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President James Michel welcomes Air Seychelles' two new Twin Otters

Thu, 31 July 2014
James Michel, President of the Republic of Seychelles, today welcomed Air Seychelles' two new DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft at a special ceremony at Seychelles International Airport.
The aircraft, recently delivered from Canada's Viking Air Limited, will operate between Seychelles International Airport and Praslin, as well as other islands in the archipelago, including Bird, Denis and Frégate.
Greeted by a traditional water cannon salute, the two aircraft, named 'Isle of Bird' and 'Isle of La Digue' respectively, arrived in sequence this afternoon in front of the Air Seychelles VIP lounge.
President Michel cut a ceremonial ribbon to welcome the Twin Otters to their new home, and was accompanied by Danny Faure, Vice President of the Republic of Seychelles, Joël Morgan, Seychelles Minister for Home Affairs and Transport and Air Seychelles Board Chairman and Manoj Papa, Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles.
Honouring tradition and representing the country's interfaith committee, the two aircraft were then blessed by Roman Catholic Priest David Alcindor and Anglican Priest Danny Elizabeth.
Cabinet ministers, government officials, diplomats, members of the National Assembly, representatives of tourism bodies, media and Air Seychelles staff were also present, including Captain Sandy Benoiton, Air Seychelles Chief Pilot for Domestic Services, and Captain Eddy Cesar.
Both pilots were part of the ferry crews that flew the aircraft from Victoria, British Columbia, and Farnborough, United Kingdom to Seychelles.
President Michel conveyed his thanks and appreciation to the Air Seychelles Board, management team and staff of the airline for successfully charting a new route for Air Seychelles, one which has turned the island carrier into one of the world's aviation turnaround success stories.
He said:  "Today is a proud milestone in the history of Air Seychelles and on behalf of the people of Seychelles, I feel particularly proud of the Seychellois crew members and staff who have worked so hard and come so far to create a new and revitalised Air Seychelles.  These two aircraft will no doubt brighten our skies as well as enhance our domestic services."
Minister Morgan said: "This is an incredible day, not just for Air Seychelles, but for the Seychelles.  Our investment in new aircraft is a result of the success of our turnaround program and of our strong and rewarding partnership with Etihad Airways.  Our new Twin Otters will secure the future of inter-island air services and boost Seychelles tourism."
Manoj Papa said:  "The Twin Otters have renewed our domestic fleet and their early delivery is a clear demonstration that we are on the right track with our business.  We intend to grow our domestic operations further, and we have the right tools now in place to better serve the growing demand for more access to and from the various islands that make up this beautiful archipelago.
"Our customers will experience better onboard comfort, pilots will fly new technology, and Air Seychelles will remain the vital link that connects businesses, families, friends and visitors with the very best of what Seychelles has to offer."
The multi-million dollar fleet announcement for the purchase of three 19-seat DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft was made last October in a deal between the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles and Viking Air Limited.  One remaining Twin Otter is scheduled for delivery in mid-2015.
The Twin Otter flight path to Seychelles included stops at Churchill (Canada), Iqaluit (Canada), Reykjavik (Iceland), Malmo (Sweden), Nis (Serbia),  Aswan (Egypt) with a final stop in Nairobi (Kenya).
Isle of La Digue also made a stop at the Farnborough Airshow (United Kingdom) and the total ferry flight distance was 9,175 nautical miles (17,000 km) per aircraft, the longest sector being from Aswan to Nairobi (distance 1,528 nautical miles).


  1. I wonder if Michel understood what he was ready and saying-For instance he says"The two twin otters will boost tourism "In other words ,Michel thinks the twin otters are planes that would operate between Seychelles and Europe thereby boost arrivals.Twin otters Michel could provide more seat on PRASLIN/MAHE and maybe attracts tourists already in Seychelles(On Mahe to visit Praslin ,but that does not boost tourism,to boost tourism we need DIRECT International flights from MAHE to our main Market EUROPE ,then only we could see an increase(or as Michel puts it A BOOST)in our tourism industry.

    Moreover,Michel it is not the new aricrafts that would maybe entice tourists booked their on Mahe to come visit Praslin,La Digue but a reduction in the astronomic and unjustified price ticket passagers have to pay.I guess ,now that Michel bought new palnes ,price would not decrease but increase.

