting an open and competitive International sector that enable carriers to expands their operations ,while maintaining a strong National -Based Aviation industry..and ensure international connectivity in order fro foreign carriers and National carrier to plan a long-term investment in the market.

  23. Pl says export of tuna decrease,becuase of bad connectitivty too.A direct flight would have made export faster therefore cost less for buyers.A longer route to get their products on time means the risk of perishment,time loss,and more costly.Whne a buyer must pay more to reiceve its products,then the buyer either reduce the amount of order or buy elsewhere.

    )9.) percent St Ange of tourists arrive by Air,mon gross Couchon,if you want them come to Seychelles,especially the French ,just do what professional in the industry,that is foreign tour operators ask you to do namely provide direct connectiuon from and to Europe Donkey.This fact though you trying to ignore just to please Etihad/Airsey disastrous deal for our tourism industry,if not deal with immediately ,in 2015 you would not see an increase of tourism,or export but you would have the worse arrival record ever,which would means you have failed and therefore would be force to leave office.


  25. 17.26
    it is the Junk food/gourmet food he consumes excessively.

  26. .9.47

    Disguising themselves under terrorism law,allow them to use such laws to harass Opposition under the terrorism law.Pl cannot pass Terrorism laws in Seychelles ,for Seychellos are not terrorists,the only terrorists in Seychelles are Pl terroists ,or State Terrorism which is what Dictatorship is all about.

  27. &.18

    We no longer sovereign State but a new colony for foreigners of all nationalities.The different is we still for new have creoele ministers but it might change---Ambassadors,plice officers,and as you say all National and public companies are illegally conrtroled by foreign thieves.SR 65 millions rupee vanished in Ambassy in China just to show you how these ofriegn criminals are robbing us together with Pl.Even Mr Benstrong raised the issue ,PL gangster stay wuiet as if it is normal and show accountability.In 2008 .Chief-of Army Staff FieldMarshal Rosine robbed Sr 6 millions his is still high officer in the army instead of facing justice for embezzlement.

    You understand why execution is inevitable for those monkeys in 2016-----because we have been asking them to change themselves,stop raping our institutions,etc... they continue they have officially decided to be execvuted.....we will execute their demand with full force in 2016...Faure will be President in his grave.

  28. 5.26-----Seycheöles havev no say because of those pl monkeys who have been using state own companies to enrich themselves..SEPEC;IDC,SMB ,etc.....The Deal With Eithad is includes gorss corruption, and I can imagine that in the deal Pl is secretly pocketing money without our knowledge from Khalfai ...which explain why the come up with redicules when challenge......
    Any company regardless where in the world.....which have the biggest share in a deal ..has automatic more say in decision-amking then the minority shareholder.Airseychelles has 60 percent shae but it seems it cannot impose its wishes but simply accept Eitahd dictates...why?becuase there is secret deal that we donot know that allow Pl thugs to made money ffor themselves.

    There is no other reasons possible to explain their stubbornees than the fact that they pocketing bribes from Eithad in return to screw Seychellois,regardless if our tourism industry is collapsing because of that.

    Just as the fakt Direct flight Sey--via Dibai , is also to please Khalfia regardless of the deasastous it creates to our tourism industry.

    Why for instance,instead of two flight via Dubai,Pl did not opt for one flight via Dubai,and the other directly from Sey to Paris without stop in Dubia.

    Other option would be-----when flgihting to PAirs,,Iarsey could transit Dubia ...but when coming to Prais flight non -stop.

    We will discover the illegal crooked deal sooner than later and those marons involve must be ready to die for their crimes.

  29. JRM is having multiple orgasms in Australia this weekend.kaka Manchan after oun capitulate.

  30. In his xmas message Michel,seychelles chief state Terrorist speaks about NATIONAL. UNUNITY

    Children around the world like gping to the zoo to see animals.
    Seychellois kids,do need anyone to build a Zoo for them,we already have a zoo goverment with all kind of creatures,some looking even as dinausors
    But the favorite animal the seychellois kids like better in the pl government zoo,is the old monkey call Michel.Children as well as adults like to see him ,esprcially on SBCand the reason for the love this endemic monkey call Michel is,that monkey Michel as all monkeys made children Laugh,especially when a monkey pretends to be reading and look human.

