3 million US dollars for Assomption Island military base

This newspaper has received credible information that 3 million US dollars has been paid into a bank account in Mauritius for distribution to those closely involved in the Assomption Island deal. We are in the process of establishing who are these people who have received or are about to receive their cut in the “slush fund”; this is money that has been put aside to be used to bribe or influence, especially in a political context. In the same vein there is a multi-millionaire in Luton in the United Kingdom who is now acting as a go-between to receive political money for local politicians in the opposition – it is not known if he is connected with this transaction in Mauritius.

It is clear that all the people at the centre of this scam with India against the Seychellois are those closely involved in the negotiations to provide India with the said military facilities on Assomption Island.

It is believed that India is prepared to spend 500 to 550 million dollars to construct an international size airstrip and naval facilities to accommodate 3,000 tons vessels on Assomption Island. The leaked plans reveal the construction of housing facilities for several thousand people. It is clear that these facilities are far above what is required to monitor and address the current problems in and around the Aldabra Group of islands.  

The Indian Government has its own agenda and it has got nothing to do with Seychelles or helping us in a big way. They are more concern with the growing influence of China in the region and the distribution of energy around the globe. They want to use the proposed naval and air military installation on Assomption Island to spy on the Chinese and this is not in the best interests of Seychelles. It will place Seychelles in the middle of a conflict between two nuclear powers, which will eventually bring more problems for us than we can address.

India is prepared to break the bank to get what they want from the politicians in Government and in the National Assembly - even if it means placing the whole country and the entire population in Seychelles at risk. Seychelles is not for sale!  



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