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Ministers of Natural Resources is conducting a three island
survey including Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, to assess domestic
consumption of fish.
This move is anticipated to be the foundation work which 
will lead to an eventual ban on fish export from Seychelles overseas.
The market expected to be most affected is the Russian, Moscow
market serviced by Oceana Fisheries.
UAE market will be affected as well.
Fishermen who have been reaping huge profits will not appreciate
the bans when put in place.
Also those ordering boats in Sri Lanka and PRC will soon find
out that the domestic market may not help them pay back their loans. 
Nearly one hundred boats are reportedly being built in Sri Lanka.
That venture will be put to a stop with a ban on exports.


  1. Encouraging import by big hotels while restricting export is like a dog chasing its own tail.There must be a balance though,and concern of the growing population need for protein but also ensure a sustainable exploitation of our Nartural resources for future generation and sustainable development.But banning export completely would have much more National consequences --some fishermen would be bankrupted,could increase unemployment and is bad for economic growth especially for our small island state with limited export products.

    It fact,the industry should not be banned(unless there is scientific profound analysis that show there is a drastic reduction in species or over concerning reasons to support a ban or there is higher demand locally).

    Moreveor,governemnt should have adviced,work with those fishermen who would be affected long before top find alternatives not to ban completely exportation but introduce new method of productivity such as ACQUAFARMING which needs time to put in palce,or making deals with regional countires in order that our Fiushermen could through contractual agreement fish in these neigbouring countires waters(e.g that we donot only pay license to them but employ certain amount of their local fishermen on our fishing boats etc... for there are countries like Commores that donot have the means thus not exploiting there natural resources as they would like but in a join venture agreement with Seychellois (the later have boats and equipment could forge a real partnership and at the same time allow our fishermen to continue their business).

    it would definitively be a big mistake to complete ban export of fish which contribute to economic growth and bring in foreign exchange unless there are pertinent and convincing reason to do so at least temporarily.

    I would have prefer Pl instead buy a few Tuna purse seiners(pole and line etc...)and start fishing our tuna ourselves thus produce ourselves than depending our EU tuna fleets that are robbing us for decades than killing our local fishermen ,the risk of bankruptcy,increase unemployment and affect economic growth.You know what in fact Afircan countires unlike other countries including Island states like Phlippinnes are the only countries in the world which fish/produce tuna for export but donot have their own Tuna siener fleets.You can start small and slower but surely partilepep.There is lots of foreign exchange being lost by allowing over 40 vessels from Europe robbing and drying our natural resouces alone and for peanuts.I am not saying we should tell all Euroepan seiner to go home,but reduce them at least to be compensated by our won National Tuna seiners.

    Sustainable fishery and intelligent measure of control to ensure stock is necessary and important for sustainable economic growth and long -term benefit but it cannot be done by having a government who decide or dictate things on others without consultation,alterantive soltion,and long-term planning to give those concern time to prepare themselves etc...

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Need a blance P between the economic and social contribution of fisheries that is welfare and interest of the population (fishermen) while also addressing the problems that could arise or arise from fishery industry etc which could be detrimental to the industry,but as well as sustainability of the fishery industry such as voer fishing,capture of juvenile fish which can cause long term problem of supply,etc...Food and nutrition security,climat change etc-Harvesting fish in unsustainable manner also means harvesting them inefficiently.

    The balance needed
    -To maintain ustainabel use,proper mamangement is needed rather than actions such as banning totally fishing for exportation.The balance demand a tailored regime with two distinct elements:1)a way to restrict access and 2)a way to create ncentive for user/fishermen to conserve it,and invest in it rather than over exploitating it.Such regimes entail biological,ecological,social and political aspects and rely on strong coorporations with all stakeholders at all three levels.(the difficulties are devising the regimes).

    But there things that can be done to manage fishing for export instead of banning------developing alternatives such as :
    -deals with of countries that our fishermen by contractual deals fish in their EEZ
    -Biological limits-that is government can cap the total catch.close fishing activities tempoeraily during spawning season or when catch are too high monitor them.
    Direct restrictions----for instance limiting number of boats,number of days a boat can go to sea,etc...

