China Military Build Up Is Real!

The first flight test of an upgraded mobile intercontinental ballistic missile in the lead-up to National Day aimed to show the world that China was reinforcing its nuclear deterrent, military experts said yesterday.
The People's Liberation Army launched a Dongfeng-31B on September 25 from the Wuzhai Missile and Space Test Centre - also known as the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre - in Shanxi province, according to US-based online newspaper The Washington Free Beacon.
The DF-31B is an upgraded version of the DF-31A and the launch was at least the second time the PLA's Second Artillery Corps had tested a DF-31 missile in the past three months. In late July, the PLA conducted a flight test of a DF-31A in what was the fourth known flight test of that missile in two years.
The DF-31 system has an estimated range of nearly 10,000 kilometres - enough to deliver a nuclear warhead to the capitals of Europe or the west coast of the United States. The mobile missiles are designed specifically for travel over rugged terrain and in difficult road conditions.
Xu Guangyu , a Beijing-based retired PLA major general, said the test had a strategic aim.
"Beijing just wants to increase China's military might and its nuclear strategic threat. It's not really targeting the US or other countries," Xu said.
"China needs to conduct intensive weapon tests and military drills because the [US-led build-up] now in the Asia-Pacific area is not good for Beijing."
Earlier state media reports said Beijing would roll out the Dongfeng-41, a system designed to have a range of 12,000km, allowing it to hit anywhere in the US.
Xu said the US' "pivot to Asia" and its plan to send 60 per cent of its military force to the region by 2020 had put pressure on Beijing to step up missile development. "It's normal for China to develop other, more advanced missiles given that a weapon cycle is between five and seven years, and the DF-31A was delivered to the PLA in 2006," he said.
Macau-based military expert Antony Wong Dong said it was hard to tell the difference between the DF-31A and DF-31B, but the upgraded version might have better performance.
"The DF-31A was designed to carry three warheads. I think the new DF-31B is possibly a multi-warhead version with higher accuracy," Wong said.
In January, PLA Daily posted 17 photos of a live drill of the DF-31A on its website, the first public glimpse of the advanced weapon.
The PLA also tested a hypersonic vehicle, the Wu-14, on August 7 in Shanxi. The launch failed despite a successful first test in January.


  1. China military build up is a real threat to regional peace and security.China argues that its military build up "all this is defensive"--designed to offset China^s sea-lane vulenrabilities to challenge rival^s sea-lanes----but recent direct territorial and maritime aggression and disputes against his neighbours make it difficult to convince its S Asien neighbours that hosting Bases around them and the Indain Ocean is in their best interests.These disputes remain source of tensions,suspicion that it is pushing Asian countries into a Arm race with perpetual instability.China rapid economic development is accompanied by increase active foreign policies(often with rogue states)and growing military might seems to suggest that China is seeking to challenge the existing status quo.

    Of course the South Asian Sea- lane is vital for China economic properity beucase its the main route that connect China to the world and unlike Ex-Soviet Union, China wants to engage with World Institutions and keep the promise of economic properity for China needs a long-term strong economy should it countinues to build up and modernize its military and it has to date not tries to export its ideology(for now)..But China always make things according to its own terms which makes CHina so unpredictable.

    China aggressive building up or attempt to build up bases around Indian Ocean and often In countries with rogue leaders pose a greater threat to the whole region.Of course Dictators and rogues countires Like Seychelles would welcome Chinese basess on the territories for it provide these regimes with financial support ,protection,and would allow them to prolong their dictatorships forever(they dream of a new Big Brother to replace ex-soviet union and what make it worst is that China holds the policy of non-interference in Others National policies--strange for a Country that wants to be world economic and military power but refuse to take a world responsibility) ,and ignoring all International conventions ,laws ,the most affected would be the people of these Nations.But there is also a risks of being military targets of Super powers .The altter would not hesitate to eliminate them should their by a conflicts between China and other Nations.They become sacrificed sheeps of China Communist.

    The Indain Ocean countries should in fact join force and say No to Chinese aggressive build up in the region just as they were very vocal in the 70s against USA Naval build up on Diego Garcia.The fact is China building up in the region is so massive and in both quality and quantity that makes the risk of instability and conflicts more likely.