    Monkey Michel was looking seriuos on SBC.well,a monkey always look seriuos,and that because monkey itches..

    Monkey Michel was really reading hid own script on the definition of NATIONAL UNITY,wgich also confirmed why the majority of seychellois think he is under educated,to primitive,semi_human to be in the chair of President.
    Now what is NATIONAL UNITY? A catchword as Michel seems to think?
    National Unity,is uniformity.It is a apolitical construct that reflects collective spirit(that is all members of society decision making for instance. etcc) and will of a group of people(nation)for the purpose of governance and actions on behalf of all.(NB,history shows that tyranny,dictatorship ,csnnot posse the traits of a unifying force,).

    Hence,Nation Unity,is the kind of COALITION(meaning all political parties and civil society)government which means that parliamentar parties or cabinets are working together in order to achieve an outcome that benefit society in general.(does opposition parties are in coalition with pl,are the civil participating in decision making ?Usually a NATIONAL UNITY GOVERNMENT is done in times of difficult,to demonstrate political legitimacy,which again means that decisions made by the government have to be approvrd bya number of people with different background.Is one party system,unilateral decisions sprit and will of the people?

    Though the fussy characteristics of politicians are common throughou the world ,it is the ability to sense danger and respond that seperates the civilized from the jungle ones.seychelles political history has shown cases of miss opportunities to build a strong and virile nation.

    BUT SEYCHELLES TODAY,stand at the crossroad.Seychellois can chose to take the right or continue in the wrong way.The right way is the way of National Reconciliation,compromise,mutual understanding and tolerance.The wrong way is the way of force,threats,intimidation,and division.
    Seychellois can choose the decent and easy way or the hard way.The hard way is the way of dictatorship,despotism,deceit,and conceit.The easy way is to follow and live by the rule of law,ensure everyone!s human rigght,including to choose their leasers freely,and all are held responsible for their actions and ommissions.The hard road is the way of morality,ethical conducts,common sense,and compassion.Theblow road is the way of dishonesty,lies,distortions andtrickery.We can take the road to somewhere or the road to nowhere.The road to somewhere take us to NATIONAL UNITY,commonality of purpose,harmony,coalition building and cooperation.The road to nowhere takes us to division,irrational fears,hatred,and destruction.We can take the super highway,or the dirt road.The super highway will take us on a super journey,the dirt road has a one~way ticket to tyranny,dictatorship,thugtocracy,and ignorance.We can walk together on the UNITED WAY or remain stranded on a divided highway.

    Continue below...

  31. Ultimately,we can choose the way of all our ancestors ~The Seychellois Way~or join the way og ignoramuses who arrogantly proclaim that,“if not my way,ain!t no way but the highway; We must choose the Seychellois way~the way of hunanity,unity,solidarity,honesty,cordiality,empathy,fraternity,and congeniality.

    If we choose to take Seychellois Way,we must collectively make our roadmap to get us to our prefered destination.We must brightly mark the ;yield“and ;stop“signs together with the “no crossing“ and “danger; signs along the way.We must be prepared to take the road less traveled to get to our destination .That is the road goodwill,broad~mindedness,patience,and understanding.We must avoid the beaten path of personal attacks,prejudice,recriminations,and pettiness.We can not begin a new journey along Seychellois Way with old mind set.

    Let us use these bogus elections as the impetus for the development of comprehensive political,economlcal,social,and legal agenda for Seychelle that is based on a compelling vision of a better future for this and coming generations.Let us cast off the shortsightedness and narrow partisanship of the past.Let us gather ideas,from all segments of society~and not just from intellectualsand their elites~and pursue them inclusively and aggressively with common sense of purpose and destiny.If desperate times,require desperate actions ,times of great opportunity such as.this one require quick,bold and determined action.(CARPE DIEM)let us seize the moment and set a new coursecfor Seychelles.

