His hanky panky should not be tolerated

The whole of Seychelles was last week shocked to hear of the dishonorable act of Honorable Clifford Andre, MNA for the Anse Aux Pins constituency. It was found that he had acted improperly by the Chief Justice, Mathilda Twomey, of fleecing a lady of over SCR300,000. The money was taken from Andre’s client account. The Chief Justice further ordered that Clifford Andre appears before a tribunal of three Supreme Court judges to determine whether he should be disrobed or not.  In a move that could eventually see Clifford Andre land in hot water, the Chief Justice also referred his case to the Attorney General for criminal prosecution.

The following day, a subdued Clifford Andre pitched up on the national media to question the integrity of the Chief Justice and the whole judicial process. This came as a shock to all and sundry since it has no precedence in the history of this country.

In a very lame attempt to conduct a trial by the press, an arrogant Clifford Andre accused the Chief Justice of incompetence and unfairness. Most political pundits agree that Clifford Andre should not have taken that step but instead should have resigned as a member of parliament whilst he clears his name in the Court of Appeal. Clifford Andre has done himself a lot of damages and it is no surprise that his bid to become Deputy Speaker this week, ended in failure. Indeed, it would have been a national embarrassment to have this crook in such a prestigious position.

We appeal to the new Speaker, Honorable Nicholas Prea, to set up an ethics committee to determine whether Clifford Andre is fit to continue to be an Honorable Member of Parliament. We are of the view that Clifford Andre should be suspended whilst the investigation is ongoing. Such an indecent and immoral act by an Honorable Member, cannot be allowed to go unpunished and will send the wrong message to our population, especially our youth, that it is ok to con and swindle fellow citizens. It is to be noted that Clifford Andre was the de facto chairperson of the Anti-Victimisation Committee, an unconstitutional quasi-judicial body, set up to punish and humiliate opponents of his political party, the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa.

Many find it strange, that Clifford Andre never gave that poor lady the opportunity to present her case in front of that committee. Whilst the people eagerly awaits what next, we pray that the Leader of the Opposition, in the National Assembly, Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan, who heralds from the same party as Clifford Andre, would  do the utmost within his powers to ensure that Clifford Andre is sacked from Parliament.



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