The Tourism Shambles

Seychelles has priced itself out of the global tourism market mainly due to excessive government taxes levied on persons and businesses. Taxes used for shoring up the Social Security and the extravagant pension schemes. Millions of rupees wasted on official government travel, liked going to watch the Bahrain Grand Prix, stupid stuff that has turned Seychelles into one of the most expensive places to spend your vacation.

But that is not all.Air Seychelles was run into the ground then sold to the Arabs after years of bankruptcy and carrying not much more than the Air Seychelles logo painted on its tail. The Arabs now run it like a real airline by hopping from node to node and trying to fill their planes with a rapid dwindling population of tourists and cargo headed for Seychelles.

Outward appearances not withstanding including those tall and glitzy empty buildings, the UAE is still a lopsided one primary raw material economy. It's survival depends on the vagaries on the global oil prices mechanism. But they are not alone. Seychelles is heavily dependent on tourism, an industry of sorts, but one that is subjected to fluctuations in the vacation habits of workers from Europe and North America.

In that sense both the UAE and Seychelles are third world economies, surfing the business cycle. One day it's champagne and caviar and the next its tap water and mouldy bread. The Seychelles tourism business is like selling jogging shoes to quadruple amputees. It is dead in the water.

These idiots sent their own bird to the Dodo extinction department. It was their only chance to even dream of resuscitation their long dead tourist economy. They might want to try drug tourism like those Amsterdam pot cafes where junkies from all over the world gather to shoot up and chase the dragon. The first camel rides will be flattened to the ground. They will have to scrape it off the pavement like an elephant trying to fuck a mouse.

Keep waiting for the empty flights!

Seychelles Reality Today


  1. High taxes especially on tourism industry have become an increasingly trendy pick for the government hopimg to raise additional revenues to cover government Pwnding..But hiking ta,es on car rentals,hotels,and other tourism neccessities brings on slew of problems
    Instead of kicking an industry whilr it is down,state should focus on reining it budget,by elimi.ating subsidized development shcemes.In order to promote tourism as part of a strong state and have a stable budget,it is create a non distorting tax code with low rates and a broad base,coupled with spending refotms.

    Taxes related to tourism should be made uniform while tourism should be declared an export i.dustry.high taxes,, pl ,are discentive to growth of tourism,it is the easiest way to ruin the tourism businesses,it must be re_visited.
    Jeanne D!arc

  2. Bad policies,high taxes on tourism industry and leakage will ruin Seychelles' economy.
    Leakage for instance,alone is a damaging on the economy.For instance,according to international studies,Thaialand estimated that 70 percent of all money spents by tourirsts ended up leaving Thailand(via foreign owed-tour operators,hotels etc...)Estimates to other third countries range from (0 percent in Carribeans and 40 percent in India,and Seychelles lies somewhere in between.That is not ustainable tourism,or economy Pl.

    Cutting taxes on mainly tourism industry will make hoel arrivals and prices etc.. more attractive thus boost arrivals and the economy.
    Of course the tourism industry has been one of any government main source of revenue.But as one of the main pillar of the economy and in a difficult time,it is essential to find the best solution ,the best tax rate that would boost tourism not destroy it.And the most important part ,this tax should be used to invest ,to refund tourism industryE,g for,infracture or helping to sponsor other new tourist facilities like Botanical garden,Museum etc...

    High rate taxes on tourism industry impact competitiveness and and is a desaster towards competitiveness and incomes.

    Moreover,apart from high taxes,tourism is linked to and dependent on certain necessary conditions in order to have growthing attendance tourists: a commode system of transportations,security,quality,prices,etc....

    Statistics show,that countires with reseanable tax scheme on tourism industry have a competitive advantage than countires like Seychelles with high burdensome taxes.Lower rate taxes are associated with lower prices ,and thus will have a higher demands and therefore increase total revenue.

    The tourism taxation requires that tourism policies be consistence with macro-economic policy of economy.An efficient tax sytem will create the opportunities ,changes and favorable conditions for investment,developemnt,jobs and making the economy more competitive.

