Seychelles tops the table at Commonwealth Games!

Jubilee Scotland is pleased to announce that even before all of the events have been completed, the unfancied Seychelles has emerged as the clear leader. The idyllic islands, way out in the Indian Ocean, may not be garnering the attention of the global media this week, but the latest stats indicate that they have streaked far ahead of all other Commonwealth nations.
It really is an astounding turnaround for ‘Team Seychelles’, after winning a solitary medal at the 2010 Delhi Games. With a population of just 92,000 things haven’t been easy, but the concerted efforts of the team are now bearing fruit. Many have said that Australia or England were up there fighting for the number one spot, but the stats show neither country has even made the top 10.
Of course, the Seychelles have not actually suddenly become world-beaters. In Glasgow their true medal table position is currently listed as joint 34th, which as some of you may realise also equates to dead last.

Rather, Jubilee Scotland has produced an alternative Commonwealth Medal Table, looking at each country’s national debt per capita. The figures, taken from the latest World Bank Debt Report, indicate that Seychelles is far ahead of other Commonwealth nations, with a debt per capita of $22,084.01. Caribbean states, Grenada and Jamaica, are 2nd and 3rd respectively.
What is perhaps most noticeable from the above table is that 7 of the top 10 are island states. The Commonwealth organisation, backed by its Charter of values and principles, believes itself to be a global leader in understanding the special needs of small island-states. However, as our alternative medal table shows, many of its members are still struggling from crippling debt.
Jubilee Scotland’s campaign director Alys Mumford said:

As our table shows, until the Commonwealth backs up the words of its Charter with action, there will always be a sense that for the stronger members the weak states are not worth looking after.


  1. Seychelles top in the common wealth start from the tail or at the bottom of the list.We could see many atlethes from Island states from Bahama,Jamiiaca,trinidad winning but not a single Seychellois.Seychellois atlethes in the past performed wonderfully,but partilepep has destroyed the standard of Sport in Seychelles.Look two .three years ago we had several Proffesional Volleyball players today we have none.Very country progresss,in Seychelles sport go backward instead of forward.


    Being first starting from the bottom ,PARtilepep would conCider it IS a success and I could imagine seeing Michel going to the Airport on their arrival to congratulate them for fAILURES as he is expert in.I think PAPAU NEW GUINEE is doing better than us.

    But I think Michel would find a solution to this bad performance at the common wealth game--- like with university Seychelles when Seychellois students passed A-Levels with C(D grades and could no longer be accepted in western Universities because of bad grades .Michel would surely create our own common wealth with own gold ,silver,bronze medals,then Seychellois could be sure to earn medals and that forever.

    Go for it Dr. Michel!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Seychelles is a wonder under paritlepep.we hold the world record as country with the astronomic foreign debt which continue to increase every year.
    The problem is Seychelles do not product because her economic policies are artificial,unreal and economic principles follow by the economic illiterate and corrupt monkeys in the government,Just figure this out Michel without any knowledge in economy what for about 5 years fianance minister ,Dito to FAURE a communist educated who recently was still hold9ng the position as finance minister.Then after bankrupting the country the rushed to introduce LAPORTE who seems the most qualified in economy in the party to take over .
    Since LAPORTE took the ministry fianance things has got a little bit better but still far from being effective that is due to the fact that LAPORTE keeps following economic policies put in palce by Michel and FAure proven to be fialures and disastrous for our country.LAPORTE seems to have nothing new to offer that what already in place,After almostfive years the country economic is still in shit,and everything figure shows that if nothing is down rapidly,LAporte is going to Bankrupt us once more time in a little of five years time though all the millions in foreign aid.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  3. Chetty you don't have to answer Q FIFA Gedeon have to answer Q. FIFA will ask him only one Q why Seychelles national team went to play their away game in Sierra Leon were was more risky Seychelles population our players are back none of them have contaminant or test positive with EBOULA if yes pp are hiding the case.


  4. Just waste of time and money pp have fail and screw our athletes and sport in general in Seychelles a broken island with broken future nothing have gone in the right direction with pp cronies.

