Seychelles Water Clean: Yes or No PL!

Access to safe drinking water is undoubtedly the most essential requirement for every traveller. But knowing where it is safe to drink the water can be confusing, with conflicting information available.
A new infographic using research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies which countries have safe water for visitors - and which do not.
It is important to note that not all the countries indicated as 'unsafe' here have water that is necessarily unclean or polluted. 

Rather, it can be harmful to those who have not built up a tolerance to it as locals have, so visitors (particularly those with sensitive systems) should be cautious. 
The CDC reports that no countries on the continents of Africa and South America contain water suitable for drinking, and a handful in Asia: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Israel and South Korea. 
Illnesses that can be transmitted through water include cholera, hepatitis A, typhoid and travellers' diarrhoea.
The infographic, compiled by NeoMam Studios, also includes advice on how to prevent illness by being aware of the water with which you brush your teeth and shower.


  1. A BIG NO!To much rust seen years no maintenance service.

  2. Seychelles warter supply from natural sources have long been neglected by Pl-----the later concern is concern on how to rob Seychellois rather than fix their people problems --problemsof which most have beencreated by the one-party system incompetence,mis-manangement and corruption.

    Bottled water --evocating names and labels depicting pastoral scenes have convinced many that the Ho2 is the liquid is the purest drink around.But no one should be think the bottled water is better regulated,protected or safer than tap water.
    The package the water come in is not safe.Bottles contain chemical BPA which help decay teeth because bottled water was generated by OSMOSIS or distillation lack of fluoride ions which can contaimate water.

    Environemntal impacts-----(where is Chief self-made ecologist Michel ---our climate change expert).ENVIRONEMENT IMPACTS----it is a resource drain.Water is pumped by Pl from rivers behind our backyard,bottled it and then resell to Seychellois their own water for a fortune--hundreds if not thousand time highest than tap water.
    -Pollution of environment---Plastic bottles take times to disintegrate in the wild----most often used plastic bottles are discarded into the wild thereby increasing pollution of the nevironement but also dozens of plastic bottles are discarded into the sea then ended on our beaches thereby polluating a key asset we need for our tourism industry.And this is because the country has not effective or literally no regulations in palce to tackle this problem....No depots where public can put the used bottles ,no public collection system and recycle system in place.

    ECONOMIc IMPACTS--for the producers who are Pl party members of collaborators this is a lucrative business whereby water is directly pump from public system or tap then bottled ,add some co2 into it and then makes you believe it is the purest and sell you for y fortune.
    We are spending more per gallon on bottled water than we spend of gasoline for the thing that you can get for free.We should wonder why we are spending these money while complaining about how much gas cost? You donot even hear anyone complain about the price of bottled of water.

    Of course,when a government use natural water sources to make itself a lucrative business ,it would not interest itself to ensure that public water supplyystem works -----and by doing so,it discourage public to consumpt tap water and buy more bottled water which allow the one-partyystem to generate multi-million in revenues.Even SEYCHELLES TODAY I donot know if it was deliberately or the auditor of Seychelles OTDAY was paid for----wrote an arclicle in their journal pontificating the increasing use of bottled water by Seychellois as if it is the new means of securing sustainable water supply to the population.
    I am not saying we should abandone the production of bottled water ,it is part of tour daily life.but the ogvernemnt must not try to make us believe bottled water is heathliest,better and we ashould reaplce tap water to bottled as the new means of securing enough water supply to our people.

    Moreover,Pl should stop pooring tons of chloridein our reviers under the guise of purifying and discontaimating the water-.....There are new technology ,new system and effective system of purifying and discontaminating water today------For instance most Western countires used ULTRA VOILET lights as discontaminating system which allow the decontamination by 99 percent in one process.Chloride might have been the solution for 50 years because there were no othe means.Today the use of chloride should be abandone for consuming every day does of chloride in tap water we drinking on thr long -term create health problem which the later make the cost of heathlcare increase.

  3. Water pump from rivers in theory is pure and clean-----but adding over-dose amount of chloride into it makes it unclean in the sense that chloride on the long-term become a pollutant and crease long-term health problem to those that consume it.By forcing Seychelles to drink disallinated water ,we can say that our water is not clean--for dissalinated water still contain high amount of salt (which we slight taste when drinking this water)but could have grave long-term health consequences on our people such as --it help the development of cancer etc....

    Pl of coruse prefer that we consume bottled water for it allows the one-party state sell Seychelles their water for an astronomic price which enrich Pl thugs further while dis-engaging in providing Seychellois will healthly drinking water.

    Seychelles shorastage of fresh water can be solve if real actions are taken......for instance storage of raining water which could be done by not building hundereds of DAMS but we should look into the possibility of building an ARTIFICIAL lake which can store thousands of gallons of water more than DAMS.recycle used water for instance for agricultural use,industryial use instead of pumping from rivers--which help creating resource drain.

    There could be also under Ocean wells--which we need to search for just like searching for crude oil which could secure water sustainably for our people on the long-term.

  4. If those politicians in Seychelles are serious why don't go house to house and interview Seychellios who are still living in the Gehtoo,e pe ankor kaka dan komen tro and bring it on here you will not do because you not serious about helping Seychellios.

  5. Pl does not have solutiuons,and pl thugs are the less qualified nd should not be lead this country.Thy know also they should not be leading this country and that already in 1976 when we asked independence.And since they knew they could not lead and that Seychellois would not elect them in positions they are not qualified for..What Pl thugs did "The conducted a xoup deate and removed the genuinely elected government ,confiscated power so that they can use the government insitutions as mean to conduct their crimes while having state protections which have allowed them to survive until today.


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