Seychelles Offshore On It's Death Bed As Lack Of Credible Policing Is Exposed

Steve Fanny kicked the bucket at the Ministry of Finance last month. Mr Fanny is famous for his involvement in the Seychelles Offshore sector as a CEO of Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA). For years we watched Mr Fanny tell us where the offshore sector was, where it is going, with exuberance, only to now see that the Seychelles offshore is dying, because all these years Mr Fanny was at SIBA, not a single person or company has been brought to trial for criminally using offshore companies to commit illicit acts such as money laundering, drug trafficking, arms dealing, etc. Only one company Lotus offshore had its licence suspended and Zen Offshore. Lawyers involved in these offshore company registration businesses, still practice law.
Steve Fanny

4th Pillar Of Economy Dead
The single idea of establishing Seychelles as an offshore sector belongs to one man: Mr Paul B. Chow. Credit to you Mr Chow on this good idea, left in SPPF hands, has now gone to rot. On the outset of 1992-1993, Mr Chow worked diligently to convenience the SPPF that the offshore sector is a viable economic base for Seychelles to develop. He was right of course. In Bermuda, the offshore sector, run scrupulously, has afforded its people a per capita income of $77,000 per year. Impressive, indeed.
Hamilton, Bermuda
In Seychelles the offshore sector has been marred with money laundering allegations, mis-management, lack of transparency and lack of due diligence in the administration and monitoring of offshore companies by SIBA, mostly, under the reign of Mr Fanny. Sometimes, you need to think carefully, when you let a fast talker on SBC to brainwash the Nation.

SFP Exposes Over $17 Billion In Allegedly Laundered Money From Seychelles
While many went to sleep in the opposition parties of SNOUP, because there own players are involved in the offshore business, and they collect the crumbs from money laundering escapades, the SFP has exposed all that it can expose, to expose the Seychelles offshore sector for not abiding by international norms.

$2.5 Billion Laundered
It was Christopher Gill that exposed the missing $2.5 Billion that left Seychelles accounts, held by Seychellois citizens, and made there way into Swiss accounts. SFP is still diligently tracking these funds and is seeking the assistance of the Swiss  Central Bank to reveal all these transactions.
James Michel offshore account active since 2007
2000 Shell Bank Companies
It was SFP that exposed the 2000 shell companies responsible for laundering Russian Mafia money as much as $400 Million

SINALOA Drug Cartel-Seychelles Connection
It was SFP that exposed the laundering of SINALOA Mexican drug cartel company money with use of Seychelles companies possibly amounting to £1 billion or more.

Arms Trafficking and Seychelles Connection
Seychelles companies were exposed for attempted trafficking in arms from North Korea to Iran. Iran is the arch rival of the United Arab Emirates, home of Shiekh Kalifa. The irony of this shipment, is that it had surface to air missiles loaded on a C130 plane, that may or may not be used to kill Shiekh Kalifa in the UAE or in Seychelles, if the Middle East was brought to war. This is a concern of the UAE, which they never thought, that James Michel Administration, would allow Seychelles companies offshore to go unfettered in their actions, with the final outcome targerting UAE.

Obama Sends Alert On Seychelles
Even President Obama, USA has gotten into the act of exposing and attempting to bring some order to this offshore mess created by SPPF. He noticed that Stella Port- Louis, a Seychelles national turns up as nominee for over 200 shell companies. This Madam, is also involved in many of the above mentioned companies as a nominee. It is strange every political element in Seychelles has remained silent on this matter.
The culprit, Stella Port-Louis
Enter OECD Demands
If the lack of administration and over sight has destroyed the Seychelles offshore name, it is the call for oversight monitoring by the OECD that will restore credibility to Seychelles although it will now perhaps a lifetime. Thank you SPPF-PL. Mr Fanny can be hardly blamed in the long and short of it. You promoted him to Ministry of Finance and told us he did an excellent job at SIBA. So the buck stops on James Michel's table the greatest human being to grace Africa, according to People paper.
James Michel
OECD wants Seychelles to now implement Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS). Under the system, international business centres must submit a quarterly report to the OECD of offshore activities. If the country does not do so, it can affect the countries ability to borrow money overseas.

The Whole Suffers When Corruption Reigns
With pressure bearing down from OECD the implementation of SDDS will kill overnight the Seychelles offshore sector. This will affect arrivals for business in the country, it will affect hotels, taxi drivers, lawyers income will slump since they diverted from their traditional practice into offshore, corporate service companies will shut down and staff will be laid off. In a world, the entire country will now overnight, suffer from years and years, of unmonitored offshore companies that now been exposed to be part of money laundering, arms trafficking, drug cartel money washing, and so on.

Who To Blame?
Who to blame? PL is now blaming OECD for its measures, yet, it has signed its memorandum to comply. The SNOUP is jumping on this bandwagon to protect its lawyers, who are also guilty of encouraging money laundering practice in Seychelles offshore.
Blame can only rest on the leadership of the country, because the rot is so prolific. It will take serious leadership to navigate out of this quagmire, but for the next ten years, it is already too late.
We must all tip our hats to Mr Paul B. Chow, the real founder of the Seychelles Offshore sector. Without his effort back in 1992-1993, we would have never come this far, inspite of SPPF-PL royally screwing it all up.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!            



