Etihad Turning Seychelles Into A Big Spoke When it Should Be A Hub

Did everyone hear about the great news of Air Seychelles acquiring under lease, a Airbus 320 to fly regionally 115 passengers at a time to Madagscar, Dar E Salaam? This recent announcement adds Jo’burg  South Africa to a regional spoke controlled by Etihad using Air Seychelles name and position in Africa for front door entrance into the market.

Feed The Hub-Feed The Hub
The business model proposed by Etihad and Minister Joel Morgan, Chairman of Air Seychelles, [seems to be playing along], is to use secondary regional feeder routes via Seychelles to increase traffic into the Abu Dhabi, UAE hub, by- passing the Dubai hub or La Reunion hub, or South Africa for Eastern Africa.
All this is just wonderful news for Seychelles, according to Etihad/Air Seychelles Monoj Papa.

Tourism Not A Priority To Etihad- Air Seychelles
The message of this new regional routes declaration is clear and no one should be fooled by the declaration: “Tourism is not a priority For Etihad-Air Seychelles”. They just implement strategies to feed the hub of Abu Dhabi which is lagging behind Dubai, nothing else.
No one in the Tourism Industry should be fooled.
No one in PL government should be fooled.

What Next?
It is now clear that Etihad is using Seychelles and Air Seychelles beyond a doubt and our Tourism Industry is paying the price like an old used rag and the Consolidated Fund and Seychelles economy is suffering badly, bordering on collapse because the Hub and Spoke business model has not work.
What next?
My advise. They used us, now we must use them, simple. There is no time to cry over spilled milk and play the blame game. Let us all get to work to free us from the Etihad stronghold over Seychelles destiny. Once everyone adopts this state of mind, let us all focus and take the next step.

Seventy Five Bilateral Agreements Signed
There are Seventy –Five plus Bilateral Agreements signed with other airlines. Immediately as in overtime, yesterday, a joint government and private secotr delegation needs to be formed to open negotiations, re-engagement with key potential airlines that can fly directly into Seychelles.

Welcome Condor Twice A Week
Priority should be given to Condor that is flying once a week into Seychelles and can set running a second flight. No effort should be spared to insure that Condor commits to the second flight. Beg and borrow if we have too. We must get Condor on line to solidify our German market growth rates. Up to now, there is high demand for Seychelles, but not enough direct flights.

Welcome China Airlines Direct
China Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the World. They have one of the largest orders of 787-800 Dreamliners that consume  32% less fuel on a long haul then a traditional aluminum plane. Seychelles must send a delegation to China to fast forward direct flights from Beijing, where most Seychelles bound Tourist come from. No time should be wasted, because Tour Operators in China are being courted by Mauritius and Maldives everyday and they are experiencing a boom in tourism from this direct flight market.
China will continue to experience 8% plus growth rates and they holiday when Europe works, hence fitting well into our off season market. Direct flights from China can mean that Seychelles goes from a 3 month holiday season to a 12 month year round boom cycle. Do not waste time. The time to act is now. It can only benefit Seychelles Tourism and even self oriented Etihad can dip into the activity with outbound traffic to the regional hubs it will now serve.
In effect, we can do what I always said we should: work to make Seychelles a regional airline hub in its own right. It will break the Hub and Spoke enslavement of Etihad conspired to manipulate Seychelles in her hour of need when Air Seychelles was cash strapped.

Welcome Union Jack British Airways Back
The UK is experience a boom in manufacturing , real estate, and finance. Why? Simple. When they went through a economic crisis with Continental Europe, they were not tied to the Euro currency policies and could adjust quickly to a redress shortfalls in exports by dropping the value of the Pound and delivering excellence in product manufacturing. They sold British excellence and they are back in a feel good mode.
This is the time to negotiate direct flights beg for them if you have to, bring back the UK market. They are travelling long haul, but not to Seychelles. There is no reason why they should not come to the most beautiful islands in the World, unless of course we make it difficult and tricky to get here.

Hub and Spoke Fiasco
James Michel staked his political prowess on the Hub and Spoke distribution system for Seychelles inbound Tourist.
It works in a haphazard manner.
If Michel’s mean cannot secure direct flights to cover up his fiasco, I believe its time for Mr. Michel to retire, call it a day, resign to a life of writing books with ghost writers, given that Seychelles today is suffering so much from non performance of his grand idea Khalifa gave him, which he swallowed hook line and sinker.

Sesel Sa……does not have to be this way!