  5. We are going bankrupt again.
    The 22,000 per capita is lower them 38,000.00 in 2008, but still much much too high.
    To reduce this Seychelles needs:1 strategy for higher productivity, 2 strategy for more responsible and serious FDI that will 3 lessen tax for population and 4 spread the tax base .
    To increase productivity we must respond to market demand, not live an illusion of what the market wants in Tourism and Fisheries.
    Offshore is shot for 10 years with recent exposure . OECD will break GOS over money laundering.
    Australia will cut aide to Seychelles, joining USA ans European Union.
    This is why James Michel is looking for a way out. The road ahead will be hard, harder, hardest unless radical change is made in Seychelles fast, as in last night, not next year.
    Power over a failed state is like being MD of PUC.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  6. Michel won gold medal and Laporte broke a world record.Should both enter the hall of Fame .Being frist on the list of money laundering country is a real achievement for criminal Michel.

  7. Gold medal for failure!

  8. This explains why 1000 plus Seychellois leave every year and do not come back. It explains why 40000 Seychellois do not return, when they can live in free countries that respect democratic rights, and not just talk about these rights.

  9. Why such a pharaoic debt?Well,it is due to the fact that our country under partilepep has inadequate internal Capital formation due to the vicious circle of lower productivitiy,inadequate income and low savings.Hence,thesituation calls for technical,managerial,and financial support from abroad to bridge the gap.

    The burden and dynamics of external debt show that they donot contribute significantly to financing economic development.In most cases debt accumulates because of the servicing requirememnts and the principal itself.In the view of the above,deb tbecomes a self -perpetuating mechanism of poverty aggravation,work over-exploitation,.and a constraint of development.

    Debt has become partilepep nautral result of aprtilepep current method to create money to survive.Hence partilepep conspicuously fails to support any thesis of a drastic ,nonlinear response of GDP growth to changes in the debt.

    Debt as partilepep has proven,is a two -edged sword,when used wisely and with moderation ,its imporves welfare,developemnt,but when its used imprudently ,in excess,without control,and one becomes addicted to it,it is disastrous and create vulnerabilities.Whne debt ratios rise beyond a cetain level,fianancial crisis become both more likely and more severe.

    So,Partilepep,the solution is that paritlepep government should aim at not only stabilizing the debt but also at reducing it significantly to a low level that donot retard growth.Prudent dictates that partilepep should also aim to keep the debt well delow the estimated threshold so that even extraordinary events are unlikely to push the country debt level that become damaging to growth.In other word,aprtilepep must understand the source of systemic risks,but also on how to measure it and mitigate it.

    Like a cancer victim who cann ot wait for scientists to find a cure policymakers cannot wait for academics etc to deleiver the synthesis that would ultimately come.Instead,authority to-day-to policy decisions,Cnetral banker,regulators,supervisors need more understanding of the role of debt in the economy.When is debt excessive?when should we worry about its level,growth rate and compostion?

    For all these reason,fianancial deeping and rising debt goes hand in hand with improvements in economy wellbeing.Without debt economies cannot growth,and macroeconomic ovlativity would also be greater than desirable.But financial development is not a magic potion.The accumulation involve debt levels increase,borrowers' ability becomes progressive ,more sentive to drops in income and sales as well as as increases in interest rates.etc..etc..etc..etc..

    Paritlepep must change its economic polcies,the actual polcies follow by partilepep haave failed is unsustainable,dangerous.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. 40 000 Seychellois in the diaspora,is a potential that partilepep should entice to come bacl home and do everything to discourage Seychellois to leave ,the later creates brain drain then we are force to depend on foriegners when too massive and uncontrolable distort economy,society,the concept of single Nation, identity etc...

    Partilepep should engage Seychellois diaspora for their benefits to the country are significant especillay economically.To date,partilepep has fialed to angage and encourage Seychellois abroad to come back to participate in the country development.Seychellois continues to be an underutilized source,when it come to technical,education and economic investment.Many barriers largely due to issues of ppor governance inhibit the participation of diaspora probably political motvitated.(they are sure most Seychellois abroad are politcla democratically oriented ,thus would put partielepep political survive in danger).

