The Lame Duck Minister!

Seychelles Agrees Tax Policy Focus With IMF
Over the three-year term of the newly-agreed USD17.8m Extended Fund Facility from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Seychelles' fiscal policy framework will be dictated by the Government's target of reducing public debt below 50 percent (from 65 percent) of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2018.

The IMF reminded the Seychelles Government that "fiscal policy faces negative pressures, as revenue and grants have been falling as a proportion of GDP, and current spending has been rising in the face of pent up spending demands." The IMF said the Government will need to "carry out wide-ranging structural reforms necessary to support improvement in macroeconomic conditions, lock-in [fiscal] stabilization, and reduce the country's vulnerabilities."

The IMF said that, although the Government's 2013 fiscal position was on-budget, tax revenue pressures have emerged. Business and income tax revenues were weaker than expected, offset to some degree by stronger-than-projected non-tax revenues. It said that attaining the primary surplus target for 2014 (four percent of GDP) "remains feasible and appropriate."

The IMF noted that after considerable reform over the last five years – including the introduction of a value-added tax regime and an overhaul of income and business taxation – there is little space for substantial reform to expand the tax base. At over 30 percent, Seychelles' revenue-to-GDP ratio remains relatively high, and the IMF therefore recommended "reforms to tax administration and increased compliance... to bolster revenue efforts and ensure the availability of resources for investment and other priority spending."

Authorities in the Seychelles agreed to streamline exemptions, adjust specific excise taxes, improve audit capabilities, and strengthen tax compliance, in particular with regard to international tax matters.
Transfer pricing is one area in which the Government hopes to make significant headway. It was noted that the hotel industry "tends to pay little in business taxes, although this in part reflects a legacy of generous past tax concessions."
Seychelles Agrees Tax Policy Focus With IMF


  1. Taxation system burdened local businesses but exemple foreing owed businesses like five star hotels.

    Five Star hotels especially those who donot banked their revenues locally should contribute more.

    Foreign workers both mangers or expats should contribute more from revenues
    -Higher Export duties for those importing goods such as fish,vegetable from abroad when it is availalbe locally.

    Foreigners having no businesses in Seychelles but onlyHOlliday Villa should be made to contribute more and ask to be at least 4 to 6 months annually in Seychelles--if sorter than 4 to 6 months present in Seychelles ,they should enjoy higher taxes.

    1. Why don't you ask your friend, Ste Ange to cut down on his foreign expenses? That will be a good start!

    2. This year alone, the Ministry of Tourism has spent over US $100,000 on travel and five star hotels and in return the number of tourists spending their vacations in the Seychelles has decreased. He goes on a shopping spree for himself and pretends that he is doing a good job.The binge and orgy shopping by both Ste Ange and James Michel show a huge gap between the people and their leaders on their greed to feed their big stomach. Ste Ange travel around the world with a big delegation including his buddy Marco Francis. When going on such trips, entitles them with a hefty allowance.This is especially important in the context of the government approaching the IMF and World Bank for new programmes, while potential revenues appear to finance their lavish lifestyle. Such is life in Seychelles and the people are now paying the price for their greed.

  2. The economy has been stimulated,over and ooverraagainit has ffailed to respond. . What is the answer?more stimulus,higher taxes?Any doctor will tell you,when a patient does not respond to a treatment,it is time change the medecine.
    With the unequal tax collection laporte practces,which consist of burdening local businesses with all kinds of high taxes ,while our economy allows widespread avoidance of tax by those those able to afford it,it simply unjust and destructive to the economy.
    I believe pl should wase taxes on locally owed businesses,while compensating the different by new TAXES,Namely:
    _public officials earning more than sr 10 000 monthly.
    _BETTING TAX...that is duties of private betzong,lotter,,sweep_stake
    _TAX on luxury consumption..big yachts for private leisure,etc
    _TAX at source:Expat workers have tax deduction directly from their income.
    FOREIGNER hold live in seychellesand hold an RP card should declare their i.come and assets in a standard tax return
    Property Gains Tax:that is when you sell your business,property,you have pay tax on the PRFITONLY,that it makes.
    Government must lead by example...cut salary bonus of public officials,directors,generals,fake opposition leaders,etc.bring ministers pension to befor 2008..that is before pl bankrupt the country.
    Bank loans ,for instance,,zhat were indexed to foreign currencies ,may merely be declared illegal This would let consumers etc.. repay the banks as if the loan were in rupee.
    _etc etc

