"Prince Alwalled Shun By PL On Opening of $137 Million Housing Project"

HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, Chairman of Kingdom Holding Company (KHC), inaugurated on Monday May 27th, 2013 The Raffles Seychelles Resort and Residences on the northeast tip of Praslin Island, the second largest island in the Seychelles.

Moreover, the inauguration was attended by Mr. Simon Hirst, General Manager, Raffles Seychelles Resort and Residences and a delegation from KHC that included Dr. Nahla Alanbar, Private Executive Assistant to HRH the Chairman, Ms. Amani Algahtani, Assistant Executive Manager to HRH Palace, Mr. Naief Alzuhair, Manager Website & Social Media, Corporate Communications Department, Ms. Manal Alshammary, Protocol Department Manager, Mr. Hani Agha, Senior Manager for Travel and External Affairs, Mr. Fahad Bin Saad Bin Nafel, Executive Assistant to HRH the Chairman and the Resort and Residences executives and Mr. Mohammed Alfaraj, Assistant Manager, for Travel and External Affairs.

The Raffles Seychelles Resort and Residences is a 90- luxury villa resort hotel and 17 private residential villas. The cost of the Raffles Seychelles Resort and Residences is $137m and managed by Fairmont in which KHC owns a 38% stake.

 In 2010, Prince Alwaleed visited the Republic of Seychelles. Prince Alwaleed was accompanied by a delegation from KHC and Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation that is chaired by HRH. Prince Alwaleed was warmly welcomed by the President and people of the Republic of Seychelles and met with His Excellency President James Michel. The President and the Prince discussed economic, social and humanitarian issues, in addition to Prince Alwaleed's investments in the country. Furthermore, the two discussed further investment opportunities in the hotel sector in Seychelles.

Also during the visit, Prince Alwaleed was awarded The Republic of the Seychelles Plaque the highest honor granted by the country in recognition of HRH's invaluable contribution to the socio-economic development of the country for the people of Seychelles.

Moreover, Kingdom Holding's other investments in the Seychelles is through the management of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles. The Resort has 62 tree house villas, five suites and 28 Private Residences. The Four Seasons in which Kingdom Holding holds a 47.5% stake and is co-owned by Bill Gates' Cascade in which the company holds a 47.5% stake, and 5% of the Four Seasons is owned by Isadore Sharp.




  1. JRM sent to cover non attendance of PL to opening ceremony. JRM sould know that the Prince can smell a sell out from miles away.

  2. Please take the time to read our SIROP Blog about this month of June and OAU/AU 50th anniversary.

    Because we have been importantly involved in OAU the past 30 years - including the crowning of Africa First Emperor Jean Bedel Bokasa issues. The change form OAU to AU - the Bench Mark, what/how African Union is Treating Madagascar and all those working hard to put the Seychellois Nation back in a Box. Our very politicians helping them and involved.

    By the way the same Prince has been involved with the Bush Administration - PM Blair to have us deported and locked us in Guantanamo Bay because we have been protesting of their corrupted benchmark and abuse of our ancestral workings, that SIROP program - without it that Prince would not have come to invest in Sechelels Seychelles and branded us as Terrorist.


  3. Catholic Diocese of Victoria
    Anglophone Community in Seychelles
    Office for Migrants and Itinerant People -

    Dear Seychellois compatriots and blog users, we/I had listened to the 8pm news 3/6/13 the above news caught my attention - namely that an Office to help/support incoming travelers, staying and working in Seychelles with the many aspects of their problems and Seychelles. Clandestine people and refugees, migrant come to Seychelles - the Office was blessed by the Archbishop of Victoria. All Seychelels, the diplomatic corp and the many foreigners living in Seychelles must have seen this news. Their reaction.

    To the person who remarked give us more of such news - your respective country of residence. Also to all the others We find it just madness/lunacy that the Diocese of Victoria - the Catholic church those 21,000 Seychelles exile ancestors and they themselves build until 1977 - for the past 23 years since multiparty return, what we have been addressing the many international institutions working with refugees and migrant, the many catholic institutions and Vatican. They refuse to help and support their cause/

    Beside the EU, the UN pouring money to Seychelles government for many aspects of democratization and inter community workings, Policies yet not a cent is offered to/for those 21, 000 exile refugees -

    We have some 50 - 100 individual who have return form exile beside the former Ministers and leaders of the Opposition.

    We have listen to that Black Priest purpose of this Office, can we get the general and greater Seychellois to give and share their views and correct us where we have been misguided.

    The African Union proclaim there are no Seychellois exile/refugees- yet how their citizen have to revert to military force, assassination and military coup to find political solution.