    As to Seychelles we will never accept any sell out of our >Territtories to China in order to build up naval base or else.This would reduce our sovereignty and make us geopolitical victims which would have negative consequences on our Nation.Seychelles must stay a non-align country as the people decided just after Independence and still firmly convivnce today that it is in the best interests of Seychelles.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  2. The extent to which China will become major regional power and potentially a world power ,will greately depends on the success of its economy and the way it deals with its neighbours to the world community at large.China clearly understands that an effective military can only be realized if a strng vibrant economy can be sustainbed well into the future,.China has a stake in te liberal Global economy and no interests in exporting competion ideology.The Chinese legitimacy depends o being able to honor its promise of prosperity--
    However ,China is sending many signals .deliberately or not.One is about its ability and ambitions to project force through and beyond the South Asian Sea,.Another ,it its wish to be seen to be interested in protecting its commercial sea lanes inot the Indain Ocean.A third,its military will go where it wants,when it wants without forewarning to its neighbours.

    To be clear,there is nothing illegal or fundamentally hostile about securing its maritime commercial lanes.A greater Chinese military role is inevitable and at one level a corollary of China's economic interests.

    But as said before Chinese do things on its own terms without warning.Recently.China suprised us all with the precise timing and nature of its Inod _aficic venture,raising alarm in Melbourne.But also it unilateral and illegal claim of territorial and maritime zones belonging to other countires--the phillipines,Vietnam,South Korea,Japan but even claiming part of Vietnam Airspace as its jurisdiction though International bodies have long settled these issues that date back before the Communist came to Power in China.The concern is if China is already disrespecting international laws by provocating and attempting to annex its neighbours territotires and Air space now ,whyt will it do when it has become the main economic and military super power in the future?I could imagine the Tibetans are worried that they could be exterminated as well as other neighbouring countries seeing their land annex by Chinese forces.

    At a time when the global geopolitical equations are changing at face pace,China feels the need to deter all potential hostile nations(jpas,USa,S Korea ,India and the rest) from eating into its diplomatic weigh either by economic or military means.But the trouble is that countires like India,Japans are modernizing their military making a military conflict literally inevitable which as a result jeopardize peace and security of the regions will all its long-term other consequences such as massive immigrantions to toher countries from countires at war,insecurity that would destabilize regional economy etc....REgional countires as well as the world must be careful of the Red Dragon new teeth.

    It seems that the EAgle(US)has taken a good look at the sidewinding Dragon eating its lunch in Africa and Asia.But for USA to gain the heart of the Afircan people and that of ASian it must be prepare to ensure rapidly that not just that it actively participate in African development but ensure that Human values,democracy etc.. proliferate in these countries before China set a firm foot which would result is growing rogue states at the service of China which would pose other problems to the World's peace and stability.China of course follows a so called NON-interference foreign policy which has already entice for instance African Crooked leaders to take political,economic refroms in their countires,China foreign policies give them the cover up to ignore the rest of the world and do it their way.And this could even encourage other leaders to turn into dictators which would have disastrous consequences to many peoples.


    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. I meant, surprised us with Indo-pacific naval deployment

  4. The arms race that has started between India and china but also we now have Japan building up its military capacity is a bigger threat than during the Cold War beucase unlike USa/Soviet who had the so called RED telephone line and could contact each other at anytime,China and India do not communicate and we must not forget that these two countries fought each other in the end of 70s because of territorial dispute.Morevoer,Since China occupied Tibet,it has built up a sophisticated military infrastructure in Tibet--with five operative airbases,several helipads,an extensiverail network,and thirty thousand miles of road which gives China the ability to deploy over thirty divisions(fitheen thousand soldiers each)along the border----A ratio of 3:1(three to one on india).

    Being the weaker power,India is far more concern about the overall military balance titling to its advantage-----Indai sees China everywhere because of the China's"HEXIAO GONGDA"policy in S Asia(Uniting with small countires)from Sri Lanak,Pakistan,Nepal,Baqngladesh,Burma,Maldives--to counter the big India.Whne combine with Chinese nuclear and missile trasfers to Pakistan and building of port faciliticies around India periphery,and the increasingly transgressions and incursions by Chinese on its neighbours--it clear China ambitions have nothing to what its officially say----such as all the build up is only for self-defence.One can also ask ,how you self-defence yourself by having military bases in abroad--whats the purposes if not for something more than simply self-defence? NB also Many countries have been using the Indain Ocean as well as S,China seas for decades when China was astill isolated and closed to the world,none nof them ever find it necessary to build naval bases to protect their ships from sailing these seas.