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. PL aviation policy is a failure--in fact another failure in Pl book of failures.Under the CROOKSHIP of mini-dictator Morgan the Seychelles aviation industry has and could only take many knocks before the damage is permanent.Fail strategies based on ignorance of the industry or the crooked and slavishness of Pl towards Khalifa has destroyed once Seychelles proud aviation legacy.Aviation is the main means of transport that provide connectivity to our islands ,hence it is a great mystery for Seychellois why Pl seems so intent of destroying its tourism competiveness with a policy agenda stuck in the past.To support both our tourism industry competitiveness and aviation's economic benefit we call on Pl monkeys for urgent action.

    The poor airline links is destroying our tourism industry monkey Pl.Pl crooked policy has hamstrung by the effects of endless failed Pl policies.It seems to me,that operating Airsey at regional lelve to generate just enough to keep Airsey afloat is much more importzant for Pl than our tourism industry which is the main source of revenue of our country and that just to please Khalfia/Etihad.

    This hostile policy and together with low tourist arivals has helped Pl to bankrupted the country twice in less than 5 years and if not change Pl would problaby bankrupted us before even we can rescue the country for the actual mess created by Pl idiots.
    Seychelles tourism industry is on the countdown to collapse too,just like our economy--and all that because of those idiots who confiscated power and use it to pereptaute and cover up their criminals activities.

    Airsey has 60 percents share in the deal with we expect thatSeychelles government as biggest shareholders influence the polcies AIRSEY choose to take.There is no where in the world whatever industry,business that a minority dictates it Will,policies on the majority.The actual policy follows by Pl is slavish and unaccepted.

    Donot force us to change you by force Pl!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Good one Christopher.
    James Michel should write another book:

    How Khalifa fooled Me Hook. Line Sinker".

  3. How Mancham was used for laso Mir.

  4. Pl strategy has nothing to d with making Airsey more profitable or not,but simply to please Khalfia/etahd in its won strategy fo controlling and having monopoly in the region destinations.Secondly,no real business owner would abandone its main amrekt created,built over years to simply launch in unclear new market without clear long-term strategy.

    How can an island state government which economy depend mostly of tourism could stop serving their main tourism market over night thereby destroy its own economy to please a foreign despot?No one except Pl communists.No one is saying a Airline company like it is also the case for any business not to develop new strategy and diversifies its business---but what is ture also is no real and professional business owner would destroy its main market in order to launch in dboutful market without long -term ananlysis,preparation and clear objectivies.Airsey today is making only enough profit just to be operational not necessarily to generate wealth for the country.And all past statics show that AIRSEY in the first 5 to 10 year fo its creation and by operating direct flights to Europe generated more rvenues than today.The only problem back then is that David Savy and Pl robbed all the reveneus to sponsor and pay for their lavish life style and sponsor misused the revenues to sponsor the Pl party.

    Moreover,when we look the reasons that most island states provide of the why they have a National carrier--the answer is cristal clear---not to serve as secondary airline of a foreign Airline or to please foreign despots or just for the sake of operating a National airline for pleasure but as part of a National strategy to support their tourism industry in the first place.

    On hub--what Pl proposes is in fact a FORTRESS HUB--in other word monopoly of the hub.This strategy in itself is crooked for the Airport cannot allow literally no other Airlines to operate or use this hub therefore lots of extra revenues loss for the Airport and all the other ground service such as engineering,catering etc....

    Now,aince Airsey is a Nationa lAirline that is belongs to the people---we calling of mini-dictator Morgan to stop acting unilaterally and listen to the Airline owner namely Seychellois and start doing what the owner want not what Pl crooks or Khalfia want.Seychellois holding 60 percent in their National Airlinev want that their National Airline is use as means of transportation to boost their tourism industry not to be used as secondary regional Airline of a ofriegn company or despot.

    Seychellois owes the Airline and their tax money is being use to keep the Airline operational-------and in this light they as main shareholder have the legitimate rights in decision -making and the strategy to follow by the National Airline.

    Bring our Airline back mini dictator Morgan and that immediately.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. DISTANCE HORITZON--Michel thinks he is NOSTRADFAMUS and has the power to foresee the future-What for a maron.

  6. Believe nothing wrong with your ears!

    Mancham said Michelle is the right man for Seychelles!

    Michelle is the mesiah for seychelles!

    Michelle is the son of GOD!

    Glad I'm not his Son!


    Belle Epoque.

  7. Well said Jeanne.
    We built up the Charles De Gaulle route, which is a hub for Europe, and brought it to 6 flights a week.
    Then they just shut it down.
    If the load factor was not high enough they could have reduced frequency and keep the gate.
    Now we have to pick up the broken pieces, start all over again.
    Christopher Gill

  8. Former President James Mancham book launch first of all where were you when we got independence from the Brit?Mancham was never President he was governor how can he be president after independence we never have a vote till them crooks took Ak-47 made a coup.Even your history you don't no sucker paedophile.