  4. The last comment is highly valid.
    The commentator must know that the Catholic Church today nd Anglican Church in Seychelles a run by two Mauritian opportunists, one who has already taken Seychelles citizenship. A fabrike. The other is doing his time and enjoying the VIP privileges the pl communist regime offer him in exchange for his silence as a lamb to slaughter.

    The church in Seychelles has remained silent on government sponsored abortion. Today our population growth is zero percent. The new born are not replacing the dying.yet the government and a sellout church, has forgotten about our 40000 Seychellois stuck overseas as refugees. At SFP we do not forget. We will address the derelict duties of the church to forsake the spiritual realm for the comforts of the material and the easy way out. Since when does the church seek comfort in the face of injustice?

  5. Don't worry about the church wherever they are failing Islam is taking note. We islam will speak with our bombs soon.

  6. We can not say importing 90 percent of foreigne works to take Seychellois jobs at Raffles develops socio-economy of our land.In their action of importation,more land are use to construct houses for foreigners,stress on water,a threat to Seychelles fabric,and bad for our economy for money collected by foreig workers leave our country.

    Foreigne workers are needed ,but just those we really needs for high position (Not in our institutions like Ntende)but like the candian manging Airsey.The policy of uncontrolled foreign workers is bad for our economy,society and its security on the long term.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. Did you see Prof Dr R Payet touring Praslin to celebrate the environment.He was at Lumeria Hotel to see the massive destruction of hectares of land to built this over-demensional hotel that can never fill its rooms at 50 percent occupancy in any months.Hectares of Lnad that could have been used to built two smaller Hotels and without illegally blocking Seychellois public access to their beaches.(Note praslinios can go on one beach at Nase Kerla where Lumeria is,but with permission.(Seychellois the owner must ask a ofreigner permission to go on their beaches.One other beach Seychellois has no access.Dito to Adam's Hotel at Port Launay.Port Launay could have provided enough space for two smaller hotels.The beach facing Port Lauany MARINE PARK Seychellois has access to ,but not the other beaches.

    Prof Dr R Payet was also on Curieise Island(note it was also an isalnd on Ppp's sell out list ,protest maed Pp step back).

    Now,we have spoken of the need to have more amenities,nights lives, attractions for tourists.As i said,CURIEUSE ISLAND a National Reserve and National Park,which is the only place Co-Co-De-Mer grow naturally including being a sanctuary for Tortoise should be use to create a NATIONAL BOTANICAL GARDEN AND INSECTARIUM FOR ENDEMIC SPIECES.This would provide a special and unique attraction after Valley De Mai for both tourists and locals.

    It would provide Scientists an open laboratory whereby all the many endemic spicies is concentrated in one limited place ,thus makinbg it easier for their research,but also provide a place where scientists can conduct artificial reproduction process,collect genom and store them,etc...

    It would also allow the island to generate its own reveneus that could be used for its protection and for research.it would create jobs and allow man to help those rare endemic spiceis unstinction.

    when speaking about INSECTARIUM,what comes to mind is glass-glass house.On curieise there should be no glass- house but insect in the wild,though a small biodom would be needed as laboratory for scientists---to conduct artificial reporduction,storage of genom,incubation etc...

    That is sustainable development Pp.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. FID is good ofr an emerging economy but Pp must understand that its imapact on economic growth,reducing poverty and so on,but rather its imapct is determined by the terms by which it is accepted(Thus National policies and investment architecture matter in determining the positive effect FDI can provide in regadrds to development.FID should thus be a means for economic growth,employment,nmodernization,income growth which Pp FID policies do not fullfil,but produce the contary which is bad for the country.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. You will speak with bomb soon!dont think that we are european or american to watch you putting bomb we will react straight way. We will screw muslim one by one on our shore and rip their ass.

  10. Laporte is hoisted in his own petard.In his last report he told us infaltion is at free falls,which most non-Pp experts already beleived it was a farce.Now,infaltion instaed of free falling in sky rocketing without control.

    Adel,told us it because,lsee foreign exchange--we expected that --form our main Market are not coming to our shores due to the lack of a direct flgiht.Not having direct flights discourage amny toursits from coimng to our shores.The economic damage caused by big five star hotels whose revenues are kept in banks abroads,some not paying taxes and duties etc...

    We must recognize that since the Butcher found his new lover Khalifa,ofriegn investors are not being encourage to come to our shores,for PP belevies Khalfia should be the main source of revenues for our economy.

    Depending of charity of one person (Khalfia) can never be ustainable.Productivity Pp is what should be the source of producing wealth.

    jeanne D'Arc

  11. For tourists from our main market


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