Seychelles On Alert?

It was already dark when the float of the Carnaval International de Victoria ended today. A record number of dignitaries and international VIPs joined a large number of journalists and participants from all over the world, together with half of the nation in Victoria.

Minister of Tourism Alain St.Ange acted relieved when he was leading the parade that started 90 minutes late.

According to a reliable eTN source, the Seychelles government was alerted by a foreign embassy minutes before the beginnig of the parade about an attempt to destabilize the government. Unconfirmed rumors mentioned a planned assassination attempt, possibly by a foreign terror group.

Seychelles security forces descreetly and immediately got an upper hand of the situation. As a precaution some VIPs, diplomats, and foreign dignitaries were moved from the VIP stage to a different secure location to watch the parade. Seychelles President James Michel was not seen attending the event.

The parade started 90 minutes late and 2 hours of fun went by without incident.

Alain St.Ange, Minister of Tourism and Culture told eTN, he will be transparent and explain the situation on Sunday at the closing ceremony. He felt the 5th Carnival was a big success.

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  1. OK, lets wait and see what St. Ange has to say at the closing ceremony. Not surprising if it was not the Somalians (Al-Shabab) coming to free their compatriots in their prison.

  2. This is being orchestrated by FAR.
    He don't like StAnge wasting seselwa money everyyear.
    There will be no "COUPDETAT" and this was said by FAR himself in the late 70's.
    I am a young army official and we defend the people and NOT the PARTIE LEPEP.
    FAR told Pillay and the rest who defected are traitors.
    Far ....these people are not YOU....Yes are a traitor, We don't have to say too much...we all were the Prime Minister and YOU overthrew the legitimate government that You were part of it in 1977. YES....YOU SIR! When someone switch not traitor....its part of a democratic institution. In America Republican with to Democrat and vis versa they are not TRAITORS....they are more welcome. Is that what PL meaning of UNITY? If someone switch to another party UNITY is over according to YOU.

    Ex SPUP/SPPF/PL/SDP supporter.

  3. We the Lalyans Seselwa Party that is giving Renee and the Pl a nightmare.
    Nothing more nothing less.
    We are very sure that we can pull out 30% of Misel vote from Parti Lepep.
    Errrr... Jam what did you say to the Mauritian press not too long ago about the opposition? Never mind he can't remember shit without JPA ! In the meantime Totof went hiding....thinking another BOYCOTT because no one wants to get close with him.

  4. Far was scared of the Soth Afrikan delegations, they thought it was mercenaries disgiused as rugby players!

  5. Now that the Carnival is over, PP will have to face reality. I am of the opinion that this 'false alarm' was engineered by PP themselves to put the blame on the opposition. Unfortunately, PP no longer have their cunning fox, FAR at the helm. The old fox is ripe to hit the bucket. So JAM you are on your own to get out of this mess. Do not try any of the old tricks learnt from the old fox, it will all backfire.....

  6. Who is the foreign country without name P^'No the fact is that Pl would like or is planning a teroror attack in order to avoid Pl destitution in 2016 election ..Pl wants to stay in power ..and as dictators have been using before---TERROR ATTACK give dictators a chance to implememnt curfew,,,arrest innocent---this teorror attack being spread around the country is one fabricated by Pl....hoping it can use it to implememnt TEORORISTS LAW a tactic to rape Huamn rights, arrest people at will etc......All countries in the world when given a terror warning they say their names--be it USA,Euroepans etc......this is a fabrication to intimidate Seychellois and give the feel that someone outside Seychelles want ot destabilize Seychelles----Toeeror and terror laws are known to be the new tactic use by tyrannts to arerwst Oppostion leaders .etc ....

  7. Dictators are known to use all opportunities to create intimidation ,fears....but they are also known to use Terrorists as a means for them to implement laws that they can disguise behind to make arbitrary arrests of Opposition,Oponents..and silent people.......Pl did put Bomb at Reef Hotel in 1976..and that Michel repeat it again must be something we must take seriously.......
    It is a fabricasted case by Pl ,hoping that Seychellois would rally behind Pl and allow pl to implemtn teorrorist law to intimate seychellois athereby allow Pl to hold on power.