    Jeanne D!Arc

  32. 03,06
    They do eat sblot,brcause unlike before whenbthey could three meal a day with thevwhole family,today zhey cannot afford to buy enough for the good old three daily meal which was zradition in seychellois culture,.Pl has emprovished them,with unemployment,high taxes,devakuation,high prices,no increasr of salary for decades,robbery,theft,embezzlemebt,an open air prison nation,zhat individualsbmust eat the whole day little finger food here and there to avoid starvation if not a famine desaster in seychelles.It explain also which crminality has sky rocketed,hungry youth,who use to have pocket money from the family to buy themselves personal belongings..such as nich sport shoes,today have for that,pl has made them useless tobsociety,hungry and angry ,they steal to not die from famine.

  33. Rumours circulating that St Ange and the Herminies are planning a revolution contre partie le pep.They want power to rule the Country.
    Misel pe net Larme lo maximum alert.

  34. This is what Michel said in his new year speech "It is for this reason that Seychelles needs all its children. Seychelles is our homeland. It is our cradle. I call on all Seychellois, in every family, in every etc., to love and protect our Seychelles"
    Hey Michel, what about every Seychellois abroad and the diasporas, why they cannot vote? Why foreigners are representing Seychelles in foreign lands? Is that your call for 'unity'? Say what you like, Seychelles is a small country but there is still a big divide!

  35. The Michele Administration are taking Seychellois POUR KOUYON every year.
    Its the same shits but different year.
    Sometimes last year it was "Seychelles Que J'aime"
    This year is "I LOVE SEYCHELLES"
    Only bigots and scumbags PP's would translate otherwise.
    Maybe the PHONIES AND DUMBO RATS will disagree with me.

  36. Ki Sa zafair coup detat Ki saint Ange e le fair Seychelles. Misel e devrait retour Li kot e sortie Dan SNP.
    I know that it was a dangerous move to appoint someone that don't share yr political philosophy n policy.He pretented just to become Minister so that e capab caple tou Sa famme noir Ki e pas le voir fan son liseye.Demand Genette Deloryer and she will tell you about her experiences with the man who strip her of all her assets.

  37. 16.24
    There are many in thediasporamhghly educated and could replace all those foreigners illegally controlling our instituions,entertirses etc.....He said Seychelles is our home ,but he sell out our home to foriegners....He need all Seychellois children to do what.....drug them......murder them.....make then third class citizens in their homeland.
    He need all Seychelles children dictate his will on them.Seychelles is our homeland,,..we know that that is why we shouted SESLE POU Seslewa in 1976...that is why we donot want to see our patrimony ...illegally sell out to foreigenrs thereby dipposses our peoplefrom their homeland........

    He call on all Seychellois.........He is alone that is a minority.....and he tells us he called on all Seychellois....he should better serve Seychellois his master and listen to them ,do that they say and stop calling on Seychellois or tell them what to do.
    Seychellois do not want anyone to call them, but want those in public offices ..therefore their servaNTSTO SERVE THEM AND NOT THEMSELVES AS pL HAS DONE THE LAST 50 YEARS
    The fact is Seychellois his master are calling on him to DEGAGE ,as they neve elected him in office ,and for this reason DOnkey Micherl has no call to make upon Seychellois.

  38. St snge can not control his belly ,you think he could lead a gang of men to make a coup.?

  39. Stop being stupid, there will never be a coup in Sea-shells. 1. The locals have no heart to have an Arab Spring. 2. Khalifa has already placed security resources in the islands. 3. UAE will invade the country at a moment notice.
    The locals and foreigners alike are having 'ptit coups' every day and night all over the place and this is very good for the country so why worry? The order of the day for the new year is still the same "do as you are told - copulate and fill up the land with new borne Muslims!" Suleiman

  40. Joel Morgan announced during a press conference that 'Arrive Alive' campaign has so far been a great success and as if it's his own new innovation. This is an old practice in all civilized countries during the festive seasons nothing new, only Seychelles is late in catching up with the outside world Morgan, and the truth is that there are not enough cells to accommodate any increase in the number of arrests. So let Seychellois deal with their own kin since all the houses have iron-bars across the windows, they would be better safeguarded there than at the police stations. After all, the whole country is an island prison, why you don't tell Seychellois that Morgan?, and you St. Ange, perhaps that's another reason for the decline in tourist arrivals.

  41. 97,46
    There would no arab spring,why we not Arabes.There would be though much harsher punishment for those crooks than what Gaddafi or Saddan experience,the different with gaddafi and saddam is many collabors escape,pl and hid collaborators will perish together.

