L’ETAT DES SEYCHELLES DOIT RENDRE DES COMPTES: « Un mensonge répété plusieurs fois peut devenir une vérité... »

Si l'on comptait sur la conférence de presse de la police des Seychelles pour répondre aux questions fondamentales posées par la mort suspecte de Harmon Chellen il n’en a rien été, et l’on n’a pu qu’être consterné devant les contradictions dont il a été fait état. Mais peut-on alors compter sur le gouvernement mauricien pour s'engager résolument aux côtés d'un de ses citoyens ? Jusqu'ici nous n'avons entendu que les sempiternelles banalités diplomatiques du type « nous en évoquerons le cas avec ...' »
L'Etat Seychellois devra une fois pour toutes comprendre que le monde de 2014 n'est plus celui des années 70/80 quand un Etat totalitaire pouvait encore sévir en toute impunité.  Aujourd’hui un seul clic de souris peut ruiner la réputation d’un pays qui se retrouverait alors au rang d’Etat-voyou, même s’il s’agit d’une île à vocation touristique...
Notre premier article dans la page Forum du Mauricien nous a valu de nombreuses réponses de Seychellois aussi bien dans leur pays qu’en exil en Australie, à Paris, à Londres ou ailleurs. Ils n'ont pas hésité à avancer des noms et des dates quant aux méthodes très particulières de la police seychelloise. Voici un témoignage parmi tant d'autres :
''Sir, my family has suffered terribly under this regime. My uncle, Hassan Ali Umarji, a well known businessman in Seychelles, disappeared in August 1977 leaving behind his wife and children. We all had to leave the Seychelles to seek political asylum in the UK back in the 1980's.''
DIS-MOI compile actuellement une liste de tous ces citoyens persécutés au cours des dernières décennies ;
Notre enquête se poursuit et la vérité devra se faire tôt ou tard. Si le médecin légiste mauricien confirme que Harmon Chellen est bien mort noyé/asphyxié, il ne peut  dire si Chellen est sorti du poste de police conscient ou inconscient puisque même les policiers qui en avaient la charge semblent l'ignorer ! En tout cas nous attendons avec impatience que la prochaine conférence de presse de la police seychelloise nous révèle comment  M..Chellen a pu « s'evader » pour « se suicider » dans deux pieds d'eau !
Quand on ne peut expliquer l'inexplicable se taire est toujours la meilleure option...



  1. There are thousands more who flee this government since 1977, no matter how they change their name from SPUP to SPPF to PL and God knows what will they call them selves next, the end result it is still STINK. WHY? Because they used to put BOMBS at different location in the past. From the very top to bottom they are all CORRUPTED and people who elected them to power are IDIOTS and MAROONS. The best thing about it, they wrote books about themselves saying how hard working they are!

  2. Theory 1, - shame drove him to commit suicide.
    This is the theory that the police is putting forward, they are saying that Mr. Harmon Chellen walked out of the Port Glaud Police Station with no one noticing. On the way to Ephelia Hotel, Mr. Chellen discarded his shirt and shoes, threw himself into the sea and got drown. Supt. Bruce Bursik emphasized this theory when he said that the police searched the shore line intensively for the shirt and shoes but without success. This theory is plausible but most unlikely since Mr. Chellen was a man of strong character and was ready to rebut the accusation. The police said he did not make any statement which is hard to believe. He may not have made a written statement but there must have been some conversation from the time he was taken from the hotel to the Police station. In legal term verbatim is admissible in court if the police officer had recorded what was said in his note book. Supt. Bruce Bursik mentioned something about caution and police could not question Mr. Chellen. Under rule one of the British Judges Rules, a police officer can ask any question at any time if he or she is trying to discover if a crime has been committed and by whom even after a verbal caution. There is a difference between a verbal caution and caution given after a formal charge, usually this is in a written form. In other words, statements made before formal charge can be recorded but are not obliged to be produced in their entirety to the court, whilst statements made after formal charge have to be recorded in their entirety and produce to the court, and this is when the investigator (police) are not allowed to put questions to the suspect except questions to remove ambiguities, such as 4am or 4pm? It would be important to know when Mr. Chellen was informed that he was under arrest and verbally cautioned. Equally, when did the police record the statement from complainant and had reasonable evidence that Mr. Chellen had committed a crime. For this reason that there is a strong belief that the police jump the gun, they arrested Mr.Chellen before doing proper investigation and were indecisive in their action - to treat Mr. Chellen as a prisoner in a lock-up cell or as a free guest in the station. No matter how much Supt. Bursik tried in his press conference, he could not wishy-washy the incompetency and unprofessionalism of the police officers involved in this case. 'Journaliste sans Frontiere' (To continue)

    1. Mistake 1: The Police should investigate according to the evidence not of what they think happened. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. ///

  3. Well said to much idiots on the island that just live and don't realize were their country with crooks are heading too.


