Seychelles National Day Used As Platform For Lies

Dr. James A Michel.

Like many Seychellois, we all listen in on the President’s National Day Speech. Each year, this mid year declaration, gives us an insight into what the man at State House is pondering, and what he is not pondering; what is genuine, and what is not. Just as he relishes the moment to bullshit a nation, I relish the moment to dot the I’s and cross the t’s, because it is always a jackpot of lies. Here it goes, but let’s start with a truth first.

In 1992 Our Reserves Was $35Million
This is true. But behind this truth Mr. President, is the lie. Who was the Minister of Finance: James Michel. That is you, or is it someone else? How many years did you make the people of Seychelles suffer under ridiculous policies that made us poor as individuals, and poor as a country, when given a small population, vast potential in fisheries and tourism, after 35 years, we are still hearing from you the same message we heard 35 years ago: “we need foreign autocrat investment o develop Seychelles”.

Today Our Reserves Are $340 Million Congratulations!
What Mr. President does not tell the people of Seychelles, is that the Seychelles has never started repayment of debts which caused her to go BANKRUPT officially under his watch. Debt repayment was suppose to start in 2013 and his government asked creditors for a grace to start repayment in 2015. Hence, they money to repay debt has accumulated in reserves today, but that will be wiped out with accrued interest payments for nonpayment, and balloon payments in 2015. This means the reserves though there, our debts are increasing ever more so.
To achieve this reserve, the GOS clipped the real value of the US Dollar and Euro since last year and dragged these currencies to below 25% of their market price.  In effect,  they gave the government an opportunity to buy real money at a 25% discount to build the reserve they claim they have. Basically they stole 85 Million Dollars from the private sector, money Tourism and Fisheries could have used to put into circulation, upgrade facilities, equipment, and make industries more competitive.

Now, on the back drop of the lights glitter, and fancy parade, Mr. President comes out and says he will make interest on loans more affordable to fool the business community and the Public that he is pro Seychellois business. Programs that create substitution for unemployment is not a business opportunity Mr. President, it is called expensive babysitting. Entrepreneurs are not legislated, they are unique individuals, with unique stamina, energy, ideas and know how. This is where government needs to put money: “education to spark creativity and business acumen, not education to create file clerks and paper pushers”.

Mr. President Says Foreign Investors Are Needed
On this issue, Mr. President, loses his cohesion as a leader completely. He attacks his people, insults them, belittles them lectures them as if we are all Five (5) year old children and he is a great wise, leader that never drove Seychelles into bankruptcy. No person who has ever driven a country into bankruptcy has ever spoken to his people like that except for President Robert Mugabe.
Mr. President, we are not anti -foreigner, we are pro -Seychellois.
Around Seychelles we can see all the projects you approve for foreigners, but see little approved for Seychellois. When foreigners get their projects approved, they your government is soft on them, lenient, and they enter the market for peanuts. When Seychellois get a project, they suffer, year in and year out for approval, your government squeezes them, every step of the way until their will, their stamina , is sapped. You have it all wrong.

President James Michel Offshore Account in British Virgin Island

In any country, a balance must be struck. But your very admission that there are no programs for Seychellois, shows that you have a problem with your economic development scheme. The problem is that it is focused primarily on seeking out autocrat investors from UAE to do all your investing because they are your close friends first, and investors second. When they get offended they will pull out you say. Well Mr. President, this is the exact reason why responsible leaders do not bank their national economy on autocrats.

You say these Autocrats have dollars and invest around the world. Yes, but each country they invest in do not rely on them to make their national economy run. Seychelles is special, it is also small, it is beautiful, and you should know she is the apple of the Autocrats eye. As President, you are tasked with finding responsible secure investments for Seychelles, not fly by nights, which you yourself admit, are very sensitive.

Surprise :Raise Salaries So People Clap Hands
At the end of the speech a desperate call for increase of salaries came from the man who since 2004 had increased salaries by 3% only under the name of “Social Justice” in this time, inflation compounded 58% over the heads of Seychellois, who he said are well off today.
Bring salaries to 2004 level offset against INFLATION Mr. President: INCREASE SALARIES BY 58% to pay for your failures. Then we will see if IMF collects you themselves.

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Written by Christopher Gill, Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.


  1. Very good post, well done Chris.
    Wherever that photograph was taken, the look on Michel's face does not look like that of a very happy man. May be he has reasons to be, they dressed the buffoon in a heavy coat, white hat, white gloves and stuck a 'Dr' before his name!

    May be he is bothered that the government in Dar es Salaam is investigating the affairs of around 200 Tanzanians suspected of dissimulating some $196 million in Swiss banks. And people is asking when the government of Seychelles will start investigating the affairs of the 2 billion dollars that a handful of Seychellois dissimulated overseas?