    Unlike Arab spring,we going to use the same determination as our national first ever HERO CASTOR,the first freedom fight,who was unfortunately not armed with the tools to resist the well armed devil force he was literally facing alone.History,seens to have repeated itself in the sense that as was castor alone in the,fight,today division has created the same situation Castor found hinself ib at that Time
    FOR THIS REASON,,we have formed a group of young educated,high trained militarily,,determined,highly patriotic,well~equiped and adviced,confidence,and ready and capable to use force at any given time

  42. Always remember the Creole traits supported by the many failed coup attempts in this tiny island nation call the Seychelles.
    The security system in seyc is designed to watch over the others.
    If a coup is to come and successful then it has to come from within not a small unit.Having said that Creole cant be trusted n have no guts like the Arabs. Salem.

  43. In an interview Michel asks Seychellois if "they know where we were until 2008"Well donkey,we were in a dictatorship ,and we still in it.We were in Seychelles and we still here.We were being robed by Pl and we still are.

    Are Seychellois richer than they were before 2008? Are Seychellois happier,is Seychellois more free than before 2008,Are crimies lower than before 2008,are Seychelles better off today than before 2008? the Answer is No.

    Michel ask himself the question and answer himself.Ask the poepel of Seychelles what the think about the one party state,teemed with thieves and they will Answer Michel .




  46. A can see and feel a lot of frustrations but i think seselois really don't care too much about PL. As long they have their tooth,tablets or what ever are working fine,they are ok. Rene and Michelle know what the weak point of sesellois and they are:" ENTERTANMENT, ALCHOL AND FOODS.If PL can provide this three,they will win every election!................ I was walking down the road to buy a packet of fish and to my surprise even fishermen are using tablets!


  47. Last time was Faure now St Ange for coup.

  48. There is this song that solda Rene use to sing.It goes like that.Seychellios gayne un cakesouse bien Claire PERE SONN PARE PE change Sa Rigime..
    overtime proof has spoken to itself.
    Keep Dreaming on. Salem Mohamad.

  49. 04:38

    What could not materialize in Gambia coup bid on Dec.30th can be successful in Seyselle. This is what anonymous 3rd Jan. 10:24 was talking about.

    Solda rene.

  50. Gambia coup is the old archaic style of trying to make a coup,the same stylr Pl used in 1977,it is absolate.In the 21st century,there is no need to use traditional coup tactics,which consist of taking trategic points like airport,ports,telecommunication etc.. in this type of coup,often the thugs escape,it is the already torrorize civilians are the most affected.
    INthe 21st Century,you donot waste time taking tragetic points,it needs lots ofvmenpower....the best means to be sure to succeed and get those respektable is to directly target the thugs .you remeber in lybia when rebel tried to topled Gaddafi,they were taking control of airports etc..but could not take over the country,only after targetting gaddafi personallx and apprehended hkm and his son ,that rebel were able to take complrte control zhe country.if they would have targetted from zhe beggining Gaddafi,the probability that were would have bern no so .much bloodshed ,would had bern morevlikely.

    1. I think someone pour something in my water and I'm still reading between the line for the third time.

  51. Adivice for humpty St Angehey man,you know what.....develop Off Saeson tourism,this would attract dudget travelers thereby boost arrivals....which would boost arrival..which would excel all be sure of achieving this record arrivals...donot forget connectivity would be crucial. . Therefore allow Mr Afif to start his airline operation,......attract more charter airlines by asling etihad to stop its monopoly of the route......then humpty you will write history....

  52. On NAtion it stats MON KONTAN MON SESEL--Well Seychellois always love their country which explain why they againt illegal sell out,neo colonization,selling our of their birth rights by Partilepep thugs.MON KNTOAN MON SESEL does not means Pl.Unless Plthugs think Seychelles is synonym to Pl.
    The duty of a true patriot is to protect is to protect his country from its government.
    Or Maybe Pl calls this RACISM----so if when a call myself PATRIOT and you label me as racist--what about those soldiers who die for their country?Do the sacrificed their lives because of hate,or because they raicsts ,or because of love for their country.

    Patriots are not traitors.