    Managing National fishery regime is not an easy task and has there problems----subsidies,enforcememnt fialures,insufficient knowledge,capacities or clashing policy priorities,and the risk of governance deficits could contribute to a mountain of failures.

    We can perfrom risk management without banning fishing for export by finding the right balance .For instance the so call CLUSTER system can help risk management we need and exploitation needed.

  3. Quote from Dr.DE.
    Seselwa i manz pwason tou le zour eksepte dan dimans zot bez sa lavyan koson!

  4. You might not believe me,PAPAU NEW GUINEA known to have been civilize during the last 50 years Has their own National purse seiner could imagine what they would have done and achieved if they would had been civilized before us.Togo ,one of Africa poorer country has its own Seiner fleet.Is Pl retarded?

  5. Ban purse seiners there will be no shortage of fish for domestic or export market.
    Close IOT it smells.

  6. Sri Lankan are deporting Pakistani immigrants and we should also deport them also Sri Lanka,Paskistan and so on they are just coming to bring violence on our shore in the near future.

  7. What is going to happen to the Russians who has just bought occeana fisheries from Joe Tirant and Redley Weber just last year for millions of dollars?
    Is the Russians packing their bags?

  8. 08.49
    Seychelleois tell partilepep to stop selling out their patrimony.You know what,partilepep voted an illegal law in April this year to do extra the conterally to what Seychellois ask them to stop doing namely allow foreigners to buy land and owe land thus defranchise Seychellois even rapider from the patrimony.Partilepepe thinks passing an illegaly law that illegally allowe them to sell out our patrimony would make illegal dispassion legal.

    we donot recognize you illegal law partileppe and this law of dipossesion must be immediately abrograte.

  9. 08.20

    WE need not to ban European pruse sieners totally but reduce them in order to have our own fleet which would help us generate more revenues from our natural resources.The reason why we should not ban European purse sieners is because by allowing EUROPEAN SIENRS TO FISH IN OUR WATERS WE BENFIT FROM DUTY FREE ON EXPORT OF TUNA INTO EUROPE UNDER THE EPA DEALS.

    We donot have oil,therefore we should not have oil tankers but tuna fishing vessels instead.Partilepep can start selling those oil tankers and start building our own tuna fishing boat fleet.

    Partilepep are criminals,just as the illegal law they passed iin April that allow them to illegally sell out our patrimony to foriegners,partilepep want more expats on our shores to please foreigners.E.g partilepep cannot fil up existing hotels but still it is planning to rob BEl More inhabitant from part of their patrimony to gift foriegners to build a four star hotel thereby import more Sri lnakna,destroy invironment,build housing not for Seychellois but for rxapts with tax payers money,boost financial leakage,and increase rxpats remittance to boost their economy and destroy ours.

    BEl Ombre MP,was at the consultation meeting with about only ten BEl Ombre inhabitant.The DONKEY MP came to ask "What BEl Ombre would gain for it"he preteneded not to know that what BEl ombre would get is a gang of foreign workers,destruction of Bel Ombre environment,illagal blockage on their beach access.PPartilepep teold them they would get an extension of Bel Ombre sewagw ,for partilepep this is capital revenue.No more four or five hotels should be bilt,we have already to many five star hotles and tey are unsustainable and destructive for our economy as already proven.

  10. Ha ha ha,Joe tirant pe over son trou Fes laba Dan lamisere.Ya retourn pilon ancore avec Sa ta larsan.

  11. This Day In Seychelles History: Leader of SPUP had just taken over the islands in a brutal coup. To carry on with is reign of terror HASSAN ALI was abducted on 13th August 1977. To this day 13th August 2014 his dissapearance remains a mystery. Hopefully the National Reconcillation Committee will some day have some answers to bring closure on this very long outstanding case.

  12. Michel patron of Seychelles football thats why our football is fuck up like this country and its peoples are f**k up.Chetty football is in progress Chetty you were not even born when football was more than high level than when Rangers,Rovers,Seyco,Ascot ect football to improve they to cover 10 kilometer on the field and train two time a day instead train only after work hours morning only fitness and weight train in the evening with the ball.May be Chetty will ask me how they train in the morning wake up early start 6 Oclock this Michel to put light on all this playingfield than all team can train when ever they want to train.

