Double Standards For Crooks And Murderers

I have worked in conjunction with the Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party, Mr Christopher Gill, to bring justice to all Seychellois who have suffered under the brutal regime of Rene and Michel.

I have written formal letters to the United Nations of Human rights, the International Courts of Justice in the Hague, the Commonwealth, the Governments of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Today, we witness the same Governments, the same organisations, the same political leaders that speak for justice and democracy around the world inviting the same people that break all international norms to their official residences. I am baffled by their actions.

Inviting Dictators to dinner is an insult to human dignity. How demoralising for true reformers and activists in their home countries and abroad to see tin-pot dictators and Human Rights abusers feted at the White House and at Downing Street.

David Cameron and Barack Obama should act in a way that agrees with the things they say or else they should put up or shut up.



  1. It is a farce of USA DIPLOCRACY.Oboma doctrine of Human Rights is confusing.Human rights policy making is essentially a choice between the lesser fo two D(evils).The world is teemd with nasty S.O.Bs like Assad,Michel,Castro who commit crimie against Humanity.Then there are nice S.O.Bs like Al SISIS from Egypt,Uganda's Useveni,Rwuanda's Kagame ,RENE etc..who commit crimies on Humanity as a pastime.The different between this two of D(evils) is that the later are our S.O.Bs.They do our bidding,,in return ,they get inivited to the White house to dine and wine.

    Obama likes to pontificate about BEING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY and rhetorically clobber those who are on the WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY.He likes to hectgor those on the WRONG SIDE FO HISTORY-Michel is on theworng side of history for raping his people freedom and destroying his people country.Most African leaders as well as all Arabs Leaders are on the wrong side of history,but when President conducted the War In Iraq ,until Prsident OBAMA absolved them of their transgation ;and arguably on the right side of History over night.Under OBAMA ,USa has never wavers from the straight and narrow path on the right side of history.In others word OBAMA is proving he is a HYPOCRITE.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. That's why their some much immigrant in the world today world leader from powerful country like the US and British tolerate dictators to butcher their peoples and they have to run for better live or even worst in the US or EU Cannada.Welcome dictators in White House that are making its peoples suffering then prepare to welcome immigrants in your country or help us to defeat them oppressor..


    Just look how US let Jewish to murder poor Palestine.

  4. What is there to gain by the UK and the USA in countries like the Seychelles, South Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Gaza?

    Now ask yourselves these questions?
    Why would the USA want to provide arms to Israel?
    Why would the west want to protect the people of Israel rather than the people of Gaza?
    A secure Israel provides the balance of power in the region and is in the interest of the western nations.
    Likewise a secure Ukraine, independent of Russia, provides security to the EU member states.
    Similar arguments can be made for Iraq but not for Egypt, Libya and the Central African Republic.
    People are dying in large numbers in South Sudan but the USA and UK pay more attention to Ukraine and Iraq and to a lesser extent, Syria.
    Humanity plays second fiddle to what it is that the great western powers stand to gain by intervention.

    Now if the Seychelles were to discover vast natural resources of mineral oil, that would change the equation in the blink of an eye!
    The Seychelles did not have to fight for independence, Britain was willing to give it - all that the Seychelles had to do was just ask!
    The USA does not need the Seychelles, they have Diego Garcia!
    The world superpowers, despite their words of mouth democratic standards, always ask themselves:
    "What's in it for me?"
    If the answer to that question is *Nothing* - murdering dictators are allowed to walk away freely!

    Rene understood that philosophy and he capitalized on it!

  5. Michel and aaprtilepep must not think the hipocracy of OBAMA is a blank card and a confirmation to extend one-party state in Seychelles.Force will be used.

