Praslin And La Digue Boat Owners Being Sidelined In Port Deliberations

Threaten Shutdown To Destabilize Seychelles Overnight
Praslin and La Digue cargo boat operators, ferries, tourism excursion boats, excursion charter operations, were completely sideline in any discussions by the Seychelles Port Authority and Ministry of Transport as it brought into law new regulations that would increase fees for port usage of boats critical to inter island commerce, and as critical to the Seychelles Tourisn Industry.

The new fees and charges under S.I. 60 OF 2013 effective October the 1st, 2013, send the ferry and cargo industry into an immediate tail spin as they saw generations of sea farers from four main families: Grandcourt (Grand Anse Praslin), Lesperance-Rose (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), Adrienne (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), Durup ( La Passe La Digue) now faced with shutdown and an end of an era of Seychellois owned and captained sea service, because new proposal by the Ministry of Transportation would render all their businesses unprofitable and hence, open the door for an era of foreign own vessel to ply the routes of Mahe- Praslin, Mahe- La Digue and Praslin- La Digue.
For example, under new regulations of S.I. 60 of 2013, Cat Rose would pay ten times more than a foreign vessel of similar size for each boat. This cost would implicate Cat Cocos as well and a cost a ferry ticket would increase simultaneously on all ferries on all ferries. Ferrying would become a means of transportation in the past, and pirate taxi boat services between islands and pirate cargo shipping would ensue.

If implemented as it satands, this S.I. will turn Seychelles into the next Somalia in the region by one single act of law that would break the Seychellois sea fairer backs once and for all.

Grandcourt fleet would pay 80 times more than a foreign vessel, rendering inter island cargo a thing of the past. In no time, hotels would have to secure additional unregistered vessels to carry cargo, to survive. 

Big Turnover But No Profits
Already these businesses hand over 52% of all their revenues to the Government of Seychelles, it is arguable that the figure can be 60% when tax on fuel is considered and vessel depreciation and they  average a meanger profit of 5%-7.2% per year in the best case scenario. No one works for 5%, not even a waitress.

But Mr Durup, Mr Rose, Mr Grandcourt, are working for 5%,not because they want to but because of their love of the sea and country, which is in their bloodline, passed on, from generation, to generation. Take the plying  of the sea from them and the service they provide our communities, they perish as proud Seychellois and so do we.

I believe these ship companies may be making more like a profit of 2% or -5%  when the depreciation of the vessels, vehicles, equipment is considered. If they can pay their salaries in today's environment, they are fortunate.

With such low margins, it is not possible for these seafarers to absorb any additional costs the Port Authority is levying on them and the Tourism Industry in Seychelles. Praslin and La Digue is already suffering from the drop in receivables from the 2007 world recession and financial crisis, Seychelles IMF program and two maybe more shark attacks in 2010. Hotel room prices on Praslin are still 50% of what they used to be and Government of Seychelles has licensed foolishly over 400 houses as tourism establishments that do not bank their money or pay taxes. Many of these owners of these establishments are vacant estate house owners.

Lemuria hotel is offering pay one and get one night free to lure visitors to Praslin. Can Praslin Hero offer "pay one container get one container free", when each trip cost SCR 16,000 in fuel, and it can take only four containers at a time? Do the maths and do the numbers, there is no wiggle space for the ships.

Praslin is on sale for 50% off because Praslin is dying.

Soon La Digue will follow then what will happen to Mahe?

Without these two tourist anchor attractions running well, all of Seychelles will move into a depression of economic activity. When this happens, how many years will it take to get back on track? We have wasted seven years already, by not handling our Tourism Industry in a serious manner. How many more public houses will we have to build because we are a generation of losers, when we have all that we need to succeed, but we need to be careful with what we have, much like a Ferrari in the hands of someone who has not driven one ever. Driving a car and driving a Ferrari are not the same experience.

Zero Population Growth Praslin - La Digue
To make matter worse, Praslin is no longer growing in permanent population numbers, this puts a greater burden on all businesses and shipping and ferry companies operating on Praslin. With less population, comes less commerce, less cargo, less ferry seats being occupied per trip. Less airline seats are sold, and the cargo and port facilities become under utilized much like we see with the Praslin domestic terminal.

Snoozing Taxi Service On Praslin
This terminal has turned into a virtual white elephant. Taxi drivers sit around most of the day for one morning trip and perhaps one late afternoon trip. The restaurant is hardly ever working, or busy. The Port Authority needs to study this carefully because the situation at the Praslin airport is now clocking in six years, and PL is doing nothing to change this decaying status.

