Praslin resort in Seychelles awarded Hotel Check Quality Certificate for excellence

Iles Des Palmes Eco Resort of Praslin in Seychelles has been awarded and is a winner of the Hotel Check Quality Certificate 2014.Hotel Check evaluates hotels on the German market, and Iles Des Palmes scored 4.8 out of 5.0 with German guest reviews to achieve this remarkable award of excellence.Iles Des Palmes Eco Resort recently opened the National Heritage Treasure Trail – a fascinating tour taking visitors back to the era of pirates and treasures of the 17th century.

Last month, Iles Des Palmes Eco Resort opened Le Vasseur La Buse fine dining located beachfront on Anse Takamaka in Praslin. The specialty of the house is a starter called Millionaire Salad, a main course in the form of a Seafood Platter or a USDA Black Angus Prime Cut, plus a dessert that is an incredible aphrodisiac called Dessert D’Amour. These delectable delights were served to the Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture, Mr. Alain St. Ange, only a couple of weeks before this prestigious award was received from Hotel Check.


  1. Congratualation to its hotel manager as well as all staff as a team made this possible.proud that hotels on Praslin are excelling and being recognized for the hard work,This should be used as models for both government and others in the tourism industry what the course should be.

    Maybe Hotels on Praslin should be used as establishment whereby young Hotel manangement etc..students should go for pratical training ,of course to achieve the later government would have to for instance reduce Tax or else on establishments participating in providing these training and so forth.

    Come to Praslin Michel ,come enjoy Iles Des Palmes cuisine, service,management,in other words the A:B;C of good mamagement,hard working employees and sutaiability as well as ECO_TOURISM project,and get a real sense what both sustainable and ECo tourism is. for this is a good example of the kinds of establishment government should be developing and supporting not big pharoic five star hotels that help bankrupted our country.

    Hat off guys.Bravo!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. TheMillionaire Salad Michel , does not mean you are serve and eat a million dollar note but the name of this wonderful Salad,tasteful salad highly appreciated by guests, as well as Seychellois ,donkey.

    Come visit the hotel partilepep ,and see for yourselves what ECO-tourism development is all about.

  3. Mr Gill,
    Good luck on your Eco Resort.
    This is because of knowing how to work hard.
    This is because of excellent Customer's services.
    Millionaire salad!
    Suggestion. May be an octopus salad will be good too.

    PL take note from this gentle man.
    Ask him advice hope he will answer your calls.
    St Ange tell PL and Michelle how good is the USDA Angus is.
    Finally hope PL don't put any restriction of cutting coconut trees for the salad.

  4. Thank you for all your support.
    Millionaire Salad is an intergral part of our culture and we will continue to serve it freely.
    We have planted 2000 trees on our own and we replant occasionally. Resources have to be managed responsibly, not clouded with restrictions. This is a communist way: restrict your people, allow foreigners a free hand. This is not the Seselwa Rasin way.
    Octopus salad is indeed another fantastic menu item which we do serve, but supply is sporadic. In season it is right up there next to Millionaire Salad.
    Pl needs to open its eyes. Seychelles is in a crisis and things will get worse, if they do not gather the broken pieces of this country and fix what they broke.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  5. Congratulations Christopher Gill and your team. HotelCheck Quality and Excellence Award is very prestigious and not easy to achieve with the discerning German Market.
    It is testimony that Seychelloise establishment can compete and deliver .

  6. I would beg partilepep not only to come to Praslin to enjoy a good tasty millionaire salad but to also come and discover what it takes to be awarded such a prestigious award.Partilepep would discover that being awarded such an award demands environmental commitment from both Staff and management and how having a clear stragety is crucial to achieving such an award.

    Ile De Palmes has set the tone and a good example of what sustainable tourism development it s all about (which entails Eco-Tourism)Ile de Palmes gang of staff can be very proud of their achievement for this award is not one gifted by partilepep as window dressing just to party member 0r firend in order create illusion it is given by experience,World Known institution and proffessional under specific and well-defined criteria.It is putting theory into practice.This tells us also What guests,torurists would like to have as services,catering etc.It shows what clients preferences and the kinds of services expected when the choose to come to visit us.In a word they want the kinds of services ,catering facilities that reflect the beuaty of our land.Before setting their feet on our shores that what they visualize in their minds not Five immense ,pharaoic five star hotels in over-numbered.

    An Octopus salad is something common while a millionaire salad is a delicatessen ,a rare product just as Caviar .But making a good tasty Millionaire sald is not only have the raw material but it goes to the skills,talent of the Chief -cook in his brigades.It is all in the mix.What is clear though, is that Praslinois is doing it right.Even prominent Praslinois Joe Albert returned back to Praslin to participate in this achievement.That is the way Praslinois do it partielepep--They leading by example,take a leaf from their books Partilepep.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. While providing Digital marketing training for the tourism academy is necessary,the most important namely combining Study and practical in real work place should be the key to provide young Toursim students with knowledge but also provide them before even they get on the job market with practical know-how that once they ended their study they have already a certain amount of practical know-how that you :Allow them to start working independely and allow future employers to have young with knowledge instead of wasting more time on providing them with years long practical at work place.

    For instance,such a system has been develop by the Swiss government and it has been very successful that now many European countries are introducing the system as part of their programmes .

    How does the Swiss does it?