  13. Q. What would Seychelles & Bel-Ombre get with this new Arab Hotel ?

    A. A few people in the government in high places will get a few million dollars to ensure this Hotel becomes a reality. The people of Seychelles, namely the natives of Bel-Ombre will witness their way of life erode as they are denied access to key parts of their village.

    Solution: People of Seychelles, especially People of Bel-Ombre - We should not stop FDI, we should not stop genuine developments that will add value without disturbing our environment. Enough with big hotels. We do not want our beautiful Seychelles to turn into a concrete jungle. This hotel should not be allowed to go up like Khalifa's Palace at La Misere ! Wake up Seselwa - we are mere guardians of this blessed, beautiful Seychelles. Defend our patrimony ! Defend Our Land, Defend - Defend- Defend. Do not be like RAM, Volcere, Pierre and PP. Time for Change - Time for a new beginning. Rally behind SFP.... ale GILL.

  14. Breaking news,can SFA investigate this Russian bitch working as ceo at Oceana fisheries please?
    There is trouble there now as the seychellios workers has a sudden change at their working conditions.
    Can SFA moved in ASAP to investigate.thank you.

  15. Tirant works for Rene and will be rewarded well.
    Ban on fishing will send Russians packing.
    The. Joe can go back in fishing when ban is lifted.

  16. Chetty if Seychellios football players don't want to represent their country and you say is unacceptable are you blaming Seychellios players?no blame them crooks in power like minister of sport and patron like their call this pussy,I say it once again no football player now a days play football for free and break their legs for free Chetty and Michel.During Rangers Rovers football players was paid and we were the best national team in Indian Ocean and you were not even born Chetty you can ask Jeris Cesar Alcindor,Betsy,Collin and so one any way who appointed you as SFF president?You know why Mr BETSY left Seychelles to England to give his son Betsy a bright future and Mr Marcienne also did the exile to England to to give his son a better future.
    Local football have to train two time a day evening and morning before working hours,you think playing friendly match will bring success and bring supporters in the stadium my answer no Seychellios what to see quality football not players that are learning to play football and can run on their toe and friendly don't bRing progress or success if Seychellios football players can not cover 10 kilometre on the field I repeat again. And those local trainer who have B or C permit but not put all in practice to lazy and player also become lazy to train and no motivation to play also for our national team players they are not getting any reward back.
    Say you give each player 10,000 rupees each international game their win you will see our national team may be qualify for African cup talk football to Michel a moron who don't know what is the rule of striker on the field and a man who don't care for his country and its peoples care only how much dollars he can get with new foreigners arrival to put on his off shore account.
    PP in every department have fail how can we expect football to progress in our country.A country that had f**k up by moron and can not handle this tiny island.
    Chetty why Marcienne don't want to play for Seychelles national team?Simple his a professional he will never play for free to break his leg and then in trouble with his club you can not see Betsy play for Seychelles nearly when he see career was over not before.

    Chetty our football in progress.NO

  17. Now that Dr Rolf Payet is moving on, maybe we can get a foreigner to be the next environmental Minister...After all this is what we do with our Judges - we normally employ foreigners.

  18. It will be nice if they all pack and go back home Seselwa who got cash can invest and develop its own natural resource in the future when PP topple.
    And if Seychellios can not manage those kind of business like fish industries they can choice their own foreign manger to mange it, that they can trust not like Michel bringing any kind of manger with false document that empty bin in Ireland streets or were ever corner around the world they come from and after half a year go bankrupt.


  19. Seychelles is surrounded with water,yet can't produce excellent swimmers for Olympic? Does that tell you something? This gorvernment of SPUP/SPPF/PL screwed up Seychellois. To all you young growing up vote for change in 2016.
    Forget the JJ Spirit and be self SPIRITED.

  20. 03.54
    The Inhabitant of Bel Ombre have already< said Know to partilepepe hotel in bel Ombre by simply not attending ther so call consultation which is a joke.There were onkly 20 persons who attended the consultation the majority stay at home as protest.The message sent by Bel Ombre inhabitant is then clear no Four star hotel ast Bel Ombre which would only help importa more Expats,destroy environment,bocl Seychellois access to their beaches,put steress on water,eleltricity,housing,etc....

