Seychelles Faces The Black Hole Again!

No sooner than the Tourists arrived in country in the last week of July and Two (2) meager weeks in August a former peak period, Mr. President kicked the local scene and headed to Washington DC, to meet leftist borderline Communist Mr. Obama, who has taken to shaking hands with dictators, murderers, killers and crooks.
Then after leaving Mr. Obama (whose career and place in history is washed up now) Mr. President headed to Zimbabwe to meet and greet President “Humus” Robert Mugabe the shame and disgrace of Africa who now heads SADC.
After a tour of Victoria Falls named after Queen Victoria, like Seychelles Hospital, before the name change to please the Shiekh of camels and numerous hedge funds exceeding $40 Billion, with a investment strategy to buy anything in the World, Mr. President head to New Zealand to with begging bowl in hand spilling the same old “Small Island States” argument of why we under perform each year, every year and we need some scholarships.
Yet Mr. President does little up to now, to resolve the now cronic issues facing the  Seychelles economy and society.
It is as if he has given up. “No one runs the country anymore “-is what one person said to me. She added: “each minister does what they want without any co-ordination of the strategy forward”. She is a ex-minister from SPPF. 

Black Is Back
When Mr. President left Seychelles, there was no Black Market. When Mr. President will return from his World wind tour spanning oceans and continents, he will return to a Seychelles that has a new BLACK MARKET regime in place, to displace his entire financial structure.
Commercial banks will lose money and lose confidence.
Money changers will change their underwear.
Large hotels will bank more than ever overseas.
Seychellois will bank overseas to safeguard from government seizing their money and side track restrictions on possession of hard currency.
Irish fake Police will ask for salary in US Dollars and will not accept Seychelles Rupees.
Mr. President, Black is Back! Sir, your economy is collapsing like in “poof”! Take a look at the films from CNN on the collapsing of the World Trade Center Twin Towers if your Ministers are not putting you in the picture of real time Seychelles.

Cash Houses With Fake Rates
Cash houses are publishing fake rates of exchange to placate the fooled Public. Those who are savvy, are not buying the fake rates published on SBC every night as a fake Public service. When cash houses offer 12.40 for a US Dollar and 13.25 on resale for a US Dollar, commercial traders and neighbors to the cash houses, pop out in front of you, and say: “hey- hey , I will give you 13.0-1.0 or I will sell 14.0- 1.0.” Black is back and this time, it is a big hole that is expanding every day from 14.0 -1.0 to 16.0 -1.0 in a month or Two. Then the Cancer will spread to the point of no return.
MADAGASCAR here we come for shopping!

The Fundamental Issue
The Seychelles economy is substantially underperforming and the PL government of Mr. President has vacillated too long, and taken too much time to react to the down turn . The final effect is lack of productivity translate into a sluggish economy with less and less hard currency entering the financial system, and daily, growing loss of confidence in the Seychelles economy which is compounded by bad decisions of the PL regime, in areas of Planning development, over capacity of hotels, lack of good ideas for further growth, and of course a dubious offshore sector.

Seychelles Rupee Devalues Daily
As the economy under performs month on month, quarter on quarter, less hard currency enters Seychelles, the Seychelles Rupee will devalue in spite of fake rates the CBS is publishing on SBC.
We are at a point of no return now with PL mad policies. Seychellois will suffer the most, shop keepers will raise prices, and slice into their pockets ruthlessly. Fat cats will get fatter and corruption will grow even more in the commercial banks just like it did in the one party State.
We will be back to who you know, not what you know, but a whole sector will die off for ever and many

Seychellois will never see prosperity again in their lives.
Sesel Sa……does not have to be this way!

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. Mr Editor: Thanks for loading what we already know about those fuc***g gang of big belly crooks of PL.
    Have you all notice in the sardine box that there is an Albinos one on the right standing up.

  2. Yes, we already know. Hindsight is indeed 20/20 vision.
    The point is this: step by step year on year month on month, week on week, it has been Christopher Gill Gary Tall, Seychelles Freedom Party exposing the failed policies of PL.
    Now they have exposed the catastrophe that no one expected.