    Apprentise bring their time between school and enterprise/workplace all their duration of their study.seventy percent of swiss students bring their weekends in enterprise(workplace,a sector organization and school.They are paid a monthly starting wage of SFR 800,this amount increase by the time they are in their third years(the wage is more a motivation wage than a real salry--or pocket money).The work they do returns the cost of training and a bit more to the employer(In Seychelles instead of employers paying a wage,governemnt could free these enterprises from CSR burden, or pay less on VAT tax as compensation for participating in this programme).With this programmes Switzerland has become the country with the lowest unemployment quota in the world.
    Staying in a classroom behind a computer and suing digital study studycase would never equates the experience a study would get by learining on the ground,in the real workplace.And for the most very important jobs like being a good cook,waiter,etc.. experience could only be best achieved on the ground not in a classroom in front of a computer.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. The old ways of the Seychellois culture, living in harmony with the environment and preserving the eco-system, has most certainly been degraded by greed and the hunger for power brought forward by the PL regime.

    Zis gete ki manyer sa bann zartifay komela inn vinn m'sye dan bazar.

    Ti piman
    Bred mouroum
    Banann mil

    When I was a kid bred mouroum was never sold in the bazar.
    You just had to go to your back yard or ask a neighbour for some.

    1. Indeed what you said is true and "rien que la verite"

      This is because Once upon a time there was a monsieur qui s'appele France Albert Rene told peuple Seychellois "ramas coco pou arete" "bat kanen pou arete". From that day, (I don't have to remind you) Seychellois in vin pares akoz ZOT IN GANNY SOUTIRE.
      Now when I was a young kid growing up we use to say"msye madanm bonzour" Nowadays you hear langate first then follow by.......
      What else can I add....beautan beautan in fini ale.....

  9. Pl arguments on environment are total crap! Look at Savoy, jj spirit building, Raffles! Where did they protect the environment?
    They protect the environment only if you oppose them.

  10. The double standards are leading to another round of failure.


  12. This is an excellent award. Congratulations Christopher Gill we know you have overcome many and numerous challenges not expected.

  13. Speaking about Environment is a buzz phrase that is good to hide the destruction behind partilepep crooked tourism policies.The inflatory TOurism policy of partilepep has not only speed up environment destruction but greatly contribute to the country's present economic crisis.During the o call Bubble economic,to survive,indiscriminate and unsustainable investments led to the rapid conversion of Land into massive,over-dimensional hotel complexes without any long -term benefitial stragety to support these excesses.End result--financial leakage,lost of revenues and so forth.In other words,Land and environment became partilepep pastime.The plague keeps spreading though it have been reduced due to pressure.

    Sustainable tourism,culture and creative indsutries and heritage-based urban revitalization are in fact powerful economic subsectors that generate green employment,stimulate local development ,and foster creativity.

    Partilepep does not get it,It does not get the notion and the fact that tourists choose our country as destination because of its specificity.And they choose Seychelles as their destination not to come to look at Over-demmensional five star hotels in National reserves but the Natural beauty of our Country.Destroying the environment means Toursits would have no special interest in choosing Seychelles from anther Island states destination offering the same things.

    Toursim partilepep in not in the volume but the Quality.The model of tourism development undertaken by partilepep is aimed at attracting Mass tourism which is a short-term stragety with long -term negative consequences and therefore cannot be sustainable.When you destroy what tourists come to us to see namely the intact environment,there is no need for them to come again or encourage their friends to come to visit us,they can go somewhere else.And of corse partilepep when you have destroy the pearl that attract tourists to our soil you would have than to fight and invest more money to compete ,attract them to us for what we offer is no longer unique but that being offered by others.

    I repeat Seychelles have enoughHotels ,the ogvernemnt has to have a stragety now to increase aarivals in order to fill up existing hotels.

    moreover,partilepep with its policy of building hotles everywhere ,thereby creating mass tourism during the three months of high season is destructive to the nevironement ,put stress of waters etc..
    That is why wefrimly believe that no more hotels should be built but instead develop OFFSEASON tourism(night life,night attraction and more day attractions and activites) to on one hand compensate the lost during the high season by making the tourism industry season longer which allow also to better manage tourism volume which in turn balance the stress on environment and other natural resources such as water supply etc....
    That is sustainability partilepep.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. SOUTIRE and make them became hard drug addict,dealers until end up in EGYPT waiting for death penalty dir pp escobar tir zot dan sa bez. No wonder foreigners a grabbing our land with both hands and its by SOUTIRE that make them every election vote for crook regime.

  15. This award to Christopher Gill and company is excellent. What about all the public service this fellow gives and does for us. No award for that? Are we too embarrassed as a people to honor the man who stood up for Seychelles when it was stylish to stay silent?

  16. There are three Seychellois Nationals on the death row,Partilepep seems not concern about the faith of our Citizens in Egypt Gulags.Michel the butcher on his dinner party at the White House could have asked Mr Obama a good friend of Egypt's Dictator El SISSI to release our citizens.But as always Michel did not do anything,too surprised of seeing himself in a palce where he should not be namely in the White House rose garden.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  17. MUGABE chosen to Chair SADC---a farce!

  18. JAM is using tax payers money traveling around the world when opportunities are given before the PASBATON begins. He takes with him money stolen from the coffer and this is carried by his BG. Anyone noticed he did not take picture with Robert Mugama!

  19. Hello,
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