    BENEFIT for Bel Inhabitant there isnone like all the existing five stars hotles have already proven around the country--but not only there is no benfit for Bel Ombre inhabitant but also nothing for the Nation.This policy of building massive hotels which cannot havbe full occupanciy at any time of the year have helped bankprtued our land twice under paritlepep.therefore it must stop immediately-Seyxchelles needs sustainblae development not massive,phraoic hotels with hundreds fo rooms.

  21. A key role of Cnetral Bank is to maintain confidence in the currency.The Bank is responsible for providing banknotes that the public can use with the confidence that the< are genuine.As part of this objective,The Cnetral Bank has the responsibility
    to monitors the incident of counterfeit Notes too.

    Not to destroy customers confidence,SeyCentralBank should act rapidly instead of seeing TIrant/Laporte waiting time making speehces instead of taking real pertinent actions by simply---PULLING THIS SR 500 NOTE OUT OF CIRCULATION WITHOUT DELAY.At the same time ,police must be more active in finding and apprehending this gang of criminal involve in this gross crime--by taking into consideration a few important things --such as :these notes are being printed by using high quality INk-Jet Printer which are expensive and therefore not affordable to many.This should help in theory any investigator in finding the culprit, who seems well-protected and organized in the same manners as Hrd drug traffickers--it could well be that the culprit as in any criminal cases in Seychelles is or are members of aprtilepep ,the later is Seychelles most notorious criminal organization ever.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  22. Dr Payet.the guy who together with FAURE went to the Assembly to forced MPS to in FAURE's own words2SPEED UP THE PROJECT to destroy TAMAKA environment with this big mammoth project rejected by Seychellois.

  23. I guess UN does not know his story-He is the guy who with FAURE wanted to approved the destruction of TAKAMA.he approved in return fro Bribes Khalfia's bunker at La Misiere,Mammuth Adam Hotel's at port Launay ,etc..etc..etc..

    How he was cosen to be Un representative is also questionable for there are many serious and experience indidviduals around the global who are much better suite for this job.Even Mr Shah would have ben better than him.

  24. Mr Shah should be chosen.

  25. Mr shah as next Environment minister.

  26. Pl turn Payet a meteorologist into a superman with a cape.
    Consequently he used ministry of environment to screw up Seychelles more then ever.
    He leaves us in a total mess.
    His tenure has been a total failure and disgrace.
    Confusion and excuses has been the order of the day.
    No leadership whatso ever.
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  27. No quorum in Bel Ombré!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

  28. Those donkeys have not heard what Seychellios say no big hotels put your vision on some thing else and stop taking food out of Seychellios house to put in foreign mouth,big hotel to put Russian bitches in it mother f**kers?
    Those donkey destroying every thing especially beauty of this island.

  29. Mr Shah should have been the 1st environmental Minister !

  30. Average hotel occupancy in Seychelles is 43 percent.
    More hotels means 23 percent.
    Focus should be on a strategy to develop promote, encourage ancillary development to existing hotels that will help increase occupancy percentage.
    For hotels to be viable they must maintain 78 - 80 percent occupancy.
    Example of future development:
    Condo schemes,
    Time share schemes,
    Golf courses with PUD's
    Real aquirium
    Water theme park
    More water sport facilities
    Reduce tax on fuel to encourage cost value for money excursions and game fishing,
    Better and bigger discos
    Night show events theaters shows
    List is endless.
    But PL needs to pull its head out of the sand because Seychelles is about to go Bankrupt again.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  31. Breaking news.Oil has been decover by one of the Australian firm conducting exploration n drilling in Seychelles.It is massive deposit.

  32. An Australian delegation is in Seychelles to do what?Visit Cat Coco.Such a long trip to visit Cat Coco we are told by partilepep?I thought to meet with St Ange to find ways of attracting Australian Tourists to Seychelles.No Cat COco is seems more important if we believe NATION.

    1. Australian Delegations are here to make deal with PL after visiting Cat Coco.
      Watch out Albert. PL will be competing with you in near future.