  9. Mancham and Michel have rob our country and its peoples,what Manham have done in the past with KASOUKI.Michel are repeating it in a different style with Arabs don't check it Seselwa kouyon.

  10. Khalifa's money is buying all opposition in Seychelles. Just look at what is happening, the impossible is becoming a reality. Ralph Volcere and others have been removed from the political scene and silenced.
    Now Mancham and Michel congratulating each other on the stage! This is just a show, not a true and normal event of the day, they have been obliged to put up this masquerade for the Arab's money. How can they be so palsy-walsy when Michel was the one who was trigger-ready to shoot Mancham on the night of 5th. June 1977! He did not get the label 'The Butcher' for nothing!

  11. I see our local ‘Big Wigs, Ministers’ met with the Directors of Exotisme, Autral Lagon and TUI France were in Seychelles at the invitation of the Tourism Board to discuss with trade partners and key decision makers why it was becoming difficult for them to sell Seychelles. France arrivals are some 13% down compared to the same period last year.

    We should count ourselves lucky that we are only 13% down. This was predicted once Air Seychelles ceased its direct link from Charles De Gaulle. With the added burden of 15% VAT we should blame ourselves for trying to ‘milk the cowshed as well as the cow ! ‘

    1 + 1 = 2 (not 11)
    Remove Direct Flights from Charles De Gaulle = reduction in French Tourists
    Add 2 Air Seychelles Flight from Charles De Gaulle via Abu Dhabi = Same Shit, different Airline = reduction in French Tourist.

    On the other hand we see the German market doing extremely well due to the direct link with Condor. It is such a lucrative market, Condor is introducing a 2nd direct flight. (incidentally, Etihad and Emirates are not too happy about this 2nd Flight) If you remove the 15% VAT on small establishments that turnover less than 10 million rupees, then Condor will have to introduce more weekly flghts to keep up with demand !

    Big wigs, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to increase arrivals to our shores. If you cannot figure out the solution grow up and speak to Mr Christopher Gill. Mr Gill will help you find the right solution. If you are too proud to take Gills advise, then keep on signing books with JRM……SPTC

  12. Anonymous 10.06!You can say it like this my bro invented by Mancham sell-out by Michel and his group of crooks.We get to much rats on the island who digging up their own hole.

  13. Sesel Pou Seselwa!

  14. All all went silent after Ahmed Afif made his intervention concerning the licensing of Seychelles Airlines.

    The hold up is now materially hurting Seychelles Tourism.

    Partners will pull out and all out abandon the Seychelles product now.

    1. Don't you dare mention Seychelles Airlines!
      Sahib Khalifa is recovering from his stroke and he cannot be bothered with this controversy. Allah forbid!
      He has not given his approval yet.

  15. Mr. Gill I want to thank you for all your work.
    Today we see many things we never could believe.
    Today, we see you fighting your family to stand up for principles.
    There are not many people like you in this world.
    Thank you for all you are doing for Seychelloise

  16. FIU and NDEA got 15,000 with a drugs courier fine! what about those million dollars them crooks transfer on their off shore account every month when you will show us one of them face in front this jungle court FIU?

    ARET PRAN Seselwa pou kouyon rats.

  17. One TO French Market told me they have already stop selling Seychelles and they will not bother to start again. Too much headaches they say. Taxes too high, product too expensive, en pei voler she said. I guess that means rip off.

  18. PL in NATIONask"Comment ramener les tourists frencaise aux SeychellesMaybe by boat,pirgoues or on the back on Morgan.Donkey by planes.Provide them with direct flights donkeys.

  19. 03.15 EITAHD and Michel have a policy to monopoly the destination,so they will drag their feet ,but if it was for Khalifa t,Pl would have over night speditively authorize it,even without approval from the Assembly.Pl is a slave of Khalfia,and are anti-Seychellois.Waht is why those marons would have to go voluntarily or else.But go they will regardless how.

  20. Destination deliberately being suffocated. Wake up folks.
    Do you hear Michel talking about what is killing everyone ?
    Michel is talking about l'or Bleu.
    Some incongruent idea that is just intellectual reflections. nothing concrete, nothing solid. Nothing tested.
    Spirit of Koxe has ruined Seychelles.

  21. I am speechless. What the hell is going on in Seychelles?

  22. Of course they would stop selling Seychelles--why would they continue selling Seychelles when they cannot get the clients under good conditions to our shores.Pl must also dig this in their donkey brain------namely there are a lots of exotic tourist destination offering better conditions and it must stop acting as if Seychelles is the only destination with white beaches,turquois waters and sun and that means toursits would go even they would have like to come to Seychelles --go wherethe budget allow them to,where their good connectivitiy that they get to their chosen destination as faster and the shortest way possible ,where price are more attractive etc.....

