For years now, under James Michel, we have witnessed a slopped economic playing field, that is tipped heavily in favor of James Michel's close friends like Sheikh Khalifa Bin Al Zayed Al Nayan, the ruler of the UAE directly against other players like Qatar, Emirates, Dubai groups and even his own people the SESELWA RASIN.
President James A. Michel
Such gross favoritism in the market place creates insecurity for investors and encourages Seselwa Rasin investors to look for investments overseas, where they know they are more likely to be treated with an even and fair hand, more so, then in Seychelles James Michel's world. It is really Another World, and nothing can describe it better than that. That discouragement results in capital flight to Mauritius, Australia, even USA where many PL loyalists now have villas. All and all, it means capital outward flight from Seychelles. Mukesh sends money to Florida; Adam banks in California, Cyprus, Mauritius; Rajiv banks $20 Million cash in penthhouse in Singapore, others bank money in India, Bangalore and build towns. Add it up Mr Michel and you will know what does not work in Seychelles and why.

After commencing operations in 2004, when Seychelles was desperate for additional carrier following the blow out of Air France and the departure of British Airways, Qatar Airways saved the day, started three Flights a week to Seychelles from dismal, pathetic, DOHA International Airport then.
We all relished the additional flights and the seats remained full because Qatar offered fine rates and decent food on board. No one cared if they did not over in Doha. It is a pathetic place and people generally unfriendly. They really need to plant some trees and orchids there with all that money from natural gas reserve and rent from the largest US military base in the world outside of the USA.
When Air Seychelles was going bankrupt last year, Qatar Airways popped an offer on the table to take over part interest in Air Seychelles, code share and get the line moving again in the right direction. This deal was near closure, and was shut down, along with the promise in year 2000 to the Qatari Royal Family, of a few hundred acres of land to build a hotel, which the Michel Administration never delivered since the land never belong to the Government of Seychelles legally. Shameful indeed that Michel Administration could not do a title search prior to promising a land deed.
When you deal with autocrats Mr Michel, you either give them what they want or they will pull out on a sneeze.
I have warned you about banking Seychelles economic future on autucrats before. Now you pay the price for ignoring my appeal. But we are not finished. We have just began on the issue of Mr Michel encouraging autocrats to invest in Seychelles to our own economic peril. Since Michel took State House in 2004 , salaries have gone up by 3% and inflation has compounded to 58%. That is not success Mr Michel. This is a recipe for failure, Sir.

In a meeting aired on SBC with Seychelles ministers present, which included Minister Alain St Ange (Tourism), Minister Christian Lionnet (Land and planning), Minister Joel Morgan (Internal Affairs and Transportation), Minister- His Right and Excellent Mr Pierre Laport (Minister of Finance), Chief Executive Director of Emirates His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum replied when he was told his hotel project at Cap Ternay would be scaled down from 486 rooms to 180 rooms at a curbed investment of not less tha $300 million: "we have not build a hotel yet, we are not in the hotel business, we are an airline with movable assets......we can leave if the people do not want us here".
Well said you Excellency. You should stick to the airline business. Hotels in Seychelles lose money and are no longer functional with lack of infrastructure, nationwide.
Currently the Emirates Group Airlines runs 2 flights daily from Dubai. Seychellois love shopping in Dubai. We forget we are in a dessert there. The people are nice to us, unlike Doha and Abu Dhabi. We do not know why, but such is life, we prefer Dubai any day over Doha and Abu Dhabi. Emirates Chief should consider taking the $200 million he wants to put in a hotel on the edge of Mahe and invest in additional plane routes from Dubai to seal the market of what Emirates does best.
Diversification comes with a price at times: FAILURE.
I will tell you why, your hotel will never work in Seychelles, and it will be Your Excellency's Mea Culpa as a highly respected and great international level Chief CEO of the World's fastest growing airline company..........later.
Once again, in the case of Emirates, Mr Michel banked government land on an autocrat investor, and we have the threats rolling in of a "pull out Emirates Airlines", on the national table.
Fine, we have been there before, and we survived just fine as one Boss at SCAA said. Well said.