  3. High taxes specially on tourism industry but also other taxes discourage tourists from choosing Seychelles as the holiday destinations.High taxes on tourism indsutryeans tourists are paying too much form what is being offers,(not locals) while alterantives could come from imposing taxes on Five star hotels for instance,who import fruits,fish from abroad(imported tax)when these goods are available locally,Then you got moneyl eakage by the same foreign owed hotels which ogovernemnt should find ways to make them contribute more due to the amount of money they made and keep abroad ,that out from our economy.You have foreigners who are permanently based in Seychelles and working for foreign company---they could be taxed too(like PAPA Airsey Ceo)-while he representsEtihad based in UAE ,PAPA is based and live in Seychelles he should be contribute in tax on his revenues.In fact all foreigners who are representing a foreign company not licensed,based or operate in Seychelles but have only personals based here ,their permanentlypersonals (exceeding a stay on one year should pay tax locally on their revenues).Instead of high tax on tourism industry,Pl could introduce a CARBON TAX on cars,vehicles,it help fight against pollution,climate cahnge and encourage individuals to buy environmentalriendly cars--the later could benefit from import duty example to encourage the uses of clear and environmental friendly cars.Like businesses Export businesses that MORCO the forger posses -namely exporting fish abroad,such company could be higher tax on their revenues.Those in the public sectorsministers etc. earning over more than Sr10 thousands and above could so be taxed on their monthly fat cat salary.etc..etc..

  4. Seychelles^hospitality industry has rung the alarm bell on one of the mainstays of Seychelles economy, tourism.The concern and anger are increasing for it has been years since most hotels have not seen a 100 percvent occupancy.Crimes,high taxes,bad connectivity,had threathen tourists to go elsewhere.

    The balmes of the slump lies squarely on the shoulder on Pl government and its bad policies.Since,Imf landed on our shores,its dictations such as increasing taxes,interest rates,high VAT hike CRS money leakage,high dependency on Expats,, ,etc... which have direct impact of the tourism industry has help to worsen the tourism industry and with WORLD BANK ARRIVALS ,THINGS WOULD PROBABLY WORSEN.For more foreigners would becoming to benfit from the advantageous premiditatively imposed by World bank dictators which consist of opening the national market to ofriegners at low costs and with a bag full of one-way conditionalities made for foreigne investors in the detriment of local businesses,national economic depednecy,affect sovereignty,and create more independency--a policy of slavery,lost of soveiregnty,Look at Laorte for instance,he is not a finance minister accountable to Seychellois but though holding the title of minister of fiancé he is imposing Imf/WB economic dictations on Seychellois without asking them of their opinions.Laporte is literally the minister based in Seychelles and disguise as Seychelles minsoiter of fniancé at the service of IMF,WB --All his poilcies are those imposed by dictation by IMF and-WB.In other owrds, Seychelles with IMF ,WB is about to loss completely its sovereignty for government is accountable to IMF/WB not to Seychellois.

  5. In the face of world wide criticisms IMF and Wolrd bank modifying their polcies.Real change or window dressing?
    Under the new polcies ,national poverty reduction will be drawn up by governemnts with significant participation of civil society.The aim is that these programmes will be owe by the country rather than an imposition from Wb And IMF,who until now was dictating National polcies of countires on National governemnts who lost their soveiregnty,andaccountability to their people and were abiding by Imf and Wb dictations.

    The unwanted so call CONDITIONALTIES which were dictations on governemnts previously Known as Structural adjustments/reforms would have a new name REDUCTION AND GROWTH FACILITY(PRGF).
    IMF AND WB are changing their polcieis which is an indication that their previous polcies were wrong.

  6. Laporte says,diversifying market will increase arrivals,it could be true,but you get them to our shores without efficience and good connectivity?with a ballon,laporte,or on st ange back.?

  7. I. Carribean tourism regional and annual meeting,l heard ministers from Trinidad,Jamaica,Brit Virgin island and others,talking about diversifying. The tourism market,one thing the all argreed on,is the fact that diversifying can not take place without connectivity.maybe pl think they all wrong.