    On 5th June 2014 IATA held its meeting IN DOHA.200 Airlines representatives attended the meeting.Most airlines representatives from USA and Europe crticised Gulf carriers(Emirates,Etihad etc..)for their crooked polcies.who continue to see these gulf airlines as threat and questioned their growth model.

    Western Carriers rekindle complained about the lack of transparency among gulf carriers.For instance ,they complained that ETIHAD,fast growing Airline,which has bought Air Berlin and AER lINGUS among other carriers,,had access to an INTREST_FREE 3 BILLION dolars from the UEA royal family.

    Eithad has a sole strategy destroy other airline for its own advantage.

  23. My People,of Seashells,
    I see the potential of our great country,
    It has a vast oceeen.
    It is blue gold.
    I tell JEnpa when he flies Diamond Class for 40,000 .USD per ticket, to make use of this expensive ticket, invite anyone that sits next to him to come and dig for L'or Bleu in our sea.
    Never mind about tourism.
    Never mind about direct flight access.
    Never mind about keeping seashells clean.
    All this cost too much money .
    We will not be able to pay for Diamond Class seats if we do all this......blah,blah blah.
    Vote for me, Liz is pretty.

  24. Pl tells us 10,000 Chinese visit Seychelles so far.Is that ground to celebrate?not at all?Why because 97 millions Chinese travel abroad annually.Pl tells us a group of juornalists will be writing about Seychlles.For decades lots of books have been written on Seychelles.That is Seychelles in known aborad.what Seychlles needs is not necessarily more books to tell stories already written about thousands of times but DIRECT FLIGHTS to get those who already read these books and want to come to our shores to see what they read LIVE.

  25. 10 ooo Chinese tourists visited Seychelles this year-----over 40 000 visited Mauritius this year,---330 ooo visited Maldvies last year 2013,---so pl is that success donkeys?

  26. Mr St Ange you organizing journalists to wirte about Seychelles .Very good,it is good as advetisememnt---but how would get those who read this articles and want to come and visit us to our shores?By foot,by asking Morgan to carry them on his back,on Cmael back?How you do Mr St Ange?

  27. Seven Seychellios write about hotels and tourisum rubbish!Why not write on corruption and human trafficking Money laundering in Seychelles?Afraid of facing jail under dictators.

  28. I think they should have asked St Ange--what the purpose on wasting tax payers to pay them to write books when we cannot transport them to our shores?Is ti worth spending tax payers money than not to achieve the end results expected?

  29. Sorry!Seven Seychelles journalist.

  30. Guys we are in trouble another agent told me they will no longer sell Seychelles.

  31. STB have decided to allocate more funds to market Seychelles in France... What is the point. These agents can sell Seychelles better if we had direct links with CDG like we had previously. Etihad has taken our slots on the cheap for them to transport French tourists elsewhere. Give us back our 5 slots and let Ahmed Afif bring our French Tourists down. JAM & JRM talks about putting Seychelles first, but these hypocrites wants us to believe we have to beg from Arabs all the time. JRM have worked out how much Khalifa is in love with Seychelles and how much million dollars he has given us since 2008. We DO NOT NEED KHALIFA DOLLARS. We need our dignity back, we are not beggars. We need capable people to run our country and economy so we can be the KHALIFA of the Indian Ocean helping our needy neighbours ! JAM stand up there in Samoa spelling out that Seychelles is the most indebted country in the world per capita....Shame on you - no boo**y pride in Seselwa's existence ! You know what JAM/FAR & JRM show us what work you have done over the past 50 years for you to justify the many billion of dollars that you have stashed away. These are all ill gotten gains stolen from Seychelles coffers ! Bring these back so we can pay Khalifa back his 'gifts'. Let us run Seychelles in the interest of Seselwa rather than in the interest of KHALIFA, JAM, FAR & JRM.
    Gill over to you to expand on the above. SPTC

  32. We need to get serious about this situation.

  33. Indeed St. ange has done an excellent job promoting Seychelles without a budget.
    Focus must now shift to direct flights from Europe and China.

  34. I read in this mornings edition of Today the challenges Mr Afif faces with his new venture Seychelles Airlines. We all know the reason for the delay and obstacles put up by SCAA. For the ones who does not know the real reason, I will spell it out here:
    Like all other Afif, Mr Ahmed was well connected with SPPF - He was once on the board of Air Seychelles under Cpt David Savy. Although well connected the Afif tries their best to remain independent at best. I suppose this stems from the strong family background they came from. Mr Afif strength has always been finance and whilst at Air Seychelles he noticed all the unethical, fishy business that was taking place. Unfortunately King David would not listen to sound advise and we know the rest is now history. What Mr Afif learnt during his days on the Board of Directors, was very simple. The correct airline model for Seychelles, run by Seselwa for the benefit of its stakeholders can be a very lucrative, profitable and indeed a solid business. Mr Afif could see all the mismanagement, embezzlement, corruption going on right under his nose; but who was he to stop King David. Like I said before the rest is now history, we all know what happened to Air Seychelles - and the tourism industry is reaping the reward of Air Seychelles mis-management to this day.