With less population there is less amount of people to fill posts and meet labor requirements. This is a stark reality that today, government must conduct a research to put facts and figures to the reality before agencies like the Port Authority move on any project for these islands. With statistics analysis we can have a better picture of where we are going, and we will know, how we will get there. We cannot move forward blindly with people's investment in their country.

New Port Facility Put No Business Confidence In Seychelles
The Ports Authority took time to present a very ambitious proposal for La Digue and Praslin Port Services, given the economic downturn and slow performance of the Seychelles economy. We were doing -4% GDP in 2010. We went to 2% in 2011 and 2012 we registered 3.2%. Because this includes donation from friendly countries, it is not a picture of growing productivity.

With the existing need to raise our national reserve, government has been curtailing capital projects like the Port Authority expansion, and leaving it up to the Authority to finance itself, and secondly, government is expecting that Ports contribution to debt repayment once it has financed itself. This is a tall order. Why?

Seychelles Underperforming For IMF Numbers
The IMF said that in order for Seychelles to successfully meet its debt obligations, the economy will have to run at 7-8% per year. We are far from that. In fact we are 40% of where we should be. If we are 40% where we should be, the Port is 40% where it should be.

Bad Land Policy Reduces Port Activity
The primary reason why we are far from the mis-use of critical time by the PL Administration. PL has been caught up in a timeless era of having no real land policy in place to give confidence in the markets, and the recent Land Use fiasco with ridiculous zoning laws will send Seychelles into dark ages overnight.

No port expansion can ever be realized with no investor confidence in Seychelles, or no investor confidence for La Digue or Praslin.

PL, i suggest you fellows get your act on the road, or join the SAMOANS Circus. Get serious fellows, this is no clown show. If you keep this show going, AL QAEDA will start knocking on your doors as one person suggested. I am trying to keep people sensible but i am losing the battle because you fellows are losing your senses.

Port Authority Has No Business Plan For Expansion
What shocked me in this meeting with the Ports Authority and the boat owners, is that after all the proposals the Ports Authority put forward for these great dream and visionary ideas was that the Ports Authority had no Business Plan to explain to the boaters, how they intended to realize these grand dreams and aspirations. It was all in pictures (Autokad program) and nothing on paper to explain how it will be financed. Beyond the pictures and layouts, it all looked very vague.

In 2013 there is no way to move forward.

How much will each expansion set cost? Ports Authority has no clue.

Where will the money come from? No idea. They were expecting some money from these failing businesses of course. Do not expect much.

How many tourist per year will we need to meet this demand? Not even considered.

Where will we get the fishermen to use this facility? No idea that there are no more fishermen in Praslin, a definite dying vocation. Confirmed with the Charitas Phuta case in court with a SCR 50 million cache of drugs found under salted fish.

Where will we getthe customers for the ferries if the population is decreasing? Each day, a ferry plies with a single empty seat, it is a revenue for the operator and government lost forever....forever. Now, count how much revenue we lose everyday from lack of adequate planning.

How will we pay for all these dreams when the current one, putting food on the table and buying fuel is failing already?

These are some of the questions a business plan could answer.

I have some solid ideas on how to pay for this port expansion, but i will keep it to myself for now until PL shows it has some respect for opponents to its failing regime, which is crumbling, much like old Port Victoria pier, everyday.

I salute the effort of Col. Ciseau and his team, it is not their fault, that our country is in the mess it is in, they are trying to help fix the mess and patch up the port where they can.

We need to dig deeper of course, right Minister Morgan? After all it was you who ran SBC to advise of the new rates, which you said you spoke to the Tuna Boats owners, but did not mention the cargo ships and ferries that ply the waters between Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

That is indeed a big detail to miss!

But Minister Morgan is the Minister of Transportation, and we have missed a few airlines on the tarmac already, nothing new.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois! 
Written by Christopher Gill, Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.


  1. Seychellois boats owners must get together to refuse categorically Morgan dictates.Secondly,we could ask ,should foreigners be granted licenses to operate inner island ferry when there is enough Seychellis who can do it?Should Morgan put the interests of the country first?

    If Morgan want more money because they do not know how to earn it by hard work,then he can start by refunding the Us4,5 millions he stupidly lost in a scam deal.He can ask Laporte to tax imported good by Five star hotel owners,make them pay their taxs.Make Khalifa pay his Airport landing fee and parking,stop money launderying by Lucas,Michel offshore comapny (Soleil9,check and balance SEPEC and IDc accoutns and ensure money genrate by the two governemnt firms end in National coffers not Adam and Glenny private bank accounts.Ask RAMAODSS to pay tax on money made in his CASINO it is amounted in multi-millions.Stop stealing foriegn loans and aid.etc-...