  1. Docteur kon tou. Me e vantar sa boug.
    Son figuir e parey un ti souri kin voir fromage dan dile.Amad.

  2. Rolph, better give Steve a doctorate, the hat and gown will hide his mouse-teeth. Allez Seychelles, Allez Dr. James Michel, Allez Dr. Steve Fanny!

  3. Yea, the faces of the VIP at the opening of Festival Creole all bore a somber look, even the music could not take away what was on everybody's mind 'what happened - where is Natalie?'.

  4. We blame the journalists at SBC for keeping us in the dark, we blame the PL regime for their criminal activities, we blame the SNP/SUP for their inaction and we the people should also shoulder some of the blame for allowing all this to go on in the name of the Seychellois.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  5. Because none want to take in to the streets and stop it!Waiting for sfp to do it we will do it soon.Are you gona join us microbiome?

  6. One key question is this. Could JAM going thro the truma of divorce may have been irrational in his decisions.He looks very tired and bruised on his face and lips.can someone explain what this scares is.pls pls pls pls.done li ancore 55555555555555.

  7. Done li encore 55555555555655.

  8. Every man that let a gorgeous lady get away will have a sort of truma.
    Don't ask JPI that question yet, cause he got another ten year of on-line course.
    Just ask Dr Westheimer, she had all sorts of answers on this topics.
    Jam don't worry about her!
    Just worry about the guys that will break your HEART!

  9. Mimic gel too busy being led like a puppet by handlers he did not see offshore being destroyed?
    Even Nair is stealing whiskey bottles in state house stock.

    State house in dissary .

    Michel, time to go!

  10. Alain StAnge the GO-GOAT on the Walk of Fame in rann omaz David Philoe ek Francois Havelock during the 28 enm Fescheval Kreol. Alain how about the previous famous local stars such as Stanley Beaufond with boom boom dan zironmon, Mickey Manchanm with ouver mon lanmal pli mon poukan mal mon bezwen mont lan mizer, and so on? His brother JAMES RICHARD MARIE MANCHAM was close to you, how come there was no sertifika lapresyasyon for him? Alain? ton Karl just turn up side down! I'm sure by Monday Mancham will write an article on that subject in NATION.

  11. "Trauma at State House Any Time Now!"

    Rene says Michel will die in office.

    1. He also advice him not to take Viagra and Rogaine at the same time because he will look like Don King

  12. Ban voler pp pou toujour voler.

  13. Can some one tell me were about Lucas is hiding when his case will brought forward!Laport?George must be protected,when we come criminals will not be protected if they still at large on the spot house arrest and will be punish for their wrong doing.


  14. We hold the publisher of Seychelles Reality in good esteem - however the important requirement to state and explain the concept for a Seychelles Offshore was not the Brain child of Mr Paul Chow.

    This is/was one of the biggest problem with our politic back in 1990 everybody wanted to take credit and share the limelight and what happened to our country and nation as result.

  15. They go untouched. Definately protected. Sad.

  16. How many times we have heard Pp telling us "We are going to implememnt laws to regualte offshore and thus regulate the risks of money launderingNothing has been done for Pp find it unneccessary for it allows them to practice Pp National sport corruption,embezzlement etc...

    Any country which entice fooshore companies into their country ,do it ,in order to attract funds,provide jobs for locals and facilitate economic development.

    Offshores and corruption has become the toolkit for KNAB investors and government thugs.

    That helps seychelles bakruptcy-There are many cuases ofr fiancial crisis.But we cannot ignore the elements of "CAPTURE" in the systematic failures of oversight,regulation and disclosure in the fianacial sector.CORRUPTION and CAPTURE are important causes that we still facing a fianacial crisis though multi-millions in foreign aid.

    In order to restore confidence.citizns,enteprenuers,and bankers need to have renewd trust in our ifancial sector.That way they can persuaded that it is not a giant ponzi scheme.Transaprency is the key PP.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  17. I personally witness Paul Chow pushing the offshore envelope to SPPF in 1992, 1993.
    This is why I gave him credit for the idea. Others may have had the idea for sure. But Chow pushed it through. He brought many offshore specialists to Seychelles. Recruited Grover Nornquist Washington Lobbyist to assist and worked with the Central Bank to establish the law.
    If someone else did work on this, please let us know, we will add it to the credits.
    There are more then enough good ideas out there to go around.
    Unfortunately, SPPFPL will cock it up as usual.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  18. When Seychelles nation bulshit news papaer will publish the dossiers UN gave to Adam and Sfp want a copy pp of it.

  19. Weekly and Le Seychellois is so boring. You should ask Gill to write a column for you. None of these papers can put out anything solid.

  20. Nathalie and Ninette can use the schematic of James Michel offshore companies to secure their monthly alimony, if they did not know where the money is. SFP helps everyone.


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