    Jeanne Darc

  3. Reducing government spending and wastage is a vital piece of the puzzle.
    No more bonuses for high governmentofficials. Directors of public bNks,company like seypec,idc,army generals,and also bringing their pension to prior of fact high.earnrrs should pay tax directly from their salary.
    Closing Ambassies in many countries where they are not necessarily needed....malawi,north korea,zimbabwe etc..
    Reducing the seize of the army...a good well eqiupped coast guard,as well as sprcial forces and instead of two i.fantry,artillery division,we combined both into one as a kind of rapid ground forces with less men but well tooled,a small air force.
    Replacing foreign workers in high national insitutions...judiciary,etc by locals.
    Replacing foreign hired ambassadors,by sey national,living in the concern foreign land he need inUk,for instance,it could have been Dr Song,Mr Tall or any one need to send rx ministrr to be ambassador abroad,,it cost state much more than if you recruit a sey national living abroad.
    Stop flight on tsx payrrs cost for private visit,shopping trips in Dubai..etc disguise as official visit.
    Stay in three star hotel when trVeling abroad esprcially in highly secure country,let us say,swizerland,austria,sweden,singapor....
    Reduce police exessive use of vehicles during day patrol..use bicycles,go by foot,etc.avoid using motorized vehicles much posible for emergency intervention and night patrol.
    etc etc

  4. Loporte economic plolicies has created a pwrmanent chrnic recession
    The one way style high taxation has taken and still taking so from the economy. That it has entrr a form of permanent recssion.If laporte increases government spending the result is stagnation instead of prosperity.Zhe cure for stagnation seems to cut government spending and taxes.
    in addition to this,the increase in prices caused by increased taxation prevents government from purchasing as much.So high tax rates cause low Real tax revenue collection.Government causes its own revenue shortages by wanting more money than it should have.
    Adecrease in tax or a more harmonlzed,equitable taxation schceme will have positive effect on income,demand and GDP.It will boost all three.

  5. And about all,fight the long endemic still persisting governent corruption draining our economy,coffers

  6. Switzerland government did confirmed that seychellois nationals have over us 2,4 billiin dollars in swiss banks,but mostly importantly,zhey say that they can provide seychelles government with all the information it needs should the later asks,and that in 24 hours.what is lPorte waiting for to simply ask swiss government fir the infos?Does he already knows the owners?his pl friends?

  7. Laportenomy polcies has not been at the level and gravity of the problem.Since,his economic stragety has produced no result,laporte keeps borrowing acumulati.g our foreign debts to pharaoic numbers.Without effective economic policy and massive foreign debts,laporte to cover government spending and wastage and repay debts,use rakeeting tactic,by taxing mostly,local owed businneses with a forest of high taxes.This turned our economy from bad to worse.
    If taxes collected by laportenomic policies would have been re~inhected in to the local economy,it would have by now give pep to the economy,but unfortunately,all taxes money collected is aimed at re_playing Imf debt on time.
    Laporte should ask IMF a grace preiod of a few years before it can start re_paying debt.Maybe with a interest rate exempt or partial cancellazion, a reshedulr of obligation, and concentrate his effort soly on reviving local economy instead.

  8. There is a song that the old solda Rene use to sing.The larics goes like that: Seychellios gayne un keksoze bien clair,person par pe change Sa regime.
    Over time this has proved to be true.
    The disarays,the kas anbas ,the disunity in the opposition camp reinforced that the epifany of that song.
    There will not be change in Seychelles.

