Seychelles President Calls His People Hypocrites‏

Recently on the heels of National Day June 18th, 2013, the President of Seychelles, Mr. James Alix Michel, called Seychellois HYPOCRITES in direct reference to two issues: 1. “Petition To Stop Grand Policy Bay Proposed Hotel Project for Sheikh Khalifa Al Nayan Bin Zayed” a close Friend of Mr. Michel- for environmental reasons ( the location is a ZONE 1 designated Highly Sensitive Environmental Area); 2. “The Call To Stop selling Seychelles by Mr. Michel To His Close Autocrat Friends in the UAE” and additional hotel projects when Tourism occupancy lingers at 50% nationwide, and infrastructure is collapsing on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

June 5th Liberation Celebrations Then June 18th Unity Celebrations
Every June 5th, the PL costume up in red shirts, and adorn roses and wreaths use public funds, public servants, to decorate and adorn the procession to Zom Lib where they pay homage to a rusting bucket of metal shaped like a man with chains around his risks. No other event or monument, divides the Seychelles in half more than Zom Lib and June 5th.

PL calls it Liberation. From who? From Mr. James Richard Marie Mancham. Yet, Mr. Mancham works for James Michel today as a Defacto Ambassador At Large. On Mr. Michel’s behalf, Mr. Mancham has travelled to Egypt, Ghana, Congo, South Africa, and recently met Prince Allaweed Bin Al Talal of Saudi Arabia, a private investor who owns Raffles Praslin.
Zom Lib was built by Wavel Ramkalawan’s Father. He claims his father was forced to build it, the SPPF and PL say, he did it out of love of the system that ushered in June 5th.

Two weeks after June 5th ceremonies, the PL  parade about on June 18th, calling for National Unity and caring, sharing, for a better Seychelles. They even make a call for National Reconciliation, only to insult you next year with more wreaths and roses at the foot of Zom Lib. 

For June 18th,they send out invitation cards for people to attend these parades every year. 
If Mr. James Michel is serious about National Reconciliation and Unity in Seychelles, the first thing he must do is deal with June 5th.   This means removing this One Party State symbol from the public arena. Perhaps you can replace it with a statute of “ Peace  “.

Mr. Michel, if you are not a HYPOCRITE, why do you celebrate June 5th on Public finances, and then celebrate June 18th two weeks later on the same finances?
You have reconciled with Mr. Mancham, the man you over threw on June 5th and you call it LIBERATION. Today, Mr. Mancham, for good or for bad, works for you. Why do you still need June 5th around to celebrate if Mr. Mancham works for you? This is being highly hypocritical. Do you not think that it is time to reconcile all this double talk? 

Madam ZUMA Gets Cut Off By SBC On Mandela’s Wise Words
African Union Chairperson Madam Zuma recently paid a visit to Seychelles. In an interview with SBC, she said that Nelson Mandela lectured his new government after Apartheid ended, that, “if we believe we fought a Just war to end Apartheid, we must act with Justice after Apartheid if we are to justify our war efforts against an unjust system.”
This interview was quickly cut off and Madam Zuma could not finish her communication to the People of Seychelles.

Mr. Michel If June 5th Was A “Just” Coup, Why Do You Use It To Divide Our People?
I must congratulate Mr. Michel on a fine decision to employ Mr. Mancham as Ambassador at Large. It is the “Just” thing to do. I also salute Mr. Michel for paying the huge pensions to the opposition, financing one opposition party to get one member in Parliament, and hiring Alain St. Ange, Lise Bastienne, Joel Morgan, and others that form his government, but came from the parties that opposed June 5th and the Coup of June 5th. It is wise and “Just”. 

But it is wiser yet, Mr. Michel, to also remove June 5th from your official calendar. Why? Because to keep it there at this point in time, in our history, especially after your own attack on your opponents, this week, only shows that you Mr. Michel, are the biggest HYPOCRITE in this country.