    Having seen what a genuine, well run local airline with direct links to Europe can deliver in terms of business profitability, Mr Afif managed to convince some investors to form this new airline. What Mr Afif failed to remember is in Seychelles the aviation industry is reserved for the Savy Family. (I will come back to this shortly). As it is a no brainer, if Mr Afif business model is able to take off - it will be a matter of 2 years for the tourism industry to reap the benefits and obviously the investors will reap the lucrative benefit as well. Seselwa will start asking questions about the Air Seychelles they used to own and why was it never profitable ! This is the main reason Mr Afif will find it difficult or impossible to take off. Instead of putting Seychelles first we have to put SAVY, ADAM, SPPF and all the rest first. If any business proposition is going to show up the mismanagement of these parasites, then rest assured you will not get co-operation in this new Seychelles of National Unity & Reconciliation.

    Back to the SAVY. They control, Helicopter Terminal by Ti Francis, Domestic Inter Island terminal by Gro Glenny and finally International terminal by His Excellency Fld Marshall, Cpt David .

    How can Mr Afif & his team of investors stand a chance when you are up against these heavyweights ! Literally Heavy Weights ! SPTC

    PS Christopher Gill, I would welcome your views on the above SPTC

    1. Here is a solution.
      1. Lease an aircraft from Boeing.
      2. Apply for a licence and register the aircraft in the United States.

      Once the FAA has this information, you can make application for U.S. registration. You will be required to show proof of ownership with your application.

      As daunting as it might seem, with proper knowledge and professional guidance, the process of acquiring a United States or Cayman Island registered aircraft is quite achievable. In order to do so the aircraft purchaser, hereinafter called a “Beneficiary”, engages a Trustee services company, hereinafter called a “Trustee”, to place the chosen aircraft in either a U.S. Registered Business Trust or Cayman Islands “bare” Trust. The Trustee then obtains permission from the Federal Aviation Administration in the case of the United States (the FAA) or the Civil Aviation Authority in the case of the Cayman Islands (the CAA) to hold title to the aircraft, but for the exclusive use of the beneficiary (the aircraft purchaser), who has the legal right to use or modify the aircraft, and also to subdivide or transfer their beneficial rights to a third party. Such transfers are quite often free of any sales, transfer or value added taxes.

  35. Marketing Seychelles is not the problem -the problem is providing the means of transport to get to our shores.One can advertise as much possible--but if there is no transportation means no one would come.

  36. Why waste time with SCAA when there are other alternatives. Mr Afif should know better.

  37. And a while back at Point Larue THE GRO SAT ESKOBAR RECEIVED A TIP even before the codename KATITI started. So they caught some little no value IDIOT!

  38. 02.27
    it is a solution but Seychelles for Seychellois not KHAFILA or partilepep terorists.Secondly ,airline registered in i donot know where than partilepep would screw you with high landing fee etc.....

    What we have to do is not go else but register right here in our country---trying to go else is making partilepep beleive it can screw Seychellois forvere and as it want.I think all business persons in the tourism industry should wrtie a petition asking Partilepepv marons to derliver Mr Afif his license in order that he can start operating his airline ,or that partilepep maron operate immediately direct flights from and to europe or face protest organize by business persons in the tourism industry ,which means literally over more than 60 percent of the seychelles population.Mr Afifi as a Seychellois has a right to be license to do whatever business he likes,refusing Mr Afif a license to start his business is both a Huamn rights abuse and illegal under Seychelles business laws.Operating an Airline is no different rthan operating any other business.Should partilepep 3refuse Mr Afif a license as a Seychellois to start his business8regardelss which business he choses to start9Thec case must be forward to Intenrational court ,Human rights organization,etzc......if a Seychellois cannot operate a business in seychelles in his country so we consider that foreigners to thel ike of camel Khalfia with his etihadc cannot too.

    I firmly beleive business persons in the oturism industry alone can screw paertilpepe very hard should tghey get together,for without them partilepep would vanish.

  39. All single seychellois has a legitimate right to start a business of his /her choice under Seychelles law regardless of the type of business be it operating an airline,a submarine,sending rocket to space and so on ---nio one is above the law and has any rights to impede a seychellois doing his or her business and that inclduing partilepep terrorists.

