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A Place Of Worship Named After An Autocrat

Port Victoria: Upon directives of Dr. Shaikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Advisor to the UAE President, Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan bin Khalifa opened on Friday the Shaikh Sultan Bin Khalifa mosque in Seychelles in the presence of Jean-Paul Adam, the island’s Foreign Minister and Dick Patrick Esparon Seychelles’ Ambassador to the UAE.
The mosque, which accommodates 600 male and female worshippers and a centre for holy Quran memorisation, was a donation from Shaikh Sultan to the Quran and Sunnah Association, which sponsors nearly 2,000 Muslims.
In his opening sermon, the mosque imam paid gratitude to the UAE leadership for the noble humanitarian gesture.


  1. They are importing Islam to Seychelles. All his workers are Muslims. 1500 of them. They claim to have 2,000 followers.
    Colonialization at its best through religion first, then civil administration.

  2. 1500 0f them,half expat workers and imported foreigners to the likes of El Materi.

    As Euroepean countires have done,We must apst law that authorize only Seychellis Iman,Mullah to lead the Muslim communittee not foreigners from Suadi Arabia or lese where to come a redicalize Seychellois.No foreign sponsorship should also be allowed .

    This is not a huamn gesture but a systematic strategy with thw iam to slowlyislamize our land,and thus create an artifiical means of conflicts in our peaceful land.

    We must stop seeing our public medias being abuse by Pp and khalifato advertise Islam instead give Opposition parties access to public medias as stipulated in our constitution.

    After building Mosques they will start by asking for seperate schools ,imtroduction of SHARIA,etc...thus making their own islamic state without our exisitng chirstain land.

    Islam is not a religion but a system of submission,in which segration is commonplace,intolerance,archaic,and have no palce i our modern society and no muslim states can ever be domocratic forsegration is an important part of the sekt.

    No more mosques should be allow to be built on our land and Christian community preists and everybody should be modilized to fight the increase of this archaic ,primitive sekt invading our land. by starting to ensure that Khalfia stop interfering into our National affairs.

    Note the present of Khalfai si illlegal in our land as his house,as the river he conficated at La Misere as the many expats imported to work for him.


  3. Shouzld we do not stop Khalfia colonial ambition soon he would start hanging his pictures around our country,even change the name of our Capital City,or detryoed cononial buiilding and repalce them by Arabs architectures and so on.It is Time to tell Khalfia that Seychellois do not like his presnt in our land nor his intervention in our politics.

    Hge can go sponsor Mosques in poor Commores Isalnd ,Somali,Yemen not in our christian land.

    ALast year what supposed to be a new Chirch was destroyed just after being finished becuase the whole walls crakced,since no words about buidling a New one.

    We donot like Arabs,we have nothing in coomon with them, be it our culture,tradition,history,ways of life,mentality,,Khalfia must know that,and it is not Partileppe who will change that.

  4. Those mother fucker arabs why they dont go and help muslim brother and sister in Syria who are building house with mude,because cement is to expensive for them to buy and they dont even have one dollar .Help your brother camel dick we dont need your help camels. what you mother fucker arab are looking for on our soil to colonize our country for your next generation suckers you are bringing on our shore to further increases our population.Because alah told you to make many childrens as they wish, even they dont have no shelter and food to feed every child like saw in most muslim country.


  5. You will get no where by just keeping on writing and hiding behind a computer. Screen.seychellios must come together to make their voices heard.Do you see that happen?No,why,because they have no guts.seychellios spys on each others and don't trust each other.le pep knows that,kalipha knows that.There is no harmony n the will to have a united opposition.being. a small country and you start fragmenting n dividing you will end up barking for the rest of your life.simple evidence how long have we have had the suppose multiparty in seychelles?20yrs plus?where have this lead?No where absolutely no where.Pl did a few cosmetic changes here and there and refused to proceed with the bulk of political reform as directed by the commonwealth.

  6. What you see on this you tube video is not representative of Islam & Muslim. If you want to know about real Muslims and Islam, I suggest you look up the Koran and teachings of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). It is a shame that people like Sheikh Isa & Khalifa gives a bad name to this peaceful religion and gets away with it. A real Muslim will respect the laws of Seychelles and will not even ask JAM for permission to build such a monstrous concrete heap at La Misere.

    Now, back to the original post...I support the call for the destruction of the Palace at La Misere and the deportation of Sheikh Khalifa for not respecting our planning laws. However, we need to realise that Khalifa is not representative of real Islam & its teachings of peace. Unfortunately. we live in a world where money talks and everyone adores money and rich people like Khalifa !