    How can diaspora help the motherland---Economically:Many have alreada businesses in host countires that could c open ,create businesses at home,many have the fianancial power thus won't depend on bank laon to start a business,Many are highly qualified and experience in ^many field thus would help us reduce depednecy of foriegners,many are qualified to replace all those foriegners being illegally made Ambassador in our pLace and could represent our country in the countires they living now better than foreigners like LE GALL and others,they have the potential to boost intenrantional relationship ,help attract DFI,bring new mothds and ideas to better things ewtc.. in a word ,we have much more to gain from enticeing,encouraging Seychellois abroad to come back then depending on GOPs,EXAPTS .

    You know what enticing Seychellois abroad to come back home,is possible if partielepep has the willingness but most importantly if aprtilepep does not see the enticememnt of diaspora in only a political disadvantage for survival of partilepep.Aprtilepep must see beyond politics and put what most important ,and benficial for the country before self-interests and political survival.When Partilepep recognizes that then Many Not all Seychellois in the diaspora would come back.

  11. James Michel Ramkalawan wants a helicopter too!

  12. The average debt per capita for 9 out of the 10 countries listed is about $3.000.00.
    The Seychelles figure is just above $22,000.00 - that must be pretty alarming for the government!
    The question is, does the Michel government know what to do about it?
    They probably do!
    The problem is that doing the right thing will destroy the parti lepep government!
    So the government will do nothing and stay the course, letting the people sink deeper into debt and misery!
    Their philosophy is like this:
    If we fall, the country and it's people will also fall with us!

  13. The diaspora are most welcomed back to their motherland. They do not require a visa, the do not need us to open up the airport VIP lounge for them, we do not have to roll out the red carpet for them. It is their choice if they choose to stay away from their motherland. It is their choice if they want to be selfish ! Just as well we have GOP -expats helping us. If we were to rely on Seychellois Diaspora - we will end up mort dan bois ! AJL

  14. Your commnet,Execuse is incredibly stupid and a craplacular stupidity.Your aprtilepp benfotir who do not understand the importance and advantages of engaging our People living abroad.EXpats,GOPS do not bring anything really positive to our land than disgrading our sdtadrad of living ,killing salary,taking Seychellois jobs,putting stress on housing and other natural resources,and all that to boost growth in their home country while destroy owûe own eceonomic growth.

    Diasporas,instead many would bring with them back wealth to invest and create real opportunity and real economic growth to our land,they will bring expertise,know-how ,new ideas that would benenfit our society on the long-term,they could be used to represent Seychelles in their host countires as Mabassador than illegally recruiting foriegners to represent us which make it costly for tax payers,etc,,etc,,etc,,,
    They would not create fianancial leakage as it ithe case with Cheap expats who send all their money to their home country to boost their own economy.
    W already DAN BOIS and that since 1977,diasporas can only help get us out of this BOIS that paritlepep have brought us into because of their illiteracy in economy,mis-mamnagememnt,corruption,for they are the less qualified to lead us.

    If you llok around dog,you will see that most countires around the world are eager calling,entcing ,encouraging their people living aborad to come back and invest or pariticpate in their country development ,not because it would bring their motherland DAN BOISbecuase it is more sustainable,prifitable,benfitcail, abd better for their motherland.Donot tell me all those countires enticing their people in the diaspora to come back are stupid .Donto you feel alone dog in your redicule or is the benfit you pocket from exploiting cheap foreign labor that force you to say bullshit.

    Atfer all ,Those in the diaspora are real Seychellois they should be advantage before Exapts by their ogvernemnt unless you have a crooked government like Paritlepep who think it is a government for oforeigners, to create jobs for countires with over-population ,that we must feeds Sri Lanakns and indains instead of encouraging them to put in palce family planning to control their over-population etc.....

    Once a maron ,always a maron,that what I see in your argument--you should maybe travel the world then your blinded eyes would regain sight.Under the COCONUt trees following Michel would end you up as COCOS NUCIFERA.