  9. Did you listen to Dr economic projection ror ,2015,it is just amazing !As every year,laporte tells Every economic datas show,thing would be rosy.As every year ,laporte,tells us tourist arrival would increase,ezc
    But lets be realistic,what any rconomic scholars will tell you,is that.any country to be considered in Growth path,only,if year on year GDP % is greater than Inflation % ,inflation %,otherwise is bound to eat into the growth.
    For laporte when inflation would be at 15& and GDP at 3.9(4%) % economy would grow.he is a real .lame duck!A reasonable inflation should be one around 2 to 3 %,not 15 %,laporte.15 % inflation ,for sexchellois means,every money will buy a smaller percentage of goods and service,zhat equate nothing short than increase haardship,poverty,less power of consumption Dr lame duck,not betterment nor prosperity.

  10. Dr laporte gave no figures on unenployment ,too high to mention.For high unemployment plus high inflation equals Stagnation.

  11. Pl continus to celebrate seychelles entry in World Bank.From now on pl would be accountable to both imf and WB,not Seychellois.
    Already,laporte has bended to WB dictations(conditionaliies and deregulations),by reducing Custom duties,althouh,custom duties is one ofthe important source of public revenue,and thT to allow more importation of foreign goods to our shores which not only make us loss revenue but help kill local farmers,businesses and will affect our country food security.

    Why for island reduced dut, on Ormament Fish,which are fishes importrd for aquariums in a tropical island state to please a few foreign individuals?should importation of such products instead be forbidden dur to the risk that these imported spicies could have on our fragile eco system and the risks og invasions?seychelles wTers is a natural aquarium there is no need for individuals to have private aquarium in their homes and the risks it could posse to endemic spicies .
    Custom duty reduction on Bread. Bread is not something difficult to mKe,we have good local bakers why import bread when it can be produced locally?why not help local bakers modernihed their businneses to respond to demans so that money stay in the country,help job creation Nd economic growth.
    On Msngosteen,also reduction of duty,because according to laporte it is a high demand ptoduct that donot grow locally.on high demand in five star hotels not on for ordinary citizens .help kill local farmers,allow importers that five star hotel save money from themselves.whynot because it is a lucrative tropical product,introduce it or better say,create a mangosteen farmer on one of our outter island so zhat can be produce locally by local seychrllois farmers,thereby create job,help local farmers increase their revenue,create new jobs and help growth.?
    NB ,zhat the demanding imported produczs in seychelles are Rice,oil,milk,etc..cuszom duty has keep increasing for decades,making cost of living for our people hard .why no custom duty reduction on those highly consumed products,laporze zhan on ormantal fishes which posses a high risks to endemic spicies which import should simply be banned.ormantal fish is for people living in countries withouz oceans not tropical islands wizh natural aquarium.

  12. LaporteHis budget preached about effort to develop blue economy and recognizes that local farmers still having difficulties,e.g to selk their products locally.this due to cost on production but mostly due to the fact that potential purchasers namely five star hotels are importing products available at low cost abroad,and with custom duty under charged and with a new reduction on custom dutycthat laporte unilatrally decided to pleased imf,wb and foreign five star hotel owners which also create money leakage,lost for our economy ,local farmers would suffer more.instead of protecting local farmers,encourage local productions ,pl help destroy local farmers,by doing so,impede the effort to secure food security,help worsen the economy,create more poverty and deprndency. i.

  13. Last week Meriton simulated a begging show onSBC,Nation,by bringing three families having disable kids,o. Tv,begging for hepled,now ,we learnt via Nation that Pl sent US 10 000 to an unknown recipient in Africa to fight Ebola.Enough money,that could have made zhe three seychellois families with disable kids,havw a nice Xmas zhis is pl remainace amoral.


    Obama tries 'NEW APPROACH" on CUBA with normalized trade relation and diplomacy between Washington and Cuba for the first time in half century. Fidel was in jubilant and released the US prisoner.

    JAM its your move.
    Loosen your grips.
    Let overseas Seychellois vote freely through electronic systems.