  2. he looks really worried! we are on to him now. He is thinking what lies to feed to the Seychellois regarding our stolen money.

  3. Brazilien finaly wake up when SESELWA will wake up?

  4. He is full of lies this is why he does not hear the calls for the setting up of a Truth & Reconciliation Commission. But truth will prevail, victims during the Mau Mau resistance in Kenya in 1953 has just received their apologies and compensation.

  5. SFP is the first party to expose the schematics James Michels offshore holding companies to. Exposé the trail of. Corruption that keeps Seychellois poor.

    UAE pays bribes to Michel companies.

    Seychellois do not pay bribes to Michel companies.

    May you sink like yo tankers corrupt misel.
    Happy national day.

    The. President is an exposed corrupt, by SFP'!!

  6. He look like his pisst off,i araze Sfp pe expose li and things not going his way and the rest of Pp thugs.Monkey learning how to wear a helm,because this face in this picture look like a monkey with a helm on his head, this man his mind is far away.Michel how pills you take every night to full at sleep.Praying that your offshore money never investigate and never be found as soon regime change or full it will be investigated and will
    be found,

  7. Chris said it all.

    Unable to concoct a real economic strategy Dr Michel and Dictator in the waiting FAURE has bankrutped our country.Yes ,Dr Michel Seychellois is poorer than before Indepedence.
    Yesterday Seychellois used to fetch water at rivers after 35 plus years of PP,Seychellois are being supplied water by trucks while Pp millionaires and their Arab friends swimm in pool full with fresh drinking water.

    Dr Michel told us their is ü$250 million dollars in our reserve,not much for a country which took her independence 35 years ago with vast EEZ zone and other potential economic possiblities.What about the gold Bars we had in our reservers Dr Michel?How much ounces are left after you sold everything?

    In his helmet,pair of gloves,tie,Guicci suitmRolex Dr Michel the butcher looked more as a guy who wanted to present himself as Nuclear Engineer and obsession of a dictator who always want to present himself as the omnipotent Semi -god able to do everything.Unfortuanately all he tries and touched turned into shit.

    As to Dr Faure who is practicing to be next Dictator-in Chief,one must not expect any change ,he is the clone of Michel with the same pathos and interlectual inability as the butcher.Did you see him on National day,he was stand stift like Zonm Lib ,he alrqady felt president and to his side Dr Meriton a duplicate of Lenin trying to advertied himself as future Vice- Dictator-in Chief.

    Stalin economic principles do not work PP.
    it is high time to practice real economy driven by the market not by fake-conomy and charity but productivity.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. Mr. Michel is an honest man of integrity.
    To prove this, he will soon make the bank accounts and audits of these companies public for SFP to confirm he has not stolen a cent from the people of Seychelles.

    1. Why now?......He should have made it public a long time ago.....Is it because he has been exposed by SFP? He is reacting like a small child caught red handed stealing sweets and denying it altogether....."Pa moi sa..Mon pan voler...Paul ec Pierre qui ti prend."

    2. Who would ever believe his lies....The real hypocrite lies solely at State House.....

  9. Education is Seychelles has become a Human right issue.Corruption is the education is so severe that the future of Seychellois youth is a grave risks.

    Stolen education budget means overcrowded classromms and crumbling schools-Pp wanted to create an army of ignorant zombie clones youths,that will When ignorant youths gain knowledge they become an unstoppeablr force.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  10. Do you call a guy like Michel, a man of integrity......In 2007, Seychelles was going through an economic crisis, this man introduced strict foreign exchange regulations against the banking system. He called on all Seychellois to work together for the benefit of the country while at the same time he was busy laundering money in offshore account. Most shops did not have basic household items.No toilet paper, onions, garlic, ginger, potatoes.

    James Michel have broken the law or he thinks he is above the law. His lies to the people of Seychelles never stop.It started in 1977 and it is still going on. This man is playing a dangerous game. The people of Seychelles are at the limit of their endurance, one with serious consequences.

  11. A guy with negative thoughts can never have integrity.Integrity means adherent to moral and ethics principles;soundness of moral caracter and honesty.In other words,one can say integrity is always doing the rightthings ,it is completeness and wholeness.Having integrity means honoring your words.

    It is difficult to imagine a Dictator with integrity.

    Michel has broken the law,and think he is above the law ,simply becuase he thinks he is the law.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. Mr. Michel says the key to prosperity is the public sector. If Seychellois have set back as second clas citizen it is the fault of government workers not him. Mr. Michel thanks all the workers in public service.

  13. I am not sure that the Butcher really understand the definition of prosperity.Prosperity Michel ,extensd beyond material wealth.It includes factors such as social Capital,effective governace,Human Rights and liberties,health,opportunity and overall quality of life.Poverty Michel cannot be considered as prosperity.