  8. A froegin Ambassy without is probably Stalin in hell who warned Pl......Or Indain Ambassy in collaboration with Pl to create fear ,intimidation and hope that will help Pl stay on Power in 2016.....This crooked idea of teorror in Seychelles,,will destroy Seychelles image and might well affect our tourism industry----pl thugs are ready to anythings to stay in power including inventing ,fabricating terror attack in Seychelles..........

  9. This is all orchestrated by < pl did in 1976 at Reef Hotel.......Pl knows that Michel chance of winn9ing the election in 2016 is mimum....and pl defeat is how can Pl create fear,intiminadation or pass laws that it can be use to arrest its Oponent...well create a fake Teroror attack....and believe mw Pl thugs would not hesitate to put a bomb seomwhere as execute to than implemtn toerorsim laws ...without having teorrists in order to silence Seychellois and hope it ould keep power this way....

    Pl defeat is program this time......these thugs are afraid so they create fake attacks....piratcy stories etc..etc.. and this will not be the first tone ,,and it cost pl nothing to put a bomb itself.But whatever...Pl will go in 2106...Pl is the past.....leaders and ideras of the past belong to history wil lgo in 2016.......

  10. Pl r^told us minutes before it received fro a foreign MAbaasyy without name....first...any foreign intelligences.if any information of an attack...they would have the information long before and would have provided it to pl ..weeks or moths before ...not in a a few seconds ..this itself makes Pl calim boudtful and its shows great amoung to redicules and absurbity and such redicule cannot come from any foreing Mabasyy than Pl itself......They have been no proof to date .for any intelligence services that ,,,a government is warning of an attack miniutes before----Why?becuase foreign intelligence when they know something ...they do so because months ,years before they already have the inforamtions and been working on it------

    Pl thugs are liars,killers,and the fake fabricated terror attack is just to create fear and pl hopes this can help to keep pl on power...

    Even if it was true....any foreigners who would palnned such things---would have been discovered for many reasons------one reason they donot look like us....we donot expect poor soamlian to come as touro^sits to Seychelles,,,,they would need arms ..etc..etc..etc.

    Pl criminals are fabrixcating lies .lies and lies .....


  11. Unity call by Pl,, means unite behind pl teorrists for they kings and we should be their salves------Unity will come to pl,,not by fake terror attack fabricated by Pl..but by the one I will be brginging to Michel and his gang in 2106....on 2016 ...I will call myself SBC to tell them and come to fimlm me and my men....there would be not fabricated information.......I will let you know ...ofr it is would not be a teorror attack...but an attacvk to oust Pl terrorists enslaveing Seychellois ...the only toerrists group in Seychelles today in not foreigenrs ,but Pl thugs......

  12. Pl defeat is inevitable in thugs are justcreatinfgfear......Second .TAZAR was send on buildings---and anyone who have lived in modern civilization ,USA ,Euroep ,known that special forces palced on buildins are SNIPPERS ..that is with sniper riffles not like we saw tazar ...with Ak 47 on buildins ..which is ridiculous and show how primitive Pl thugs are.........

    SNipers with snipers riffles are palced on buildins Pl...not men armed with Ak 47 dpnkeys..when would these donekys learn something in their lives.....?.

  13. Has anyone looked at the photograph of Albert Rene sitting at his table closely? Well, the old fart is only skin and bones one wonders if he really made the 'traitors' press interview, the person talking to him is a white person and his arm can be barely see in the left bottom corner of the photo, on the table there are several articles particularly the oxygen mask - that is why his mouth stays open. PL would go to any length to make political mileage to the extent of interviewing skeleton! How can Sarah allows them to use Albert this way - shameful even FAR is sinful.

  14. In the past he was an intimidator even Manchanm can agree with me.
    At this age who would listen what he had to say?
    Peuple Seychellois,pas peur beouf avec la barv.

  15. Poor man............he is on the way to visit the Pope for the third time.
    I don't know about you people```````````````````` but this SOB needs a lot of help.
    In his own country he rarely consult with the priests.....but KONSILTATIF WITH THE PEOPLE ....evry time ....especially at this time nearing the election.


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