  3. You guys are very brilliant and hopefully we can accomplished what we started.
    Thumbs up for SFP. JAM, what you do we shall know with just a CLICK and you will be EXPOSE.

  4. Laporte Laporte what progress your government have made?Seychelles economy is in a mess with corruption and greedy monkeys;and this paedophile publish only garbage everyday full of dictator lies and some be leave it.

    Corruption is a disease in PP ass to get rid of it,their ass must be screwed up.Laporte do us a favour stop moaning like a sick monkey.

  5. There is growing speculation that UAE government is about to buy the whole of Seychelles and its people.The theory is like this
    we will buy your debts and your Country plus its people and you will work for us to pay back your debts.
    You have no Country and identity.
    We will take control of your destiny for ever.Salem.

  6. Father Wavel does the devaluation affect your pension of 50,000.00 per month?
    A lot of money for doing nothing all for 20 years.
    I am a shame to be a Anglican.
    The Church should remove you from the priesthood.

  7. Mathematics justifies that greed and extreme shelfishness: causes economic collapse of societies.THE BLACK HOLE:galactic giant star that loses it's force of balance against its own gravity.The only force that acts of it,is it own gravity and the forces pulling outward that emanate from itself and its surroundings that keeps the balance of forces,in order to exist.I thinks ,in a way this demonstratzes what is happening to Pl at the very moment.There is undoubtedly a political economic black hole in Pl's space.

    As the article well-defined,Seychelles is hurtling,at breakneck speed ,straight into an economic black hole.We are being sucked into a bottomless black hole from which the country,this time around,might never fully recover.The evidence abounds of the second coming of that rightful economic apocalypse and National misery that assailed this country in 2007/8.Pl has been warned of the challenging second economic environment and the government was urged to pursue strong macroeconomic policies,to strengthen fiscal policy,identify potential domestic and foreign financing and address financial sector vulnerabilities ,among other measures.Pl refused to act,It holds to the old irrational idea that "things would fix by themselves.A theory often use by those who have no alternatives solutions to problems.

    What makes the coming financial crisis so troublesome is not only the astronomic debt,but also the usual instruments and procedures to reduce the debt burden ,while doning the least damage has been a flop.As a consequence ,the debt burden creates a sort of ECONOMICBLACKHOLE that siphons off money income and prevents it from being re-circulated back in the economy.This creates a serious deficiency in demand(when consumers spend less,when corporation postpone investments,and when government adopts austerity programs)that translates into low output growth,economic stagnation,and high unemployment.

    How to fix/escape this economic black hole?
    -By radical economic refroms
    -Effective growth policies
    -Change PL to a COALITION government
    -It is time to remove PL party blinkers to appreciate the mess,in which they have put the country into.We need not only a COALITION/UNITE govt whatever names and forms,but also technocrats who have a clear understanding of 21st century economic dynamics. ......PL cannot continue to burry their heads in the sands and deny the fact that our country is sliding into a black hole.And the lesson for Pl here is --tailoring economic evidence has a domino effect.A economic black hole syndrome Pl.

    Seychelles needs real and strong reforms--both political and economic reforms,should she wants to avoid vanishing forever in the economic black hole Pl is throwing us into.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. The laisser-faire attitude that reign within Michel's cabinet is disturbing,seychellois feel like they have a Kinder Garden government ,whereby Cabinet members no longer have respects for the head of State,thus making a mockery out of Michel.Has the sheperd lst control over his flock of Sheep? Has he lost the respect and confidence of his cabinet and has still not realize it?Ministers are acting like mini-dictators,Michel's requests are ignored,or simply neglected by his gang of crook ministers,who acts as if their respecvted ministery is a personal assets and they above the law.or in some cases as demonstrated by Govinden that they are the law.His ministers who focus on external gratification instead of inner satisfaction ----so they lost their grounding.We have the feeling Michel is lost in action.One critic on the street said that "he is like an old 70-year old guy ,who has got his first proper job.He does not seem to have a strategy for dealing with sausage factory in the Assembly and his cabinet.He seems to lack the political skills to make sausages.Role of a team leader is to have aleader who can hold his team together.An educated society understand the importance of educating leaders----Weak leaders have negative impact on(employees)and might(as we are experiencing)damage the( Company).The role leader is team building.A team leader is one who set the goals and objectives for the team.Today ,we have the feeling it is the TEAm who is setting the goal for Team leader Michel.Has the Dear Leader lost steam,after decades of fighint to keep his one-Party state alive?Knowing Michel history,it is imaginable that Michel ,the guy who has the guts to butcher innocent Seychellois,cold blooded,in 1977,would not have the sang froid to take control on these mini-dictators proliferating within the Pl.A thug with the title of Dear Leader cannot afford to be redicule abd that by the same thugs he appointed to serve him.

