Trevor Andre Jailed for Six Years For Sexual Assault

Declan Brennan

 20/04/2015 | 17:46

A Cork based student who sexually assaulted a woman after climbing into her bed while she was asleep has received a prison sentence of six years with two suspended.

The victim awoke to find Trevor Andre (27) straddling her and trying to put his penis into her mouth. She punched and then squeezed his testicles and shouted at him to get out.

Andre of Pembroke Woods, Passage West, Co Cork had pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to attempted rape and sexual assault of the woman at a house in Cork on June 8, 2013.

At the end of a trial a jury of four women and eight men convicted him of the charges.
Mr Justice Tony Hunt suspended the last two years of the sentence on condition that he remain under the supervision of the Probation Services for two years after his release.

Andre, a native of Seychelles, told gardaí after his arrest that he accepted she may not have been fully awake and that her eyes were closed throughout the sexual interaction.

In her victim impact report the woman, who is in her twenties, said she cannot sleep without taking tablets and even then she is awoken by vicious nightmares. She suffers panic attacks and has changed from being a confident person to someone who is unable to trust anyone.

Sergeant James Sweeney told Marjorie Farrelly SC, prosecuting, that the victim had gone to a BBQ party  earlier that evening and later went into Cork city with some friends.

Returning from town later she met Andre and a man she knew and the three went back to her house and ate toasted sandwiches. The men were drinking alcohol but at this stage she was not. They left when she went to bed.

Andre went back to her house about 40 minutes later and entered, uninvited, through an unlocked door. He got into the woman’s bed and began kissing her and molesting her breasts.

He sexually molested her with his finger and then raised his hips to her face. The woman awoke and screamed at him. Andre then dressed and left.

The victim called gardaí who arrived shortly afterwards. Sergeant Sweeney told the court that she was upset and appeared to be sober.

Andre told gardaí he had consumed 26 alcoholic drinks on the night and was highly intoxicated. He said he thought the woman was enjoying the sex, saying “I misread everything”.

Sean Gillane SC, defending, said his client came from a good family in Seychelles and was here to study in the National Maritime College in Ringaskiddy. He has no previous convictions.

He said Andre feels shame and has tried to imagine the effects of his actions on the victim. Mr Gillane said his client had offered to plead guilty to sexual assault but had always denied the attempted rape charge.


  1. When he finish his sentence he will head to Seychelles just like half brother of totof in newyork.

  2. The punishment does not rpeflect the gravity of assault----a minimum of 20 years should have been the sentence..and if he recidive...he should be castrated....

  3. This dude thought that he was in PL land!
    Poor dude!
    Very lucky he was not in Saudi Arabia or Singapore!
    Ti merit koup son the pass Kris will say yes too.

  4. Seychelles,Seychellen will never celebrate a clesar earth day as long the family of Hasan ally knows what part of earth his body is?

  5. Who is this guy? Straddled a woman he just met, put his unwashed, dirty and smelly penis in her mouth, surely he does not come from a good family! Good families in Seychelles do not do those dirty things.
    Lately Seychellois have made a name for themselves across the world, one has been sentenced to 42 years in USA for fraud, another one in Kenya just been arrested with a shipload of cocaine, and now this guy. Seychellois 'pe lever debourier'

  6. Ask Tit Alber or JAM, they will tell you what they have done to Hassan Aly's body ! Filip Doffay is no longer around, neither is Kabeta ! So FAR & JAM are the ones holding on to this secret. How can we have reconciliation when there is no closure on so many unexplained deaths & disappearances.

  7. If he came from a good family someone should make him SWALLOOW THE SCUM and BEZ LI CENK KOUT ROTEN TOU LE ZOUR in remembrance of 5TH JUNE everyday until PL is no longer in exsisitance .
    Anyone notice no government officials are commenting on this?
    WHY? B'cause they all do the same ,,,,,from the top to bottom officials.

  8. Tit Alber is about to croak otherwise he will mount another coup.........kauce he never like foreigneres come to Seycles to do business and make more moneys then his royal families. That remain onli this faaking tang and kople more humanous! and both can't remember shit! malediksyon ki pe bez lzot.

  9. The new crisis brewing within the PL. will make Albert croak sooner. The 'Alliance Seychellois Party' has been registered today!

  10. AMputate his penis once and for all.....instead of raping women ,,he would be a traversty.......and would never rape again.

  11. Rene is between death and life..Che,Stalin,lenin,Chavez,Idi Amin,Mobutu.Kim,Hilter,Pol Pot,Gadhaffi,Bokassa,Mussolini,Pinochet,Mao and the trest ..are all awating to welcome him to saying "Welcome Home Rene,WE LOVE YOU".....what about amking a coup in hell ,,overthrow the devil?

    1. All the above names thought Rene went to heaven!


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