    In a word,Seychellis baot owners must simply unite ,refuse Morgan dictates and do not pay any cent unless Morgan cosult them and ensure that all businesses of the same kinds pay their dues equally and under the same law not that concocted by Morgan and his foreign friends.

    As to the port expansion,we donot find any necessity at the moment.The only explaanation is that it is been expanded to cater Khalfia's new ytach or Chinese warships surely not more criuse ships becuase no cruise ship come to us since Pp has been fearing them with priacy that has been reduce by almost 90 percent in the past year.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. The price being paid now for a one way trip Mahe/Praslin is already astronomic .Asking Boats owners to pay more would automatically force boats owners to increase their ticket price.How does Partilepep suck out from lcoa businesses?Should Seychellois pay the different that partilepep do not but should collect on Taxs from Foreigne business owners, or people like Khalifa?

  3. Seychellois boat owners should not pay a cent until all pay the same amount regardless who.Should there be favouritism it must be to favour seychellois not foriegners.Why does Morgan asks SEPEC to reduce its fuel price or at least adapt it to market price.In seychelles whether fuel prices on world market decrease or increase in Seychelles it allows goes up never down.Stop sucking Seychellois business people PP.They cannot contninue to pay and finance Pp wastage and robbery .Laporte unable to balance the budget each year ask for extra milluions from tax payers that he cannot justifed it use,amybe pp should instead use the extra 100 millions to rebuild,expand the port than stealing or use it for Pp party sponsoring.Where all those foreign loans and aid Morgan never accounted for by Pp?was it not to affect directly the country development and the people wellfare?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Breaking news.A 24 yr old English teacher from uk has been found murdered and rape in DoHa over the wkn.

  5. Boat Owners must stand up to this crazy Joel Morgan. He is a wild man with no knowledge. He destroy tourism,destroy boat charter, destroy cargo business, destroy everything. But he has 2 big flats at Marie Jeanne built on government land he is renting for over 100,000.00 per month to feed his big head.

  6. Boats Charter operations in Seychelles is suffering a great amount. We do not operate 12 months. Most 4 months and not everyday. Seychelles Government bring in bare boat charters, they compete with us, yet we are small Seychellois competing with large international companies. Market is too small for all these boats.Fuel cost is too high. Landing fee on reserves too high Tourist complain and think we are stealing money from them.

  7. What seselwa boats owner should do protes or keep thier boats dock .Seselwa dont want to spend more money to go on the privates boat that cost three time more may be those pp capitalize dealing in heroin yes,secound class seselwa no i think those secound peoples will give you guys full support. if those boats owner got balls.i dont think their got it.Dont think the money you lost for those two strike,think what you will lost in the years to come million more and run out of bussiness bankrupt like this communist sytem..A se araze largent mon peupel Sselwa think for your next generation mon peupel Ssselwa..


  8. Very nice and some what sad article for working in your very own country for 5% especially when the VANN SWET IN ARAZE!!

  9. It is part of Michel the butcher strategy on allowing foriegners to control us.The butcher thinks when our economy is ruled and controlled by foreigners we will allows stay depend on Khalfia and other colonizers.

    Some types of busineses should be reserve solely to Seychellois.Seychellois should benefit from their own economy in the first place and a soveriegn country cannot be consder sovereign when its economy is control by strangers.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. If Seychellois want to keep control of its destiny,it is important that they also control a bulk part,the most crucial aprts of their economy.The crooked policy taken by Michel is aim at letting foreigners control everything thus be dependnet on them.Seychellois took Indepedence in order to stop depending on thoers(Back then British)and to build their country according their own needs,speed.

    In deals made by Pp with foreigners Seychellois gain little in those deals,for most often favoured is given to foriegners while not taking in consideration that our country should gain out of these deals.For instance.Five star hotles was gifted tax exemple.duty on imports of goods(instead of encouraging them to buy locally),their revenues bank abroad (not reinvest in host country)No encouragememnt or law that discourage five star hotels to recruit,train,employ seychellois in order to replace those lots of Expats,etc..etc..etc..etc

    And of course ,in order for a country's to develop its economy positively,that is to benefit its people---Good governance, sustainable human developemnt(locals),innovation among other things are needed.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. There must be a drastic reduction in the present of Expats on our shores.Most are doing jobs which Seychellois can do and should be doing.There must be a law past to forced comapanies impoying more than a fixed and determined numbers of Expats to start recruiting,training locals in order to repalce Expats.Those who do no abide should be sanction by taxes and those who cooporate benefit from tax reduction.

