Maxime Ferrari masterminded the coup d’état

Doctor Maxime Ferrari has participated in a video interview with the political programme “Annou Koze Sesel”. The Honorable Flory Larue was the anchorwoman and it was posted on YouTube on Sunday 26th March. The whole country is still talking about what the good doctor had to say. But, a closer analysis of the interview will reveal that Ferrari did his utmost to downplay his role in what took place in Seychelles after the infamous coup d’état until his exit in 1984.  

Whilst Flory tried to get Ferrari to accept that their actions on the 5th of June was treasonous – Maxime Ferrari tried to wriggle out of it by blaming President James Mancham. It stands to reason that if they were not happy in the coalition government - they (SPUP) could have pulled out and let the people know what was going on. Maxime Ferrari spoke of some documents in the Archive in the UK. These documents don’t exist, Maxime was lying to cover his actions of June 5th and what took place subsequently, until he left to go in voluntary exile. Maxime also said that James Pillay was responsible for putting a gun around his waist and that it felt awkward; however, he did keep it on for a whole day. And the pistol that Jean Francois took to school at Seychelles College, who gave it to him? James Pillay?

A source close to former President Rene is now saying that Dr. Maxime Ferrari was the mastermind behind the coup d’état with the full backing of the French Government at the time. The French had wanted to do away with President Mancham, because the charismatic First President of Seychelles was too close to Britain and pro Americans. Ferrari recruited Albert Rene and the others to carry out the dirty deed on the 5th June, 1977, against the innocent people of Seychelles. When Rene had told Ferrari that they needed to wait for Mancham to be out of the country, Ferrari said that Mancham was expendable; meaning that Mancham could be killed. Ferrari also insisted that the coup d’état be directed from his house as the French Ambassador wanted him to oversee the whole operation. Dr. Ferrari confirms in the interview that the whole operation on that night was conducted from his garden at Sans Soucis and that the French Ambassador called him at 8am to congratulate him, on a job well done.

It should be underlined that the French provided Seychelles with its first vessel (TOPAZ) for the Navy after the coup with the most senior officers onboard being all French Nationals to help consolidate power in the hands of Albert and Ferrari. The French provided two experts (namely; Jacques Chevalreau and Michel Bourdeau) in intelligence gathering to assist Albert Rene and Maxime Ferrari with spying on the citizens. Ferrari also got the French to assist with a special advisor to Rene; he was called Jacques Garcin the son of Jean Garcin who was great friends with Ferrari. Jean Garcin assisted in the setting up of the SMB. The little arrangement with Albert Rene was that he would hand over power to Dr. Maxime Ferrari after five years. When Rene wanted to prolong his stay in power, it created the deep mistrust between the two traitors. During the first five years as president – Albert Rene formed close ties with the Americans and the British and didn’t have to rely on France, anymore, to stay in power. Rene subsequently arrested the French officers on Topaz and threw them out of the country along with Jacques and Michel. And Ferrari retired to the South France after his mandate with the UN in Africa came to an end.

Many people are jumping up and down to congratulate Maxime Ferrari for giving the interview, just like the French Ambassador did on the 5th June 1977 – this newspaper is grateful to the Doctor for speaking out. However, we are firmly convinced that he is not telling the whole truth. 



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