St Ange Back In Seychelles Empty-Handed

Tourism Australia was declared the overall winner of the World Routes Awards 2013 which were formally announced at the Garden of the Gods at Caesars Palace. This was for Tourism Destination. The nominated countries for this category were:- Tourism Australia, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, Turismo de Tenerife, Republic of Turkey – Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Seychelles Tourism Board.
Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture who was personally in Las Vegas for the 2013 World ROUTES meeting said he was honoured to have again seen Seychelles nominated for the Destination category. “We are small when compared to the other countries nominated, but we can say we are walking tall with these giants with our head high” the Seychelles Minister said to the press at the Garden of the Gods at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas.

Seychelles is one country where tourism remains the pillar of its economy. The Government of these mid-ocean islands have long recognised the importance of tourism and some two years ago created a fully fledged Ministry responsible for Tourism. “Our tourism industry is working today more than ever before. We are small in size and budget, this we know and accept, but we work hard to remain relevant in the world of tourism and to remain visible. On a year to date basis we are recording an increase of 13% in visitor arrival numbers and this positive result has scenario has been repeated year after year since 2009 when the Seychelles relaunched its tourism industry with a new approach called the Seychelles Brand of Tourism. Today this approach is bringing result because through this brand we ensure that our people are directly involved in their country’s tourism industry. This is why the people of Seychelles support and defend their tourism industry” Minister Alain St.Ange of the Seychelles said.

The Seychelles Minister went on to spell out that Seychelles prides itself of not only the exceptional beauty of its 115 islands made up of both flat coral islands and of lush mountain clad granitic ones, but also of its diversity in population called the Seychelles Creoles united as one people.

On the successes in the field of tourism Minister Alain St.Ange said that he cannot look at tourism figures of Australia or of the USA as all is relative. “We can say that ours is working because of our Tourism Master Plan drawn up from a bottom up approach after lengthy consultative meetings. Today we see that our visitor arrival numbers are over two and a half times of our total population and over five times our adult workforce. We are see tourism retaining its position as the pillar of our country’s economy. These indicators show that our industry is working for us, for our economy and for our people” Seychelles Minister St.Ange said.

The World ROUTES Award winners are decided by a panel of judges made up of senior members of the airline network planning community. The 2013 panel consisted of the following experts:

- Mr. Rick Wagstaffe, Vice President Procurement & Logistics (Airline) for Emirates

- Mr. Marcus Siebenschuh, Manager Network Planning Commercial Frankfurt for Lufthansa

- Mr. Andrew Buchanan, Managing Director, International Planning for United Airlines

- Mr. Jose Montero, Senior Vice President of Finance & CFO of COPA Airlines

- Mr. Chee Khuan Liew, VP, Network & LT Planning for Malaysia Airlines

- Mr. Mark Kopczak, Vice President, Network Planning for Spirit Airlines

- Mr. Keith Green, Manager Network Planning for South African Airways

- Mr. Lukas Johnson, Vice President, Network and Pricing for Allegiant Air


  1. It is working for the benefit of five star hotel owners who banked all their revenues abroad and import cheap foreign workers to take seychellois jobs at the same time colonize our land.

    1. with due respect do not speak about taking Seychelloise's job. Most of them are bloody lazy! voler! and have no respect what so ever!

  2. Sadly nothing can ever change the situation we are facing, not even a trip around the world! lemon inn whar kler, zot konin ki gouverdman sesel en bann kominis, enn ban voler enn ban kriminel!

  3. How much did St, ange spend on this trip $65,000.00?
    How much did St. Ange spend on promoting tourism for Seychelles in Brazil? $150,000.00.
    St. Ange, who are you kidding man, you are not even the Minister of Transport, but you go to a routes conference in Las Vegas?

    Come on man, the PP are stupid and they are idiots, but don't you think you are taking advantage of that and abusing the cordiality of the Consul of Ministers ?
    1/4 of $1 Million spent on two trips,here alone, what have you to show for it all?

  4. St Ange wasted on two trips I million plus,waht AIRSEY took three years to generated as profit.Instead of promoting tourism in far distace countries where we not sure that we will get something positive in return for all those millions wasted by Pp,St Ange should maybe focus on other European countires such as Sweden,Norway,Holland etc...where virtually our ogvernment has to date not developed any market.St Ange should also concentrate on advertising small and medium hotel establishment,instead of organizing Ball,parties for managers of five star hotels,the same who literally not contributing to our economy and employment due to fiancial leakage and importation of cheap foreign labor.

    As Chris put it in a recent article St Ange should also has a strategy to developing seasonal tarrif (low/high season tarif)to make the industry more attractive etc...

    Amybe St Ange should not only listen to professional in the industry but also put the condiditiopns in place that allow them to actively participate in National strategy and planning ,decision making in order to come up with the best,appropriate,effective solutions.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. Advertising Sand and sun in today's competitive tourism market, is not enough.,Providing the right Air connections ,flexibility in prices opting for a better pricing (seasons-low/high) is a key option to stay viable etc,... are also important to.It is a whole set of things that needs to be done to develop the industry.Tourism industry is based on different componentinterrealated parts:Accommodation,transportation,attractions,activities,marketing and governemnt regulations.

    Wake Up St Ange!

    Jeanne DÂrc

  6. there is nothing, I hate more than people who lie, and make a living out of it. How can they fucking sleep at night?

  7. Can someone, anyone ask Mau De Gonzague were was he when this young block Hermite was murdered?

  8. Where were you Mau De Gonzaque when Hermitte was murdered?

  9. I Mau de Gonzaque certified today on SFP blog that I was indeed responsible for the fate of Hermiite and was well rewarded financially for it

  10. He was witness of the murder


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