    Delevopment must be that the country need now ,not hundred years from now-Genration to come need,and opportunities too.Therefore their future must not be stolen by foreigners.

    Michel wants to bring Seychelles in the sitrutation of FIFJI whereby foreigners(mostly Indains)control the whole economy and 10 years ago they wanted to controlled fijian governemnt by electing a Indian which resulted by a Coup D'etat of a Fijian Admiral who could not accept a foreigner controlling fijina govenrment.That is waht Khalfia and Pp wants control Seychellois and that by starting to contro lits economy.

    Jeanne DArc

  12. You don't get it do you? When yr money safe is empty you really don't have much choice.with debts that you can't pay.
    Let me explain once and for all.
    We are here to buy yr debts.In return,you will do the following:- will lose yr identity and country. will convert to islam at our paste. will work for us in yr lost country 24/7, to pay up yr debts.
    4.will will control yr main economu tourism industry.
    5.we will buy all ur prime land across the country. will become second class citizens in yr own country.
    Ypu will stop drinking alcohol n eating pork meat soon.
    You will look up the mountain everyday to remind you who is incharge.M

  13. i agree with Jeanne.Does indian,Pakistani,Nepalese and so on , create jobs for Seychellois in their country?Do they replace their own people by foriegner?'No they donot.Do they like non National to invade their land?No they do not.Do you know any soveiregn country that allow foreigners to control their police force,judiciary system,Ambassy with foreigners?I think the only place of earth where such illegal pratice exist is in Seychelles under partilepep or better say parti troufess.The reason why of countires do not have such pratice and would never have it ,is beecuase a soveriegn country must be rule and represented by its own people.

  14. Prime land is a pl invention,
    our debt--2,5 billion in swiss bank,enough to pay our debt and buy Khalifa some rolls of toilet papers,a pig,

  15. Has Boat owners to the likes of Miolionaires William Rose,Louis Bebier,Luc Grand court,Neville Rene,ND OTHER BOAT OWNERS joined together to say in one voice no discrimination and favouritism for oforeigners and defence their interests?This was a good opportunity fo r them to show pl that they will not longer abide by dictation,favoritism.

    All Oppostion leaders should rally behind those Seychellois being dispposses from the business to favore foreigners.It is alos a means or opportunity to have those rich support.Be it William Rose and his brother,Luc grandcourt,Louis Bedier etc... these are all opponent of the one party state.These are people who the Oppostion could have as supporters but also as sponsors.Lets take the district of Baie Ste Anne the biggest district in Seychelles ,this district can be rule easily by Oppostion if they were active,making rwegualr contacts with tht inhabitant,having the support of William,Louis and others (All Praslinois)providing jobs to many pralinois can influence the outcome of an election on Praslin and allow Baie Ste Anne to fall under the rule of Oppostion which will be a pain in Pl's arse.

    Those gentlemen oppose PL ,contact them ,support their causes and have them support you and the will ofr they also want change.William Rose for instance ,has always in public pseaks out his oppostion to Pl dictatorship.

    Praslin have quite a few Rich Patriots enoug to inlfuence change and the control of Praslin By the Oppostion ,get them on board Oppostion Leaders.Also have active contacts with NGOs,other local organizations,football clubs owners,hotel owners,taxi drivers,etc..etc.. all sufering under Pl one aprty state.they are a powerful group that can pep Oppostion and change and an oppostion to the person of Khalifa.

    Oppostion must start going around .meet people,do not wait for election to do that,be present on the ground all year round,that is how you build support,and galvanize the people,it also make it easiser to have their support.

    Do not do like Pl,going around every four years before election and then disapeared unitl in four years on regular basis keeping contact with thwe ordinary people.that is how you build confident and support.not like RAm hiding in the woods and show us his head every for years to fake election.

  16. Seselwa United Party!!The power of peacful protest,i will wait and see if they plan to protest in the near future for me join it.

  17. I agree 100% with you this the way to win the mine of Seselwa peoples^.Mr politicians dont seat on your butts and just wait when election active every day you must be in contact with seselwa every day tell them the full story and truth stories and no lies what is happening with littel Seychelles.

