Wavel Ramkalawan compromises independence of CAA and ACC

Once again the millionaire priest has won the jackpot and had gone to the UK to swell his bank balance and look after his interests, proof again to the world that he can never be president of even Coetivy. He told the assembled crowd of ten that he was on a one day mission and thought that he could have a quick meeting with them to brief them on matters relevant to their existence taking place in Seychelles. But he kept the reason for his visit to the UK secret; maybe Dave O would know; he does his banking transactions for him in the UK or maybe Wavel was out there to bank some serious money himself.

The corrupt priest unashamedly told the congregation of only ten how he enjoyed pearl class privileges from his economy class seat during his flight on Air Seychelles to Paris and that other passengers were asking questions. He said that he fought for Air Seychelles staff and nurses, but not a word was spoken on the plight of the poor Stevedores who have been voting for SNP since time immemorial and still waiting for the motion, which has been on the order paper for a month to be debated.

He told them in UK that Nicholas Prea had a motion before the National Assembly, recently, asking government to provide Seychellois of pension age that have come back home to retire to be paid the old people’s social security pension. Wavel also told them what they wanted to hear as far as their voting rights were concerned. However, when they asked for him to bring the ballot papers to the UK the dishonest priest suddenly came up with a lie to disenfranchise the brothers and sisters living in UK. We are sure they noticed his double standard but they stayed quiet out of respect for a liar. According to Wavel there is a dialogue that is going on with the President and that is a healthy situation he said.

Then he spoke about the CAA and about Shelton Joliceour the chairman of the CAA, stating clearly that Shelton “pe zwe son rol” and that Shelton is an opposition that he can count on, along with Simone, Annette and Willy Confait – Nella Azemia is the only problem, Wavel said. He also said that he is influencing the chairperson of the ACC, telling her that they want some results before the end of the year and that he must see something before giving the ACC more money. If that is not corruption then there must be something seriously wrong with our way of thinking. He also told them that Antoine Onezime will be out of SBC to be replaced by one of his men. The Electoral Commission, he told them will go from five to seven members and all the board members will resign then reapply for their positions and that he can count on them.  

It is important to have the dialogue with Danny Faure - “the dialogue is working”, Wavel said. He also said that the motion on La Digue was a tactic to get more votes on the island, giving the impression that the motion on La Digue was more political than addressing the issues there.

Wavel told the UK boys and girls that the investigation in the 50 million dollars is ongoing and that it has been established it was former President Albert Rene who gave the approval for the money to be transferred to a foreign bank account in the UK. However, Wavel refrained from naming the person who signed to allow the money to leave the country – could it be someone who is now in LDS? We are sure Wavel would like to protect the pint size man from the Maldives in Anse Etoile. Wavel also said that any crime involving money will not be forgiven, the money will have to be returned or else the person responsible will have to face the music; meaning jail time. Our advice to both Bernard and Clifford is to leave the country while they can.

The loose talk of the leader of the opposition whilst in the United Kingdom, recently, has seriously compromised the work of the CAA and the ACC – he also gave clear indication that the chairperson of the ACC is leaking information to him. This is a major conflict of interest!    



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