  15. It is alarming for oridanry Seychellois who see anirresponsible and illegal ghovernemnt borrowing as a drunken sailor without control and without accountability and transparency creating an astronomic debt that would need to be paid back by Seychellois tax payers but not by partilelep thieives who robbed from tax payers coffers.
    Does Michel government knows what itsi doing ?you asks:Yes of course ,they even aware of the consequences but as a hard drug addict,though you see the danger the durg in more enticing become unresisitable and paritlepep just cannot stop from borrowing to sponsor their lavish life style.Partilepep thieves can just not get rid of the addiction ,the donot have the moral ability to resisit this addictive temptation call massive borrowing and corruption.,it is so lucrative for them.

    It should be alarming,But Laporte tell us he is not concern about Human development in Seychelles to show you how irresponsible this government is,becuase he can recruit cheap slave labor from abroad,use them,make them work under conditions at the limit of Huamn rights abuses for a meager salary.And of course with all the illegal activities partilepep is involve in Intenrantionallly ,the paritlepep members generate enough wealth for themselves that their own people interest become secondary.

  16. 21:15
    It is their right to come back to Seychelles.
    It is the pl obligation to create the conditions to facilitate their return because it is SPPF who created the conditions that caused them to leave.
    Like it or not, Seychelles can of afford 1.5 Billion in capital flight from GOP workers.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  17. PL handling of the problems in Seychelles is highly reckless

    1 mixing poison with heroin to kill addicts,
    2 imposing unsustainable tax scheme,
    3 killing local business on Praslin by hiking ticket prices on planes domestic like they kill addicts with poison,
    4 allowing GOP dependency,
    5 allowing single family investment scheme via Khalifa family and agents.
    6 pro money landing scheme inite of world protest, with Seychelles Strategy.
    7 buying opponents,
    8 selling Seychellois
    9 making Seychellois suffer
    10 ignoring failure of education.

  18. 21.15
    tey do not require a visa.But you know what.PArtilepep has made viasa exempt for all nationalities to facilitate their invasion.
    Daisopra before all are Seychellois,they would not create ethnic conflicts,cultral conflicts,mentality conflicts,trandtional conflicts--etc....

    they would bring their Capital,their know-how-skill,expertise,new ideas,in a word more benfitial for economic long-term development than expats who porivde a short-term benefit to host country and remittances to their home land and that is it.nothing more.

  19. 21.15
    GOP like BUHAN ex-judge that when contract ended are illegally made Seychellois instead fo going back to their home land.Or those illegally control our Mabassaies--DIaspora in CANADA I guess would,could better represent our land than LE GALéL a Frenhc illegally acting a Seychelles Mabassador in China and thoers.Seychellois would defence the interest of their motherland most likely more than an illegal foreigner made Mabassador by partilepep.A Seychellois in the diasporas,made Mabassador would have more potential to entice DFI in the country his is host than a PAnda in China.

    Take the example of SFP Ambassador in the Uk ,Mr TAll,He is better suit than any foreigner to represent SFP abroad and a country he has been living for years isnot it?The cost also of recruiting a living aborad Seychellois to act as Ambassador for his country would cost tax payers leess for these Seychellois already owe a house,car etc.. in the country they living than renting house ,car ,with amny other perks foriegners.

    Evben in case where Seychellois are send abroad as Mabassador,i think recruiting a Seychelles already in the country we want to have an Mabassador would cost tax payers less. For instance,Ex-Minister SHAMLYE is now Ambassador in France(in reality on holiday as decades being minister)his present there cost state a lots for housing him,and so on.Recruiting a Seychellois alreadyesdig in France would have cost us uch lesser.Thereby stop waste of tax payers money.

  20. Ns ambassador holds the same title as a minister--Should foreigners be MINISTERS in Seychellois place.No no countires in the world with the exception of Seychelles do that.

