Why did Patrick Pillay write the email?

Finally, after almost three weeks of denial the Honorable Speaker admitted at a public rally on Sunday at Roche Copra, that there was an email that he sent to the Chairman of  LDS; Mr. Roger Mancienne. Some of his backers are still in shock and utter denial about the admission. The office of the Speaker went as far as lying and misleading the public in the press releases sent out to try and rebuff an article this newspaper had published on the matter. This situation has exposed Patrick Pillay for who he really is, a devious individual that would do anything to feather his own nest at the expense of others. His perversion of the facts is detrimental to the democratic process of this country.

Many of his supporters are now asking for an explanation and the reason for such an email to the party Chairman. What are his motives? Especially now that he had said on Sunday; he will remain Speaker and will see out his mandate in the National Assembly as Speaker?

We quote from his email: “I had promised myself that I would fight to the end to see the back of SPPF/Parti Lepep and to get them out of State House. Lately however, the attacks on my integrity and my reputation coming from my side of the political divide have become unbearable and have deadened my appetite to fight the common enemy.”

What is clear from the above is that there is infighting in the party. Pat Pillay speaks about the attacks on his integrity and reputation coming from people in the LDS that have become unbearable and have broken his spirit to fight on to remove Parti Lepep from State House. Patrick Pillay’s problem was never with Parti Lepep, it was President James Michel that Pillay wanted out, because Michel had pulled his privileges. If, President James Michel had given Patrick Pillay everything that he was asking for – James Michel would still be president and Parti Lepep would still be enjoying a comfortable majority in the National Assembly. This is the honest truth that Patrick Pillay cannot bear coming from this newspaper.

The reality is that Patrick Pillay wrote this email out of frustrated because of Flory Larue’s insistence that people like him who have taken state land, excessively, when he was a government minister had to be investigated. And there are many such persons   (former PL) who are now in the LDS, they want protection in exchange for their support and some are giving financial backing to the party. They wanted Flory to keep quiet and stop talking about land. We know that Flory has been spoken by the leaders and she has since pulled back and Pat Pillay has agreed to stay on as Speaker for now. We will see what Flory does when she comes back for the second term, very soon.



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