  15. Economic growth,dr laporte,is the integrated concept which includes increasing income,production and generate employment,economic diversification,not acute pocverty and stagnation.
    Moreover,most government can run a modest deficit for years,because they are highly likely to repay their creditors.seychelles is bankrupt and instead of repaying back creditors,laporte borrow more and more,digging fiscal grave for state unnecessary budget deficit create unnecessary hardship.
    High Inflation,Dr laporte,erode the value of money and assets
    Bad for balance sheet of payments
    Causes uncertainty and falling investment
    Create Shoe Leather and Menu cost
    More Unemployment
    Real intrest rate push up
    Rising debt burden
    Laporte buget as his inflation figure and economic voodoo policy just SUCK.

  16. Seychelles DEBT UNDER LAPORTE AND PL,65 PERCENT OF gdp.i thought I was in Zimbabwe.Soon Laporte could print I billion rupee notes.Pl has failed and it is time to send them to jail."016,they will go or die.

  17. We should vote Pl thugs,incompetent out in 2016.They failed the country,bankrupt it and though foreign loan was given to them in multi-millions they stzill cannot fix their mass in fact the problem aggravate.This means they are incompetent and should not be ruling any country than their own assholes.

  18. All government revenues generate annually goes to re-pay foreign debts--total 65 percent of GDP.That is literally all revenue made by state and when you add the cost of government spending and waste we are left with empty coofers.That is how Pl incompetent,idiots have brought the country down.And they still repeat the same mistakes that bankrupt,ruined us in the first palce,That is exempt tax for ofriegn firms,moneey leakage,high amount of cheap expats,destruction of tourism industry,more eîmport than export because we do not produced enough and nothing have been done to develop new industries ,new businesses and diversify the economy .

  19. Pl ministers are all idiots.Why?Only idiots refuse to accept and learn from their fialures,they will keep following the same path though all show the down crash.Just like Laporte who still increasing our debts--it is 65 percent of our GDP plus government spending the coffer is left empty.

  20. After stealing billions for state coffers,banrupt Seychelles twice in 5 years ,Pl and laporte is amking Seychellois pay for their as it is the private sectors and Seychelles who were the cause of economic and financial crisis.
    Pl keeps spending though it does not have the means to pay it back.
    Action s to breudce governemtn wasteage--Cut ministers salary and pension
    -Reduce seize of army
    -Replay Foreign illegal Ambassadors by Seychellois
    _reduce expars
    -let Seychellois benefit from their economy and stop giving it to foreigners for one rupee and hundred years
    -Direct fightt to boost tourism
    -collect taxes of foreign five star hotels
    Higher custom mduty on import goods available locally --fish ,bread,fruits, vegetable
    -Tax foreginers workers on their monthly salary
    -Tax foreign residents without no business but just living in our country
    -Tax Khalfia plane parking at airport
    -Tax off shore banks etc-- whose activities are outside the country though licenced in Seychelles to avoid money leakage
    -Make ministers and others with high earning pay tax
    -Indians shop keepers pay more tax they are not Seychellois

  21. Faure says Seychellois living abroad can vote.but must first registered in a district in Seychelles for three months----it is not were we live that give us our legititmate to vote it is our constitutional rights.Ambassies are the normal palce that all countires organize their citizens to vote abroad.E-voting etc...

  22. Congratulation to our Miss Seychelles even she did not make it through the final.
    However I like to state one thing about the Miss Seychelles competition- this organisation was doing very well until after the COUP- SPUP banned it- SPUP said its bad for the society for our women to do catwalk half naked. Who knows maybe ROZ or POoTTER could have been a MISS WORLD by now! Or even Mitzzy!

    1. Or Lise Bastienne! Misel would be very proud.

    2. Pa ti dir zot lot zour ler eleksyon... Ti dir zot vot byen. I pe al fer lamwatye syek SPPF i opouvwar. Ziska prezan nou ankor pe ser sa sang menm, me ler eleksyon i vini, seselwa i bliye pou dir sa sang pe koup zot leren zot pe kriye laba lo stadium dan kanpany SPPF 'Wi! Wi!' zanmen fini, apre ler zot in fini donn sa bann voler ankor 5an apre zot a gele lavi i ser! huh.. sa wa dir mon.