    The fact is Pl traitors are feeling afraid of the people ,and disguising themselves as Patriuots,Pl thinks it would avoid a coup and have the support of the people they enslave.
    Patriots do not let their country default,Michel.

    Saying you a patriot is not enough,you have to be one.

    There is no flag large enough to cover the stance of killing innocent people.

    Seychellois love their country,not pl.

    Loyalty to the party of thugs does not make one a patriot.but a collaborator of the thuggish traitors not patriotism----Singing I love my country, then illegal allow the dispossession of the people from their patrimony is not patritosim ,but traitorous act.
    Robbing tax payers is not patrtiotsim ,but theft.
    Patriots donot kill their won people--only tyrants do so-----Di you butchered Seychellois Michel?Do not you have blood on your hands donkey?Did you not sold our patrimony to KHalifa donkey?Donot you gave ofreigners access to our patrimony whgen law say no foreigners are allow to own,buy land in our land.,donkey.

    We will see how patriotic you are in 2016.

  53. Mon ausi mon kontan mon Sesel.

    Mais sa gouvernman qui mais bez!

    Plus sa change ...... plus c'est la menm!

    Jam do you believe that Jonah spent 3 days and three night in the belly of a huge


  54. A say on today!s NATION!S front page article entilted MON KONTAN SESEL
    in this article,the mean spirit,abusive hypochondria .
    thugtocrate Michel pontificated himself as IMORTAL PATRIOT.The mini_devil literally tells us that he might soon be leaving his body and will come back.It seems he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for immortality,if he believe his words.As humans were immortal or immunes to the consequences of their actions

    It seens,for sometime now,the butcher has been lo.g keeping himself busy learning how to leave his body and engage in Astral Plane.He has already projected his soul out of his sleeping body ,...his body is left behind and his soul goes anywhere it desires.,often is the gate for demonic activity to enter.

    The fact is ,the butcher is trying to explain his way out,looking for escape“I am a great immortal Patriot,if seychellois knew the true fact behind my devillness ,they will love me“what for a crooked imaginarium of thugtator Michel the Butcher,!

    How do Seychellois think biblically as christians,about this decaying regime whose thug in Chief ,attenpts to deify himself+Obviously each attenpt at deification is to foster an Utopia vision.,to give life and history meaning and purpose.Thugtocrate Michel is obviously,to bring Utopia of a thugtocracy.

    The Butcher wants to reach immortality.Imaginne it works in the Butcher.His life will become a cruise instead of a race No need to stress with an eternity of tommorrows.It would glorious,i could enslave seychellois for eternity.

    What we must keep in mind as believers,is that in human history,is filled with attempts to deify rulers(mummification of lenin,mao...).how futile! Jesus can do that.Part of humanity!s deckaration of independence from God(atheist,.i.e Sin)is an attempt to build a himan Utopia without God.A false Kingdom,a false set of promises,characterize by zhugtocrat Michel butcher search for inmortality.

    Jeanne Darc

  55. I like the fact ,that the butcher comes up calli.g himself PATRIOT,it gives us a change to express ourselves on our i.dividual understandind,definition of Patriotism.

    Patriotism,means love of country,in the sense of wanting to work for its improvement,as well as defend it again zhe attack of foreign powers(colonization,neo annexation etc..)it or a domestic group that seeks to destroy the Constitution by illegal means(eg Pl coup,sell out,neo colonial policy etc..).

    Most of us love our country for the simply reason zhat it is our home.Zhe love of home is surely the most common and Universal Human Feelings.

    Most of us,love our country less because it is good,zhan simply because it is ours.

    Is either of these two possible motives for loving our country“that is good“is that“it is our“preferably ,or even defensive?
    Given this choice,we are likely,i think,to be drawn towards the first option::loving our country because it is ours,seems almost irrational,less a reason zhan emotional,little more,indeed,zhan prejudice.A common prejudice,no doubts,but a prejudice hardly becomes more justifiable sinply by being widely shared.

    Patriotism can be compared to Parentwho loves its bilogical child more than a foreign child.It is natural,genetic ,in the DNA of any parent.In the same way,that a parent love its kids,protect them,nurture them,DIto,for a patriot forvhis country,it is natural.

    J Darc


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