Robert Ernesta aka ‘Colonel Torture’ looked out of place at LDS convention

Robert Ernesta aka ‘Colonel Torture’ because of the many years that he spent as an army officer at the head of the Grand Police Army Camp looked well out of place at the LDS convention last weekend. During the brief period that he was allowed to say a few words as the head of SUP; Ernesta failed to connect or make an impact or any kind of impression on the crowd, he looked like a priest at a brothel, who had gone there for the first time to have sexual intercourse with the prostitutes, but was uncomfortable to put on a condom because his religion forbids it. He was in a dilemma, however, this time it was political prostitutes that he was hanging out with and he looked uncomfortable at the podium with his backside unprotected from possible engagement from the ‘pervert’ at the top table; Ernesta was seriously uncomfortable with a white (chapelet) rosary holding up his glasses.

Robert Ernesta was also uncomfortable due to the fact that he knows of many killings that have taken place in Seychelles and torture that took place at Grand Police. Which he was keeping secret to protect Albert Rene, Robert knew the crowd he was addressing knew that….. This is why Wavel has kept him in the background in LDS,  he has not been given any position as a reward for his hard work in the Weekly. We are of the view that Robert should be forgiven for his sins against the people. How long can a man suffer for the crimes that were carried out on the orders of the Commander in Chief? This situation cannot follow a man for the rest of his life and into his grave or can it?  



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