  23. Misel congratulated French Chang Him for the OBE.
    He should take the opportunity to say sorry about the loss of your brother on the same breath during the coup2tat.
    Misopportunity. Ooooops.... telepromter was not there!

  24. Cuba ,usa that usa and cuba concern,we have massive problems created by emples to foreign businesses,mass amount cheap foreign labor destroying seychelloi and its economy,free trade deal Wb which would further allow foreigner s control totally our economy,foreigners illegally controling our institutions from judges,police officiers to ambassadors,Stronomic debts which seychellois never see where all multi millions went,2,4 billions dollars in swiss banks robbed by pl,massive poverty sky rocketing crimes,etc..that what you should be concerned about no cuba/usa.....that is there problem.

  25. Seychelles tourism industry or as a unique used to be amonst the top 5 in africa,now it ranked 14 between mugabe zimbabwe and bokaharam nigeria,what for a sgame of pl crooks,but still these monkeys with their half brain would tell tourists arrival is increaing,when you where among the 5top destination in africa and among mugabe and bokaharam donkeys is called backwardness,i known pl donkeys have their eyes at the back of their heads,which explain why they think when.zhe move back is a forqard march.o.ce a donkey,always a donkey.

  26. Why did ram first contact all opposition leasers?why did ram called on all seychellois to take to zhe streets,note ram the highest and muziple tax burden lie on businesses such as in the tourism industry ,no car owners donkey.Car owners should be made to.pY carbon tax,while cost of guel.should not cars or cars owners zhat create Wealth but businesses,and above thebtourist industry,why no call for tax reductionn
    ,or cancellation on seychrllois owed businesses donkey,than protest by car owners as if zhe create wealth,car owners Ram create traffic jam,polution,not wealth donkey,support those who create weLth in order to pay yourbfat illegal.pension for life,donkey

  27. Pl place no 14 on tourism index,pl.will put the blame on recession on europe not bad policies and lack of direct did then zimbabwe under international sanction perform better than pl,it main market is also europe as all.the other african.countries above is still recession the problem pl or your incompetency donkeys.we know your are the less intelligent,qualified donkeys,do not try to sell intelligent seychelloiscpeanuts peanuts are for monkeys like you

  28. SNP in the streets protesting on car tax a begining but why SFP and other opposition did not join put politic a side UNITE in the protest.SFP leader talking about UNITE this is the time you must UNITE for change and join the protest where were you Gill and co..

  29. The whole country is being strangle by high taxes,massive poverty,and rraM CONSISDER IT IS THE CAR OWNERS who are taking the hardest hit.Businesses RAm create wealth and are being suck up by Pl thieves in order to pay back their mess,feed them and you.
    I would tell this RAM,you want to fight also climate change,well start by paying a Carbon emission tax for your poluated big expensive car,and as alterantive to paying the high Carbon tax Pl should give you the possibility to buy KAKTALIZATORS to fix on your car to avoid emmmssion when you have done that then you would be exempt from Carbon tax.
    Yes,we need to portest,but not for Car owners but for all Seychellois citzens being robbed,enslave by IMF,WB and PL.We need to free our people from this gulag created by Pl and his foreign friends,despot,criminals.Take to the street instead to free once and for all Seychelles and Seychellois from those gross criminals call Pl then by doing so ,you would save Seychelles and Seychellois from this open prison Pl gangsters has created.You could use portests to free us RAM,but if you joking with Seychellois to pontificate your image now that election is near under to fake reality and allow Pl to stay on power to porect you and feed you,make no mistake ,like Pl thugs ,you will pay also the highest price in 2016.traitors,collaobrators,fakers,like you wouldhave the same treatment as Pl crooks.You have a choice be real and change or we gonna change you.If you choose the second option,then we will consider that you ask for it and you will get it in full fledge.

