Is Patrick Pillay resigning or not?

The political rally held by LDS at Roche Copra recently saw Pat Pillay at his worst. The man hurled insults and spat venom at all those whom he believed got him to where he is today. He is politically sandwiched and is a liability to both sides of the political divide. It appeared to some in the crowd as though he might have consumed a bottle of Guinness or two or had smoked a strong cigarette before coming to the meeting, but whether that was the case or not, the fact remains; Pat Pillay is a very uncomfortable politician at the moment; with his loyalty is in  shreds.

Pillay is a trapped man who no longer knows in which direction to turn. He is also in a political quagmire and does not know how to get out of it.  If Pillay had his own way, he would quit politics right away; the email he sent Roger Mancienne is proof of that. But people within the LDS would not let him.  They need him too badly.  He also needs them in some ways and therefore, he cannot afford to part company with them on bad terms.  Too many things are at stake. If Pillay knew what awaited him then, in 2015 he would not have joined politics in the first place.

 In his speech last Sunday two of Pillay’s main targets were the former President, James Michel and the present one, Danny Faure.  He chose to speak so negatively against both of them in such a way as to convince the crowd that he is still deeply -rooted in the opposition and that all is well in LDS.  But that is not true. Pat Pillay was doing a bit of acting, something which he is quite good at; pretending to be a man when he is really not.

In fact James Michel and Danny Faure are not his real problem. His real cause for concern, which is giving him some sleepless nights, comes from within LDS.  They all do not trust him and he trusts none of them in return. This fact was confirmed through a letter which our newspaper published (again) last week.

In that letter, Pillay informed the Chairman of LDS, Roger Mancienne that he would like to resign as Speaker of the National Assembly. He himself confirmed during the public meeting at Roche Copra that he wrote the letter indeed, but denied the bit about resigning. In the letter he himself confesses to being not comfortable sitting around the same table as someone who is bent on smearing his name to gain stardom and martyrdom. He was referring to none other than Flory Larue. So there are conflicts within LDS.  Going further down that same letter, he expressed his hope that Roger Mancienne does not read more than what his simple intention is in taking the decision.  But why would he fear that Roger Mancienne would read more in the letter if there was trust between the two of them, as he wants us to believe?  In fact what else would Mancienne read if there is nothing else to read? Pillay will succeed in fooling only himself.

The bare facts are that Pillay has only himself to blame for everything. He did not seek proper advice before he jumped into politics at such an advanced age. With such a disadvantage already, now he finds himself with the huge burden of being the Speaker of the National Assembly.  That is a job that demands a lot and Pillay do not have that much to give. On top of that, he finds himself sitting in a nest of snakes and scorpions. He does not know when the sting will come, from whom  and how nasty it will be for him. All those thoughts are taking their toll on his frail health. Now he is trying to find a way of getting out of this whole mess, but in a blameless way. But he is finding it extremely difficult. It appears that in the same way his entry in Seychelles’ politics had its effects; his inevitable exit will also be the same.  Being an educated man, Pat Pillay, should have paid heed to one of Chinua Achebe’s famous quote in his book “Arrow of God”. It goes: “He who eats an Udala seed must consider the size of his anus.”  Obviously Pillay did not consider this - pun intended.



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