    What Michel has to do and should do now,is to take firm actions against disrecpted thugs within his Cabinet,by dismissing his government and forming a COALITION government ,capable and willing to work seriously in order to get the country out of this mess.Self-made mini-dictators to the likes of Govinden,Morgan,and thoers must be sent find a life.

    And in conclusion,i would say that to Michel"in relational existence,such as a economy,or other social,politcal matters and so forth,the innates behavior of species to damage self to the welfare of others called atruism/helfishness is a very remote possible antithesis of hat is termed as shelfishness/extreme greed--benefitinbg self on the welfare of others.But,between the tow extremes SEFLESS and SHELFISHNESS,there is golden mean.---virtue of cooperation to the welfare of ALL,and even in some sense of positive competition for betterment and growth,as long as the games are played by ethics and correct rules,following principles of trust,honesty and responsibility,so that the forces involve remain operational,valid and on balance,so that all parties involved remain partners of the process/sytem ,and the system continues to exist indefinitively ----without black hole syndrome

    it is time to act Michel.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. Seychelles Faces The Black Hole Again!

    The "Black Hole" is Mugabe's ##??!! ahhmmm, excuse me, Zimbabwe!

  10. People of Sesel we must face Black Market with courage.
    We must work harder to give value for our country.
    We Communist must not be weak when the economy fails.
    We will accept age 18 on housing list from Monday.
    We will accept 14 age as voter.
    We will accept Glenny Savy as a Building Contractor.

  11. Chaos reigns under Michel. Ministers have been reduced to useless figure heads.
    Glenny Savy has more power then Consul of Ministers.

  12. chaos reign and pl crooks are dancing in estasy.... for----in such a desperate situation Black market ,Drug trafficking,forged Notes,illegal practices perpetuated by Pl members florish.and -- --they are happy of the misery they created for it becomes profitable for them.In reality,Pl has always like, underground economy---they are known worldwide for money laundering,racketeering,drug trafficking,Sex slave trafficking etc....I do not think they care about the mess they created for they always have other illegal means of generating wealth for themselves.The medicine provided by Pl/Laporte since 2008 after the first tsunami has succeeded only in making the patient more ill.Despite taking all the austerity medicine without complaint ,Seychelles has made no progress.The austerity hawk has dragged Seychelles into recession,and destroyed what little confidence people had in the economy.In the long-term Seychelles needs to re-balance its economy,and cut deficit and debt levels.And this would require major reforms and structural change.The challenge now is to set out plans,targeted investment,loosen monitary policy,and go easy on the cut.Then ,slowly Seychelles would start to climb out of the black hole.

    Seychellois must stand up and simply take their country back from those marons.How can we climb out of this black hole when rule by those less capable and have proven unable ,not once but twice.Should we accept the idea that a small gang of incompetent who has failed us several times keep themselves on power to destroy us even more?I think No human being morally fit would accept this.Seychellois act ,.It is time for real change-------I mean change of politics that means naturally change of the ruling party on Power.Pl has even when not pressured by Opposition ,that before multi-party introduction ,had failed us---they have no alternatives to offer so they should accept their failures and leave.But I seems,the addiction for power is stronger than them,so we would have to get them out by ALL MEANS .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  13. Michel want missing in actions?

    1. 05:19

      When was Michel really in action?
      The country been in bankrupt for years!.
      Are you too stupido to know?.
      Or are you blind?
      Vote out PL in 2016.
      Save our country.