Mr Michel, stand up for Seychelles; stand up for the Environment, stand up for Cap Trnay Reserve: "tell Emirates to put their money where their mouth is: leave." We will find another airline next year to fill in the blank slots, right?
We have to be brave and face the challenges of the new age, as you said recently when you joined Etihad and Joel Morgan in a buffet over Air Seychelles assets, flight routes, and staff redundancies which suicide "Flying the Creole Spirit".
Show H.E. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum that pirate free spirit found in that fake "La Buse" painting done by that leaf drawer Italian artist from Malta that does free work for you, so you do not have to commission SESELWA RASIN artist to do State House works that sre intricately tied to our National Heritage.

Last week Prince Talal Alaweed of Savvy and sharp businessman educated at Menlo College in Silicone Valley who is Saudi (Father) and Lebanese (Mother), politely turned up in Seychelles in his 747 private jet to open an executive housing development in Praslin ($137 million) under the Fairmont and Raffles brand (his brands earned the hard way). This investment comes on the heel of a $450 million investment in Raffles Hotel- Praslin. It is noteworthy that this single hotel has been named Indian Ocean Hotel of the Year for Two years running.
Not a single PL official turned up for this opening. I was, truly amazed.
In total Prince Talal who owns a significant interest in Citi Bank, just invested $300 million in Twitter has invested $650 million in Praslin. PL: $650 nillion in Praslin, remember Praslin?
Is James Michel and the PL clan telling us that investments in Seychelles will be recognized by his government only if they are Sheikh Khalifa Bin Nayan Al Zayed investments and no ther investors, no matter how much they invest?
Only last month the Minister of Employment trekked to Raffles to unfairly reprimand them on employment issues, that the entire country was facing. If we have no workers locally you blame Raffles, when you should be blaming yourselves PL? Is this blame game suppose to seriously increase bona fide FDI in Seychelles such as Raffles? 

After all, Mr Michel has doled out a handsome piece of frontage to Sheikh Khalifa to house his workers and equipment, right next to our international airport, where we could be expanding the same to keep up with Mauritius mega expansion in the region worth $400 million.
Is it not Mr Michel that handed deeds of SCR 1.0 to Sheikh Khalifa? Is it not Mr Michel that gave $450 million in tax free credits to build his house at La Misere? Now Grand Police Bay for how much Mr Michel?
This June 5th, has everyone forgotten about the terror of the Delo Kaka era, that made its way to Wall Street Journal, only to be silenced by Mr Michel as he rolled over Bernard Georges, his De Facto attorney in a meeting with the victims at State House?
Is this not the same Sheikh Khalifa who wants to turn a Zone "A" enviromental area at Grand Police Bay into a marina and luxury huts project?
This project is defended by Dr. Rolf Payet, a now an apparent rouge environmentalist, who did his doctorate on Coastal Erosion. This project will destroy marsh, orchid, birds, turtles, fish, fuana and we call on the international environmentalists to help us take a stand to stop the abuse of our Patrimony and National Heritage by Sheikh Khalifa, who is hell bent on expanding his UAE empire to the Seychelles Archipelago.
We Seychellois are not for sale, right Mr Michel? We Seychellois are not for sale, right "Dr." Payet? We Seychellois must face our realities and be strong to deal with them like the rest of Africa, right Mr Michel (sorry Miss Sarjanna Jenosovec).

It is the pampering of autocrats like Sheikh Khalifa which will make us 100% dependent on him and kill off all other bona fide FDI-PL. You are enslaving yourselves and Seychelles and you strategy of milking only Khalifa, will make us all more poor. What you need is serious investment plan that is even handed for all Seychellois and all non Seychellois. Stop playing the "kiss the autocrat game" to garner investments. When you do this, you hurt Seychellois bottom line.