  30. Taxation polcies can affect economic performance and as proven in many countires reducing tax boost economic growth not by increasing it.Partilepep should stop their spending habit and waste including robbery,theft not burdeb local businesses with astronomic taxes.
    Time to get together for a massive ,powerful and pl destructive ihigh time to get those pl criminals out of power .

  31. Put taxes on car but those big car like BMW and Mercedes crook drive will be no tax paid on it, this system are vampire.

  32. Every single citizen is unhappy with this crooked government--should we instead of saying we do not like this policy simple go out ,take to the streets and get those monekys to zoo.Laporte does not care about words,they have always played death ears,they only to de-blocked their ears is massive protests and finally jailed them all.

    Be it RAM tlkaing about protest,And vbusinesses talking about tax hikes---laporte and pl donkeys do not care ,their money laundering machine is operating 24/24/365 they are no concern about the gravity of their mess ,or if Seychellois is suffering ----massive treets protests is the answer against PL is time to get those monekys to zoo where they belong.

    1. Laporte is an agent ofand... obeys the dictations imf and w bank ,not seychellois.the tactic is open your doors to foreign companies ,give then all the fiscak advertage,disguise as(making the countrY attractive to foreign investors)than to make space for and give monopy of seychelles economy to foreigners,kill local businesses with astrnomic and endless tax hikes.Then imf and w bank can make us,dependence of foreigners,that give them our sovereignty.

  33. SHTC ,opposit lleaders if any should organised massive protests andsend a sstrongmessage ttogansters,namely we will let continue robing seychelllois,you listen to the prople or we going to screw you hard.
    Unit and get thosr thigs out of power now

  34. There only one way to get pl crooks respect seychellois,that is actions not words.

  35. Laporte whole kit and caboodle will lead to total collapse of our economy.since,consumers can not absorb high VAT i.flationary act anymore,this will lead to total collapse.
    Dr laporte is digging a economic grave for seychellois.
    Economic growth reauires good spending not more spending.laporte continues instead,to throw valuable money into bloating programs,rather than provide a transition to a sustainable furure.Resist laporte voodoo economy,he is dictating his bushman ecobomic policy on us,which comes directly from frankenstein dangerous,wicked and primitive.
    Fight the power!

  36. economic growth will require greater production given the tight Imf fiscal regime government can not increase expenditutre without income.Income will come from private sectors,and for that they need to be oxygenize by having a tax cuts and a reduction on their electricity bill for instance.
    Statbilization is assumed to be the precondition for economic growth because it makes it easier to achieve fiscl targets.Economic growth will increase tax revenue,rduce the Debt-to-GDP ratio and increase foreign exchange earnings.By wanteing to suck local businesses laoprte is killing the goose with the golden egg.We cannot and should not allow one guy with dictatorial instinct do that.

    Access to our market must be conditioned on a strategy analysis of our own needs first and foremost .As things stand,Pl has handed our sovereign rights to our domestic markets to International bodies --like the Wolrd Trade Organization,World Bank,Imf,and are committed to One-way Free trade such as NAFTA,CAFTA,.Our polcies should careful protect our wealth and resources rather than simply provide lowest consumer cost regardless of the impact of our industries,and workers.

    we must establish polcies that prevent other countires,foriegn organizations etc..from doing to us what the would never let us do to them.
    we must halt the sell out of key assets to foreigners.Becuase of National intersts---just like France and other co8ntires there are industries that are by law,exempt from the sell our or take over by foreign companies/individuals/governmentts for because of their important to National interests.
    Pl should crub out on unimportant,not yet needed projects,and initiatials that are being fund ,sponsor by foreign debts.
    We must close opportunities to foreign corporations to compete unfairly to demoestic industries.

    Fair Trade
    Our trade treaties should protect our country from predatory foreigners,companies,seeking to weaken or destroy Seychelles industry--like Etihad/air Seychelles deal which is destroying our tourism industry.To that end tariff etc.. should be erected where needed,where practical.

    In addition to establishing protection for our industry and country,we should properly align our companies with the National interest,by changing the incentive wthin which they operate.The tax structure should be re-visited to to encourage industrial revival,.One simple but highly effective measure would be to shorten the depreciation of schedules on Capital investment.etc..
    REVIVAL of the economy depends on the right policies.