  18. Here we go again! The marketing campaign for Ile Soleil was officially launched in a ceremony on Wednesday afternoon at the Seychelles Trading Company (STC) conference room. Launching the campaign, the managing director of 2020 Development Company Barry Faure said: “We launch today the second phase of the marketing effort to sell all the remaining private properties on Ile Soleil and the government has provided for the best possible mix of opportunities and public infrastructure on the reclaimed island.”

    Present at the launch were ministers Jean-Paul Adam, Peter Sinon and Christian Lionnet, government officials, board members and representatives from the private sectors. All the 40 thieves of Ali-Baba were there! Before going any further let us ask Barry Faure how he got the share in Ile Soleil? and who made him Managing Director? Ali-Baba himself?
    The second phase of marketing he is talking about would be the second time that Ile Soleil will be plundered!

  19. 9.03
    I firmly beleive the Oppostion should aim to take over a few districts ,and the important one to start with ,would be the District of Baie St e Anne.Why?though for the las past elections Praslinois voted for PP;it is not because they love PP,but becuase they are not offer alterantive.Praslinois is known for being the most firce oppostion of PP in Seychelles and there are enough rich Praslinois like Willaim Rose,Gerald Rose,Louis Bedier,Luc Grandcourt,Louis DÔffay,Payet family The britania hotel owners and many more,enough to inflfuence the way Praslinois opt to vote becuase Pralinois grew up with them,swas how they started from the bottom/up by working hard to become who they areHaving such Important persons not necessarily supporting Oppostion fiancially but morally can really make a different.

    Taking Praslin from PP,would allow Oppostion to put in to pratice some of their own plans,fixed the mess Pp left and created,and even over rule pratices illegally perpertuated by PP such as reduce the present of foriegn workers and repalce them by Seychellois.But also other issues can be reserve and should PP government challenge you,then you will alllow have the Praslinois behind you to ensure rules of law etc..are implemented according to the book.

    Even asking PP governemnt to leave money collected from Taxes,CRS,licenses etc.. paid by busiensses and people of Pralin to stay on Praslin that local governemnt can use to develop Praslin not rob by PP or use to sponsor PP lavish life style and blind spending without control.Only a certain percentage of the gross amont collected paid in Cnetral governemnt acount for National contribution on the name of the people of Praslin.This would reduce PP influence and power of control,thus less able to buy vote etc...
    Let us set up a strategy plan in palce with the aim of taking targetted districts and making Praslin on the priority.It would provide Oppostion a chance to show physical that their policies and programme for the country and people benefit and completely different from thr ifaled policies of PP.

    Having done well in a disitrict can be use a example to present a programme on a National level.Seeing the alterantive Seychellois especailly those still septic or rather say lost, to rally behind the Opposition.

    Of course,the Oppostion must put a charismatic or popular Praslinois/se to stand for them on election.Someone chosen after consulting those influential persons on Praslin :William Rose etc... whose public support would boost support for the Oppoistion candidate.

    Let us take Praslin(could be another district or more districts) ,and make it the example of the vision of Oppostion plan for Seychellois future and its people.

    How can Oppostion present themselves to Paslinois/se by getting invovle directly or indirectly with Existing Nogs,Sport clubs by morally and when possible supporting them fiancailly(it must not be a big amount,it could symbolic but enough to show the people that you could be participating or even fianancing (not every year--School party, or organizing voluntary activities by Party supporters or members at district level but also it could be voluntary action targeting an individual e.g an old whose garden need to be clean etc...)It could be organizing activites or supporting,it could be bringing up intiative to repaln trees on our burned mountain .it could be cleaning activites.etc.etc.etc..
    The potential is there to get the heart and support in a short time,what is needed is action.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  20. We the From the UAE is incharge of this tiny islands of seychelles.look at what is hsppening to your army forces.look and try to understand.Mohamad.

  21. Moha-mad in UAE you can't do drugs and if get caught they will cut your dick so you have to go to Seychelles to consume it. In Seychelles jail you go through front door and get out at the back. That's PP style.

  22. I am not a mad Moha, I am sane and telling you the truth and you are too stupid to see what is happening. Sahib has ordered that a new political party be formed to contest the next election, we will win and control Seychelles from State House at La Misere. You can register as many parties you want, walk about town with Tshirts "en nou reprend nou pei", it is too late, all Seychellois politicians are uselessly disorganized. Our dollar has rallied the majority under one umbrella with discipline, vote for SIP (Seychelles Islamic Party). Moha

  23. Ok Mohamad, when do the registration starts? and how much would I get with the first pay check? Tell Sahib Christmas and New Year are around the corner and we need money badly!


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