Parti Lepep Sponsor Accused Of Land Grabbing


  1. Corruption kills land opportunity and benefit to the Seychelles people.

  2. After grabbing land illegally in Seychelles,the fake Seychellois thinks he can grab land anywhere in the world.What the story teaches us,is that like Seychellois ,all nations are concern of these illegal pratices by their rogue government which consist of illegal selling out their patrimony to foreigners by greed.

    We asking Pl criminals who sold out our patrimony to Sivasankan to take back our land form him but also revoke our passport form this monkey who is giving our people a bad image abroad.

  3. Where does Savnakaran got the money to buy so much expensive companies around the world if not from Stolen millions robbed by Pl and being laundered by this fake Seychellois.He seems to be Pl official minister of money laundering in order to hide Partlepep ill-gotten wealth.As multi-millionaire ;Pl think this would avoid suspicion.We could ask why this Guy failed to invest in Seychelles where hs is illegal citizen and prefer to buy,invest in hundreds companies around the world?Well ,because laundering back money in the country where it was strolen is not safe enough and difficult to hide like Guy Adam ,Francis Savy have proven when they tired to laundered the ill-gotten money in Five Star hotels.etc.....So hide it abroad far from the people eyes.

  4. Pl minister says"Do you know that Seychellois spend 15 percent of their budget of Liqour and 3 percent of food"Yes we do,the question Partilepep should ask is why?I will tell you donkey---in order to kill their dialy suffering under pl criminals.To make them forget the poverty incure on them by Pl thieves.WHat is pl doing to deter this trend?Nothing at all.Just like recently Dr Michel spoke about deliqunces increase as if he is not President but a victim ,while the problem is a creation of Pl polcies and dictatorship.Michel should aks himself.What the hell I am doing in the Presdient thrown when I am a unless idiot and incompetent.He should be thinking about sucidie instead of preaching ABOUT CRIMES INCREASE HIS COMMUNSIT PARTY IN RESPONSBILE FOR.

  5. Seychelles is so corrupted today that the government does not know how to end it even if it wanted to.
    Siva ambassadorship is not revoked in public?

  6. Like hard drug addicted---it is not easy to detoxicate Pl criminals from such an addiction that began almost 5 decades ago namely in 19777.The solution is rehabilitation but this would take years and the end result is not certain.But what we need to do as Seychellois people regardless of whther we can detoxicate them or not,we must ensure that these corruption addicted thieives do not stay much longer on power else they would make Seychelles become the poorest country on the planet in the same league as HAITI ,etc....Seychellois people cannot afford that.


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