    Michel praised on Seychellois pilots.It is good that Michel recognize their skills,which at the same time show and prove to Michel that Seychellois are capable,talented and can do things ourselves without the need to import thousands of EXpats ,Gop to illegally control our institutions like Sir LanKan judges etc... illegally control our Justice system. or foriegners made Ambassadors in Seychellois place.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    The twin otters is not a result of the deals sign with ETIHAD.For the profit made by Ariseychelles since joining ETIAHD is far less than the cost of a single twin otter.It is tax payers money Michel that you used to pay for the twin otters not profit made with the deal with ETIHAD.

  2. Air Seychelles once had a big fleet of Boeing 767's, a 757 and a 737.
    Now we have a growing fleet of Twin Otters!
    Soon Air Seychelles will be flying the Twin Otters non-stop to London, Paris and Frankfurt.
    If that doesn't work out, the Arab Sheikhs have a lot of flying carpets!
    Don't forget to pay in Dinars!
    Pa File Kapten!

  3. The new planes(twin otters) on one hand are needed before partilepepkill tourists with the exsiting ruched planes dating back to colonial time.On the other hand,partilepep could have order Twin otters with more seat capacity than only 19 seats ,thereby instead of buying three new twin otters that would cost more to maintain buy let say two twin otters with ç0 to 50 seats capacity which would :carry more passagers but also reduce fuel cost by operating two,three twin otters with 19 seats each.In other words, with two Twin otters with more seat capacity partilepep could have flown less flights per date than hundreds now thus save cost of fuel.

  4. Morgan wants to build a new Domestic terminal on Mahe.Is it a necessity?Maybe.IS it a priority surely not especially before Laporte announce that he has bankrupted us one more time.Building a New Inrtenrational Terminal on Ile SOLEIL as SFP proposed make more sense for our Intenrational terminal dated by back to colonial time.It seems partilepep think Ile Soleil should be given to BARYY FAURE instead of building a New Intenratioal terminal in order that FAURE can make money for himself and partilepep in crooked deals.
    Even AfgHnistan which is not a tourist destination has a much modern IntenrationalTerminal than ours.In the Indian Ocean ,Seychelles is the only country which since independence has not built a modern International Terminal that reflect our country in the 21st Century.

    When would partilepep donkeys get things right?

  5. When we get this suit off monkey Michel and send him to the zoo as tourist attraction.

  6. PL passed illegal law that would allow foriegners to owe and disposses Seychellois from their patrimony thereby ensuring that future generation woud not be able to buy land in their own country.Thsi illegal law should be cancelled immediately.You can unilaterally then illegally modified Laws put in place by Seychellois without having their say.


  7. Telling them monkey!don't past with them this name, monkey are 100 times more clever and more intelligent than them crooks,may be tell them donkey because donkey always carry heavy loud like this regime are carrying seen bankrupt our country.

  8. BELOMBRE SAY NO TO NEW HOTEL:We have to protect the beauty of this island and not only this you will run out of more WATER and ELECTRICITY:

    PA DIR PA TI DIR ZOT and if after the hotels is built you complain about NO WATER and ELECTRICITY LAVE ZOT FES AVEK DELO SALE and also start to built a few la lanp petrol parey dan le pok colonial.

    Seychellios you suffer not pp crooks.

  9. Seychelles needs sustainable tourism develppemnt that is small and medium hotels that e.g purchase most of their goods locally,depend of other tourist related services like boatcharter,taxis,etc... for their extra services and that bank their revenues in Seychelles and not abroad.Seychelles has enough big hotels and some even too big for there is no so many RICH to fill them up.Partilepep polcies of building big hotels and more and more than already proven to be a failure.So we ask partilepep donkeys why continue following the same fail polcies when facts have shown they do not work?Why continue pleasing foreing friends and continue to give out our patrimony and destroy the environment to build big hotels when our priority and what suit best for our tourism industry is having small and medium hotels?It seems bribery,corruption is the only motive behind these crooked policies.

    One more thing--Partilepep tells us BOLLYWOOD is planning to produce its film in Seychelles .GOOD--But you know what many Wesgtern films were produced in Seychelles--ROBINSON CRUSOE;etc... ususally in other countires(e.g Australia,Carribeans)after a film is ended the host country especially those depensding of tourism USE the scene the film was produced and keep it as a TOURIST ATTRACTION in Seychelles it is not the case for partilepep does not even grab this idea.


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