    Oublie ca!
    La regime de Rene/Michel sont incapable de laverite en ce qui concerne la disparuson ou la meurte par des actes des ciminalites!

    "Rendre des Comptes?



  5. Correction:

  6. It is estimated that in the 1st. half of 2014 nearly 18% of the population of Seychelles comprised of low skilled foreign nationals of many different cultures.
    Namely Indians, Filipinos, Mauritian, Malagasy, Nepalese, Kenyans, Sri Lankans.
    The current population is most likely 95,000 and not 90,000 as estimated.
    There is a diaspora of about 40,000 Seychellois Nationals living overseas.
    The stage is set for some drastic changes to the Seychellois culture as we know it!
    It is not clear what the immigration policies of the PL are.
    But it sure looks like the PL have no idea how to manage the influx of foreigners and the Racine culture is in jeopardy!
    This will be the second phase of the destruction of the Seychelles by the PL.
    The first phase started on 05 June 1977 and ended when the economy started to become extremely fragile.
    Nobody will recognize the Seychelles after the PL are done!

  7. Theory 2. Husband or friends of complainant killed him and threw his body into the sea.
    This theory is probable if one assumes the following scenario. That Mr. Harmon Chellen walked out of the police station fully clothed, reached the Constance Ephelia hotel where he met his assailant or assailants. Assuming he went into his room and started to get undress for a shower when he was attacked with a blow to the left temple and he collapsed. May be he was not dead but almost when the assailants threw his body into the sea. This explain why there was water in his lungs but the pathologist did not say how much water there was. Obviously a half dead man would drown more quickly and not all the cavities would have time to fill up, consequently his body will float. Therefore, most probable the shoes and the shirt that the police was searching for along the coastline were inside the hotel room or the assailants may have got rid of them. And one would assume that Mr. Chellen could not have walked from the police station to Ephelia Hotel without his shoes.
    'Journaliste sans Frontiere' (To continue).

    1. Mistake 2: Assumption is the mother of all fuckups. ///

  8. Its all to do with not face justices for their crimes.They would destroy to hide and get away with it.That us why you see the persistant control over the lives of the locals.

  9. If Chellem came back and entered the room, security cameras would pick him up.
    It would confirm an inside job which would make housekeeper boyfriend prime suspects.

  10. Where are the keys to his villa?

  11. Can someone highlight what seyc top forensic expert Mr Boussin is concluding with regards to this case?
    what is Boussin theories and senarios?

  12. Theory 3. The police killed him and threw his body into the sea.
    Under this scenario there are some good circumstantial evidence to back up the theory. First, one would ask why the body was without shirt and shoes? And is it not the usual procedure for the police to strip a person before putting him or her in the cell? Well, the police said that Mr. Chellen was not put in cell, if so this statement supports the scenario of theory 2. But if the police is lying, the following scenario would explain why the body was found shirtless and without shoes. The assumption is that the police did put Mr. Chellen in the cell and they did strip him of his shirt and shoes, at some point violence occurred and Mr, Chellen was struck at the left temple and collapsed. Thinking that Mr. Chellen was dead, they panicked and decided to dump the body in the sea, forgetting the shirt and shoes inside the station. Again as in theory 2, Mr. Chellen was not completely dead when his body hit the water. There is one point of interest in this scenario but no one has raised it so far, is whether Mr. Chellen was wearing any belt, as it is a normal practice for the police to remove the belt of detainees when placing them in cells. Another point for concern is why there was only one police officer at the station when Mr. Chellen is alleged to have escaped? They claimed that all the other police officers were out on patrol and investigation, or would it not be the case if they were out to dump the body?. Supt.Bruce Bursik needs to clarify these coincidental anomalies if he wants to stop public speculations. 'Journaliste sans Frontiere' (To continue)

  13. Does St Ange know something about this case?
    How come he is not talking about this?
    Since they were together the day before the disaster how come he does not even send a condeloance message to the family?
    Does any one smell a rat?

    1. St Ange is a gentle man, not a rat like some

  14. Partilepep wants to make the world believe that Mr Horman,removed his clothes because he thought it would be too heavy and would keep him afloat if we believe partilepep.So Moreover,it would be foolish to believe that Mr Horman went Naked at sea and that ,that not even a security guard saw him.And if the latest scenario is what partilepep wants us to swallow then should we question the security of Adam's hotel ,a reason why Rich foreigners should not opt for Guy Adam's hotle--for it is unsafe,gaurds are themselves criminels,and most disgusting......no one security guards hear,see anything not even a light in thr room of Mr horman.Mr horamn walked our his room in the dark as a thief(which should be something alariming for security personal ---seeing someone walking in the hotel property in the dark)and you know what --they did not see,hear,smell a single noise .

