Seychelles Facing Total Implosion As Key Opportunity Is Missed By PL!

In life, timing is everything and sometimes, when one misses an opportunity, they pay for it for years and decades to come.
This week TOP RESA the annual Paris Tourism Trade Fair was in full operation and Seychelles had a golden opportunity to re- launch her image to finally plant a seed that would reverse the downward trend in the French market suffering -14% decline monthly.
Instead, Minister St. Ange and his A-TEAM ( they are an A-Team) went to Paris empty handed, because PL government slept and vacillated on the primordial issues too long, focusing only on internal Budget deadlines, and ignoring core TOURISM TRADE deadlines like opening of TOP RESA.

Critical Note: Budget is where we decide how to spend money we will earn from Tourism. It is not the other way around PL.

The Competition is Wide Awake PL
At TOP RESA, Mauritius and Maldives turned up with digital banners spread every where that said: DIRECT FLIGHTS! DIRECT FLIGHTS!
What could poor St. Ange and his A-TEAM Do?
HUB and SPOKE To Paradise….with delays and lost Baggage Today!”

What Could Have Been Done To Flip France Into A Growth Market Again Before TOPRESA Trade Fair?
  1. PL Government of Seychelles announces Approval of Seychelles Airlines.
Pressure now on Mr. Afif to make it happen or get off the Radio air waves.
  1. PL calls for additional Direct Flights from Etihad Partner from Europe and

  1. Bold PL Government of Seychelles calls for reduction in VAT from 15% to
7% in 2015 to stimulate Tourism Industry and make Seychelles more competitive and attractive as a long haul destination.
  1. Bold PL Government of Seychelles calls on austerity cuts in all ministries,
suspending political pensions, new vehicles, travelling for next 24 months unless approved by Minister of Finance. Ministers are all called to Order, to address issues plaguing their ministries that “en pay” Seychelles. They should be given Thirty (30) days to present solid propositions or resign and be replaced by private sector recommended candidates.

  1. PL Government announces reduction in fuel tax from 40%-25% to reduce
inter island travelling costs and this will encourage French market to go back to their Three (3) island one holiday preferred vacation.

  1. PL Government urges all ferries and cargo ships to pass these savings on to the traveler and consumer.

  1. Minister of Transportation who is also Chairman of Air Seychelles,
announces that Etihad will offer 200 FOC tickets per year for educational to Tour Operators in France and Germany to solidify our partnership.
  1. Etihad-Air Seychelles welcomes another Airline to the market and offers
Seat Allocation to all Tour Operators selling Seychelles.

9. “Sesel Sa” is published in French not English.

10.Minister of Tourism STB partners with Petit Fute’ to push Seychelles as a
destination on a year round basis.

11. Minister announces that Seychelles is so serious about taking care of its
guests that even Taxi fares will be reduced in 2015 and all taxis will be
painted the same color before being licensed.
Guess what folks, it did not happen.

Implosion imminent.
Instead, we had the focus of the World press in place, and all Minister St. Agne could do likely (possibly, I have not spoken to him, but can imagine) is say: we are looking into direct flights, we are looking into seat allocations, we are looking into reduce fares , we are looking into reduce taxi fares, we are looking into the declining trend, we are looking, if I am lucky in 2015 I will no longer be looking.
In the meantime, the French Market is looking into a holiday else where- other than Seychelles.
All IMF can do is scratch their head and say maybe 3% growth……(I doubt that very much, try -3% IMF).

Sesel Sa…..does not have to be this way!

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. Please help Seychelles!

  2. The article says it all.Pl should act now,and bring together Airlines,hotels and Tours Operators.No only the must take these steps developed in the article and get them implememnted immediately ,but in addition to that Pl should encourage more Airlines to fly to Seychelles ,especially those that cancelled their Operations when Party Lepepe forced them on power in 1977 namely AIR FRACNE,BRITISH AIRWAYS,etc.....I believe also that tour Operators like AFRICAN SAFARI who was a main provider Of German Tourists to Seychelles in the 80s must be encouraged to come back.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. After Pl has tried almost everything without success ,we were all expecting that this time around;pl would use the opportunity to get things right.But,once again Pl deceived us.Pl missed this golden opportunity presented by TOP RESA to finally get our Tourism industry back on track.The door to opportunity Pl is always labeled PUSH--Pl failed to pushed the door of opportunity TOP RESA offered them.

