Emirates Hirers Seychelloise to Run Airline, Air Seychelles Does Not!

After rising through the ranks since 2004, Denise Rassool was recently appointed the head of Emirates Airlines to Seychelles with a score of people under her responsibility.
Oomar Ramtoola, the head of Emirates to the Indian Ocean, thus welcomed dedication without flaws in the company's new Director.
For his part, the Minister of tourism of the Seychelles, Alain Saint-Ange, congratulated warmly Denise Rassool for his exemplary career within Emirates Airlines.
As a reminder, Emirates Airlines, renewed its support to the Seychelles in the context of the promotion of the destination last May and has decided to increase its weekly flights to the archipelago with two additional flights from October 28.
The airline company of Dubai dessert today Seychelles, with 12 flights scheduled each week with the Airbus A340-500.
Emirates Airlines is an airline company in full expansion, with more than 180 aircraft that make up its fleet. With more than 120 destinations in 74 countries, Emirates Airlines displays a solid health, in a sector of the air yet in the crisis.
The airline company of Dubai, Emirates Airlines, issued last Thursday a net profit up 43% for the year 2013 to 887 million dollars against 622 million dollars registered in 2012.



  1. Foreigners see and indentified the talent of Seychellois ,Pl the party for foreigners does not see that.Pl keeps recruiting foreigners to control all our institutions,which is illegal and unaccepted.

  2. Seychelles has enough talented and qualified citizens--we donot need foreigners Police officers,judges,ambassadors,Gurkas,mamars and so on from foreign countires to come and rule us.We sovereign Pl.We need to see all those foriegners controlling our instituions to leave,it would save us millions in foreign exchange.

  3. Congratulations to Denise Rassol and all professional Seselwa whose efforts goes unnoticed and unrecognised. I am glad Denise decided to make a career with Emirates unlike other Seselwa who opted for Air Seychelles. Air Seychelles does not recognise Seselwa's efforts. Air Seychelles will only discriminate against Seselwa. SPTC

  4. Air Seychelles no only for foreigners Seychellios get job to foreign Air Lines and Michel give Seychellios jobs to foreigners or may be she better paid there than she will get at Air Seychelles.

  5. When there are qualified Seychellois within Air Seychelles and when top management decide to hire foreigners instead, it kills the morale of the majority of workers and as a result the airline suffers because productivity will not be at it's optimum level.
    The only reason why the top management of Air Seychelles will not promote qualified Seychellois personnel is because the Seychellois professionals will discover their secret schemes to fill their pockets at the expense of the airline.
    The hired foreigners are wise to keep silent in order to keep their high paying jobs in a country that has no vision for the development of it's own people and that makes way for abuse by the foreigners themselves!!

    I put it to you that this is not only true at Air Seychelles but also in many other government institutions!

    The PL affiliated top managers need a buffer of foreign nationals to keep the hard working Seychellois away from poking their noses into their affairs.

    It's all about cheating and daylight robbery at the high level!

  6. Each H Panda raises Indain flag on our shores,Filmed by Pl .symbolizing Indain annexation of Seychelles.

  7. And because if you not a Pl members----regardless of youe experience,talent,qulafication -you will not be chosen--Seychelles is For Pl and Foreigner according to Michel when he told us "he is building a new Seychelles"One as UEA as model whereby Exapts who were imported to UEA as cheap salve labours ended staying forever in UAE and has todaecome the majority that Khalfia cannot even forced then to leave for since they made up 80 percent of UEA population there is a risk that they might take arms and put Khalfia power into jeopardy if not take over UAE from Khalifa tribe.As to Pl,it wants to have such situation as in UAE because Pl thinks by importing foreigners,giving them our passport ,make them the majority or at least half of Seychelles population ,they could be use as potential voters in election in order to keep Pl forever on power.Anf logically Foreigners who illegally obtained our passport from Pl would probably vote for Pl---it is a win-win system for Pl who made those foreigners fake Seychellois but also asure Pl relections in all election.They could alos paly the role of distabiliers in case Pl is in political dangers etc...

  8. Air Seychelles like to employed foreigners that they can steal and pocket money no one knows were it goes,when employed Seychellios with more knowledge than them loser that make Air Seychelles coffer empty they see all their dirty tricks were the money are going.

  9. Air Seychelles is HMEtihad! It is no
    Longer for Seychelles.

  10. Message for panda,ler Mon Fes e grate un malbar e nor Dan lann.

  11. PAPA;MORGAN/PL tell us AIRSEY would operate flgihts from MAdagasvcar Via Seychelles to Asiea.In regards to the distance between Madagascar and Seychelles(which one hour flight)does PAPA/MORGAN/PL think the Madagascians need to stop after an Hour flight in Seychelles on the way to lets say Singapour when there are other airlines offering direct connection?What makes Pl believe in such scam,or does Pl takes the Madagascar pople for idiots like Pl idiots?


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