Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… But is it really?

                          Namaste, Acha to all who are helping defend Assomption Island.

The mother of all election has come and gone with no surprises. The grand green / red coalition, the mother of political coalitions saw reality with less than 50% of the electorate going to vote. The three hundred odd votes LDS lost from the 2016 elections is a sign of dissatisfaction of their work in the National Assembly and of all the empty promises.  We voted to make it OUR ASSEMBLY, but we got THEIR ASSEMBLY. We got increases in cost of food, increases in cost of fuel, increases in electricity, increase in pension age, increase on increase in everything with the Assembly we elected when they could have thrown these proposals into the bin, but our elected MNAs in THEIR ASSEMBLY got increases in salary with more payments for Committee and more Committees, they also got pension age reduced to 55 years old just to rub salt in our wounds. The Executive along with the Assembly members got everything but shit for the people…. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Congratulations to Ralph Volcere and Louis Loizeau for your courage to fight this grand coalition at the Anse Boileau election. You both said the odds are against you, but wanted to give an option to the Seychellois voters. The results show the coalition candidate got far less than 50% of the voters. He has no real mandate from the people. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

MNA Ferrari was at it again at Anse Boileau. Controlling himself may open the door for greater office as the population is getting tired of Payeye. But he needs to be an MNA by acting with respect as expected from MNAs. After the Naiken incident, we saw on social media another argument with Ralph Volcere.  This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Assomption Island will go even if the people say no. Today 8 out of 10 Seychellois are against this Assomption deal and Barry Faure says NO to a referendum. The least Ramkalawan, our Payeye can do is to call for a referendum, but will he?  Faure is Cuba trained and referendums are not part of the old Cuba, but this is Seychelles, let the people have their say. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Nicholas Prea saw we stood for him, but the odds are against him it seems. Different train of thoughts is being raised. Ideas suggesting a more senior person, a lawyer are being mooted. We stand for the Deputy Speaker in this case.  This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Interference in legal proceedings…. Who can do so? Can the law enforcement agency withhold a file with regards to a lawyer forwarded for prosecution? If it was a Seychellois who had no connection to Payeye would that person be in court already? Let us be serious and leave politics out of the legal field. Is that corruption and does it need to go to Transparency International?  Can he still hold official office as legal representation? This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Antoine Hoareau was right on who Payeye really is. The incident at Eden Island is just another one where our big headed (no pun intended) Payeye feels he is the SUPREMO and can belittle others. We say give Antoine Hoareau a Seychelles Medal of Honour for his composed style that humiliated Payeye for all to see. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

MNA Florry Larue said on Social Media that Assomption Island is barren. Please leave our barren island alone. She saw what she wanted and was blind to what makes Seychelles what we like. The beach is amazing and under the sea a Ted Charles posted on her post to state that “the dive on Assomption is so nice. Coral is alive” to which others commented “Even if we ignore the land, we talk of our blue gold. What riches the sea holds for us? I get the feeling they want to kill the goose that is laying the golden egg for us”. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Congratulations to Madame Alexia Amesbury. You did us proud as you opposed the Assomption Island deal at Barry Faure’s meeting. I was proud as one who voted for you. You are so more the leader we need in place of Payeye. Please take over LDS and make the national Assembly OUR Assembly. We are doomed with the style of operation in place. No one cares for the people. They have now become too big and the little people do not matter anymore. Tea at State House impressed them too much when they get to this building. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Karunakaren is still being paid by Seychelles taxpayers. Danny Faure says nothing and Payeye
will not say anything. Please appoint him Governor of Assomption and let India cover his salary. Please free us of this burden. We are suffering from what he is costing our small country. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

Now that Chrystol Chetty has his European funded office for Transparency International please look at what was paid for Assomption under the table to push the deal. Look at the 500 thousand paid by the La Misere old lady to have her land issue raised. Please look at the redundancy of 170 staff at a hotel and why no one in the Opposition is saying anything. Please look at the five passports case issued to Tunisians when the Opposition had been screaming no passports will ever be sold. Look at all those deals paid under the table to a person now so rich he spits on ordinary Seychellois. This is what some are saying is OK, but is it?

This is all for today. I say thank you to Chou for helping our Pretty K rise to fame and fortune. Our family will always defend you and your old mother. Marry her when you can, this would be nice. We like your signature so much. So 1231 Anse Boileau residents said on Sunday when they voted LDS that all is OK. They are better off than us Seychellois and must all be receiving salaries that ensure they do not feel the cost of food, electricity, fuel etc as we do. Some are more equal than others….. Lucky for them. Blondy now you. This is my last warning. Chou will be taking a BIG Office soon and does not need your persisting temptation. He succumbs because he is weak, but he is taken. Two is OK and three will be a crowd. Do you understand? Seychelles is seeing a breakdown in its multiracial composition of its people. This started when Payeye went to India and they strangled him in flower garlands and he made statements that upset Seychellois and he sparked a division that will take years to return to normality. Assomption must stay with us and our Coast Guard. Let the Indian Navy stay in India. Today the word Malbar is again being used after years of respect for all who are Seychellois. Shame on Payeye. Shame on you.

This is all for today, Bye and thank you for your feedback, I agree that we need real change not the change we got at the last elections.

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