    Incredibly,President Obama calls these Human Rights scofflaws and crooks America's Partners.In USA/AFRICAN Summit OBAMA exhorted"The character of our country has to be measured in part,not by what we do when things are easy,but what we do when things are hard"But how do we "measure the character"of President OBAMA?By his lofty words and catchy phrases or by his inactions?When things are hard?if the old saying That"one can judge a man by the quality of friends he keeps"is true,does it necessarily follow that one can alos judge a man by the quality of the PAR>TENRS he keeps?When OBAMA made partners of AFRICAN criminal against Humanity,did he "cross the line" between decency and sleaze?Should it be understood andaccepted,that America VALUES make no distinction between torturers in American and torturers in Africa?You know what President Obam,without morality you only breed misery and thievery in Africa.Na Maerican investment policy in Africa that is not anchored in Human Rights will only accelerate the endemic corruption and deepen the despair and agony of Africans.Mr Obmam must understand that it is wholly inefficient to invest in Africa without moral foundation.After all Maerica is not CHINA ,Mr OBAMA :Maerican values are not Chinese values.Mr Obam said"i believe on Americna exceptionalism"just as I suspect BRIT believe in BRIT exceptionalism and Greek.......That exceptionalism is built on Americna values of LIBERTY,egataralism,individualism,populism,republicanism.

    So Mr OBAMA where is your moral when you invited CROOKS to dine and wine In the WHITE HOUSE?In fact Mr OBAMA is betraying American values by being strange bedfollow with African tyrannts.

    By one thing Mr OBAMA if you do not help African out of tyranny,Africans will help themselves by the use of force.As all Marican agree--Terorism whatever it forms must be radicated by all means,it would not be different for Partilepep terrorists wether you dine and wine with its crooked Boss Michel the Butcher.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Obama Doctrine
    Engage despots of Africa to gain capital and wealth to counter act Communist Chinese in the region, in order to prevent PRC from making a solid case for naval expansion in the Indian Ocean.
    The doctrine will be initiated and sidelined after Obama leaves.
    In that time, USA will have gained necessary footing in Africa to counter balance PRC. Then they will start calling for reforms in Human rights.
    Opportunism at its best.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  7. Now that Seychelles has been identified by the Aussies as having a very large deposit of crude oil in the sea,things may changed.I believed it is judge more than Saudi Arabia and Quatar.La Ki Jj ya spirited.

  8. When candidate Obama was running for President in 2008 he promised the people of Africa that if he won he will help them.So African with US Citizen including me voted for him! When Candidate Obama won, President Obama broke his promises and said USA can not afford to help everybody. African needed to sort their own problem at home! In 2012 most of us stayed home and he relied on illegals votes to win!
    So in August 2014 President Obama invited those CROOKS of AFRICA to come dine and wine with him before 2016 is over.
    USA is not interesting with Seychelles unless there are large amount of oil and gas.....Halliburton with Dick Cheney would be there loooong time!
    That is why you see PRC taking over the DARK CONTINENT very slowly.

  9. Seychellios wont see s cent of the black gold which is said to be twice the deposit found in Saudi Arabia.
    Already the Aussie is in Seychelles to finalised the deal.
    Seychelles don't see a cent from all the tourism investments already taking place.foreigners enjoy this wealth as Seychellois amass pikan unbas latab.
    Seychellios don't see a cent in the large amount of fishers taken from our waters ,foreigners and a few fat cats like savy,tirant,weber enjoy this wealth.
    And now it is the turn of the black gold.
    seychellios petrol native Mahe Seychelles vote pou sansman,sortie Dan Sa fair noir,Sri Lankan,Makbar,Arabs pe prend ou pei Devan ou lisier.lever hey reveyer Dan ou somey.

  10. This is a slap in the face, for everyone that has been writing letters to save our country from Dictator James Michel. Same in Australia, we wrote so many letters and yet they welcome those morons with open arms. The entire world is corrupt with criminals and thieves as leaders.

  11. Over the past six years ,we have heard a lot of talk about American values and many promises on Human rights in Africa from Mr Obama and his Administration."we will work diligently with Africans to ensure that strengthened democratic instituions and open political dialogue become a reality for Afrcian people.We align ourselves with men and womene around the round who struggle for the right to speak their minds,to choose their leaders and be treated with dignity and respect....we still going to keep empower African youth......Africa does not need strongmen,it needs strong instituions.We support strong and sustainable democratic government....America will be more responsible in extending our hands.Aid is not an end in itself..(dictatorship)is not democracy,(it) is tyranny,and now is time for it to end....America is watching......"All empty promises and cheap talk ,with the exception that Marica is has been watching passively for the the last six years that Dictatorships have proliferated in Africa as never before.

    Edmund Burke,the British philosopher and statesman said2Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises,for never intending to go beyond promise,it cost nothing."Talk of magnificent American values cost nothing to those who talk the talk and never have to walk the talk.However,talk of magnificent Amercian values exacts an exorbitant price on those who listen to the talk and harbor deep in their hearts the audacity of hope talking the talk in Maerica walking the talk in Africa.

