National Assembly closes for Aldabra vacation

The National Assembly will be closed for business next week because of a vacation to Aldabra by the honorable members. Many people have called this newspaper to complain about this situation. They are saying that the first thing this National Assembly did was to amend the law to lower the pension age for former ministers and MNAs. They are looking after themselves and their friends first and foremost. This was well before the 13th month salary (bill) was presented for the approval of the National Assembly.

In fact, if it was not for this newspaper the 13th month salary would still be a long way away. It was pressure from The Independent newspaper that forced its enactment late last year. The LDS tried to get the bill delayed with the possibility of a complete retraction. They were under tremendous pressure from their benefactors in the business community. In the end pressure coming from this newspaper and “people’s power” won the day, there was nothing LDS or PL could do to stop the 13th month salary from becoming law. However, the stevedores are still out in the cold despite Jean Francois Ferrari’s many promises to look into their plight. When it comes to the stevedores it seems that JFF’s tongue is stuck up the backside of the Speaker. We will keep reminding him of the promise he has made to fight for a better deal for the “down and trodden” (pil lo zot) upon stevedores.

The vacation to Aldabra by the MNAs is a deplorable situation it shows the true colors of the so-called people’s representatives – at a time when many Seychellois families are struggling to put food on the table, the people they elected to find a solution for their hardship decides to go on a luxurious vacation.  



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