No Greater Division Then June 5th!
There is no greater division in Seychelles, then June 5th, Mr. Michel. There is no other item on the agenda, that causes Seychellois to divide along family lines, cause of disruption in the class room, loss of social cohesion, theft, immorality, lack of work ethic, lack of discipline then……June 5th.
Remove June 5th, from the calendar, Mr. Michel, it will earn you more respect than any Honorary Degree could in your own country. If Mancham had such a bad system Mr. Michel, why do you not act justly today, and end June 5th, an unjust holiday? By keeping June 5th, you are no better today, than Mr. Mancham was in 1977. Ironically, it is you Mr. Jimmy Michel, that is selling Seychelles patrimony today, not James Mancham. You sell Seychelles, to autocrats under the guise of bringing in foreign investments. Why is all the investments from UAE, only? Do you think it is smart to have one or two investors only in Seychelles? Does that make us better off or closer to NAPA land again?

The Environmental Petition On Police Bay
In the beginning of his interview with SBC, Mr. Michel said that newspapers, opinions, blogs, internet activism is part of the democratic process and he conceded that he respects this.

When faced with some tough questions on the Environmental Petition that has over 2,500 signatures and threatening 5,000 soon, Mr. Michel called the people signing this petition and the promoters: HYPOCRITES outright.  Now why would Mr. Michel call these people HYPOCRITES if they were exercising their democratic rights to PETITION, which is even more fundamental then the right to VOTE?
Unfortunately, Mr. Michel, the flip side of a Petition drive is this: “a leader selling his country and people”. Mr. Michel, that would be…. No…one…..but………

Stop Selling Seychelles To Autocrat Despots
Mr. Michel also said at the beginning of his interview with SBC that internet blogs and writings, because he has not yet arrested the writers, is proof that Seychelles is democratic.
Towards the end of the interview, when his legs looked like jello in pants, he said those who say he is selling Seychelles to Arabs ( his words not mine), are HYPOCRITES.

Why is Mr. Michel classifying investors in Seychelles as ARABS? Is this not racist Mr. Michel? Are you now Racist Mr. Michel? Do you think everyone with a gown on his head is a ARAB? This only shows you are under the pressure cooker of “Seychelles Reality Today” man.
Our argument for years now, has not been that Mr. Michel is selling Seychelles to “ARABS.”  It has been “Mr. Michel is Selling Seychelles!”
Mr. Michel sells Seychelles to every foreigner willing to buy. As he says: “ A US Dollar whether it is an American or a Arab handing it to you, is still a US Dollar”.
This Mr. Michel, is the logic of a whore, prostitute and street walker. Mr. Mancham once told me the same thing.

Who was your business management professor when you got that Honorary Degree?
People of Seychelles, by his own admission, draw into his brain, on SBC, Mr. Michel has revealed that not only is he very dangerous for Seychelles, he is very dangerous to our People. With a seller President like him, we will have nothing left after he is gone. The time to unite, to oppose this autocrat despot is now.

Dr. Rolf Payet Says Our Patrimony and Heritage Is Immovable
In the National Assembly last week, answering meek questions on the circulating Environmental Petition on Grand Police Bay, a Zone 1 Area, Dr. Rolf sent us Mr. Michel’s message: “100% of Seychelles Patrimony and Heritage is not being moved from Seychelles when PL sells land to Khalifa and others”.

Dr. Rolf and Dr. Michel both hold doctorate degrees these days. So do I.  My degree is in Law, not Coastal Erosion or “The Art of Bullshit in Small Island States”.

Doctors, of Coastal Erosion and the latter degree, when we refer to selling of our patrimony and our national heritage, we are not referring to taking Seychelles land/dirt placing it in jars, then moving it to Abu Dhabi, where the No. 1 AUTOCRAT ruler investor in Seychelles resides.
We are referring to the following concerns: 1. destroying of our Environment permanently; 2. Fencing out of coastal access preventing Seychellois from accessing beaches, coastal way, where we go to take time to clear our minds for generations; 3. Denying Seychellois to develop their country themselves since your pro autocrat business practice is essentially a anti Seychellois business stance, in Seychelles.

Now Dr. Michel, who is the HYPOCRITE.
Yes, and…who is the PARASITE feeding off our Patrimony and Heritage?

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Written by Christopher Gill, Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.


  1. End June 5th, let this country move on.
    Good Article Mr. Gill.

  2. Unique by a thousands miles.Seychelles is the onoly country in the world that celebrate in the same year two indepednce day.One fake and one real.That the Butcher got the guts to call Seychellois hypocrites lies in the fact that greedy CHEATERS to his likes want you to be loyal while they being unfaithful.

    As the saying goes on"great atheist are great hypocrites.

