A Killer Hangover!


VICTORIA – In efforts aimed to fight trade of counterfeit alcohol, the SEYCHELLES Ministry of Finance has purchased TWO machines to test the authenticity of drinks entering the country.
State radio, SBC News says the move comes after complaints against counterfeit alcoholic products being sold in INDIAN Ocean island country.

It says authentic alcohol is made with ethanol, whereas counterfeit alcohol contains ethanol substitutes that can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, drowsiness, and dizziness; kidney and liver problems; as well as many others.
The Customs Division and the SEYCHELLES Bureau of Standards will be responsible for the TWO true spirits authenticator.



  1. I always bring my two bottle of Jack D from Down Under when I come vacation.
    Finally SA BANN GRO MARSAN ki RENE i kontan nonmen in ganny chanbo.
    Next we need one to check the purity of our local drink LAPIRE.

  2. I encourage Seychellios to stuck with their KALOU its pure natural from a palm no toxic in it.

  3. I encourage Seselwa to stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol. Stop eating imported processed food ! You will be healthier and you will have quality living !

  4. Bouguela,kalou e Donne layout Dan zenou hey lapire e desentegre human figure.

  5. Check Jj spirit to see if it is a real spirit.

  6. One has to ask what is life for average local Seychellois. There is not much they can do socially, they have to cope with the stresses - 1) confinement of space that island environment provides, 2) high costs of living, 3) joblessness, and 4) submissions to political dictums.
    As their political masters, they look forward for free binges. This is why there are always plenty of Red Shirts just waiting for Pp's free drinks, food and dance. And many are wriggling their hands patiently waiting for another call for political rallies.
    Examples are everywhere, one cannot fail to notice the President of Court of Appeal in the photographs at the official functions. He never miss the free occasions, and always in the fore front with a glass in his hand! Stress can affect all levels of society and in Seychelles alcohol is the best remedy especially when it is free!.
    If you are a Herminie, you drink Black Label or Chivas Regal, but if you are a Trou- Claire, you stick with La purée or Calou!
    For the affluent and foreigners in Seychelles, they live in ' Another World'.
    Where the clock chimes twice for everyone who overslept under alcohol stupor.

  7. Very quickly the Ministry of Finance will become the Ministry of Drunkards!
    Samples for testing will be taken from one bottle from among the consignment of each and every brand.

    Guess what happens to what remains in the bottles?

    On the other hand.........
    Perhaps if they pass the PL Ministry's Drunk test, the alcohol may be good enough to intoxicate voters on polling day or on PL picnics!

  8. We must say that PL has never had any control system in place.One could imagine that not only counterfeit,toxic,health hazardous alcohols are entering the country ,but also worst counterfeit medications,and other products such as imported chickens etc... teemed with overdoses of anti-biotics which all on the long-term would have devastating health raminification on government ,businesses and consumers,not to mention the economic lose(govt cannot collect legitimate retail Tax) for the country.As a tourism country ,this would affect Seychelles imagine----Tourists might even be scared to visit our hospitals in case of emergency because of the fear of being given toxic medications that might if not worsen kill them instead of curing them.

    An other effect of counterfeit goods is it always involve the laundering of money.

    What Pl lazy,uncompetenet government should do?Wait for one machine from WTO?The problem cannot be deal with one single machine Pl,it is a complex as dealing with drug trafficking.

    Some solutions for Pl-----Legislative actions to create and pass laws and treaties that protect Intellectual Rights and penalize counterfeit.
    -Actions by National Customs to prevent the counterfeit from entering the country
    -Prviate industries effort to create anti-counterfeit technologies,product indentification and tracking,checking Trading Marks etc...
    -Set National standard to help private industry< and government agencies.
    Custom Detention Procedure:--prior from detening any goods ,the rights holder must file an application for actions by custom authority.In the application the Rights holder indicates the IP rights concerned and provide information of the authentic goods etc...which is the most efficient and cost effective weapon against counterfeit.
    -Civivl Enforcememnt--coursts must have exclusive juridictions for all IP matters.
    etc..etc..etc..NB In countires with physical boarders with other countires the task to dter counterfeit is immense but for an Island State like Seychelles in the middle of the Coean,and where goods enter only through ONE HAbour Nad One Airport ,the ogvernemnt CAN deal with the fleo should it put in place effective Custom ,control system in place.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. It is not about sticking to Kalou----That a Carton of Scot Wiskey is imported from Aisa than Scotland for instance,should be enough to raise doubt about the authenticity of the goods.Or if you like that someone bought COCO_DE MER in China instead of Seychelles --should raise bout.


  11. I said seen a year Praslinios not benefiting from its natural resource with them crooks even NDEA are in Valle de Mai in the night taking their share.

    Seychellios first

  12. CHEAPER ASIAN STUFF!!No money in the coffer to import from Scotland.

    Sa problem

  13. There are a long list of bad prodcuts from especially Aisa entering our land with approval of apartilepep criminals---CHickens from Brazil fulled with anti-biotcis not good for our health,Juices teemed with aroma and sugars with zero fresh juice in them,Otys from China in which the plastic used are toxics and a health hazard to our childrens Medications imported for Asia with no effects but containing toxics substances or doses of substances used are not to Intenrational standard ,and many more. often in failed states counterfeit products are almost common place for often such illegal products are supported by the failed state government for it allow corruption.money laundering,etc....

