Potentially Dangerous and Dodgy People In The Assembly?

The first meeting of the newly elected National Assembly has been called for Tuesday, 27th September 2016; it will begin at 9.00a.m. According to the Constitution the speaker of the former National Assembly remain in office until a new one is elected; Dr. Patrick Herminie will preside over the first sitting, which will see the swearing in of the newly elected members. It will be followed with the election of the new speaker and both the outgoing and the newly elected speaker will address the house, followed by a recess. There is a strong possibility that Patrick Pillay will be elected Speaker of the new National Assembly.

The second sitting will reconvene after an hour at 10 am on the same day - chaired this time by the new Speaker to elect a leader of opposition and a deputy speaker. The leader of government business is appointed by the President this will also be announced. This will set out the first ever parliament in our political history where the opposition holds the majority. It is going to make interesting viewing or listening for that matter, eventually, when they venture in unchartered waters. The electorates will be watching attentively to see if the promises made to get votes will materialise or if it will be a case of deal making between the two sides behind the scene. This newspaper is of the view that this will probably be the case more often than not.

Knowing what we already know about Wavel Ramkalawan and co, we can expect a lot of business being conducted out of sight, in the dark, so to speak. We will be watching!

This National Assembly is full of dodgy people; lawyers who have stolen from  their clients, former Ministers who have abused their position when they were in office – a priest who has ordered sex toys for him to play with - former MNAs who have involved themselves in selling passports and making false declaration to the Land Registrar. In fact it is a mosaic of sleaze and dishonest individuals which the people have trusted to map out the future of our country. They could well surprise us by putting their worldly experiences to good use. However, if they don’t, one thing is for sure they will not get away with it, surely not in 2016.



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