    To recover from a reccession there need be either a rise in AD,a readjustment in prices and wages.
    Low Consumer Confidence--in a recession there is always rising unemployment and therefore a fall in consumer confidence.This causes a rise in the savings ratio.In other words,people will spend less of their disposable income and save more leading to a greater fall in AD.If confidence remains very low,for a long time(as in Seychelles)then it will be difficult for government to raise AD. if government cust income taxes,this would increase disposable incomes,but if confidence is low,people are unwilling to spend extras on their savings.

    Ineeefectiveness of Montary polcies--Monetary stimulate deamnds.Lower interest rates reduce the cost of borrowing,and therefore people,companies should be more willing to spend and invest.Firstly,firms may be reluctant to invest,even though it cheap to borrow,becuase they donot see any demand.

    SUPPLY side shock--if there is a fall in AS and AD,this would make the recession more severe.E.g if there is a rapid rise in oil price(as Morin wants),then As would shift to the left causing lower growth and higher inflation--it seems that what laporte has created.

    And finally ,it would interesting to know in which University Laporte sat for his economic degree for it seems this guy do all the contrary to effective economic principles taught in high quality Unversities in Western World.Maybe in Zimbabwe,North Korea Uni,Laporte,Sorry,we never see an economist donkey to your likes,ingnorant,backward,arrogant,dicatorial,and a looser. Are your Seychellois minister of financial Laporte or Imf Agent disguise as Seychelles finance minister?

  38. A carbon tax ,if tax collected is used to pay off inf debts but for instance use to biukd or renovate,upgrade roads etc is a good thing,The problem is that Seychellois is already burdened by a forest of taxes,many unjustify such as CSR,which makes a new tax such as carbon tax a heavy loan to carry.Before,a carbon tax is imposed on car owners,the government should,make alternatives available so that car owners as option to paying a carbon emmission tax.For instance,that cars could be equipped with a catalytic Converter,widely use in western world,(it is as device rhat convert the three harmful compouds i. Car e,haust namely .carbon monoxide,nitrogen oxides,and hydrocarbon),into harmless reduce drastically those harmful compound toxicating the air ,which good for human,avoid development of unnecessary illness which could otherwise increase heaith care cost,and good for the environment.Encouraging the purchase of environmental friendly vehicles such as electric cars,hydrid vehicles among others.Of course,when a person either equiped his car with a catalytic converter,or has a environmental friedly vehicle then there is no need to pay carbon emmission tax.
    To encourage the use of green cars,government can reduce import tax ,airport duty etc as encouragement.
    Moreover,a carbon emmission tax cannot be uniform,..high fossil fuel consumed cars should pay more than for instead a smart car model etc..a kind of pay as you poluate tax.unlike taxe on businesEs or consumers,a,carbon tax does not create wealth,but a societal civic pl should reduce taxes or simply canx tax like CR S tax on businesses and maybe a reduction on certain commodities such as oil,milk etc to boost consumption and maybe reduce electricty rate for businesses that consume lots of eltricity such as hotels,guest houses so that they can invest on creating jobs,production etc...these tax reduction could temporary until we have get the economy out of the black hloe,pl and laporte voodoo econmic principles brought us into.

  39. Carbon emission tax should not be limited car owners,dito to speed boat,and other type of ships,.catalytic converters exit also for ships of all base in regards to seize and polution produced.what about foreign Cargo ships which we can inpose to equip their exhaust with catalytic converter?make them pay carbon tax too.carbon be extended to airlines,but due to the lack of direct flights necessary to boost export,it would be discouraging for airlines already servicing seychelles and will discourage potential airline operators to service our land,a service badly needed to boost tourism industry,the pillar of our economy .