  40. Has aprtilepepc signed the OPEN SKIES CONVENTIONso partilepep has no authority vbe it acccording to international and domestic laws to impede Mr Afifi for starting his own Airline.Mr Afifi should use the Intenrantional convetion baord as a means to pressure partilepep thieves for not abding by interantional laws and to condiditons stipualted in the Open Skies convention.

  41. Hey, Ramkalawan, did you read this?
    'Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond says he intends to stand down, after losing independence vote!'
    Salmond displayed the true spirit of a statesman. Seychellois politicians have no statesmanship, even they lose 3 or 4 times at the poll.

  42. What the hell is happening in Seychelles? One Kenyan straight from Africa has been appointed General Manager for Seychelles Barclays Bank, and a South African straight from kawazulu has been appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police, wow!
    Surely there must be Seychellois nationals who are better qualified than Mr. James Kenyany from Kenya. And surly there must be Seychellois nationals who are more experienced in police work and know more about Seychelles than Mr. Vernan Hunter from Kawazululand.
    Joel Morgan has no development strategy for the Police Force. A complete stranger would not give any help to Commissioner Quatre who is a complete ignorant, and the later said so ignorantly in his statement on the appointment of Mr. Hunter - " I look forward to working with him to deliver against our stated goals and objectives,” said police commissioner Quatre.
    Surely if he is going to deliver against the goals and objectives, he will score in his own goal and that will not be good for the future of the Seychelles Police Force!

  43. NDEA why so you not check IDC planes for DRUGS!

  44. KATITI the symbol of predators like Pl.No single Pl hard Durg importers have been apprenhended to date.OPPPS no I am mistaken I think Hoarau was arrested after NDEA discovered bags teemed of drugs on board his fishing boat, but released by his gang member Goveneden.Since ,there case has been closed and crew members of the fishing baot release because the culprit Hoarau a sponsorer of Pl must be be protected and cannot sit in jail and because Pl was afirad if Hoarua is jailed he might speak out and give names of his gang members such as Govinden,Faure and others which would have had consequences on them.And you have noted too.that drug confiscated by NDEA as the money --no one knows what happen to.Probably money are pocket by Pl and his foreign mercenaires to the likes of Scully and drugs re.introduce on the market to kill Seychellois youth and sponsor Pl lavish life stlye and party.

  45. Mr Afif and his team has a right to start any business they wish to under Seychelles laws.No one has the right including Pl to impede mr Afif starting his new business.I have the feel that Pl think because it is a new Airline that Mr afif wants to start so he cannot --such business should somehow be reserve for Pl and foreign friends...which is a croked mentality of defranchising Seychellois and impeding them from benfitting from their own economy.

    Be it starting a new Airline,hotels whtever,Seychellois who can afford it have this legitimate rights protected under laws.For istance,Brtish AirWays is a the Brit National Airline but other individuals can still operate their own Airlines----Virgin,EAsy Jet and others just like Michel Sri LAn akn Dictaotiral firned RAJAPAKSE can in parallel to Sri Lnakn Air line operates his On Minh Airline ,or along side Air France private company could operate AUSTRAl Airline which is private,or Air India in Nationaƶ Indain Airline but has private airline like Kingfisher which is private etc.......

    The idea the blogger gives above is good--but using this path would make Pl feel Seychelles belong to him and foreigners thus Seychellois must go elese where to start their business because Pl thinks Seychellois are second class citizens with no rights.

    How could Pl thugs be forced to speed up and approve Mr Aifif license?--By Protest from tourism business persons--that is not necessarily going into the street but since Pl itself is illegal and disrespecting our constituions and rule of alws and selling out Seychelles to foreign collaobrators---Business owners could send Pl a petition to ask Pl to without dealy license Mr Aifif business.If Pl refuse the business community should let Pl thugs know that as protest and being the ones bailing out PL economic messs that"they would refuse to pay any taxes.CSR etc...... until Pl abide by Seychelles alws and allow Seychellois to to benfit from their own economy before foreign crooks.
    You might say"Pl would use its illegal court and justice control by foreigners to pressure you2Well could Pl bring thousands of Seychellois business owners to court?Could Pl deal with the mass Seychellois employees being affected by Pl cr0oked decisions?Would Pl be able to face the thousand of Seychellois employed in the hotel being victims fo Pl thugs?

    The tourism industry employs thousdans of Seychellois thus have the mass and the power to shake Pl to its bone.My guess is..if Business owners in the tourism industry decide not to pay their taxes as protest and Pl challenge them,,the thousands of employees in the tourism industry could then take the second steps by going out into the streets to defence their Bosses and bread baskets.We cannot allow a gang of state organized criminals to continue bullshititing Seychellois at this point.NB when I say business owners in the tourism industry I means not only hotel,guest house,restuarant owners but taxi drivers,boat charter owners,Travel agencies,farmers who have contractural deals with hotels to supply them goods,Cat CoCO,etc..etc.....I blevie Pl would never want to face ta protest from this big industry the main job supplier in Seychelles and its employees who are in thousands.