    Without sustainable development and economic growth,we canot have an upwardly mobile prosperity society.In stead,we got an envy society,where people fight on a fixed amount of resources.

    Today we face policy choices that make us ask:Will we continue to accept stagnat growth and an envy society or choose growth and real opprtunity?

    But economic growth isn't just about rising living standards.It^S about giving people the chance to earn their success.people have to be able to succeed on the basis of their hard work and good ideas.In an economically stagnant society, people learn helplessness and cannot earn their success,Michel.

    To create weaklth Michel,we must provide the means and develop real economic strategy.Seychelles has potential Michel.Her tourism industry can be developed further by developing OOF _SEASON TOURISM:Turning our outter islands as an alterantive destination to Malidves.Creating a small,manageable CRUISE fleet to provide an unexisting market in the Indian Ocean region.We export 90 percent of our goods and are transport by sea--therefore Michel,we can create a small CARGo fleet in order that we transport our goods ourslves thus create a new business .Money stay in our coffer.Tons of seaweeds that invaded our beaches during the Northeast monson that Pp pay people to collect and throw in bushes_Valaubel minerals use in pahrmaceutic,theraceutic,nutraceutic,coosmetic products can be EXTRACTED and sell to pharmaceutical etc...

    Moreover,on te long term we could even use those extracted minirals and porduce ourselves mdeciations(Anecdote:After Cigar,the export of medication is Cuba second lucrative business,not becuase of Castzro but because pharmaceutical firms are always profitable as oil,gold firms).

    Tons of SAE SALT are dumped into rthe sea i think by PUC after the dessalination process.Sea SAlt ,Michel has laso pharmaceutical and cosmetical properties--Sea salt are converted into Bath salt,Spa salt,use in hairpsray,to product moldan flakes,caraval gourmet,and any more products----using the sae salt remained after dessalination can create a new business thus Cosmitics products etc... All those businesses Michel are alterantive to the tourism industry but also lucrative businesses that would generate extra welth apart from tourism.

    You see all those 45 to 50 Tuna seiners.they donot only fish Tuna but tons of "BY_CATCH"(undesirable fish)are dumped into the sea.What a waste of a scare resources and a waste of producing wealth by implemnting a law that forbid Tnua fishing vessels discard By-CATCH into the sea.Norwa and Denamrk for instance,have implemented law and they work.Norway mounted CTTV caeras on those ships to monitor their catch and ensure that they really stocked(depp frozen)the BY_CATcH AND BRING THEM ASHORE AND fISHING VESSELS ARE CONPENNSATED.The BY-CATCh are good for consumption,but could be converted into Animal foods,or other products.Another possiblity is to have a Ship that goes around twince a week a collect those By-Catch from TUNA SEINERs and transport ashore for processing etc..

    We have lots of other ideas Michel.Contact us.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. Private dental clinic open at Eden Plaza.Metsy cutting ribbon, is this clinic to govertment or german?why this goverment minister putting noise in bussiness that no belong to this goverment.If you have not stolen trillion Michel may be today you has buy one or two for your clinic.
    That mean only rich peoples can go in this private clinic no money no good dental service for poor

  15. Private means for private individuals,owners or groups.While you see PP always cutting ribbons as if it is a government owed business? well because PP has bankrupted our health system.Look at the Hospital built wit CHinese Taxpayers' money at Anse Royal.Colsed almost a year long,now Pp tells us it is the second biggest in the country,but it does not provide speicalized services,not even a ICD ,amternity 4 beds only for Michel thinks there is not need for more bebs becuase anyway he will be murdering our unborn babies.
    I really thought since Victoria hospital was built by the Brits,30 plus years alter,PP would have built a meodern hospital(modern not only from outside but equipped with new tchnology and provide psecialized service) in order to ease stress and congsstion at Victoria hospital and allow people living in Nse Royal and near by districts not to go to Victoria for emergency etc... Pp as always failed again to deliver.

    We must welcome private businesses.We already have a private dental clinic owed by Mrs Bonn wife of Patrick bonn,as we also have private doctors,the problem is not should we have have or not private health services or not but when would PP modernize our health system,services to provide the quality health services needed by Seychellois.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. Our Airmen got trainning on how to use radar etc..and Lafortune like PP told us it to better detect Pirates.Well Lafortune Piracy has been reduce by 80 percent and the remian 20 percent is taking outside our EZZ namely in the Golf of Eden thus stop selling us your fight on piracy and start dealling with Illegal fishing.illegal oil spilling,etc... that are affecting our fishing industry and by arresting illegal fishing COAST GUARD could generate extra money thus improve the fleet and modernize it instread of always begging for aid from abroad.
    PP there illegal Iran,Thai,Taiwan,Sri Lankan and others robbing our natural resources it should be time to take real action.unless those foreign fishing vessel had made secret and illegal deals with Pp thugs which consist of "we allow you top fish illegally then in return you pay us bribes)without the knwoledge on Seychellois people.