  40. Is there any highly qualified and experience economists in the Pl?'It seems all are under-qualified like Laporte,

  41. Laporte's stated of runaway GDP growth next year,taken at face value defy not only economic realities but also common sense.The bottom lines of the regime's statistical claims of economic growth ,financial soundness and the rest of it ,is that the figure are cooked up in the Cnetral Bank statistics,.All the statistical fairy tales about the economy told by Laporte in the Assembly were a sort of puzzlement and amusememnt for Seychellois.
    All of the economic swagger and wind-bagging about unrivalled economy boom,prosperity and progress comes from a government known for its economic literacy.Most countires affected by recession and obtained IMF laons are already out of reccssion and moving forward like Greece;Spain and many others,after 5 years of bailed out in multi -millions ,Seychelles is atill in chronic recccsion,due to the wrong strategy,economic understanding and economic polcies by Pl economic literates.

    Send those marons to Montagne Possee.

  42. Laporte passed new laws to regulate Gambling institutions but not higher tax on them though they made millions annually.

  43. Bongiour President--not my son Gill but ,bonzour.Z like in ZIP,.say...ZZZZZZZZZ,not gîour, but ZZZZZZ Gill,like the sound made by the bees behind your hotel.ZZZZZZZ--ZONM LIb,ZOO..

  44. Did you heard Tonton Mancam,he praised Mauritius for Unity and democracy,preaches about Democracy abroad ,but not at home,here he sleeps with Pl dictators and support colonization of our land,by Arbs,Russians,Indains,Chinese etc..What for a Maron.

  45. Gambling,Heroin,.Alcohol are f**king Seychellios life plus greedy politicians.Gambling i know some who spent most of their day in Casino today lapo son fes pa pou zot.

  46. Laporte economic planning is based on juggled figures,massaged statistics and irrational exuberance,about overrated and illusory economic development.Sytematic falsification of economic data fraudulent statistics,and creative acconting in economic reports have largely went unchallenged for decades by learned economists.
    Seychelles' economic is at the stranglehold of organized racketeers,regime cronies and their foreign friends.One ha to assume that those in the inner circle of the system(assembly members,etc..)are aware of the massive economic crisis in the country,despite their manifest lack of economic literacy.Laporte how is struggling to persuade his bankers that he has the right economic polciies.but bankers are looking at his plan with increase delusion and cynicism.
    LAporteconomy equals mass poverty and hyperbolic chronic recession.Faure could act,just as he start in his new post as Appointed President in 2015,to_-manage his image,to be his own man,and to brushpaint his personal image nd pretend at least that he is different for the old crooked before him,and put the country's interest before self and cronies.Maybe , Dr Faure should try Prof ,Dr Fanny as minister of finance and send Dr laporte dig holes in the sand,because Dr laporte has proven that it is not enough to hold a degree in economy to be a good economist but also being able to put it into practice in a successful way.Dr laporte has failed us badly,he deserves a few years imprisonment.

  47. Ton Mancham is having a relax holiday in Australia on Rene's mango farm,all free of charge.No roast beef for Gill at state house then,only a (BOURS GRIE)and a Bottle of toddy.We must stop wastage Gill.

  48. Laport Duck playing Santa Claun in hospital?Fooling those Childrens and parents with cheep toys from China.

  49. Instead of sucking seychellois with more taxes to pay pl robber,,laporte should ask pl for accountability of the SR 65 plus missing in government coffrrs as Marc Benstrong report clearly more tax increase wizhout having pl accounted for zhe missing millions robbed by pl local and foreign gang members.

  50. Will drunken chief econozhief lPorte stop quacking as a lame duck and tells us the whereabout of the R65 plus vanished by magic from the peopls coffer?where is FUI,it does notvinvestigate zhose repeated theft taken place each in pl gangster government?when would justice react,if any justice in this country?Where Mancham,who was preaching about democrCy in.mUritius,sucking a gankaroo ass in australia,?where dr prof fake pierre,he is overdosed with his boldhead stuck in the toilet,where is sougoula Ram ,where box caca Gill,enjoying his millionaire salad with marco and st ange,where is pl one party state assenbly on holiday in Dubai,shopping in singapor,and enjoying caviars,.


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