  8. LOL

    NATION reported that the NDEA is looking for two suspected wanted.
    PL, we are living in a world of technology with GPS/SAT/G4 etc.... and MAHE is HOW BIG?
    Those postmen or mailmen delivering letters know everyone on MAHE.
    How come NDEA can't find those thugs?
    ANSWER. They are PL thugs!

  9. Pl says Seychellois unite against Ebola.NB we donot have Ebola in Seychelles.Why not unite the country first Pl?You unite on things that have no direct importacen to Seychellois.Politcal freedom,seychelles pou Seychellois.Democracy Pl,not ebola.



  12. Pl ,the only existing pirates in Indain Coean(not Somali)still preaching bout praicy in order to pocket money from foreign country though this year priacy attack is ZERO:praicy no longer exist in Seychelles waters ,but in the golf of Eden which belongs to other countires not Seychelles.But pl is still preaching about piracy as if Golf of Eden belongs to Seychelles ,which is a bad publicity for a Tourism destination.

    Where are they those pirates pl preaches about?Pl thugs?Just like Pl preaches about Ebola as if Seychelles has been infested with<Eobla--Pl says Pl and Seychellois are unite against Ebola.Why Unite for democracy,freedom,seychelles pou Seychellois donkeys.than redicules?

  13. Not recession in Europe ,but bad government polcies and lack of connectivitiy crumbling our tourism industry.Why I say that.looking other island states tourism industry we can see that most of them had recovered burcase they taken real and effective steps like opening their air space to more private airlines and encourage good is urgently necessary that Pl thugs come to reality.And as Imf report puts it---lack of export is affecting growth--what do we export Tuna and tourism----Pl continue to make believe Airsey deal with Etihad is good and is boosting tourism when all figures show annual falls.Pl thugs have done deals that now they cannot reverse not to angry Khalfia.They prefer to let the Seychelles industry crumble than change course and stop being slave to UEA.One migh ask how could people let themselves be salve of others? bnecuase they are still primitive,they believe they are inferiror than others ,they donot have poltical,intellectual capacity to rule,they crook ^from birth,it is in their DNA.

  14. Yes french is still struggling and we would less french tourists,spain,greece,are alo sufferung they were never a market for seychelles,German,switzerland,austria,sweden,norway,holland,danemark,at part form Gernan,and,holland all the other countries do not economic problem and are Europe richest countries,pl,why not marketing in this rich European countries especially when talking about diversity,.French is only one country in Europe and not the richest,so telling us there would be less french visitirs as if France is the synonym of Europe when zhere are many rich european countries like Switzerland,sweden,norqay etc where we have virtually no market.i am convincey sweden norway,switzerland would povide more revenues than combini.g chibese,indian,arabs together.Direct flight donkeys.

  15. NDEA if this island was big like Madagascar?DRUG LORD was allready knocking on your doors like in Mexico. A small island like this NDEA can not do their jobs its like we living in the Wild Wild West.At the Air Port same shit drug courier passing throw,like walking in a public park and public have to help them lazy butts.What is them SALARY a month?


  17. There is not too much.Foreigners have nothing to do in the defence forces of a sovereign state,nor in its institutions like justice,Ambassies,and any other soveireng institutions.No soveiregn country in the world not even primitive Afghan allows it, for it is illegal,neo-colonial,it rape our soveiregnty and dignity of our people.Whatever ,Pl justification--Pl want to see Seychelles looks like UAEä--with foreigners af army personals are foreigners and the population is 80 percent foreign ex expats.

  18. The failure by pl cops to find two persons in a village of 4 hundreds people shows the unproffesionalism,incompetency of a communist trained police.Locals see them walking around everyday but not Pl cops.NDEA ask people "if they know where to find them,contac NDEA"Should NDEA be on the search--that leave those big fuel consuming jeeps in the garage and go by foot in bushes and check in evry holes the whereabout of these criminals.Of course they cannot walk,pl pocie do not walk,but dirve big cars ,without then Pl cops refuse to patrol the ay they are lazy.

