Norbert Loizeau gaffed again

This must be the most hilarious episode of the sixth National Assembly so far. The gentle giant from Bel Air formerly known as “The Flower Pot of Bel Air”, because of his lack of oratory skills decided that he needs to speak and say something in the National Assembly just for the sake of it, to show people that he is not the cactus plant that we think he is, but instead he is a well-trained parrot from Arpent Vert.

No physical harm came to be, however, his pride was severely dented to the extent that after the National Assembly he wanted to attend the casualty department at the Seychelles Hospital to have his echo checked out for any lasting damage. Clive Roucou advised him of the fact that the hospital cannot help him. “This kind of technology is not available at our hospital”, Roucou told him. “Can’t they do an X-Ray on me to check the extent of damage to my SNP pride?” Norbert asked. Roucou told him to go on home and to sleep it off and by tomorrow morning he will be feeling much better – he also advised him that a puff or two on a Cannabis joint will help.

Now, during that morning session Norbert had lambasted Charles Decomarmond over the apology that he had to make the previous day. “I will not do like some who just speaks a lot of words and then has to stoop and apologise for what they had said,” Norbert had quipped at the expense of Deco in the morning session. He also spoke about the Le Roche Abattoir, how it was dirty and unhygienic - he advised the people not to eat meat that are processed from this place. He mentioned a brand of chicken meat that the management of the abattoir sells and said that his advice is that ‘Kok o Riko’ is bad meat.

We had never heard Norbert speak so eloquently. It was nice to hear that Mr. Kong had done a marvelous job freeing the tongue of such a nice fellow, who was tongue tight before, free at last, free at last.  

Don’t get the Champaigne out too quickly; the disaster came in the afternoon session – when Norbert had to apologise for his utterances about the abattoir in the morning session. He had to change his tune completely many believe on the orders of Ramkalawan. He said that he had spoken to the owners during the lunch break and he had been informed that the chicken meat is clean and is processed in a new abattoir at Grand Anse and that the meat is the best in the country and his advice for us was that we should all go and buy the meat. What an about-turn from the Bel Air genius! It seems that Charles Decomarmond had the last laugh, after all.

The lesson in that story is be very careful before laughing at the humiliation of others, you never know when it will come to visit and for Norbert Loizeau it took only a few hours for the sky to come crashing down on his big head. And even Ramkalawan was laughing his head off.



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