In the press conference held on 15th May 2017 President Danny Faure confirmed that the Linyon Demokratik Sesel (LDS) party leader Mr. Roger Mancienne is a liar and hypocrite.  This is the man who is supposedly a party leader - whose party (LDS) in its manifesto promises to ensure its members act with “Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness and Leadership”.  In the same manifesto LDS promised to “introduce a white paper stage” for all new laws.

Given that the Seychelles Constitution is supposedly to be written again as per the LDS manifesto to ensure that “Seychellois enjoy all the rights and liberties granted in our constitution” and furthermore “safeguard those rights and freedoms”.  Yet when as LDS party leader he was asked for comment on the amendment to the supposedly sacred constitution by his party Mr. Mancienne duck and fled to hid behind the words that he would not be commenting on the matter.

This change of heart has now been revealed to be exactly what it is an act of betrayal of the ordinary man and woman that LDS claimed to fight for.  It was a “birds of a feather” move to feather the nests of their political cronies and hangers-on.  When asked about the amendments on Monday President Faure said it was an issue that had been discussed at State House.  This discussion should have been, as was the case in pass discussions, been led by Mr. Roger Mancienne as LDS Party Leader.  Why then did Mr. Mancienne not have anything to say about the constitution amendment when he was asked to comment about it by SBC?

If he was not part of the LDS team that discussed the amendment, it raises the question as to who discussed the amendment at State House on behalf of the LDS?  Who leads the LDS party, and who led the LDS in these discussions.  Remember that Mr. Faure gave a thorough time line explanation of what went down, with regards to the constitutional amendment.  The LDS Party leader has not been able to provide the same, WHY?  Note that neither his party have been able to satisfactorily explain the situation, WHY?

Even more shocking on Mr. Mancienne’s party is that he then left it to the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, the plastic cockerel or “kok plastik” to come forward and defend the move of making what was illegal, legal!

The whole issue is about power – political power and money. Whilst the honorable ‘kok plastik’ and LDS party leader believe they are in the last few laps of the marathon to State House, they are now placing hurdles on the tracks.   The hurdles are greed and revenge and are not a good idea towards the end of a marathon, when your energy level is low.

Wanting more money is a well known sign of greed, but wanting money for doing absolutely nothing to earn the money is a manner of revenge.  A revenge based on previously unsatisfied greed for missing out on national assembly earnings by their predecessors.

To set the record straight, the Secretary of State for Presidential Affairs should provide meetings details suitably redacted to give clarity and finality to the issue of the amendments to the constitution to put more money into LDS pockets.  The Seychelles National Assembly has its shoelaces, like Mr. Mancienne’s hands, tied on the issue.



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