    We could also ask those criminal in police uniforms ---what did the do ,after not finding Mr horman in their custody for it seems they did not even bother to search for him?They were not in the hotel nor informed the authority.You know why they did not search for him?Well he was already dead in Port Cluad cell,butchered by partilepep thugs in police uniform.Fo course ,aprtilepep as always says it is investigating to fool the family of Mr Horman which in itself shows how crooked this government is,But the fact is ,partilepep has already made their judgement --and it is not going to change its position to protect the thugs within the police forces ,partilepep need to perpetuate its crimes.Tge investigation will never end,it is as always it will go on for eternity as in all other criminal cases perpetuated by partilepep and his gang of criminal.

  15. Of course he knows.One does not become a partilepep minister like this and without somehow engaging directly/indirectly in partilepep crimes.He might not be the culprit but a defender of party crimes.He was the first to rushed on SBC .acting as police spokeman to fabricate lies even before Mr Horman corps was found.

  16. Partilepepe seems not to be able to ressit deals with Sri Lankan dictator RAJAPAKSE.Partilepep sent a delegation which includes Glenny Savy who already illegally sold one of our outer Isalnd to RAJAPAKSE ,ahs allowed Mihn Airlines belonging to Dictatoror RAJAPKSE and NOVALOKA Midcal center belonging to Dicator RAJAPAKSe borthers ,and aiming to make more deals with the gang members of RAJAKASE known as the Butcher of the TAMIL people.Sto money laundering partilepep ,stop your crimes partilepep.By the way ,since SFp has exposed RAJAPAKSE ,the later has bought an Island in Australia.

    Michel tells us partilepep known for massive destruction of the environment in Seychelles that "it will mitigate climate change"For Seychellois it is cristal clear that it is not a monkey living under a coo nut tree to the like of criminal Michel who would reverse the causes of climate change but big industrial countires,Moroever,Dictatorship is more destructive ,and dangerous than Climate change.

    The inconvenient ture about Seychelles today is that Partilepep Dicatorship.terror,present a more perilous threat to the survival of Seychellois than Climate change.The devastation partilelep dicatotors have wreaked upon the social fabrics and ecosystem of Seychelles society is incalculable.
    Cliamte change debate has been honey in the mouth of forked tongue Michel.He thinks this would aprovide him the perfect foil to avoid detection and accountability for his party gorss corruption and mismanangement of Seychellois society.Gloabal warming,Climate change has proven to be the perfect substitute for bogeymen of Seychelles.Cliamte change is the perfect and prefer ideology behind which partilepep thugs can hide and pry their trade of corruption,while expanding their thriving kleptocracy.

    You know what Michel---climate change would never be able to evaporate the blood on your hands.Seychelles face a ecological collapse not because of climate change but because of lack of regime change.democracy.Seychellois priority is not fighting climate change for they know Seychelles can not fight climate change better than big industrial countries,but they sure that they can elelimate thugs illegally controlling their destiny by force.We will concentrate of the later.We think dictatorship has been the main cuases of suffering in our country so let fight the turmor eating us deep inside now ,and we will deal with climate change later.We fiercly beleive we can elimate the paritlepep turmor rapidly,radicalyy and completely by 2016.Like a Tsunami they would be washed away in their graves.

  17. Wearing his Gold ROLEx,Monkey Michel parroted about climate change to proffesionals thinking his is wise and experts are fools.Michel tells thwem that"he is unable to bring change in the lives of his population"Of course Michel,you an idiot,a cooked,under qualified,rogue,thief,and note Seychellois never chosen you to rule them becvuase they thi k back then that "You are unable to bring change in their lives2and all your policies have confirmed that.Since you conscious that"you unable to bring change in the poipualtion lives"what thwe hell you ding as President?Why not go and be the garderner you suppose to be monkey instead of telling the World "you uhnableto bring about change in the population".

    Michel a,lso told them"largew commercial projects the same he had allowed in Seychelles ,like over-dimmensional five star hotels etc..."are not feasible to small island states"But Michel in Seychelles continues to allow the construction of over -demmisional htoels and other unsustainable projects.One wonders if this donkey knows really what he is parroting about.

  18. Breaking news; Foreign Airlines are going to stop payments in Sey.rupias very soon.
    Pa file kapten'n. Sesel sa.

    Un pas devant quatre pas derriere.

  19. Every were he goes around the world just two words come out of his stingy mouth Pirates and climate changing just to be finance by foreign countries for crooks to stay afloat continue destroying its peoples dignity his mission finance for the coming election now that Siva had his fingers stuck in his ass can not pull it out, destruction you are causing chopping all the trees down destroying our environment building big Luxury hotels that nearly empty half a year.COURRUPT SUCKER YOU ARE.
    NATO chief himself had say on SBC that piracy have drop seen bring the action near Somalia shore he think his fouling other politicians around like he has foul Seychellios for nearly 40 years?What the f**k this moron are moaning around the world.