  14. A country without direction is like a ship without destination on the great ocean.

  15. It's time for the people of Seychelles to organize one Big Peaceful Protest.
    Mind you, a coup d'etat would be justifiable at this time, but the people are smarter and very much more mature than Rene who chose to act with violence on 05 June 1977.
    Everybody should choose and agree on one date when everybody stays home and not report to work in protest.
    This will not cripple the economy or topple the government but the message will be loud and clear.
    And that message is:

    1. 08:40

      Volcere tried with t-shirt "annou pran nou pei"
      He got me and 4 others.
      The rest went hiding!

  16. There are report of a coup detat being prepared by the Seychelles military.
    later e fatigue seve e commence grenen.Tazar pe al met roati poul lo latab.Do you remember the story of Joseph Cabilla?

    1. There will be no more coup in Seychelles (period).

  17. Michel seems missing in action,in regards to the mess of his cabinet.That is the cabinet is appointed by him and supposed to serve at his will.In the eyes of the people.Michel is lost in action in his own showcase-----We used to see him 24/24 on SBC presenting himself as God(the man of Galilee),as Astronaute,Climatologist,writer,author,(man of the people for all seasons) we discover that God Michel has in fact not even influence of the rats he appointed and apparently has also lost control of himself.Seychellois are angry,furious and asking "where is the Guy who proclaimed himself --Man of the People?,Can he really be man of the people when he cannot be man of his own cabinet and put order in his cracking house?"We eager awaiting for The Man of the People to prove himself ,because Seychellois understand Man of the People as "The guy who delineates the conflict of morality and corruption by contrasting(himself) protagonist( Michel) with his Opposite(in his own cabinet).

    Our understanding of Man of the people --- Should be people of ideas and people of actions.Those who combined ideas and actions become the historical catalysts.No power-mad,kepi-wearing autocrat.As Mandela would put it"Real leaders(men of the people)must be ready to sacrifice all for their people",not the their party,gang,crimnal organization But the people.Michel can be the man of the people he dream of being, by"Changing his way,engaging the Oppostion and civil society,putting in place a Coalition/Unity government to fix the mess,and put the interest of the country and people before self or party,gang members etc....Mandela,JFk,Ghaddi these are examples of what Seychellois define as- man of the people should be--not a dictator designer suit,wearing Rolex and so forth and labeling himself as Man of the people.The title Man of the people is not a title one can etiket himself with ,it is a noble Title that can only be given to someone by the people.

  18. Pl divided between Rene camp and Michel camp.
    Central committee meetings will be held ate espace maison no longer maison du peuple.
    Michel wants to remove Danny Faure.
    Michel wants to replace Faure with Jean Paul Adam.
    Mancham wants his Son to become a Minister.
    Belle wants to be a Minister.
    George's wants to become a Minister.
    The whole place is screwed up.
    Chaos reigns under bad leadership.

  19. Mr. Gill, you are totally correct about the Black Market being back in the running in Seychelles.
    I am having trouble securing foreign exchange from the banks.
    I had an urgent need and needed to fly out.
    I traded some rupees for dollars last Wednesday at 15.0 to 1.0.
    I traded for euros at 19.50 to 1.0.
    This is a big concern for me.

    1. We warned you last week!
      Coming soon to a theater near you: NAPA LAND"
      Main actor: Casidy Laporte and Captain morgan.
      You want foriegn exchange?
      Contact the oldest taxi driver in town!

      Bwat pankor plen!


  21. I got a better rate of 19 to 1.
    But the currency traders rates and commercial banks are all lower. But they restrict the amount we can exchange at one go.

  22. What I've been noticing during the last two decades.
    Annou koze sesel in England is DEAD.
    Borlanmer is DEAD.
    REALITY OF JPI is DEAD.....His numbers FROOOOOZEN.
    ANNOU KOZE u-tube which started well this year is on the way to HELL!



  23. Breaking News
    CBS will soon announce restriction on amount of hard currency that can be traded per transaction per applicant, per week.
    Caroline Abel revealed.

  24. Restrictions on foreign exchange coming.

  25. L'union estate refuses Seychelles rupees as payment for entrance fees.

  26. There are no more solda rene left.
    If there couple left they are either dementia or byen faiy.
    The biggest threat to Sesel is only 10% of the PL idiot.

    By now you are thinking why 10%!

  27. Seychelles faces the black hole again.


    Sesel Sa.