    So how does the U.S invest in Maerican values and African Good Governance ,Mr Obama?By getting US companies PARTNER with African thug-regimes that have made corruption an art form?By providing aid and loans to thug-regimes that disempower their citizens and cling to power by stealing elelctions and routinely rape their peoples' rights?By coddling the 21st Century's worst criminals against Huaminity?By inviting thugs to dine and wine at the white House Rose Garden and allowed them to even craved their names in the Golden book alongside Human rights Icons such as MANDELA..?etc..

    The U.S knows exactly what to do to promote Good governance.It has done,when it has found convenient and against those regimes considered Not Friendly.the U,US has passed laws against certain Unfriendly regimes with poor governance and Human rights records by targeting both U,S and non-Us businesses from making investment.of course mr Obama does not need authority from Congress to crack dowm on regimes and foreign officlas suspected of or known to be guilty of Human rights abuse.He has all the tools,including economic sanctions,to promote good governance in Africa.With a stroke of his pen,he can issue an Executive Order and selectively administer just the dose of disapprobation.

    Finally,Mr Obama,shaking the bloodly hands of criminals who committed crimes against Humanity are not much of an achievement to brag about.Is it possible to make democrats out of African tyrannts?Is it possible to squeeze blood out of a turnip?I do not believe it is possible to civilize a thug by inviting him to dine and wine at the White House.It is true that no one is born a thug,but once athug,always a a thug.You can take a thug out of the bush,but you can not take the bush out of him.You can put a thug in a designer suit,hand him a fancy briefcase,shuttle him in an expensive limo,put him in a fancy hotel suite,and talk to him about Good governance until you blue in the face.He will just laugh at you and walk away.I do not doubt a second that those African marons to the likes to Michel the butcher talked trash(that is thugspeak)about t you Mr Obama once they on returned back home.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  12. Mr Obama said" U,S can not afford to help everyone".But Mr Obama As African/American could at least help his Grandma Mrs SARA in Kenya and the Kenyan people.Not even that he can do.It seems to me as an African/American Mr Obama got two things.On one hands the talent of a white inherited from her mother and on the one hand he inherited the African ways of doing things namely "Make lots of speeches about issues but always failed to act.Michel got the later too,He sees his economic and his policies in general have failed but he persist with it which has resulted in our bankruptcy a second time.

  13. Partilepep monkeys and foreigners at the COURT OF APPEAl say "Court of Apeal sfaeguard DEMOCRACY"We in one -party state in Seychelles monkeys, it is not democracy but dictatorship marons.No democracies illegal recruit foreigners to control their institutions such as justice,ministeries,Ambassies.In democracies justice is indepeence,and the Assembly too,Opposition leaders in the Aseembly are not appointed by the dictator in power by elected by the people maron.In democracies the people is the master not the government .etc...

  14. We could ask the following to Mr Obama"When you stand tall with African dictators ,are you standing faithful to the ideals of American forebears and true to American founding Documents?One of Maerica^s founding documents,The declaration of Independence.proclaims:

    Governments are instituted among men,deriving their just power,from the consent of the governed---that whenever any forms of government become destructive to these ends,it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it,and to institute new Government,laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its power in such form,as to them shall see most likely to affect their safety and Happiness.....(.W)hen a long train of abuses and usurpations,pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism,it is their right,it is their duty,to throw off such Government ,and to provide new guards for their future security......"

    Partilepep wants to believe we in democracy because they think Seychellois arestupid like they are.But the fact is in Democracy Governemnt always change,no party state to power forever or without being replaced by anther party.When this happens it is called dictatorship as we have in Seychelles since the last 4 decades.

    j Darc

  15. Voilence must come for the world to hear our cause of pain under dictators as long has there are no voilence not even a dog is interesting peoples are suffering in this world of crook politicians practicing jungel politic.

  16. 16.31
    MR TaLL has done what he needed to do in his power ,but he cannot decide for Mr Obama.For that we must thanks Mr tall.

    If Mr Obama fails to ask Michel to change and Partilepep fails to change itself,then we will change partilepep ourselves.

