Popular Nation Presenter Robbed In Seychelles

When you envision Seychelles you think of pristine white sandy beaches which you can dig your toes in ,the cool ocean breeze caressing your face, an azure blue Ocean and leafy green palm trees to shield you from the sun.

Basically you envision paradise, not crime.
Nation F.M sports anchor Sean Cardovillis fell prey to robbers in his home country Seychelles who pinched belongings including his passport  when he went to see him mother in hospital.

The crime took place at a hospital parking lot.
Sean took to Facebook to narrate the unfortunate incidence;
What an awful day! Not only is my Mum in a very bad way, but somebody broke into our car AT THE HOSPITAL PARKING here in Seychelles and stole my rucksack with my passport, air ticket, laptop, studio head phones, portable charger amongst other valuables. I don't know where to start.. been to the police but chances of getting anything back are zero.



  1. In the past Seychelles has been referred to by numerous slogans denoting love and peace, such as 'Island of love', 'Paradise island', 'a thousand miles from anywhere' 'Seychelles que j'aime' etc. But lately it was known as 'Napa land' and now it is becoming to be known as 'Thieves Paradise'. Thieves are everywhere, inshore and offshore!

  2. Michel has created a country of thieves....and Rene is glucose and with one foot in his grave tells us Pl is the only way..my way is your way.....We need to change the way Seychelles is rule,by changing those who are at the stop and making these dicisions that have brought up backward.
    Rene says Michel has a vision,,,a vision of enslavement,sell out,neo colonization,depedency of foreign workers and loans.Seychelleois needs at this moment not someone with vision ,but with a mission...a mssion to unite the country and fix pls mess.When you discover your mission ,you will feel its demand.it will feel you with enthusiasm, and a burning desire to get to work on it.

    Rene,michel are leaders of the past with ideas of the past,they belong to the past.......Michel is candidating with ideas of the past,to bring us back further to the past.....Seychelles must move forward.....and to move forward with need energetic leaders with a mission....the mission to bring Seychelles where it belong ,namely among respectful,properous nations.

    Michel,take this badge off of me
    I cannot use them anymore
    this long balck cloud is coming down
    ifeel like knocking hells door
    Michel put my guns in the ground
    I cannot shoot them anymore
    These are words riging in Renes ghostly soul,as he finds himself between hell and earth.....He is engage in a tug war ...on one side he is afraid to die,in his attempt to survive he attackts others like Pillay ,hoping this could help him stay alive,,on the other hand ....Rene feel the frree fall of Pl,,and afraid if he is still alive,justice will catch him...so he is in a delimea....,,"I do not want to die,i donot want prison either"Why not try sucide Rene.

  3. Sesel Sa!

    Guys watch out your condoms in your car too.

    Gals watch out your tampons in your car too.

    They are coming after anythings that shines.

    Is Barnougat still in the Force!

  4. From eTN news: This is all fabricated by PL.

    This is the same SPUP who fabricated all sort of stuffs in the late 60's.

    Zot komans per zot lanbraz.........Zot pre pou komans met kerfyu pou ou anret marse komansman 6 er zis ka 6 er bomaten!

    Sa kalite lakarleng ki zot tifer lontan pa pou fer ankor ....


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