Banking on autocrats rulers is a dead end PL. The moment these autocrats sense they are not wanted, they pull out. Then you are left with nothing but broken pieces of a decade of fruitless effort.
Sheikh Al Maktoum showed you this on SBC and warned you of how he will react if he does not get what he wants. He is autocratic in mindset and is about to pull the plug on you.
Qatar Group has showed you this and they even gave you a September deadline to stop breathing, because they did not get what they want, irrespective of the single issue of weather or not they are entitled to what they want fairly.
Sheikh Khalifa will do the same PL. When he does, it will be very painful for you PL and very painful for Seychelles.
End the misery while you are not in too much pain.
Rebuild Seychelles with solid traditional partners, whose business culture is built on solid respect for human rights, democratic process, and respect for all citizens of Seychelles; yes PL, you must do the same.
Acting like an autocrat, sideline all Seychellois in the investment equation. This will only hurt Seychelles and her people. Wake up PL your FDI experiment with autocrats is about to expire.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!

Written by Christopher Gill, Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.



  1. Dear Mr Christopher Gill,

    Your analysis and evaluation of the current situation in reasonably objective - Particularly dealing with Autocratic entities, multinationals whatever nationalities. These are issues when researching about a first Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Center in 1978 on ward we came across time and time again, the respective views and comments of senior UNIDO executives - beside then COMECON, then Warsaw Pact then USSR.

    We have addressed the issues of those who made big fortunes in $ trillions and Billions on the back of that Liberation changes of the COMECON economic system - be they USA, British, German French, Italian or Arabs and Russian - After those who had been stupid daft to liberate the Communist system - those that move to take control of the economy and exert their influences.

    What you as a young politicians from the South and Developing nation need to be clear and focus this terrible practice is deep rooted and the very Nation that preach democracy are the one who are the biggest abuser. Take the time to research properly the setting of of the EU and International Terrorist Legislation - what the issues were all about to stop the greater European public from talking and protesting about the mega abuse and working of their governments and politicians - that Legislation was meant shut them up. Do you recall the utter evil and criminal way the big bankers were working until 2008 - something totally awful had to happen to stop them those who know and have the capacity to work such discipline and mechanism .

    Leading up to this situation the many years those individuals like my person who have mad important input in mega global economic and development issues and Banking.

    We have been involved with Airbus since 1987, the many political process and strategy - the very big finance, the acquisitions and mergers, the Military and scientific side. Having work for so long that EU and International Terrorist legislation was designed and meant to shut somebody like our person for good in the name of National and international Security.

    We have been equally involved with Boeing and both entities developing strategic corporate plans - airline and engine development. In the case of Airbus the President Mitterrand era and his European Heads of State Associates - Policy and big politic. The greater corporate strategy of be it Airbus -EADS and Boeing and others.
    Until 2008 we can make a list of many complex international Airline take overs and mergers - when President FA Rene was in Office I/we shared a great deal of such/those information with his Office and in turn how he used it be it for the natin or his Associates.

    Try and study the Gulf Region Airline development until 2008 - Airbus and Boeing have to make air planes and we have been involved taken part and contributed - particularly the child project of Air bus - we are not supposed/meant to make all the details public. Those who work on such project the make projection of which countries and Arline will be able to afford, the banking and financial background and very many other complexes issues, political strategy and partnership.

    As a person who was importantly involved in the core development of the future EU enlargement economy and the COMECON change as such had to work on issues of what would take place after the COMECON and USSR changes, the Arab world and Gulf Region these were not accident an progressive issues they were planned and formulated in advance.

    The economic boom which followed the COMECON change and the need for Oil and energy fuel gave the Arabs the means to acquire their important wealth base - we have also been involved and work on these issues importantly for the past 30 years.

