Is Patrick Pillay moving in on another piece of State land?

Information from Anse Boileau has reached this newspaper alleging that the Speaker of the National Assembly is moving in on another piece of State land. All our investigation in that matter has been met with deafening silence from the authority. It is believed that the MLUH has issued a stop notice against any more work on that piece of land at Mont Plaisir in upper Anse Boileau.

Bulldozers moved onto the property without any notice to people living close by and started clearing the land of vegetation without permission from the ministry of land use and habitat, allegedly. During a visit in the area we were able to establish by talking to people in the vicinity that the land will be used for agricultural purposes, however, all indications are that the piece of land has not been officially allocated to anyone. And the person behind the activities taking place there has just moved in from his own authority.

However, the people who have been working there are saying that the Speaker is connected to the activities on the property. We would like the Speaker to confirm or deny his involvement in relation to the development taking place on that piece of land, in the name of transparency and accountable government. We are looking forward to hear from Speaker Patrick Pillay. 



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