  17. Obemer is also putting his citizens down .
    Look what is happening in Fergusson City USA. about black/white people!
    He is a retarded douchbag, he makes GWBuush a rocket scientist!

  18. IS OBMA ON THE IRGHT SIDE OF HISTORY'---if there is a right,wrong, up and downside of history,then there is also the verdict of history.The verdict of history is Mr Obama is not on the right side of history and history is not of the side of Obama.He will always talk that he is on the right side of history.,but when the chips are down,he will side of those who are on the wrong side of history.Actions,better yet lack of actions,speak louder than words;and the verdict of Obama is that he is on the wrong side of history in Africa.

    The verdict of history is that Obama has done less for Africa than his immediate predecessor George Bush Jr.Bush put his money where his mouth is and delivered billions of hard dollars to fight the spread of aids and help aids victims in Africa.Obmam slashges hundreds of millions from programs on the frontlines in the global fight against aids.Accroding to Washington Post,Obama cut a whopping £214 millins in 2012,the first time an American President has reduced the American commitment to fight this epidemic since it broke out in the 80s.And Mr Obama has even proposed an over £50 millions cut this year(2014).The verdict of history is that BUSH made significant contributions for the radication of malaria in Africa,one of the leading causes of death in Africa.BUSH pushed for Debt relief for some of the poorest African countiries.Obama!?!?

    The verdict of history is that Obama offered Africans empty words,and filled them with empty hope.he made fresh promises about old broken promises.The verdict of history is that Obama has been a sore disappointment in Africa who believed in his promises of hope and change and follow his clarion call to go forward.His"audacity of hope"proved to be an audacity of indifference and a source of disillusionment for millions in Africa including his grandma and his other Kenyan family members.Obama offred"change we can believe in"The verdict of fhistory is that"we can believe nothing changed"No one believe in Obma anymore.not even his grandma SARA,except the thugtators to the likes Michel and cronies.Obama"yes ,we can" in action became"no we can not do anything to improve Human rights in Africa"

    Jeanne D'Arc

  19. Sexual abuse on child not the first time!! no wonder chief paedophile OZENIME not write nothing on this issue like always his one of them Seychellios have to lock up their children in future,because of OZENIME his also on heroin he need sex even with childrens.Ler zot bez zot lapode.

  20. Seen Obama is power!this world are witnessing WAR on every corner of the world.

  21. Eye to Eye ....Must Read

    Eye to Eye
    Look into my eyes
    And tell me what you see
    You don't see a damn thing,
    'cause you can't possibly relate to me.

    You're blinded by our differences.
    My life makes no sense to you.
    I'm the persecuted Palestinian.
    You are the American red, white and blue.

    Each day you wake in tranquility.
    No fears to cross your eyes.
    Each day I wake in gratitude.
    Thanking God he let me rise.

    You worry about your education
    And the bills you have to pay.
    I worry about my vulnerable life
    And if I'll survive another day.

    Your biggest fear is getting ticketed
    As you cruise your Cadillac.
    My fear is that the tank that just left
    Will turn around and come back.

    America, do you realize,
    That the taxes that you pay
    Feed the forces that traumatize
    My every living day?

    The bulldozers and the tanks,
    The gases and the guns,
    The bombs that fall outside my door,
    All due to American funds.

    Yet do you know the truth
    Of where your money goes?
    Do you let your media deceive your mind?
    Is this a truth that no one knows?

    You blame me for defending myself
    Against the ways of Zionists
    I'm terrorized in my own land
    And I'm the terrorist?

    You think that you know all about terrorism
    But you don't know it the way I do.
    So let me define the term for you.
    And teach you what you thought you knew.

    I've known terrorism for quite some time,
    Fifty- four years and more.
    It's the fruitless garden uprooted in my yard.
    It's the bulldozer in front of my door.

    Terrorism breathes the air I breathe.
    It's the checkpoint on my way to school.
    It's the curfew that jails me in my own home,
    And the penalties of breaking that curfew rule.

    Terrorism is the robbery of my land.
    And the torture of my mother.
    The imprisonment of my innocent father.
    The bullet in my baby brother.

    So America, don't tell me you know about
    The things I feel and see.
    I'm terrorized in my own land
    And the blame is put on me.

    But I will not rest, I shall never settle
    For the injustice my people endure.
    Palestine is OUR land and there we'll remain
    Until the day OUR homeland is secure.

