National Assembly in Disarray

It is a known fact that when you have an un-elected official as the head of elected members you are heading for trouble.  This is exactly the problem with a “Cohabitation through Collusion” National Assembly led by a person trying to hide his ownership of a bullet-proof BMW.  Will such a person be able to make a public declaration of assets?

We all expect to see the ‘plastik’ manhood carrier duck, dive, bobbing and weaving his way out of the fiasco of his own making – the attempt to please two masters at the same time!  Whilst trying to present a semblance of fighting for democracy in Seychelles, he is busy trying to keep democracy on a tight leash in the National Assembly.

The strategy is a short-term one as the constituents from various districts are beginning to realise that their dreams of the better and brighter future are being pegged on the ambitions of a single man.

A case in point is the current attempt for victimisation resolution. Discussions on the issue held in the National Assembly, apart from the initial live SBC broadcast or internet, are not available for public scrutiny on the National Assembly website. The deadline of 31st March, 2017 will be long past when the details are actually available for public scrutiny.

Currently available verbatim are at a three month backlog. This means that it will be July or August 2017 when the verbatim for March 2017 proceedings will be available.  Any questions arising about the issues raised will therefore only be academic.  The ensuing public discourse will therefore not be in the spirit of promoting fairness and democracy in the Seychelles.

In turn, this raises another issue of victimisation with respect to people who do not have access to diurnal televised Assembly proceedings.  Where do these people go to seek redress?  Will it be to the Reds or the Greens?  Who is responsible to ensure that the National Assembly acts within the framework of its proceedings – this situation is one where the National Assembly is acting as prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner – with no recourse on dissatisfaction?

In such circumstances the only reasonable outcome is that the National Assembly will be making decisions on the run.  It is a reflection of the National Assembly in disarray.  Further array is predicted given the inkling for those with mandates abusing the same for personal and undemocratic purposes.



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