  20. You forgot the third word "blue economy"
    But don't get me wrong sa li-key pretend 2 be KOSTO on SBC.
    Can you believe when they see the BLACK GOLD how he will be?

  21. Well,I knew that the turn around in the bankrupt economy during the 2008 IMF bail out will catchup with PL
    When you lived on borrowed money that you cannot pay back in the end it catches up with you.The man looks tired.latet e fatigue.

  22. The man looks tired?
    Because he don't have a neck!
    Malediksyon le pase ki dan son latet!
    Once again Seychelles is on the way of NAPA LAND!
    All these are happening everyday because of those maroons voting for PL.
    Even TROUKLER can be President of PL and still win by landslide!

  23. Election is coming 300 Seychellios get new key for new house every time election are on the way house been given by PP have any one realise that?

    1. Candidates were briefed what to expected of them once they enter their new homes------ I'm glad some of the candidates already spoken loud and clear about it. YES, those houses were not built by Parti Lepep money! It's tax payers money meaning you and me and all who contributes. PERIOD.

  24. 13.32

    Michel's BLUE ECONOMY--climate change-------A bloody dictator who wants to potrays himselves as Green, climatoligst dictator.Blue ,green REd ,white,purple,Black whatever Economy ,Partilepep all have to do with sustainability.Michel travels the world, preaches about Blue,green economy while failing to do anything in this regards.After 5 decades of partilepep,we still do not have an efficient,competitive National Tuna Siener fleet though it is something we should long had because we have the natural resources .Instead partilepep bought Oil tankers.While the idiot Michel preaches about blue economy,tons of discard fish are being thrown into the Ocean by foreign Tuna Seiners,that is multi-million of dollars poured into theOcean ,something whcich should have been stopped by now,and which partilepep should have develop solutions such as having a special boat that goes around collecting those tons of fish from Tuna Seiners in order to produce added value products such as animal feeds etc....Michel the red bloody dictator thinks he can hide himself under the guise of Blue economy,climate change.The fact is,Michel is the crook who has destroy the environment in a way that Seychellois as a people has not done in 350 years of existence.Khalifa has illegally built a bunker on top of our mountain in a Natural reserve,Francis Savy built a hotel on Ste Anne a reserve,dito to Adam hotel at Port Launay a National reserve even reefs was destroyed by Adam and partilepep to facilitate big foreign yatches to enter until the shores,and other natural reserves around the country..
    And here we are ,the donkey preaching about blue economy climate change,as if he is the initiator of the idea of blue economy development which is in fact an old idea initiated byPioneer of this issue namely Gunter Pauli in the 90s.

    1. I said it before,
      WE HAVE TONS OF FISH but no seychellois boat.

      I said it before,
      WE HAVE TONS OF OIL TANKERS but no oil.

      I said it before,

      Nice plots of lands overlooking the ocean are selling to foreigners FOR BIG BUCKS while Seselwa Rasin get their keys on the KONBLAZ sleeping with one ear open every night thinking a Tsunamae is approaching. If you approved what I stated, do you want to give PL ankor zenk? It's a simple choice!

  25. If partilepep can use rax payers to bu8ild houses to cater foreign workers ,it would be at least polite for Partilepep to shut up when giving Seychellois houses ,a condition stipulated in our Constitution ,therefore not a idea of Pl,just as free education,helath etc.....Pl has always tries to make Seychellois beleive houses are from Pl.It is a product and policy of Pl.It is not Pl.it is a constitutional rights.What is not a constitutional rights Pl.is using tax payers money to build houses to cater foreign cheap workers.thereby reduce land use for Seychellois ,and put stress on waters and other natural resources.

  26. There are two things why Seychellios voted for PP this pension and house may be some kouyon Seselwa things when PP gone this two things their will stop getting NO Seselwa kouyon this two things are in our constitution it will continue don't be paranoid about PENSION AND HOUSE and its not PP who decide to give its our constitution.

  27. How many Seychellois understand our Constitution?
    Zot tande me zot pa konpran.
    i bet you even misel don't.
    sak fwa i koze e komans bous son ledwa i fer mwan ganny lanvi kaka.
    That is why i boycott sbc for the last foue years.

    Instead of sending meriton zimbabwe ... i ale limenm.
    komsi li osi i nwar.
    misel oh zis ou lannis ki nwar!

  28. 40% understand it and 20% le rouge that understand it but abuse it and 40% don't understand it if their will understand it Seychelles will not be the Seychelles we are in today with crooks abusing Power and being corrupt and destroying its peoples dignity selling what belong to its peoples to invaders affecting our national security by imported immigrant as cheap labour.


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