  19. Seen years they should have start showing faces of those small fish,but in the future we want to see the real criminals faces of the BIG FISH and the real escobar on the island seen years looking for BIG FISH can not catch any big fish that mean the big fish will continue produce and they swimming around PP.

  20. Well,lethal force will make them bend down low,2016.

  21. In Seychelles we have fake politicians and fake cops you name it.and its real problems for our society and to bring change. And in 2015 we will see crimes rise more than this year.

    Make those NDEA officers run from Victoria to Anse Royal no one of them will reach the finish line and Scully will not even make it to starting line.Private Security in Seychelles are better train than our Police force..

  22. The big fish and the maggots will always be scotfree under Jam administration unless we stop giving them ankor cenk. Its ex SFP big mistake under Gill false direction.

  23. Seychelles Coast Guard needs an Advance Offshore Patrol Vessel--carrying a helicopter.Indain produce such type of patrol boat,instead of twenty the same seize patrol boat we should have one that carries a helicopter ,which is long neede in regards to the immense EEZ we have.At Least two drones to reduce air patrol cost or buying more planes,.....

  24. We have fake cops,polticians,chinese products,fake Seychellois,fake ,fake economic figure or fakeconomy,fake stragety,and incompetent government.the latter is due to the fact that the less educated rule us,while intelligent Seychellois are left outside politics,governemnt --they too intelligent for pl ,it is a risks to the one-party state and its Polit Buro appointed solo candidant----force will stop them if Seychellois fail to do it especially now that Pl is taxing them and reducing tax on foreigners.What Pl choose as option it will have it the hard way round.I repeat to those half-brain monkeys once agin ,there would be no forgivenss,pardon me,execuse me etc-- these you must ask now,forcing to come for you in 2016 will mean your elimination like Gaddafi experience.

  25. They can also buy some cheaper Drone that some peoples around EU are playing with like toy in football Studium put on those Naval ship this can fly a few miles and can use less fuel.PP for this also no cash in our coffer to buy one or two.

    IT cost only 5,000 US Dollar one.

  26. You right,for instance,it could be use zo chech on inhabited outter islands,instead of going ashore zodiac which sometime could difficult especially durind winding weather.But i think the force also should be equiped with at least two drones,the any reasons,fuel reducetion,it can llonger is the air,zherefore longer patrol,can be use to shoulder special forces operation both at sea and land,etc.we also need in the near futue a patrol boat zhat can carry a helitopterr,for rescue at sea,patrol,special forces opts,fightinging at sea,etc...

  27. Pl uses all kinds of fabricated lies to justify ite failure to operate direct flight from and to europe,using the recssion argument as scapegoat to justify its lies or myth.
    BALI proves pl lies simply as fabricated lies.According to statistics presented by Mr Nyoman Sumada,a hotel owner and member of bali!s tourisn board,he said“BALI!s tourism industry has not been affected by recessiont hat hit several countries in Europe.Recession did not discourage travelers from the continent(EU) to travel to Bali.Many AIRLINES supporting traveler!s arrival from countries in EUROPE for a vacation to the island to be able to relax.“said Sudama.He continues by giving the figures“The arrival of tourists from UK,the Netherlands and FRANCE ,have increased quite good over up to 15% and in the top countries contributing tourists to Bali,only tourists from RUSSIA slightly reduce in mid~2014“.Mr Sadamu said“The number of tourists from EU to Bali durinf JAN¤JUNE 2014 is 326,663 people or 18,92% of tourists coming from the region,that is as many as1,7million people.FRENCH tourist arrival during JAN~JUNE 2014,equal to 53,815 people,an increase of 15,76%,for the same period in the previous year“

    BALI success shows two inportant arguments..1)that recession is not stoping europeans from traveling and 2),that connectivity is crucial to succeed.

    PL argument is the excuse not to change its failed policy and to support the monopoly of Ethad on this route,pl does care about seychelles interests but that of must be removed on power,we can not let those criminals abuse our insttutions for their crminal activities which consust of killing seychellois and its economy to.please themselves and foreigners
    U will pay in the most brutal manner in 2016,enjoy xmas,u atheists,there one more xmas in 2015,then it will be ur end donkeys.


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