  21. Some ideas of how Seychelles can tackle its astronomic growing foreign debt.
    -control government wastage
    -dealing with endemic and persistent corruption
    -money leakage
    -Strong rule of law
    -Encouraging and boosting small and medium enterprises
    -radicate underground economy
    -Deaing with Tax invasion---or money laundering
    -Produce more locally such as Poultry farming instead of import
    -more control on natural resources and exploit them ourselves like TUNA fishing
    -Tax Expats/GOPS earning above a certain among e.g over Sr 15 to 20 thousand rupees
    -Higher tax on imported good purchaseable locally like fish ,vegetable ,fruits unless proven not available or enough locally
    -Increase Salary on workers to boost consumption
    -Avoid waste by wasting money in none important projects or projects not immediately necessary
    -Renewable energy use
    -Lessen construction cost especially private houses by using cheaper ,heat resistance material---stone coasted steel roofs(reduce heat,durable,moreaesthetic,cost $u 3 Dollars only in for instance Phillipines);Use of pores concrete,offering clay brick (as alternative but if produce locally would be cheaper for it is cheaper to create,
    Alternative material to TITLES--parkettes
    -and so on paritlepep this could reduce construction price for locals including government housing projects.


  22. Why our athlete don't bring any medal back home because lack of training on their own, you don't have to have all the time trainer by your side to train and our athlete miss of access to Stade Poupulair if government or SAF can give all athlete a carte of to enter this stadium every time they want to train we will get result and athlete pro train may be 3 or4 time a day and were their is open to erery athlete why you Seychelles athlete train two time a day same for football,footbller need to cover around 8 to 10 kilo meter on the field say you start working or study 8 O clock morning time you start training 6 to 7.45 than you 1 half morning training and after work 2 or 3 hours that make it 3 and half or 4 and half a day.Everyday that mean in a week you make 40 hours training. Then you will see sport start in Seychelles is getting on high level and going in the right direction.

    To all our sport man and woman don't wait for pp to help to achieve your gold one day otherwise you will be a loser like them till the end of your career..

  23. A team of 70 at the Glasgow 2014 games with nothing to show for it other than HUMILIATION on the world stage!
    Parti Lepep destroyed competitive sport in the Seychelles when spup introduced the zoning system.
    On the economic front, competition was disallowed when the spup introduced the ser mon boyo system - SMB.
    Marxism, Leninism and Reneism destroyed the Seychelles in very aspect!

  24. Breaking news.Tazar pe prepar roati poul.

  25. Why would any sane Seychellois diaspora want to return to the very same situation that he/she had decided was not for them to support, let alone endure.
    Sa ki pa kontan sa rezim i kapab debarke.
    I believe that I speak for many in diaspora when I say that for any return, the rezim of Rene and Michel must be brought to justice and removed from power.
    However, the damage has already been done and is perhaps irreversible.
    The only thing left to do, and it may not be enough, is the overwhelming condemnation of Rene and his Terrorists.
    Seychelles will proceed from there with a new beginning.
    I repeat, the damage is done and irreversible.
    Nothing will ever be the same again!
    Let Rene and Michel burn in hell!

  26. There is one thing that every peace loving Seychellois should be aware of:

    It is quite possible that every top ranking member of the pl/sppf/spup are armed with guns or pistols obtained from malo or from the spdf arsenal.

    When this regime is removed by legitimate and legal means the public will have to deal with some ferocious animals who might want to kill to retain their advantages that was given to them by the selfish and insane Rene!

  27. Have you ever tried to burn some leaves that you just swept into a pile?
    Beneath that pile of leaves there was a TANG.
    Did you look at the face of the Tang as it tried to escape?
    There is a strong resemblance to Michel!
    Michel has always been hiding or running away from something.
    His burnt face and hair says everything!

  28. At the real Olympics.
    Grenada won 1 Gold and 1 Bronze.
    Jamaica won 10 Gold, 4 Silver and 8 Bronze.
    Seychelles won 0 Gold, 0 Silver and 0 Bronze.
    Seychelles still has her head stuck between her legs for fear of the terror brought about by 05 June 1977.
    Seychelles can do better. Seychelles deserves better.
    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery!
    Stand up for your rights!
    Do not fight the AK47 bullet!
    If you can, leave the country!
    If you cannot, boycott anything to do with Parti Liki!
    RESISTANCE broke Hitler in occupied Europe!

  29. Michel will not get anymore AK-47 with though sanction US and EU as impose on Russia no more AK-47 marketing for Putin no more Russian ship docking in our Port to refuel and take the rout to Africa with containers full of arms for more genocide in Africa. .

