“IDC IS DOING A GOOD JOB” According to Wavel and Nicolas

There shall be nothing wrong in the report on the outlying islands. This appears to be the understanding between Glenny Savy, the CEO of IDC, the company managing the outer islands, and the Committee in the National Assembly responsible for looking at what is going on in the islands. Before this Committee was formed, there were exaggerated outcries as to how our outlying islands were being managed. It was the storm before the calm, but now there is complete silence. In fact there is a love affair going on between the two parties; IDC and the National Assembly Select Committee for the Islands.

We have Wavel Ramkalawan, the Leader of the Opposition and Chairman of that Committee on one side congratulating Glenny for the good work being done on those islands whereas Glenny Savy in return is praising members of that Committee for being very respectable and well-mannered honorable. It is a situation that could be referred to as the sixty-nine (69-upsidedown) position. This is the present state of affairs.

Since Wavel Ramkalawan, started to visit the IDC islands, supposedly, to find out what’s best for the people of Seychelles when it comes to the islands - who are the real owners of these islands? There have only been words of praise for IDC coming from him. Going back a few months, Glenny would have been a potential candidate to spend some time at Montagne Posee prison for apparently plundering those islands and allowing all sorts of shady characters make use of State property. Now everything seems ok and the Leader of Opportunity has convinced the Committee that the “big bad boy” (Glenny) is as patriotic and loyal to his motherland as any Seychellois could be. It is said that some members of that Committee, have even used the opportunity to take vacations on some of those islands.

From Farquhar to Desroches and from Desroches to D’Arros. This is how the rhythm goes. If Seychelles were France, the next Presidential Election in 2020, would have seen a situation similar to what is happening in that European country right now. There would be no candidate from the two so-called major political parties left standing in the event of a second round. It would have been a situation of Emmanuel Macron versus Marine Le Pen a la Seychelloise. The French are disgusted with political connivance and so should we….

But there is one thing that is particularly striking about the Committee for the outlying islands in the National Assembly.  The MNAs who are known loose cannons and labeled trouble-makers or potential ones, have been left out of the committee completely. Two names that come to mind are no doubt; Jean-Francois Ferrari and Flory Larue.  Both have nothing to lose by babbling and that is what they do best. But they cannot be allowed to spoil the fun of their MNA colleagues and upset IDC in the process.  So they have been strategically left out.

Jean-Francois Ferrari is known to hate Glenny Savy with all his might. His father being one of the perpetrators of the 1977 Coup D’état, he has never been able to understand why Glenny Savy who is only the step-son of former President Albert Rene could have been given so much  dominion over all the islands of Seychelles and for so long too. Coming from the same elite background, he has nothing to gain by flattering Glenny Savy and will lose nothing as well by knocking him. So they couldn’t afford to include him on the Committee.  Flory Larue on the other hand is an immature and naïve politician. She is also considered to be a loose cannon, prone to ‘shooting first and ask questions later’, causing ‘collateral damage’ in the process.  She fires away those bullets without the least worry about possible repercussions. If she was included in the team visiting the outlying islands, Glenny Savy would have had a handful to deal with and nobody knows what she might have said or done. Too risky!

Already there are a few of her LDS friends in the National Assembly who gets the jitters (restless) whenever she speaks, especially about land issues. It will be a disaster to allow her to talk about islands as well.  Therefore she was also left out.

Those included on that special Committee are only people who will do well for themselves if they do nothing to upset Glenny Savy and disrupt his kingdom in anyway. Under the banner of “working together”, a lee-way of “prospering together” at the expense of the general mass has also been created.  Most of us Seychellois only know the number of islands that exist in the Seychelles archipelago. It is high time for us to stop counting, but also know how it feels to be on one of those islands and also reap whatever benefits they can yield. After all,   the outlying islands are for the Seychellois people and not for only a selected few from the National Assembly. The LDS, which is the majority party in the National Assembly, campaigned under the slogan “Fer Li Ou Lasanble”. It was not “Fer Li Mon Lasanble”, as is the case now with Wavel Ramkalawan in charge of the spoils. Therefore we expect the Committee led by him to take up the case on behalf of the people of Seychelles. We need to take ownership of our islands.



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