Not a word from Stella Afif or Ahmed

According to a reliable source from within her circle the wife of the erstwhile PS for finance Ahmed Afif is now a very angry woman following our article exposing her as a cheat. The lady with a big mouth has gone silent on us and has not said one word to explain her acquisition of more than one plot of land from government and/or to explain the manner in which she did it. We are bringing you here the full story on how Mrs. Afif and her husband executed a devious little plan to fool the system or was it all orchestrated with the full collaboration of their friends in government at the time. Be it as it may Stella is known to be the one who is wearing the pants. In fact she is the one leading the campaign at Anse Etoile for a National Assembly seat for Ahmed. Will the electorate be fooled on the 10th of September by her wicked charm?

On the 30th March 1994 Stella bought parcel H3013 from government under her maiden name; later in that same year (28-09-1994) she transferred ½ of that land to Ahmed and on 4th August 2006 the other ½ was transferred to Ahmed and Mr. Afif became the proud owner of parcel H3013, which comprises of 898 Sq. metres of land. We believe that Stella made that move (transfer to Ahmed) in preparation for her deceitful assault on another piece of land from government.

Barely a year after transferring H3013 to Ahmed; on the 27th April 2007 Stella Afif bought again from government; H6296 was transferred in her married name this time of Stella Agnes Afif Didi comprising of 2860 Sq. metres of prime property. We are of the view that both Stella and Ahmed planned and executed this move together with the clear intention to break the rules and to deceive the system This is not the action of an honest person it goes to show that all the shouting and crying that both Ahmed and Stella has been doing over corruption in the last twelve months is hypocritical to say the least. They are both corrupt! They are no different to those in government who have been stealing from this country. They too will have to face the anti-corruption commission when it is finally up and running or will they be protected if LDS wins a majority of seats?



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