    The greatest success stories were created by persons who recognized a problem and turn it into an opportunity.But Pl missed both---it fialed to recognize its failure and the opportunity on offer.You know what PL.a man who missed his opportunity,an a monkey who missed hi branch cannot be saved.TOP RESA Knocked the door,PL doorman threw him out.But after all," a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity" would say W Churchil.

    Now.Pl has proven uncapable at all levels to do the right things for the country----it is then right for Michel to resign and his party dissolved and call ofr a UNITY or COALITION government to get us out of this mess as rapidly possible.

  4. 01,31
    TOP RESA did not wait for Pl to asked them to come.they opted to come themselves to do exactly what you asking namely HELP Seychelles.But as it has become clear now,Pl falied to concretized the help on offer beucase the later has no clue of what it is doing and going.The question should be_-what are those marons doing on power'

  5. To last comment, whoever it is................and it is a fine mess we are in.............!

  6. Our beloved Seychelles is in cardiac arrest and Mr. Michel is talking about Blue economy?
    Mr. Michel our blue economy will be wiped out by China.
    They are building a mega fisheries port worth 450 million USD in Mozambique.
    Seychelles resources will be wiped out.

  7. I am a small hotel guesthouse. I can tell you all the situation is very very bad. It has been so for a long long time. DMC do not help. They sell only their own hotel. I do not trust them to sell or promote Seychelles. They tell us to work with them support them but they use us only. They send clients only to 5 star hotel. They never help us, they help themselves. Now my DMC is tripadvisor and agoda. PL if you do not know who this is you should wake up. You will be surprise my friends how these company working Seychelles market while mason and creole sleep on the job.

  8. To the small hotel, well done for exploring IT/e-commerce with agoda & trip advisor. This is the choice of a free market. With IT/e-commerce there are no boundaries. The opportunities are there, but the fact remains that access to our shores are controlled by Etihad & Emirates who works in collusion. The fact remains there should be NO VAT on accommodation at small guest houses. The fact remains our Taxi fares are too expensive, our cost of living are too expensive. Certain policies are driving our costs up when compared to Mauritius & Maldives. We have to compete on a level playing field. Unfortunately it seems JAM/Parti LePep etc are working in the interest of Mauritius & Maldives instead of having a sound business mind that will make Seychelles Tourism industry shine in the Indian Ocean. I do not blame JAM / Parti Le Pep, we need to get to the root of this problem. The problem started on 5th June 1977. It is now improving very, very slowly. Unfortunately, the longer you have uneducated leaders like Michel and his rag tag followers in Parti Le Pep running this country - it will take us decades to improve our Tourism & Fisheries industries. We should still consider ourselves lucky when compared to Zimbabwe. Having compared us to Zimbabwe - It need not be this way - Sesel Sa. SPTC

  9. Can someone pay Gill to stop writing.? Everything he says happens.
    In the alternative pay him to advise us on how to get out of the mess we are in.
    Every time this guy writes I get worried .

  10. Special pension for a few peoples Goviden liki ou manman who are those pussy the one who already have off shore account? stop your fucking discrimination sucker are Seychelles a second class and first class country we all equal liki zot manman monkey abusing our constitution mother fucker its time to execute you.

  11. Pension for crooks that create one state party from 1976 by taking Ak-47 to hijack our freedom may be this pension to keep them wicked quite for abusing our constitution for the past decade and all of them know most crimes committed by this regime.
    Seychellios have to pay more tax for them crooks Govinden even if they have a off shore account better do something Seychelles politicians are you afraid to take the streets?you hear shit every day about this regime but no one can stand up and fight for Seychellios cause just words on a screen don't let violence come on our shore 2016.
    That's why I stop supporting any political party on this island they don't have the ball to organise any protest to show courage for the rest to follow.Neraly 5 or 6 years SFP should be bigger by now to take the streets been frozen?

  12. Kouyon,Gill is an educated man he writes the facts n has the ability to predict.what do you have? Most likely drinking baka Dan laksnbise couyon.taba sat.