    Business owners can refuse to pay taxes to an illegal system which does itself not respect rule of laws--so Pl criminals cannot come a tell businesses that it is illegal not to pay tax when itself is illegal---and businesses could refuse to pay their money to an illegal system not recognize and elected by the people.Unless we think Pl is the law,and has a right to dictate the rule of law on Seychellois whuile not abiding with them itself.If Pl chanllegne the business owners for not pay tax in would be an opportunity for Seychellois to also chanllegen Pl on its bookful of illegal practices commited for deacdes now including 2,5 billion dollar robbed from Seychellois coffers,SEPEC ;IDC money,etc...


  46. 02.27
    Then one have to pay tax in USa plus landing fee in Seychelles etc.. which would probably sky rocket spending and make the airline expensive to manage and be profitable ,keeping in mind that Airline industry is a highly competitive one.What about making a deal (join venture with Austral or an African Airline)just to be able to rapidly have a licence and start operation?That is An existing African Airline can take or make Mr Afifi airline as part of it fleet thus no need to have new licence etc..... therefore the new Airline can start operation immediately and benfit from the mother airline already established agreement in place------even lease Aricraft to Mr Aifif as part of the conditions--while Mr Aiff could provide the crew etc....

    Howver I believe Me Afif Airline should be licensed in Seychelles and as Seychellois it is his rights to do so and partilepep has no authority to impede him from doing so under any circumstances.


    DIRECT fly to MUMBAI to please Asians immigrant on our shore up and down till a real dangerous virus is spread on our shore I been asking Q seen years who paid for those Asian immigrant health care can any one give us a answer as a leader of opposition are they getting for FREE like Seychellios?may be that's its were million lost and taxes been increasing..

  48. Form one compNy in Delaware, the. One in Seychelles push both licenses and landing rights. Squeeze the Communists.
    Take to the streets if you have to.
    Call agents and banks to boycott this regime until they license this plane.

  49. Dear Christopher I was in love with your father Mickey. He died so early. You look just like him. Keep on fighting . Jimmy let us all down. He is a disgrace. Thank you for standing up for us. One day we shall overcome.

  50. Afif is not dealing with right and wrong, or moral issues. He is facing a business challenge by his competitors who happen to control administration of licensing procedure.
    He must be smart and calculating.
    He can defeat the position taken by his opponents up to now.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill

  51. Aviation in the Seychelles was raped when the SPUP introduced full scale political indoctrination into this Air Transport Industry.

    You cannot run international air transportation (which is regulated by international laws) like it is a branch of a political party or use it as a medium for propaganda or a source of revenue to balance the books of a corrupt government on the verge of bankruptcy!

  52. Air transport policy has been an utter failure.
    Good luck Mr. Afif as you navigate through this mess.

    Christopher Gill

  53. IFTM Top RESA in Paris - Seychelles delegation said they are set to claim back their fair share of the French market

    The Seychelles delegation for ILTM Top Resa Tourism Trade Fair in Paris is being led by Minister Alain St.Ange, the island's Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture and by Sherin Naiken, the CEO of the Tourism Board. The delegation made up of public and private sector representatives left Seychelles on Sunday night. Minister St.Ange said as he left the Seychelles that this year's Top Resa is timely for the islands as it follows in the footsteps of the visit to the Seychelles by the Heads of three Tour operators selling the islands through their extensive programmes.

    Visitor arrival figures from France suffered a reduction on a year to-date basis when compared to the same period in 2013 and the one day visit to the Seychelles by the Directors of Exotisme, Austral Lagon and TUI France was to give the opportunity ahead of Top Resa for the Government, the private sector trade and their tour operator partners to sit together and to discuss the challenges being faced by the destination. Three Seychelles Ministers, St.Ange for Tourism and Culture, Morgan for Internal Affairs and Transport and Laporte for Finance and Investments were also present at this Industry meeting where they shared the head table at the meeting with Sherin Naiken, the CEO of the Tourism Board, Bernadette Willemin, the Director for Europe for the Seychelles Tourism Board, Freddy Karkaria, the Chairman of the SHTA (Seychelles Hospitality & Tourism Association, Marco Francis, the Chairman of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Justin Gosling of Air Seychelles and Denise Rassool of Emirates. That meeting took place at the Conference Room at the Constance Ephelia Resort that was full with members of the island's tourism private sector coming from Hotels and Resorts, Car Hire, Taxi and Restaurants.

