The disdainful and conceited Daniel Cesar was this Tuesday cut down to size and literally debunked by the Constitutional Court. Cesar was suspended from practicing as a Barrister for failing to turn up to formally recuse himself from the case of former Speaker Patrick Herminie versus the Anti-Victimisation Committee of the National Assembly as is required by judicial rules. Cesar was requested to do so, following his expression of intent to no longer represent Patrick Pillay, the current Speaker of the National Assembly in the said case.

It is further alleged that Cesar’s clients’ account is in shamble to the extent that Cesar himself has failed to submit a copy to the Registrar of the Supreme Court despite repeated requests to do so. Under the existing rules, this is a serious offence that invariably results in the suspension of a practicing Barrister.

It is widely believed that Cesar’s stance is motivated by the fact that the Attorney General has advised the current Speaker that the Anti-Victimisation Committee is an unconstitutional quasi-judicial body and that the Assembly cannot possibly file a rationale defense against Doctor Patrick Herminie’s petition to strike it down.

In another important and interesting development, in a bid to avoid being summoned to the court, Pat Pillay has taken to start working at 6.30 in the morning and leave the precinct of the Assembly at 5.30 in the evening, and has given strict instructions to his security officers that no process server from the court should be allowed anywhere near the precinct of the Assembly during that period. Pillay’s action speaks volume about his cowardice and is a stunning departure from his previous bravado a few weeks ago, when he miserably misinterpreted the Immunities and Privileges Act and was falsely advised that he was above the Constitution.

This newspaper has been reliably informed that the court has decided to serve the summon at his residence, but the big question is which one out of the many that he has acquired over the years as a Minister in the SPPF/Parti Lepep government.

A storm is definitely brewing, given Pillay’s condescendence towards the judiciary. But most political pundits agree that he has barked at the wrong tree and that his attempts to avoid the judicial process would be nothing but an exercise in futility. Ton Pat can run but he cannot hide!



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