    Muslim Seselwa

    1. Thank you for you comment.

      My question to you is why name a place of worship after a man who commits cruelty to other human beings?

    2. Unfortunately. we live in a world where money talks and everyone adores money and rich people like Khalifa

    3. It is named after the brutal man the same way we are going to have JJ Spirit building. Naming places after rich people should not cloud the issue and it does not mean the rich person is a saint. When a real Muslim donates with the right hand the left hand does not know. Unfortunately. we live in a world where money talks and everyone adores money and rich people like Khalifa

    4. My friend you are wrong. There is a big difference between a JJ's building a place of worship.

  7. "Time to tell Khalfia that Seychellois do not like his presence in our land nor his intervention in our politics" what? who would dare utter those blasphemous words to his highness? There is no one, repeat, no one in this tiny Seychelles. We Arabs do not depend on the local people but they depend on our donations. We shall build more mosques, your deacon Agathine will be converted to Imam Agathine and he will have one mosque to administer. Seychelles been sold land, stock and barrel Sahib said.

  8. Jam is tired of Seychellois women, KHALIFA sent him some arab women to try and that is why you see new mosque building. He is following the foot steps of his master the legendary FAR who is now with Iranian borned!

  9. It seems that some of you taking this as a joke. Where Islamic throw their seeds they mean business and they will harvest, either tears or blood, make no mistake about that. You people get your act together, get the church involve, cause that shit cannot go on.

    Islamic is a God that hates. False prophets, when they don't get their way they refer to violence, in the most barbaric agonizing and patronizing. Their speech is about, "if we do not get our way, we will 'SLAY', 'BUTCHER', 'MASSACRE', 'BEHEADED' until we get it...False religion, authority , priority and privilege is all they want. Who in the name of Lord preaches hate? Only evil like Islamic! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    Why in the name of God a president that claim to love his country ‘avec son bann ti trezor’ put our generations in such a conflict and harm’s way!
    WHY? WHY? WHY?
    Why would President James Michel accept such terror to established in our country WHY?

    A God that hates is a path of bloodshed and destruction.

  10. Et en outre l'Islam a le respect zéro de la tolérance religieuse et des droits de l'homme. Ils récolteront nos larmes et le sang comme j'ai mentionné auparavant et non seulement; ils récolteront aussi vos bébés et transformé notre nation en esclaves.

    Avec chaque autre religion dans le monde, vous pourriez vous appeler un agnostique ou un athée et avoir peut-être un débat religieux chauffé sans crainte de devenir tués. On ne peut pas le faire dans votre excuse monstrueuse pour une religion. Islamic/barbaric is not to be taken lightly. Like I have said before get the church involve and do what you have to do. Wavel you are a priest aren't you? Get off your 'cul' and use your priesthood connection to get these 'bebet' off our shore.

  11. Anyone converting to Islam, are in search of power in the wrong places. Wasn't this one of the many issues about why Nathalie wanted out of this marriage?

    James Michel has been practising for a very long time. Only Islamic/barbaric will commit such horrific crimes.People in Seychelles did not just disappear into thin air, they were tortured. Eyes gouged out, body hanging from hooks, and fingers and teeth removed with pliers and after that some of them was burnt.
    James himself is Islamic/barbaric. Get rid of him ( in an intelligent humanly way of course),and others will crumble.

  12. This video is so gruesome that I almost fainted and could not finish watch. WHAT HAVE JAMES MICHEL GOTTEN US INTO? oh my God I hope it is not to late to reverse the damage and danger that our so call President has imposed on us.

  13. Do some CD copies of this gruesome clips and spread to the population of Seychelles now. Don't wait AFTER the election! Arabs love SANDS and there are SANDS all around Seychelles. Errrr... even the son of MYTSI LARY love sands! REMEMBER?

  14. UAE we have told you we dont need any donation from you peoples,million childrens in Syria are affecting with this syrian war.Why you dont give to them they need it more like shelter,clothes for winter food now that winter is coming they need heater to get warm.

    Arabs michel have told you how to brain wasch seselwa with donation,michel and pp are expert on this.Arabs you are giving pp donation,but we are looking for freedom ,democracy,justice and we want you peoples include foreigns mafia to leave our country.Give you seselwa donation you are happy smiling and in the same time camels invaders are conquering your land.

  15. If you don't want UAE you need to write to the newspaper in UAE to express our disgust with their king kalifa. Let his subjects overthere know what he is going in our paradise. Expose him, expose his orgies, hit him where it hurts the most. Go on this site and send a letter to the editor of The National in the UAE. I have done my part it's time for the rest of us to do ours. Bombard this paper with all sorts of complaints about king kalifa.


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