    Gilbert Gisneros, Director of Exotismes, Fabrice Bouillot, Director of TUI France, and Helion de Villeneuve, Director General Austral Lagoon all agreed at that meeting that unavailability of seats allocated to Tour operators on the Seychelles route was a real challenge. Helion de Villeneuve said airlines should reconsider allocations of more seats for the Seychelles-France route, especially during high season. "Early in the year we had demand for Seychelles but no seats to the hubs en-route to Seychelles" Mr De Villeneuve said.

    Top Resa in Paris is the perfect tourism trade fair for Seychelles to make its case and work to claim back its fair share of the French Tourism Market.

  54. I see Minister St Ange is on his way to Paris again. I have a lot of time for Mr St Ange, but on this occasion I felt his time would be well spent if he stayed back home and help Mr Afif fast track his formalities with SCAA. This action of helping mediation between Mr Afif and SCAA will yield much better result that the Minister attending the upcoming fair in Paris. SPTC

  55. Lefess says the name Seychelles is reserved for government business only. Who then in the Seychelles government owns Seychelles Shoes. A high end shoe brand registered in the US.

  56. Pl puts the blame of the court for impeding Mr AFif starting operation of his new airline.Pl tells us it all about the so call Air Operation Certificate.But is the court controlled by Pl minions?Or it is not Eithad/airseychelles impeding Mr afifi via Pl control court?

  57. Airsey/Etihad do not want competition because of course it will negatively affect their monopoly thereby ticket prices and market shares.IF they can get rid of competition they can not only keep their monopoly but keep tariff artificially high.The problem is this monopoly does not serve the National Interest of the country but a foreign depot.If Pl has the country interest at heart ,they should consider a new airline as an advantage and support for our tourism industry.These donkeys are anti-Seychellois and have not even a little of patriotism in them.

  58. Seychelles has always hold an important palce and share on French market---that today it must fight to be recognize and find a palce on French amkret is simply because Pl decided without any convicning explication to Leave the market and stop serving Air connectivity to please Khalfia selfish objectives of making his Airline wolrd number one.A genuine business man would never destroyed his main market share for stupid reasons and lacks of patriotism.

    How Pl must have to work double to re- gain share on a market it was once well-established and developed. As the saying goes"Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance".

  59. Pl and Arabes are discussing Master Plan of the City of Seychellois Nation without Seychellois invovlmemnt,participation,and opinions.Sesel Pou Seselwa Pl and Seychellois only would decide how their Capital should be not Pl ganster and Arabes despots.

  60. Plan would be developed or better say dictates By Arab Al KUwaiti---Seychellois cannot do themselves Pl?And what has Al KUwaiti do do in Seychelles affaires.Seychellois must Shape their future as a Soveriegn Nation not pl gang or Foreigners.

  61. Pl tells Seychellois to participate in ECOSOCC Eleltions(Nb no African institutions work) while not allowing Seychellois to decide and choose their own leaders in Seychlles elections...

  62. The stage is set for financial- economic implosion of Seychelles Economy.
    1. Each quarter national productivity is below 0 .

    2 No direct flights from Paris a European hub, we use to have 6 flights a week direct.

    3 consequently , there is a perception in Tourism Industry Seychelles is no longer a serious player.

    4. Agents are abandoning Seychelles product.

    5. SCAA and PL are indeed playing with Seychelles Airlines, which cost them $ 1 Million per month in lost revenue potential.

    6. In turn,lack of direct flights mean hotel room nights stay empty, unused ; taxis, empty, restaurants empty, souvenir salespeople suck it up.
    7. The currency will devalue.
    8 cost of living will go up.
    9 unemployment will go up.
    10 defaults at commercial banks are already up, beyond belief.
    PL this is no time to whine and cry over spilled milk.
    Get with it, release Afif and move on. Let us all get focused on productivity, not what could have been and never will be.
    Christopher Gill

  63. Terible error by PL . Very reactive not progressive. Sends the wrong message to the World.
    Houses on Eden Island just devalued by 40 percent.
    Prospects of resale of the units will be one hundred times harder, not to mention the problem with termites everywhere.



  65. Mr Chellen died in Seychelles police custody its not the first person their murder in custody then throw in the sea.We have to take action with brutal police Seychelles politician if you don't I will be prepare to do so by paying some heroin addict for action.

  66. 03.08 you seem to be right--I was told that the same thuggish practice was first introduce in 1977 when Michel,Rene and their gang forced themselves on to power and started murdering innocent Seychellois who were them discarded into the sea.Since back then it was a good way to get rid with vicitms bodies ,PL kept the practice for simply because it has proven to date effective for the criminal system in place.

    1. Anonymous 00:02

      If you missed the whole point about PL, let me remind you.

      They are still consistent since that year '77

      Never change!

      I don't see it coming unless OPPOSITIONS come together.


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