    They began to acquire stake in USA and European entities aggressively - part of the Middle East conflict and Indian Ocean is to manage the Gulf region appetite for aggressive acquisition of very big stake in European, USA economic and financial entities.

    to continue ......


  3. Congratulations sir on a fine intelligent article that highlights our real situation in Seychelles. There are many rumors around and I thought you stop writing and lost interest in our Seychelles . Your article shows me you love our country and our people and you are a sincere frank person. As a lawyer I follow the courts and note the numerous huge victories you clock this year. Any one who messes with you is in for a big lesson. Keep up the great work.

  4. Keep it up Gill. You are our only hope.

  5. Fine article. My 15 year old could do better

  6. This not to stir mud on the even of the 5th June 2013

    We will post the Facebook link of the Opposition Leader SNM/MPR Mr Gerrard Hoareau speech and the Family who has looked after the archive of the exile/Opposition so long - we thank them.

    We talked a lot about changing Sechelles Seychelles and the kind of Development, Economy that would be put into place - the people need to be fed given work and fed - our views because of our close association with then Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman and Prof von Hayak - those from the exile factions who did not know that personalities labelled us as Nazi - Today EU working French and Italy situation - from this we were on the short list for execution.

    This said our rapport with then Minister David Joubert and we advocated the same Economic methodology at least he respected our views.

    We shard some the issues with three time Presidential Candidate Mr Philippe Boulle - he judge we had to come down to earth.

    The above three examples mentioned with regards to Seychelles economic workings - those from the USA, Britain and the Commonwealth who strongly opposed that we return to Seychelles - because they had worked and associated with us and they knew we would not take the garbage they were dishing out - they would have had to be more serious - including the Gulf Leaders then - we had some contacts with most of them - you need it if you were to change a government and contribute to running it.

    Mr Gerrard Hoareau, Minister Joubert, Presidential candidate Mr Phillippe Boulle - Including Mr Betsey/Mr Savy Alliance all knew nobody disclose all his cards and that SIROP program as we have presented was just a greater outline of things we have discussed with the three then exile Opposition Leaders.

  7. Unfortunately, you or your 15 year old did nothing.You filled your pocket, your 15 year old ate the spoils.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  8. I have just been following the other blog. I have been reading mr. Gill column for many many years. I read his works in weekly, star old reali and now I just found this new site.

    I really enjoy these articles. But I also know many people attack mr. Gill a lot. I just cannot understand that because his writings do at for Seychelles. Is it jealousy? Because this is big part of Seychellles life.

    Keep up the fights. Ignore these sell outs mr,. Gill.

  9. Will St. Ange call on The butcher to take back our National Airline from Khalfia and start diect flights from and to our main market Europe?Did SFP warned you St. Ange?A country's wealth is created by its people and productivity not by lving on charity of Arab despots and crusaders Like Khalifa.
    How do be productive Michel? is by developning our fishing industry thus having our own Tuna fleet and developing other porducts than just canned Tuna.Is by developing our outter Islands as a alterantive toursitdestination to Maldives.Devloping a small cruiseship fleet to exploit the market inexistance in the indain Ocean region,by creating a small Cargo fleet since we import mainly from Asia and goods are transported mainly by sea.

    You see all those tons fo seaweeds that infest our beaches during the Northeast monson,they could generate a lucrative business.For instance,it could be used by the already existing animal feed produce as a source of raw product to be convented into animal foods that increae its productivity,or use as source fertilizers.but best and most lucrative with high demand on Interantional amrkets is to collect those tons of seaweeds dried them up,and then EXTRACT those various valubale substances needed in the production fo medications.Seaweeds offer a lot of posibilities in terapeutic,pharmaceutic,nutraceutic fileds.

    For instance, 1 kilo of IODIDE(idodine)costs u$ 30 dollars on Chinese marktet.

    There are many indsutries that can be created as alterantive to tthe tourism indsutry,and it must be something we devlop to be more porductive as a country.