    Kalashnikov say before he past away he made a big mistake making this killing machine he said better he had built machine for famers to grow food.

  30. Triathlon was involved in Commonwealth Games why Baldwin was not taking part SAF?

  31. Our athletes reflect the state of the Nation under partilepep.We A promised land of broken promises because of the chronic weaknesses of partilepep government and civil institutions. ,looted by into putrescence.It would take decades to patch up the mess partilepep created.the longer we wait to oust partilepep out ,the longer and more costly it would be to fix the mess partilepep left behind.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  32. Seychelles President to attend US/AFRICA SUMMIT?
    JAm oooh OBAMA and the rest don't like to see you.
    you are not BLACK enough.
    send JOE.
    US knows your offshore fraud with PORTLOUIS.
    Stay away.... OBAMER will remind you.
    Errrrr.. if you still decide to go.....bring along your telepromter.

  33. Michel be prepare when you meet Obama!First word he will told you Seychelles must become a democratic country second your country must stop human trafficking threating human like modern slave third and last stop money laundering otherwise you will have a sanction hanging over your head this are the three things will put in front of you and co and I hope when you come you put it in practice.

  34. He will bring with him this little white rat Adam.

  35. Be careful Seychellois! He might bring EBOLA on his way back.
    Let put him in the quarantine on island for 40 days and 40 night with bread and water.

  36. All dictators corrupt and with blood on their hands invited and walking free in White House having dinner with Obama come on Obama if Africa are rising why every day around 10,000 thousand African immigrants land and or end up dead at Italian cost of LAMPEDUSA running of execution or prison with out committee a crime in their home land?Most Criminals are around your table Mr Obama.
    International community have fail UN have fail like their war on drugs.

    Just look this genocide in Palestine by those Zionist who murder Jesus by handing him over to the Roman..

  37. Aprtilepep to develop torism with Ethopia----Are ethopian rich Africains who can afford to pay a hotel in Seychelles when they have not really solve to date their famine problem ?And on trade.i guess Kenya,Tanzania could benefit Seychelles more in regards to trade then Ethopia----e.g has a ihgh quality poultry thus we could import chiecken from Kenya an African country than from Brazil,or Tanzania prodcues Rice etc....

  38. Metsy health minister fes no knowledge in medicine back ground school teacher now hoping for Dr titled form India! do you and government have already set up control at our International Airport because of EBOLA?

  39. Mitsy is lost in all those medical terminologies used by experts.She can not even tell us ,how EBOLA is transmitted By Corporal contact with infected persons or how Dr Mitsy?,

  40. On NATION--Appropriate Vibes.SBC rples is"we stick to our code of practices and to parental Consent"Well SBC,does it means If a aprent authorizes you to rape their under age Duaghter is RIGHT because you have the parental consent donkey?This is nothing than Child abuse partilepep and we expect Michel act and stop ONIMIZE pedophile attitude ,but also ensure that those producting such vedeos stop abusing children.

  41. Ebola come from bush meat African are eating animals like monkey you name it.

  42. Pl government introduced aW EB SITE entitled"BE A CRIMINAL STOPPER"in order that citizens could help oilice forces apprehend criminals.Many Seychellois have already sent names of criminals to the government__Glenny,Guy Adam,Alixis Michel,Francis Savy,David Savy,Morgan and the restds--to date none has yet been investigated,questioned or apprehended--what is the purspose then of wasting our time to send information on criminals then to find out that the government does not take action.

  43. They will not because themselves they are criminals in power PP crooks. To STOP CRIMES AND HARD DRUGS you have REMOVE PP.

  44. Listen commentator when our national football team playing Sri Lankan it was f**king funny this commentator said few players just release from work just arrived to play after 45 minute of game.Chetty players should be release from work for a international match and those hours lost from work should pay SF because its our national team not a club team and you should speak with their employers about hours lost and should be cover by SF that's the way forward our football is dead at the moment een a match a never finish watching now a days.Why something like this will never happen because this regime have f**k every things make our coffer in all departments empty liki zot manman thanks god some private company and bank are sponsoring our football.


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