  28. 8:08 The biggest threat to Sesel is not the 10% of PL idiot but the new seselwa fabrike .....Have you seen how all our shops are controlled by Seselwa Fabrike (South Indians) All 5 star hotels chambermaid, waitress, security controlled by foreigners. Our own airline Air Seychelles is managed by a foreigner Mr Papa - whilst one of the World's top airline 'EMIRATES' find it fit to employ a SESELWA RACINE to be head of their Seychelles Business !!! Seselwa noun fink bite. Wake up and smell the coffee. SPTC

  29. Laporte is lost in his own failures.Dr Laporte,Exchange Rate is a price,just like the price of any good and is the price of one currency relative to another.How much of one currency does one need to give up to get one unit of another currency?

    The question we face is How we stop this drastic on-going depreciation?To get at the solutions to this problem ,however,one would have to make an appropriate diagnosis because the wrong diagnosis (as Laporte came with after the first economic tsunami)would lead to the wrong solution.SOme of the explanations for the depreciation..for the current depreciation are:--Weak economic fundamentals and loss of confidence in the economy,Redenomination,Public debt,infaltion,decline Real GDP etc..etc..etc There is no mystery her----at the heart of the problem is the lack of fiscal and monitory discipline.

    Economy mamangememnt is about policy choices,all governemnts have to make these choices---Unfortuantely it appears Pl does not appear to have done holistic analysis of the impacts it policy choices on the dubget and fiscal outlook.

    Some solutions-

    -Pl should stop denying the mess-
    -there must be policy credibility to asure investors and markets that Seychelles is aafe bet.
    -Govt should resist temptation to make new promises and commitments for expenditure of new programs when it is unable to even to meet stationary expenditures.
    _restort fiscal discipline-by ensuring we cut our coat according to our size.

    REVENUE enhancing and Expenditure Reducing measures:
    -Ensuring value for money in the inward of govt contracts through a tranparant and competitive procurement that minimizes sole sourcing
    -reducing revenues leakages with respect to tax exemptions
    -Dealing effectively with corruption in the mamangemnt of public fianances
    -Fiscal discipline
    -Waste and over spending
    among other measures

    Cpntact us for further helps Laporte.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  30. One of the keys functions of money is to act as STORE OFVALUE,When money ceases to perfrom this function---people have found refuge in other commodities as a replacement STORE VALUE.

  31. Store value in Seychelles Rupees.
    You will be better off with an engine block around your neck and take a swim to St. Anne Island.

  32. Not rupee but DOLLARIZE .

  33. 13.54
    Pl wants Seychelles to look like UAE with 80 percent of its population made of ex-expats that Khalfia can no longer send them back home--else they would use amrs toand control Khalfia tribe.

  34. Government of PL is now delaying payment of bills by four months.if a Ministry owes you money, you call them, they reply: " Contact us in Four Months".
    That places us firmly in the month of January 60 days before the State of the Nation address if Mr Michel does not push that speech forward an additional 60 to 90 days.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  35. UAE can afford to that they have oil money but not SEychelles and Michel zot la pou fes pa pou zot.Arabs got money they got billion income what Michel got for income son kabo la pou they just make those expats work like modern slavery coping arabo.Michel you have bring what we did have on shore you clean it or 2016 we clean them all GOD bless.

  36. FAIL State=Fail economy-Fail fight against toxic drugs-Fail to reduce crimes -fail to fight corruption-fail to bring better education and so on to much to mention PP.

  37. Hope less Mancham at it again!

  38. Does Marc Hoareau still support Mancham?

  39. Does Bill Mohammed still support Mancham?

  40. What Laporte did not mention what punisment and action will be taken with corrupt politician.Just bla bla when in the kitchen is hot.

    Action Laporte Action they have face justice like all criminals.

  41. All the scandals are hidden in the closet. We must support Laporte to expose them and clean up the mess.

  42. Each alert says foreget about him after he writes a book?
    Nut bag.
    Give us back our money Mancham.

  43. If Laporte takes action against corrupt politician a lot of people will be in jail.
    Laporte will go bankrupt just feeding these fat ass good for nothing's except to bring shame and disrepute upon the people of Seychelles.


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