    And if that time shall never come,
    Then they will never see a day of peace.
    I will not be thrown from my own home,
    Nor will fight for justice cease.

    And if I am killed, it will be for Falasteen.
    It's written on my breath.
    So in your own patriotic words,
    Give me liberty or give me death.

  22. Obama is turning Seychellois into Palestinians!
    Thank you Obama you have empowered our resolve for change in our country.
    But we have lost respect for you as the price.
    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  23. Senator Obama was elected US President because blacks,liberals and illegal US citizens voted for him. Soon he will be out!

    Let find ways to eliminate PL in the next election. Unite the oppositions for god sake, if we don't I can see some people coming back from the dead to vote for them. Its been done in the past and could happen again if we blink!

  24. Is Wavel Charles Ramkalawan running for President in '16
    If YES, Seselwa sil-vou-ple re-examine your KOKSIS.
    So don't let this happens.

    Is David Pierre running for President in '16.
    If YES, its another home run for PARTIE LEPEP.
    So don't let it happens

    SFP is the only choice.

    1. Don't vote for PL.
      They broke promises.
      Too many monkeys.

      Don't vote for Kalawan.
      He broke promises!
      Still waiting for the plantasyon banan'n 6 years ago.
      Thats why we have load of monkeys!

      SFP is the only one that can pull Seychelles in this mess.

  25. Mr Obama is slowly but surely becoming a lame Duck President.I got the feel that he wanted to meet like minded persons,Africa's most evil dictators.It is definitively Obama's monster ball.We can also ask this simple question--Is Obama a communist?

  26. There were a few incidents outside the White House-Protestors came in mass to pressed their frustration against Obama and his gang of African crooks.On the second day of the summit,peaceful demonstratros coverged on the Swanky Hay Adam Hotel in downtowm Washington,where Gambia's long time dictator YAHYA JAMMEH ,was staying.The folloing Day,Day three,the protestors lashed out again,including FATOU CAMARA ,a prominent exiled and former Presidential Press secretary of Gambia.Also during the Summit ,the security details of Congo Dictator CABILLA,was caught of camery attacking Congolese Human Rights activitist Jacques MIANGO.The third major incident took place on Thrusday,when Swaziland ^s Prime Minister SIBUSISO publicly threatened to strangle two Human rights activists.Those monkeys have demonstrated that"You can pulled out a thug out of the bush,but you cannot take the bush out of the thugs.

    Maybe they were just taking lessons from how Obama's SEIU thugs went after Tea party activists.


  27. Don't worry guys about him in White House our in the middle of Obama and his wife.GAHDAFI also was invited seating on the same table taking picture with Bush and after one year US and its allies drop tone bomb on him and his family i think OBama had warn him.Were is Gahdafi today in his coffin.
    Michel no need to drop bomb on him just a rocket fire from one of those mountain on Praslin and will reach at State House or were ever this crook is.

  28. IS SFP TAKING PART IN THE 2016 election?If you say sfp is the choice to a bright future and STOP corruption I will give you guys my vote.

  29. Chetty not you who are bringing Sri Lankan national team to play a friendly match with our national team its Michel and his Sri Lankan friends on our shore they are thinking they will make Stade Linite full with Sri Lankan immigrate.
    Instead of playing friendly with pro national team playing friendly with amateur team like our national team how can our football improve and young talents pick up experience Michel and Chetty?

  30. Parti Lepep president brought in our paradise foreign workers to take the local people jobs.
    Obama is trying to bring 800,000 foreigners to work in the US.
    Does that make Micelle a rocket scientist?

  31. After shaking hands with despot Michel, Obama saw blood on his own hands!
    He had to rush to the bath room to clean up.
    But it was too late!
    Obama had already fully endorsed a criminal!
    History will show unto eternity that Obama shook hands with a murderer!

  32. 6000 Srilankan desembark on Seychelles soil last week.

  33. To take Seychellois jobs in those new hotles.It is Michel/Jarapakse deal.Feed Sir Lankan and starve Seychellois in their own land.

  34. By the end of year foreigners will make half of the population.Stop importing foriegners paritlepep monkeys!

  35. This is what happen to our sister island Mauritius, there are more Indians then creole and that cause the dodo to disappear. Seychelles will follow path and hope PL will disappear too.


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