Aviation Support underway in Seychelles


  1. Seychellois people has always by genuine friends with USa and westerners,and surely would welcome the USA project because it would help Seychelles but also allow the country to generate extra revenues.As to the idea of looking at islands/Maps for future Airport construction------Seychelles is a small isalnds state with mini islands therefroe limited land that future generation would need to hoem themselves---and that means using any exsiting island to built a new Airport now ior in the future will reduce the already limited space for our people .

    While a new Airport is needed ,non island should be destroyed to built new airport,instead ,used and over öfished banks (few kiliometers from the main land could be used to build for this purpose.There is enough banks avavaialbe around Mahe that could be suitable for such project or reclaimed Island build a few kiliomemters aways could laso be a possibility.There are countries that have done such constructions before---For instance,Hong Kong International Airport is built on a reclaimed island.Seychelles cannot stay a tourism destination if we continue to destroy the natural habitat and environement and land.

    One more thing---If the USa is really frank in its friendship with Seychelles--it must also ensure that the people of Seychelles that the USa call a firend is helped to be free from this Prison Nation built by a gang of criminal call Pl.USA would otherwise not have the support of the Seychellois people.You cannot say you a firend of the people of Seychelles by working with the oppressors of a Nation you call friend.

    We expect then the USA not only to secure their interests in the region and use our land as hub but also help the people of this country have their liberty and freedom.

    We would also like that any money of money handed to Pl thugs by thew USa is made public for public scrutiny and ensure that the money isnot misused or robbed by Pl thieves.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. As citizens will ask USa to ensure that deals being made is made public for public scrutiny.accountability and transparency.Any deal made in secrecy will be and should be consider illegal and a violation of our people rights to know and decide.

  3. Not only USA will provide the equipment but alos money to the ogovernemnt and the people of Seychelles demand that USa government be responsible and not support Pl dictatorship by making money given to Pl government public for public scrunity and to deter the temptation that Pl thieves rob the money to tranfers into their foreign bank accounts abroad.Seychellois expect transparency on the part of US government and not to practice the polcies of communist China which consist of pooring millions into a rogue system which would allow the later to continue its grab of power and repress its people.


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