    Call us,Pp for more ideas.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. Drive drunk is as an import societal problem as hard drug abuses.Since,Michel took power,it is true that acolism has become behind hard drug consumption one of the main problem created by PP.And there is no sign that Pp is addressing this concern seriously since he met Khalifa and decided to start selling out Seychelles to foreigners.With it come the lost of confidence in the ogvernemĂȘnt by oridinary citizens who long felt Michel government is more concern with it sell out policy than its people.

    Take your resposibilty Pp!
    jeanne D'Arc

  11. To level the playing field, the opposition should demand and support the construction of a memorial in Seychelles to the victims of Coup dEtat and ill-treatment during the one party state era. The memorial will stand alongside others that have already been established in Seychelles such as the 'z'home Libre'. There will be a place for the relatives and friends of the victims to lay wreaths too, the only way for equality and the country to continue to heal the wounds of the past.

  12. General idea is good!But not stand along side Zonm becuase Zonm lib symbolizes tyranny,the enslavement of a people,etc....It should be demolished.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  13. Zomn Lib is property of SPPF PL not Seychelles. They should remove it. It does not belong in a public place. It is a day of national disgrace. The symbol demonstrated the disgrace and shame well.

  14. Michel does not want to get rid of drug in Seychelles. It's what keeps him in power. Wake up Syechellois.

  15. OF course not it is Pp second source of revenues after Khalifa is beleived that FAURE is the Chief Escobars and Govinden his assistant.

    Did you see St Ange bla blaing about VANILLA whatever(it is about developing theTuorism industry i collaboaration with regional aprtners Mauritius,Reunioj,Commores etc..)Thus ,WHy does St Ange find ways to ensure that National Airlines of those countires worker together instead of Arab Airlines as aprt of a package in their so called VANILLA ????????

    And now that Qatar is pulling out,when would St Ange starts operating direct flgihts by Airseychelles to fill the big gasps that QATAR WILL LEFT?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. Indeed the effort to rid Seychelles of drugs has been limited in scope to mostly opposition people.

    Pl has protected the biggest traffickers from their own camp.

    Is this the promise of June 5th?

    Of course, it is.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  17. Inpossible for Pp to radicate hard durgs for many Pp followers would be unemployed.Pp we must not foget is a state organized criminal institution, all its members in one way or another aparticipate in those crimes, so arresting a high profil Pp dealer,entails thwe risks that s/he speaks out which would be damaging for those higher.

    Lucas case,is no different--Lucas cannot be jailed for he knows too much about Pp crimes.

    Jeanne D'Arc


    With the increase in airtraffics and transit passengers,our Int. Airport has become too small,unable to provide the quality services in regards to demands.

    An extension of the airport seems to be the logical solution,but we must also recognize that there is limited space and that we would be forced destroy the nevironment,bulldoze mountains,coasts and even reffs to have an extansion that would not only provide the services now but on the long term too.I do beleive with the massive environment destructions casued by Pp thugs and Arbs,Seychellois would not necessarily accept more destruction ,though,they recognize too,that our International airport has become outdated.

    So waht is the alterantive solution?In my opinion ,what we must do is build a new bigger Airport on an over-fished bank/reclaimed island) 1 to 2 km away from mainland Mahe and connected by a bridge.

    There are examples of such contructions--e.g the Hong Kong Interantional Airport.It would take some years to build and the cost would amount into hundreds of million of dollars,but taking into consideration of the multi-millions Pp invested to build reclaimed isalnd,the cost of a new,adapteable,new Int Airport won't be that much above waht PP threw into reclaimed islands.

    I think,looking on the long term it would be wiser to build a new Int. Airport that provides quality and standard services for the coming decades than an extension.

    NB:banks are not necessarily made of corals but hard Granite stones thus no risks of damaging reefs etc...

    Jeanne D'Arc

  19. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn't show up. Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

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