Parti Lepep remains in power, despite LDS win

Despite the LDS win of 19 seats to 14 seats the ruling Parti Lepep remains in power with James Michel as President until their mandate runs out in four years time in 2020.

The LDS victory means however that it will nominate the Speaker of the Assembly, in addition to the Leader of the Opposition. They will be in control of the legislation making body of the country for the next five years.

For LDS to bring about radical changes in the Executive, it is necessary to have a 2/3 majority, in other words at least 23 seats. Even then, it could only vote out a President at a time of acute crisis, or gross wrongdoing by the Presidency which would have to be upheld by the Supreme Court. The Speaker is a crucial post as he or she decides what items, such as proposed legislation, motions and questions will feature on the Assembly’s Order Paper.

Since 1993, when Ramkalawan was the sole member of the United Opposition (UO) party, the Assembly has been meeting once a week, which is on Tuesday.

Wavel Ramkalawan of LDS said during the campaign that if his party wins, the Assembly will meet three full days every week. This was not done even when he was Leader of the Opposition from 1998 to 2011. It remains to be seen whether the LDS will fulfill its commitment to the electorate - meeting thrice weekly will leave little time to attend to the electorate who voted them in.

The Parti Lepep has been more realistic in proposing two weekly sessions.

Despite the LDS having more seats, the overall votes tally is about equal for both sides.

Each side scored 49% of the votes, with the remainder going to the Seychelles Patriotic Movement (SPM) and the three independent candidates.

LDS scored rather heavily- 57% at Au Cap with Stephen Pillay, Beau Vallon with John Hoareau and Anse Etoile with Ahmed Afif...

Its traditional bastion of St Louis however went down to 55% or a majority of just over 200 votes.

Parti Lepep repeated its record of 70% with Noline Sophola at Inner Islands, while veteran Charles de Commarmond of Cascade secured a sixth mandate with 62%.

Parti Lepep also easily retained Pointe Larue, Roche Caiman, Grand Anse Mahe and Baie Ste Anne with scores of over 55%.



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