  5. China is playing with fire!
    The USA is a giant to be awaken by China.
    While China too is big, it's people have big defense budget, their people are not battle ready mentally or emotionally to face hardened heart America that breeds young men as killing machines.
    The biggest mistake China can make is to touch Japan, because Japan and USA are not just allies by treaty, they are like brothers on bondage of friendship.
    Christopher Gill

  6. Definitively right,Japan is already tooling up for any potential conflicts -------an intention to take hard-nosed approach that builds military and technical alliance to counterbalance the threat poses by China and even proposing its neighbors the idea of building up a NATO -like alliance to deter China .And Washington has welcome the decision made by Japan.The USa is already making rapid move---USA forces have been withdrawing from Europe and disengaging from Middle East.It is currently cluttering aounrd China and developing a Ballistic missile shield--which would enable Washington to strike Beijing without fear of reprisal.

    China's aggressive foreign policies targeting small neighboring states is surely not encouraging submission but ressistance,as country like VIetnam ,the Phlippines and others ally with USA.In the Pacific alone USa can count of Taiwan,New Zealand,Australia,Malaysia,Indonesia,while China allies in the Pacific ,on the other hand, is a short a small one.Globally,China's allies,includes Zimbabwe,Venezuala,N Korea,Pakistan and the countires of the Shangai Coorperation Organization----All of which are / or near-despotic States,many unstable and have long records of Human abuses,and a few other despotic -States like Seychelles who would like to join the Red Dragon club --which pressure from Opposition and their people have until now deter them from doing so.

    The USA and its allies are gearing up------And it is not China who would make them believe that China's military build up is just a paper Tiger.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. The real USA will be back when OBAMA is no longer in the WH.
    Until then China will rule the roosters in the chicken house.

  8. Obama is weak on international policy can not take the heat.

  9. You Right,Obama wihle a good speech maker,unfortunately act like an African-----Just imagine that-When ISIS was about to enter Irak and on the way to attack an Irakian military Base.Obama Drone see them going in signle file -kliomemters long and knew in advance their destinations---You know what instead of destroy the base and all the USA military hardwears given to Iraki Arms before getting into Teerrorists hands ,Obama did not do anything--Now that these terrorists have taken over 3000 military hardwear vehicles etc.....Obama decides it now after they hidden all the hardwears is time to chase them.REdiculous is not it.The same with --engaging Africa---when he took Office Obama made great speeches on Africa,Working to develop Africa--he did not do anthing and allow China to grab all important mines etc... and make deasl with Africa--only now almost 5 years later Obama thinks it is the right time.It is almost too later for Chinese has already made big deals with AFrican Leaders.

  10. Obama is an utter failure on Africa Policy.
    He has wavered to despots and lost economic financial footing to PRC.
    He has put up too little too late.
    His only card is to occupy the continent militarily.
    For that he is out of time, and his mandate rests on a dime.

  11. China are after all African Resources in Africa and they are one most developing country in world but helping African continent with EBOLA they are one country that have contribute less.


  13. 06.30
    OBAMA likes to pontificate about "BEING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY" and rhetorically clobber those who are on the wrong side of history.On numerious occasions he has invoked the moral commanding heights of being on the WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY to proclaims America exceptionalism in the fields of Human Rights.He likes to hector those who are not of the right side of history but then he turn back a proudly walk in steps with those on the wrong side of History------E.g Supporting Coup in Egypt,Inviting African dictators to the white rose garden to wine and dine at the cost of US tax payers etc..etc..etc.. this known asHypocracy.

  14. Housing Allocation points system-----POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION-- of segregation?To provide houses to those in greater needs :good!But there is the risk that Pl with this point system creates concentrations of poverty in social housing by adding more affluent,working and middle class residents to poor neighbourhoods..Should tax payers money be used to build houses for expats or should not Expats be made to pay taxes in order to help government financial government housing project instead of sucking more money from already emporvished Seychellois families?a solution of making more housese available for Seychellois families Pl, is to stop giving government houses built with Seychellois tax payers money to cater EXapts and also by reduing the present of the over number present of expats on our shores who are creating housing shortage,high umployment amongst locals,putting stress of natural resources such as water,habitat,environement,wastage problem,electricity,transport,healthcare,etc....

  15. OR segregation?

  16. Pl tells us VISITORS arrival grow this month compare in the same time last year.Well Pl comparing a month when theire a dozens visiotrs more does not means that this year arrival will be better than last year.Or that that what pl wants us to believe.And that it picks up is simply beucase OCtober,November December are the high season and tourists arrivals in all our history show that during these months there has been allow more visiotrs than other months.In other words Pl,More arrival during the months of OCtober,November December is normal for it is our high seasons.High SEASON in any tourist destinations be it in Maldives,Kenya,Caribbeans and elsewhere means more visitors.It is not magic that we receive more visiotrs during our high season too Pl and it is not a miracle for it has always been like this.


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