The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost - Happy Easter James!

Ministry team goes to Seychelles for probe 

The Finance Ministry is sending investigators to Seychelles to probe allegations of illegal transfer of funds and assets during the former regime, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said. He said the officials would have discussions with Seychelles authorities in a bid to gain more information about the funds illegally transferred from Sri Lanka. Any transfers of Sri Lankan funds from Seychelles to other countries would also be discussed.
The minister said the Central Bank was also probing the reasons why a Bank of Ceylon branch was set up in the Seychelle in 2011. There were only about 64 Sri Lankans living in Seychelles and he saw no need for a BoC branch there. Initial investigations have revealed that the BoC branch was opened without the Central Bank’s approval. The BoC has only made a request to the Central Bank but approval had not been given.
Mr. Karunanayake said the Central Bank had been told to take action against any officials involved in these illegal moves and transactions. The minister said there were also charges that cargo had been sent to Seychelles onboard the national airlines.  “We believe that persons were taking advantage of the tax concessions in Seychelles,” he said.
The Financial Crimes Investigations Division of the Police also has begun inquiries into the illegal transfer of funds to Seychelles.  A World Bank team is also providing assistance to carry out investigations on money laundering.  The FCID will record statements from officials of the BoC next week.
By Damith Wickremasekara
Source Sri Lanka Times



  1. I can see JPA getting ready to lie between his front teeth.

    Trust me he will repeat "there is no truth"....."no evidence" several time in his comment.

    If he blinks...he is lying....if he moves his hands ...he is lying...if he don't look the camera...he is lying...if his statement is short....he is lying.....if he don't use President by name ...he is lying....if he try to look at Abel....he is sure lying.

  2. The thing is that jenpa has no kwoledge in economy and to face sri lankan experienced experts would literal be mission imposdible for him.he will surely do what he does best..llie lie and lir over and over again,whichin itself will be signs of culpability and direct involvement of plbin zhe case.

  3. this would expose Michel and his gang,known for their active involvement in all kids of international organized crimes.

  4. Criminals are often not be surprise if JNEPAS and Pl lie and disguise facts.

  5. SBC talks about Independence iof National Media---guess who is the chairman?Michel---should a president be chairman of an independent National Media?No of course---we know however that they donkeys do not have any knowledge of Independence---just like Pl thinks when you illegally put Indain juge ,foreigners to control our institutions ---they become independent---What yre those monkeys doing on power?

  6. Seychellois also should start asking and forcing Pl thugs, to make public all extractive deals previously made to foreing companies--that is making public license,contract awarded,ROyalties and Taxes collected ..which belong to Seychellois not Pl.....
    Note Eiti ,is not and cannot replace civil society,,thus a Public Accountasbility Committee ,make up of non representatives of poltical parties ,or a member of each polcital aprty to oversee ,how ^contract are awarded ,royalties and taxes collected, and what to do with oil fund ... Making contracts,license public is foundamental to Accountability and transparency........

    TWO World Bank has no regulation in place to deal with extractive money,it has only an advisory role.Civil society committee should be the garant s and controllers of oil revenues not government ,World bank, ..EITI ON THE OVER HAND ,IS VITAL BECUASE IT INDEPEDNTLY RELEASE REVENUES INFROAMTION COLLECTED FROM COMPANIES ON PAYMENT MADE BY THESE COMPANIES AND MONEY RECEIVED BY GOVERNEMNT ..BUT NOT ITS USES,BANKING,ETC.....

  7. Mon Kontan Sesel, Mon Pa Kontan Seselwa, Mon Pli Kontan Etranze...This should be our real moto !

  8. Local jihadist Michel is more dangerous than Islamic jihadist Bin Talel--whithout local jihadist Michel ,foreign jihadsits to the likes of Bin Talele would had nenver been on our shores raping Seychellois rule of law,destroying our patrimony and now ready to shoot on them with the approval of QAUTRE a donkey like other pl donekys who thinks he is the rule of law,and about the law......We must change those crooked decision by changing those crooks who made them......

  9. Though Seychelles is one of the smallest country with the smallest population in the world....the majority of households are still no equipped with ICTS.WHY'tHERE IS A POLITCAL REASON behind it namely dictator Michel and his gang are afraid of this modern technology generation.In fact, since the Arab jasmine revolution ,Dictators have become more afraid of Tweets than they are of Oppostions and armies. Power of the disempowered made possible through modern technology tool like ICTS etc.....They amy think they faer the power of the twet.....but as repressive regime always has,they actually fear the Tweeter.ICTS may allow youth to organize protests and will bring about changer.

