LDS candidates spoke for 5 minutes, saying nothing

What a let down for opposition supporters! The LDS candidates, many believed were strong, have turned out to be weaklings.

Some can hardly speak for just a couple of minutes, without repeating themselves twice or even three times. They were easily outsmarted by the SPM and independent candidates speaking after them.

This was clearly borne out to all SBC TV viewers who tuned in last weekend to hear the candidates for Au Cap and Baie Lazare, Baie Ste Anne, Beau Vallon. And Bel Air.

At Au Cap, Stephen Pillay was ram-rod stiff reading from a prepared script, presumably written for him by someone else. There was a lot of repetition.

In contrast the PL candidate Geralda Desaubin, and the Independent Ralph Volcere, came out relaxed and speaking off the cuff in the open air.

Mr. Volcere, for instance, clearly explained how the best way to fight the drugs scourge was to relax restrictions on the use of cannabis, using it for its medicinal virtues and recreation; some countries have already adopted this practice. There will be legislation to control its sale and use and never think for an instant that such relaxation will lead to large scale trafficking.

The main worry is hard drugs, notably heroine and shifting the focus from cannabis to the hard stuff will go a long way towards solving the scourge.

At Baie Ste Anne, Achille Savy turned out to be a pathetic speaker. He had difficulty getting a few words across, saying all the time what “a good man with a good heart” he was. Man, if you cannot speak for two minutes, how can you aspire to go into the National Assembly? What are you going to say there?

Speaking after him, the SPM candidate, Davis Accouche, a former driver with Land Transport, beat him by miles. Accouche went into a list of shortcomings from Anse Lazio to Anse Boudin and from Cote D’Or to Baie Ste Anne, including the non-existence of toilet facilities at tourism sites.

John Hoareau of Beau Vallon, as with Stephen, was also nervous and stiff. The 5-minute PPB was clearly an ordeal for them both.

Hoareau was clearly outsmarted by SPM Gerry Sopha of SPM who is not new to politics, having backed SNP in the past. He clearly had done his homework and questioned the follow-up on plans for the Beau Vallon Promenade concluded with “Savoy Hotel”. He also questioned the outcome of negotiations with “Societe du Logement” for Pascal Village housing development.

However, PL candidate Mirena Souris had an answer to that and she produced the recent agreement with the Catholic organization for government to continue its housing development programme.

At Anse Royale, Flory Larue of LDS had promised a surprise! The awaited surprise was the transfer of several plots of land to Parti Lepep. Then she dropped a bombshell. PL had used the land to build a public market! So where is the controversy? At least, VP Faure did not help himself, as was the case with Pat Pillay at Port Launay and Montagne Posee, or Ramkalawan with a prime site at Anse Royale.

As for the big flower pot Loizeau of Bel Air, who said two weeks ago he will sack Alain St Ange who got him elected in 2007, he had nothing to say. According to Loizeau, a former lightsman at SBCTV, he had been in the Assembly before (2007-2011), where he had “learned”. As such he is not new. In his PPB on Monday, he brought in two of his sisters to speak for him. You can never beat that for being ridiculous!



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