    Morevoer,PP our navy needs to be bigger,with at least a samll frigate with helicopter to make our effective their operation and pelase to try to excuse yourself by telling us our EEZ is vast we cannot control it complete,TRUE,But that should not be an excuse to do nothing or more.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne DÂrc

  17. Every thing foreigners open private,communist think its belong to them.

  18. They try to confiscate other success and make it their own.After all what you want them to do?All they have attempted are failures.

    Some examples--After coup Detat we were promised our own tuna fishing vessels we still waiting,Scampy farm on Croetivy-a flp

    Pearl farming on Praslin a flop.The Butcher promised to start pumping Oil in 2012 still waitng for the first drop.SEPEC we heard about it,but we never know waht its profit if any,ther are no records of its transaction,revenues etc..though a governemnt company.IDC governemnt company a revenue machine for Glenny not the Nation to name a few for the list is endeless.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  19. Learning can be fun,if you give our childrens the tools needed Pp.


  20. Gill o, mwan sa. Pissedoff! Dir mwan dalon ler ou vinn devan ou komputer konman Jeanne D'Arc do you don you rob a fler and lipstick, eye liner and all the works so as to get in character?

    1. I challenge you to come on facebook anytime and show your face like i do and we can start a debate.....Hiding behind fake profile to prove something will lead to nothing.

      Have you got the guts or are you just a big foul mouth that has nothing to contribute on the issue?

      Gary Tall

    2. At least without Pissedoff we can debate on the issue in a civilise way.

      This is my facebook account idiot....

      I am ready and waiting...Are you?

    3. I am ready to rumble.....Are you?

  21. This government i remember there have Seychelles hotels,SMB,cold,ect..Air Sey its a matter of time it will end up in the grave yard,today PP have nothing left under their control. ONLY 3 OIL TANKERS, GREN SA HAVING SOMETHINGs NOW YOU GOT NOTHING.TYPICAL SESELWA!Those Seychelles hotels that have been sold was also part of their sell out for the past decade.PP were are those money for selling those hotels were its gone?

  22. The JAM picture in helmet remind me of someone call SERE WATI working at PWD waiting for a bottle of baka at the baka club after working hours.
    I pe boude comme l'enfant boudeur.

  23. Nice picture of James Michel, he is very handsome.

  24. Pissedoff

    We not fellow fashion monkeys like Pp thugs.Michel wants to be Mullah,some Chinese etc...
    All Seychellois freedom loving Seychellois ahve a duty and right to fight communism for it is state terrrorism.

    On Mancham
    He was preaching about conservation and developemnt in an attempt to defend Pp and Arab destruction of our virgin environment.wHAT FOR A QUACK!

    Massive developemnt without control and clear economic objectives are firstly bad development as we have seen with those over-demonsional five star hotels that destroyed hectares of forest,put stress on water etc ...and simply do not create wealth for our land for all their revenues stay abroad.Secondly,conservation of our environemnt is the trade mark of our tourism industry ,investeors that come to invest in Hotel projects etc..come because of the beaty of our land thus before any developemnt environemnt issues must be strickly take into consideration and that about devlopment.In a word Pp.our environemnt is waht attracts investors destroying it would means no investors.

    Waht Macham wants to say is namely SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPEMNT but conscious of his participate on sell out and environemnt destruction along side PP he pretended not to know the defition.

    Sustainable developemnt Mancahm--that is devlopment that meets the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.Illegal sell out of our land to Arab,hectares of land confiscated for Seychellois to build over-demensional hotels that can never be fill up,hundreds of swiiming pools teemed with drinking fresh waters while Seychellois must be supply fresh water by trucks etc-etcc those kinds of developemnt cannot be called sustainable devlopement nor developemnt that create jobs abd well for Seychellois therefore bad for our country economically.scoiallyetc...

    Jeanne D'Arc

  25. Not the first time they are klapping hands,even when every time FAr made his speech and insult them they were klapping,because some did not get what this killer was saying meaning.

  26. anonymous27 June 2013 09:07

    This is correct mate, they clap and jump like some lunatic monkeys, when being serve with ripe bananas. Bunch of fucking idiots. They drunk shit, eat shit and still give their vote to shit.

  27. Of course, what do you expect from a bunch of chimpanzees in front a bunch of bananas!

  28. James Michel is porking Sandra and made her sing in flip flops for Independence Day. Lise abstinence on the way out. Natalie history.


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