    Now who is the real hypocrite Seychellois or atheist Michel the Butcher?
    Hypocrite is one who conceals his true self and decieves people by his pretentions.He puts a false appearance to hide his real motives,a tiger in a wolf skin.Wickedness and dissimualtions are practice as trade by him for hiss attainment.He give us a black-marketed make a profuse exhibition of his honesty,an adulterator claims purity,the scroundel takes refuse under the cloak of patriotism,a murderer poses as harmless creature

    A real hypocrite to the likes of Michel the butcher is an opportunist who can not afford the luxury of a moral conscience.He lives in an air of self-deception and change color like a cameleon according to the situation and circumstances.
    Behind the mask of innocent he harbored a heart of a devil,he has not respect for a map's life and property.he is an anti -social eleemnt and a great menace ft othe well-being of virtuos epole.

    Hypocrit is a smiling villian's.Indeed,appereances are decpetive and the hypocrites the smiling Villians.As Shaespears Hamlet said"A man may smile yet be villian"and that is confirmed on a daily basis in Seychelles by Pp thugs Meriton,Faure and others.

    In a word hypocrite is someone who views another person as a bigger sinner than themselves.May be the Butcher is trying to tell us CoupeD'etat was a sin and crime but your refusal of allowing Khalifa to be your King and country an Islamic state is a bigger sin.

    Give us a break Dog!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Demo--power,cracy equal people a simply definition of DEMOCRACY that The Butcher could never grasp as an indoctrinated Communist fool.He also thinks when he holds fake multi-party elections that is Democracy too.He beleive wHEN THE JUDICAIRY and Assembly is ddicted by the ruling party that is democracy.He has convinced himself that National Media monopolize by the ruling party is democracy.What for a fool!Democracy Pp, the governemnt of the people, by the people , and for the people.It is not dictatorship for the dear leader.friends and stooges.

    Degage connard¨

    jeanne DÂrc

  4. You missed one point Chris about his hypocrisy. He tells us to make sacrifice and yet he steals our money and hides it in offshore account. How dare he to call us a Hypocrite.

  5. He is calling Albert and Sarah Rene's daughter a hypocrite too. She also signed the petition.

  6. Next Faure and then Meriton,non non Michel pa pou kom sa!you have plan to stay untill 2020 or beyond?non non may be Faure for a littel while,you and Far want to avoid justice for killing and stealing.

    Michel soon we will find your offshore account and those money will be back one day were it belong.
    We all know that you want this two musketer to follow your devil phylosohy to save the ass of Far and yours.

  7. When you celebrate June 5th you are rubbing salt in the wounds of the following families: Morgan, Desnousse, Houareau, Chang Him, Ah Tim, Hassanali, and many more Seychellois who had to settle overseas during the one party state. It all started on 5th June 1977. If you were genuine & sincere you would scrap this metal idol and not celebrate that day. It is not too late for you to scrap it from 2014. Be a man and just do it for the sake of ALL SESELWA


  8. What do you expect from James Michel beside disappointment? For as long as fools breed and breath on our shores James Michel will continue his stealing and killing spree. FUCKING WAKE UP AND VOTE THIS ASS HOLE OUT!

  9. Congratulations to Ella Rene for signing the Petition.

  10. Who gives a damn about Rene these days; their you go not even Michel so why would he give any shit about the people. All Michel want is your vote so he can stuff you all some more. Don't be a blind dick be a smart pussy! voila!

  11. Faure dont forget you were minister of finance when Seychelles went bankrupt and lost trillion.


  12. No one give a damn about Far,do you like to see him get way with crimes he committe in the past?even Nazi who committe crimes in the past are now facing justice me want to this man to answer question and face those family who lost their love one this is my point.

  13. Seychellois must be said, do not celebrate 5th June as you could see when Faure was putting wreath at the foot of Zon lib,the camera was fixed on FAURE because there was only a handful of ilks present who have no choice than depending on PP to make a living.They were not there by conviction or ideology but just to pocket their monthly salary to feed their kids.

    That 5th June is made a Public holiday might give you the ipression Seychellois like 5 th infamy.Not at all it is a time of muorning rather.

    Moreover,5th June should not be a public Holiday.We have enough public holidays w do need another fake one that is bad for the economy ofr it is one day more without production thus a lost in millions of revenues for our economy.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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