  14. The Herminie drink whisky from Scotland and when they are drank they want to overthrow jame misel with the help of the ex colonel.

  15. Well,the problem is known by Pl and its encourage by Pl--the reason Pl is taking action is not because Pl wants but because WTO want to ensure that Western products are protected and its market secure.Without Dicatation of WTO,Pl would have continue closing its eyes for those involve are party members or supporters as in all known illegal activities that are taking palce in Seychelles --be it hard drug trafficking,Counterfiet Notes,Toixc Alcohlo importation,Chickens teemed with anti-biotics and all the other activities -for in each activity leaves space ofr corruption,money laundering,etc--- activities which Pl is world Known to be expert in---

  16. Drink Bossy Rum 90 percent proof!

  17. NDEA agent stole coco de mer on roadside in Vallai De Mai. Massacre the trees with gran kouto.

  18. Just get rid of dirty water!

  19. Like to be Dictator--RAm commorates Octoker *rd-----What happened on *rd Octoker--was there a people's protest and they were massacred like in China?No,RAM Pl`s sttoge was beaten in a simulation to give Seychellois we was a real opposition leader fighting for Seychellois..RAm you a maron----youwill be punished to like Pl donkey.


  21. 01:43
    Ram took hundreds thousands of rupees for October 3 rd.
    Roger mancienne took 150,000.00 for October 3 rd. yet he was not there.
    Bernard George is sitting on a table at State House as RAM agent, chatting it up. Sometimes he switches and works for JAM. RAM or JAM same DAM thing.
    Now RAM gets 50,000 rupees a month for life. What is there to protest? More money?
    He sued Christopher Gill the only person raising awareness of Seychellois in a serious way for 1 million rupees.
    What can RAM protest.
    He sent Belombre granite tiles to finish a hotel- RAM is that true?
    So now we have a Holy Hotel?

  22. Pl HOUSING ALLOCATOIN POINT SYSTEM.--A form of discrimination ?which could lead to spatial inequality.Note also that there is no existing law in place that allows such practice which means Pl point system is illegal.

  23. You are completely Right,Ram the stooge has nothing to justify so that he can protest--I think when a stooge pocket so much illiegitimate money for a ganster system like Pl the former should be prepare to have now and then a little correction for not abiding with the dictations of his pay master.A puppy must listen to his master,he must have now and then the PUPPY BODIENCE TRAINING what lap Dog had on 3 rd >October was simply his occasional PUPPY obedience training for his master Pl. RAm is a dog in the leash----A dog must sit when ask to sit,must stand when ask to stand ,must bark when ask to bark by his master,refusing to obey orders of the master often ended by punishment.In fact he should have been beaten much harder. Asto the hotle --it is one of the common business form use by Pl thugs and ilks to laundered their ill-gotten wealth.Guy Adam Built a five star hotel at Port Luuanay of confiscated land,RENE via Francis at Ste Anne a National ParK confiscated by Rene,Lumeria is another Pl party hotel etc..etc..etc..

  24. Does RAM want to replace Zonm Lib his brother.

  25. Pl tells us there is 25 thousands houses available and each year hundreds more are built.The question is --since Seychelles population does not grow by a few dozens each year---depending how much unborn babies Pl kills or keep alive-----why is it that after decades with a stagnated population growth so much houses are built-In other words the ratio of population growth annually and that of houses built with tax payers money is,that the later is far above population growth.

    Pl should explain why though thousands of houses are built and the population has stagnated for years that Not all Seychellois by now have received a roof.For looking of the population growth data nothing justifies Pl position.

    1. Do not believe any of the data published by the PL.
      The figures and books are cooked to make things look good for themselves!
      In the long term this is going to seriously damage the economy, at least, what's left of it!

  26. On Praslin no house have built in the past three years and PP you got to stop giving house to your supporters coming from Mahe and gave them house on Praslin that's why Praslin are in a mess with crimes and hard drug all those crack baby come from Anse Aux Pins and Point La rue Mont Bixton pp displace them on Praslin to manipulate vote registration and deal for pp tand say Praslion are bad peoples like always no them its those Seychellios you have gave them house on Praslin are making all those mess.
    They have plan on to built a few flat on Praslin seen past 3 years but till now no flat to be seen after nearly 10 years years just bla bla bla more house been built on Mahe because all Asian immigrant are on Mahe pp are preparing to gave them Seychellios houses to vote for pp.

    When house been built on Praslin it belong to Praslinios and Praslinios have to get house first not Seychellios that come from Mahe get house and Praslinios continuing living in the ghetto at SALAZI AND Zimbabwe and still shitting dan komen tro.

    Shame on you sucker politicians.

  27. Politicians around the world are sick letting Israel destroyed GAZZA now they are pledging 4.5 billion to rebuilt GAZZA, for Israel to destroyed it again after rebuilt those moron.Its time for jah to take back his world, free Palestine Zionist.

    Rasta peace

  28. British House are on motion to vote for Paslestine to have their state Swedish have already done it soon US and the rest EU have to follow to bring peace in Middeleast.

    1. Peace will never exist in the Middle East, peace will never exist in any part of the world as long as Islam is still considered a religion. Grow up and read the unholy book of islam call Koran and you will know what we are up against.


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