  33. We been hearing about oil discovery for decades but none of those who proclaimed they have found oil could pump a drop out.Election is in two years so partilepep would tell us it is going to pump oil soon,go on the moon,make us richer,etc....These are old songs sing by partilepep before election time.

  34. St Ange and partilepep seems not to get it .It seems partilepep is aiming for mass tourism which would make Seychelles a destination any others which would be harder to compete for we would have nothing special but all that others offer.

    St Ange tells us his ministry must work with business persons in the tourism industry but always fail to follow what they propose .

  35. We have been waiting for this to surface in Sechelles Seychelles - Please read this is just the one sided report/research. One day the other aspect will surface.

  36. Why S.Nation write no articel oil have found by Australian company.May be this delegation not visiting cat coco i thing oil.But once again not a cent you will steal this time thats why their want to hang in power to steal our oil money.Liki pou sal akoz sa oil pp.

  37. 12.47

    There have been many companies which have conducted longer searches in our waters for oil,None to date have ever come uo with conclusive and convincing result.Australian company suddenly find oil.Probably in the head of Michel.

  38. After 37 years of swa-di-zan liberation from the colonyalis and the gran-blan, a judge under a name of Bernadin Renaud can't believe that La Digue does not have ROAD SIGNS on this third largest island of Seychelles? Zot anan lodas pou dir zot lekor KOSTON, KONPETANT ET KALIPA! (KKK)
    Now PL are you breading another batch of OXES? The ones thats left are getting old?
    Or you want us to go the LOR-ME-NI style, with two wheels instead of four.
    Just wondering what kind of ROAD SIGNS will be posted by the road!
    Ox-cart ahead reduce speed!
    Slow down KABAN DE ZANZ ahead!
    Greqwar ahead!
    Slow down tortoise crossing!
    Bicycles lane only!
    Ox poop ahead turn right!....errr...left.

    Bonne fete 15 AUGUST TO ALL.

  39. Christopher, congratulations on you Hotel Check award. AN ANONYMOUS SUPPORTER/FOLLOWER OF SFP.

  40. She demonstrates now disconnected they are to the citizens the rule and oblivion she is about her own country.The question is should such an ignorant be minister fo her birth that she knows little about?I am convinced Seychellois would say clear and loud No.
    She is like the African naked mole rat.

  41. Every one year before election PP mention oil exploitation kouyon Seychellios!!

  42. Now that Australian delegation are in Seychelles approach them opposition leaders ask them for those Seychellios living in Australia can have their right to vote.
    It will be nice to make them listen when circus house are in debate then this delegation have lots to laugh about on the way back after seen national assembly like a circus full of clowns especially his speaker and fake opposition leader .

  43. 05.19
    It has been like this for the last 4 decades.In 2008 Michel told us he is going to start pumpig oil.It seems that the expected oil well in Hermite head proven uninteresting to exploit.Now Partilepep is telling us,it might have found the right well in Michel Head.It is believe their in enough cruel oil in his head to supply th told market for the coming century.Soon,Partilepep would tell us ti also find abandone amount of fluid gold under Aldabra atoll or diamond in RENE arsehole.And to prove that partilepep has finally found uncountable amount of oil,Partielepepe is still asking foreign companies to come and expore for oil.Why you asking more ofiregn companies to come to Seychelles to search for oil when you have already found it partilepep?You want them to come and search for what you already found=?what for marons?

  44. 14,.56
    Seychellois never asked criminals to liberate them:seychellois liberated themselves in 1976 when they took Independence but their liberty was robbed by a gang of half-brain criminals to the likes of Michel the butcher.The truth is that African bandits who forced themselves on power have commited more crimes of their people than their colonia lamsters.Africa was better off under colonialism than under Black tyrannts.
    These black dictators have commited gorss Uman rights on their people under the cover of liberating Africans from the White rule.You know what most African countries are at the top on the list of the FAILED State index. That speak volumes of how Africa is under half-brain under-educated marons.

  45. Parti Lepep can't even ran a taco stand for themself and now they want to pump oil?
    Peuple seselwa ouver zot lizye pa les so bann gogoat kouyonn zot?
    Peuple seselwa ler zot al vote an 2016 vot BYEN.

  46. Fish fingers here they come.


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