    Michel fear the tweeter....and public opinion,unlike Ren era...there was no need to go on SBC everyday to self-justified the dictator crooked decisions and actions...with new technology and the example they learnt from the Jasmine revolution........Dictaors like Michel no longer feel secure,and afraid of public opinions that they must regularly,constantly.24 on 24,265 on 365 ,,be on National Medias they use as private media to self-justified themselves.Michel and Fuare have become like Kim of northKorea.....National Media is used to glorified the dear leaders......pontificate them as earthly god..but inside on themselves they afraid and fear the poe'pl rise any given time as we see in the Arab world.....These donkeys no longer sleep in peace....look at Michel for instance ,he looks always tired..probably he slppes with one ear open,or maybe sleeps in a cellar from fear the people might come for him one night.

  10. Seychelles need leader of this generation to lead them ,not leaders and ideas of the past......Michel is campaigning with ideas of the past ,to bring us to the past........Past must be history not the future of Seychelles......We must change the decisions we made by changing those donkeys who made these crooked decisions.
    Get donkeys Faure,Michel Meriton out of power ,by simply voting them out and then prosecute them for their crimes.

    We know Michel does not love Seychellois .the fact that he says he love Seychellois is a isgn that he does not love Seychellois.........Michel love Foriegners...and he thinks when he love Foreigners the ofriegners love him too..the fact is these ofriegners have found a half brain donkeys who like those Afircans who worked with euroepans in the slave trade ..are just bing used to perpetrate the crimes the formers do not want to committee themselves-------so use a local donkey,pretend you love him,adore him, them he would do the job for you.That is what ofriegners are doing to donkey Michel---they pretend to love him,,,,,use him to get what they want....and he the donkey without a brain...has convivnced himself these foreigners love him...stupid is inherited--once a donkey always a donkey....

  11. Michel has no choice than control the last tool that he can hold on to pontificate himself---With social media...and the effect it created in Arab spring ,Dictaotrs like Michel are afraid......Just compare Renen to Michel..the former did not find it necessary to be on SBC everyday,anytime and all the time---a donkey at SBC was enough to self-justify his crooks---with mass medias ,ICTS(that Michel refuse to put in all household)the life of dictators are at risks...nothng is for granted like in the old days under RENE---with mass,social medias...public can communicate via social medias and do not depend on state lies any more to be informed and expose the idcataor the need to be constantly on national media is the last tool still available to aprtly control the public..which in fact ,is impossible unless like Michel you convinced yourself it does.....CITS by now ,shold be in all household..Michel refuse to equipped households with CITS ,afraid that the citizens can organize themslevbes and organize a protest which he could not control ...With social media,life of dictaotrs are no longer easy..they must constantly justify their actions and repond to public opinion----For is m^social media and public opinion that forced criminal Michel to stop the illegal destruction of Cape Terany by Arab Jihadist Bin Talal......Dito to Anse Takama ..without it Toerrist Michel would have allowe the destruction of our heritage by arab terrorists likr Bin talal--------who Rob Graham,member of US intelligent committee wants to have his report declafisify to expose these Suaids toerrists like Bin talal....Bin talal himself wanted to control FOx Tv ....but as a Anchor put it---this guy is wicked...Guiliani..ex NYC mayor ,refused Bin Talal $ 30 millions donation to 9/11 vicitms ...because the o the former
    consider Him a wikced guy too and probably his family is behind the attack.....

  12. When Michel meditate on how ICTS help destitute North African dictators...I am sure his does not have sleep at night...theis donkey probably does not sleep at his villa paid and built with stolen tax payers money .but somewhere in hiding ,,,,from fear that the freedom drum might circle his mud palce one night.DId you see them..Faure and Michel ....everywhere like Kim from North Korea............I guess by the mid july we going to see hours report on them....our earthly glorify them,pontify them.......two atheists of the stone age..

  13. Now that James Michele already visited small businesses at Mont Fleurie and PLansance i hope he will start placing his order for CURTAIN AND HIS BED with those small malere ki pe debourye instead of flying to Singapore shoping!.....JAM show those people you support them....don't just visit.....stay on the rail!
    Do like Totof he place his order for some fotey to decorate his eco-motel.


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