More Questions for Answers for Mr. Afif or maybe for Mrs. Afif too!

As we head into the 2016 Seychelles National Assembly elections an extract from the wikileaks concerning Mr. Afif the Principal Secretary of Finance states:

“In 2006, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Finance (MOF) explicitly told a USG-funded debt management advisor that GOS would not consider currency devaluation in the immediate future. Furthermore, despite the exasperating effects that overvaluing the rupee had on foreign exchange and GOS’ ability to pay off foreign debt, the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) and MOF Debt Management Team encouraged the USG advisor to focus on domestic debt only…”

The cable from the wikileaks. org describes a situation of chronic corruption within the civil service headed by the Ministry of Finance with the Principal Secretary of Finance at the forefront of managing our finances or as in the case pointed out by the wikileaks cables mismanaging our finances.

It is important to note that Afif wants to go into the National Assembly on the promise to work for the betterment of the condition of Seychelles. On what do we judge Mr. Afif as to whether or not he will keep his promise? If it is from past performance Mr. Afif will surely fall far short of what is required to meet expectations. This is because he is part and parcel of the problem – and by shifting sides he wants us to believe that he is now part of the solution.

An ominous scenario that beckons over the horizon is that the evil gangrene of corruption has made inroads in all the political fabric of our society. By playing across the board (Koup de kote), the corrupt are sure to always be on the winning side. Having sounded the warning remains for us to only see the fruits of the seeds now supposedly being planted.

The basis of the above is that all the anti-corruption legislation produced by the Government of Seychelles had Mr. Afif as the technocrat supervising its drafting. Given his deep involvement in all of the above, how will Mr. Afif proceed to guide Seychelles out of the clutches of the kleptocrats and save his neck at the same time?

Ahmed Afif has so far refused to answer any of our questions, he has remained quiet without any reaction, however, his wife has not been so calm; on several occasions she has attacked  the editor of this newspaper on Facebook. Ahmed is a shrewd guy he knows that we might have something up our sleeves, but the lady is not so clever. She has been barking at the editor senselessly to show that she can bark. Now it is her turn to answer some questions, because she too is corrupt like her husband and we have evidence: Can Stella Agnes Afif Didi nee Morel, please tell us how many pieces of land she has bought from this government? Can she explain under what criteria she bought parcel H3013 on the 10th January 1992 and additionally under what criteria she bought again from that same corrupt government parcel H6296 on the 27TH April 2007? Mrs. Afif we also know of the unethical transactions that took place in regards to parcel H3013 – that is another little story for later. We can safely state that Ahmed and his wife (Stella) were in cahoots with the clear intention to manipulate the system for personal gain.

You see Stella when you live in a glass house you don’t throw stones to someone who fought for your freedom and democratic rights – when you and your husband were enjoying the trappings of this corrupt system, which you were part of and you are still corrupt to the hilt for supporting another corruptive political party (LDS). The editor was doing jail time for you be able to “pil lo li” today in 2016.

Questions that Ahmed Afif  has not answered so far:
(1) Ahmed Afif have you ever lied to the Seselwa when you were Principal Secretary for Finance – when you said many times there were no corruption in government?

 (2) Ahmed Afif did you lie when you also helped defend and cover up the loss of 4.5 million dollars intended for the housing project at Perseverance?

(3) Ahmed Afif can you confirm or deny the allegation that foreign exchange confiscated by the currency police was given to you directly?

 (4) Ahmed Afif did you apply for a duty free vehicle, namely a Ford Ranger (s5318) in February 2005 on the basis that you are a handicapped person?

(5) Ahmed Afif can you tell us what you know about the consultancy firm ‘White Oak’, who hired this company and how much was paid to them and for how long?

 (6) Mr. Ahmed Afif during your employment with this “corrupt” government have you ever asked a supplier for Health Supplies for a commission of Euro 50,000 saying that it was for your superiors, “pour mes superieurs”?

(7) Ahmed Afif will you be prepared to appear before the Corruption Commission when it is finally set up?

 (8) Ahmed why did you stay quiet over the 50 million USD and what part if any did you play in allowing it to leave the country?

 (9) Ahmed was it you who authorized the transfer of that money to a branch of the Bank of Baroda in the UK on the request of France Albert Rene?



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