  13. To 06:28, I do not agree that Gill should stop writing. I do not agree we need to pay Gill to advise a bunch of Idiots. Gill needs to have exposure to educate the mass. Gill needs to be voted in to run this country. Has Gill got what it takes to stand up and be counted amongst the mass. Gill is highly educated and can argue here on the internet. Unfortunately this only appeals to the educated who has access to computers. Gill needs to also speak the language of the uneducated. Gill needs to educate them in simple matters. It is doable and I will support him 100% if he has the interest of Seselwa at heart. We need to get out of this mess fast & our only saviour seems to be GILL. Gill do contact me if you need any help at this stage. SPTC

  14. Albert Rene said that he was not going to turn the Seychelles into a nation of waiters and waitresses - so you can rule out Tourism.
    If Fisheries do not bring home the bacon, there is one last hope.
    And if oil is not found in the Seychelles - start praying!

  15. This is not Monsieur Gill, it's me Zacharie B.
    I'm tired of PL to tell you the truth and its time for change.
    Nek nek nek waste the people hard working money for nothing.
    Just look at my swa-di-zan President 40,000 DOLLARS to go to NewYork, talked for four miniuts why my poor countrymen are suffering. As someone said before enough is enough. I stand by you SFP for ever.

  16. I bet you if Mr Affif change Seychelles Airways to PL Airways or JAM Airways it will be approved overnight with no delay.

    Sesel sa!

  17. Why should Khalifa/Abu Dhabi/Etihad be allowed to use the name 'Seychelles' & Afif who is a bona fide Seselwa is not allowed to use the name Seychelles. In fact Ahmed Afif is a Seselwa Racine - He was born in Seychelles before 1976 !!! Unlike Khalifa who is an imported Seselwa. It is situation like this that makes my blood pressure rise on a Sunday !

  18. 4.19 Has it crossed your mind we are already in this mess because we no longer pray. We just adore FAR & JAM. We wait for election time for us to get a few hundred rupees, tol, cement, fridge. We should start praying, we should start educating ourselves, we should emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. We should start from today and not wait after the elections....

    1. Forget the praying. Go to the polls and vote. Don't be tempted by money and booze.

  19. Joshua Wong 17 years old a hero for Hong Kong youths.What about you Seychelles politicians I am waiting for one of you to be our hero no where to be seen nearly 40 years living under dictatorship.

  20. Indeed Afif was in Seychelles at Independence. He is a Seselwa Rasin. Khalifa is. Fabrike given land for scr. 1.0 .
    Boulle is Rasin, whether or not he likes it. We will defend their rights to fly under their name registered.
    Christopher Gill

  21. Its me Zaccarie Baccarie.
    JAM is a disgrace.
    I cannot defend him any longer.
    He is worse then I thought.

  22. St. ange has used the occasion of the Annual Tourism Ball held at Berjaya Besu Vallon bay to push the envelop of Direct Flights to Minister Joel Morgan in Public.
    Now Minister Morgan, what about Direct Flights?

  23. Without direct flights the country is finished.
    Central Bank and Pierre Laporte will devalue rupee,raise taxes, to curb demand on hard currency,
    We are living in a mad house with mad people leading this show.
    What they should be doing is figuring out how to get more people to Seychelles with a Tour Operator direct flight systematic engagement strategy.
    The problem is it will now take too long after delaying this too long.
    The economy will bite the dust.
    It will all un ravel in 2015.
    There is only one thing left to do to prevent this.
    But PL has no clue.
    Christopher Gill

  24. Minister Morgan, why are you not instructing SCAA to process Afif's application. In fact you should ask SCAA to fast track the application in the interest of Seychelles Tourism Industry. For Seychelles o reap the benefits, Do It today, without delay !

  25. Even Afif and Seychelles Airlines will take one year at least to get off the ground after being given the green light.
    Christopher Gill

  26. In the interim there will be a serious downturn.
    What do you propose Mr. Joel Morgan?
    No time to be sitting around in hotels on Praslin, you are not St. Ange.

  27. Breaking news,Mancham is about to announced his nomination for the next presidential election shortly.

  28. Are you joking?

    Seychellios first

  29. Mancham has no Party. He is a nobody!

  30. Troukler would still be the winner!
    From Las Vegas line.


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